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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Chemistry of Love

first-time YDB95 2018-02-23

"Maybe I'll ask Kathy out," Jay said. No time to even call Brett, but that was all he deserved after keeping me out Thursday night anyway." As they stepped into their room, Kathy shut the door behind them and Jen tossed her backpack triumphantly onto her bed. After a look out the peephole confirmed that Jen wasn't coming back for the time being, Kathy pulled down the window shades and unbuttoned her jeans. Kathy was brilliant and patient, a great lab partner, and she'd inspired Jay to improve his chem grade from barely passing to a solid B last fall -- he intended to pull an A this time around, one way or another -- but he was just her lab partner.


The Life of Jason Miller Ch. 01

first-time WickedGT 2018-02-23

He got inside, feeling quite out of place as she slid in next to him, her skirt riding up somewhat to reveal more of her tan legs and part of her ass to him. Jason had several words he wanted to say at that moment but he shook his head, not wanting to be the deadbeat to try and worm his way into her panties. Traci watched his eyes for a moment and finally nodded, her head tilting some. His words were cut short as she lifted her hips, hand gripping his shaft and directing the head into her wet pussy lips, letting him slide in halfway all while he was talking. Jason read over the letter several times before putting it down on the counter with a blank look on his face.

dorm fun

first-time cokyboy 2018-02-23

Now, let me preface this by saying that I had, in the past, made out with Haley a couple of times while we were out at the bar dancing and grinding but her b*****r, one of my decently good friends, had no idea and I intended to keep it that way. Maddie then turned around and pulled my head down to say something to me, as you could only hear from yelling to each other very close by, and she said, "you and Haley are turning me on so much, I'm really getting wet with you two grinding on me." This completely took me by surprise, because I know she had been drinking, but here was this gorgeous girl who I barely knew, telling me how turned on she was and how wet her pussy was getting just by dancing with me.

Becoming a Cuckold

first-time tunemaker 2018-02-23

Jesus the thought of cumming on just the head of a man's cock got thinking about your friend Sonny's cock, I get hot thinking about it. I will admit I urged her on, telling her how much I wanted watch her mount and cum on a thick, big headed dick while I jerked myself off. I desperately wanted to watch Mary get fucked, fucked long and hard, cumming on another man's penis. As I described him and then told her what he did to me in the men's room, she began to again thrust her hungry swollen clit into my pubic bone, fucking me hard until she finally got her nut.

The Job

first-time Bradford817 2018-02-23

Like any other day I was going to a job in which I despised, but this day would turn out a little different. "Good Morning" I said looking down as I was busily trying to get my day started. As Shannon was leaving the room she stops at the door, turns and says, "You might not want to send those kinds of pictures on the works email server. I felt terrible because my wife came clean about seeing Brandon and wanted to work things out. I open the door to the server room that doubles as a over stock for the new car brochures and a giant catch all, my are loaded with two heavy boxes. I didn't mean to slam the door open." I said to Shannon

Forbidden Fruit Ch. 02

first-time cybersky 2018-02-23

A few seconds later, Tim pulled back, took his finger and gently brushed away the tear rolling down her left cheek. Tim placed his hand on Nurah's hip and pulled her gently closer. Nurah returned the smile, and pulled Tim in close to kiss her again. As he moved, he began to caress the first breast with his hand, gently rubbing where he expected her nipple to be. Tim kissed Nurah goodnight and pulled her in even closer, once again he could feel her smiling. Tim kissed her shoulder once again, and at the same time gently rubbed her erect nipples through his fingers. Tim straddled Nurah, but instead of kissing her shoulders he placed his lips around her breast and gently sucked.

Elegantly, We Kiss

first-time secretdesire193 2018-02-23

All I could think about was how smooth her legs were and how perfect she looked in only her towel. As we looked into each others eyes I said, "I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about." A shy smile gave me away though, and she came closer. Pressing her against the wall, I moved with her; it was perfect harmony mixed with excitement and passion. She grabbed me between the legs by my rock hard member and said to me, "Just wait." with a sexy smile and seductive eyes that almost gave me a heart attack. I couldn't help but stare when the most prefect legs took the most tight little butt back into her room.

Teacher's Favorite Pet

first-time Lillyflower72 2018-02-23

He looked deeply in her eyes and said, " I have had sexual feeling for you from the time I laid eyes on your beautiful body." In reply she told him that she had also had these feelings for him and wanted him ever since the first day of school. He came back up and started to kiss her again and she loved to taste herself on his lips and wanted his throbbing cock in her dripping pussy. He felt the hot fluids from her ass pour out onto his dick and he knew he would cum soon. He started moaning and telling her how good her clit felt on his dick and he wanted her to cum all over it.

Camp Initiation

first-time LaTourEiffel 2018-02-23

As we drove around the lake on a small, one-lane road, I remember how excited Grandma got when she first saw the camp. When we got out of sight of the camp, he stopped, turned me, wrapped his arms around me like a hug, but lifted my face with his hand and kissed me. When John took her glass and leaned over and kissed her, it was easy for her to imagine Tom's lips against hers, Tom's hands wandering over her body, Tom's fingers on her knees, sliding up her cotton dress, up her thighs. "It's time you taught me all you know," John said, standing, putting his arm under her and lifting her easily up off the couch, carrying her into his bedroom, laying her gently on his bed.

Chubby Freshman Chapter 7

first-time colourfast 2018-02-23

Colin smiled at the young man and again unabashedly appraised the husky boy and from behind the sunglasses looked at the thick cock which was on display on the Speedos. You look so lovely almost femme like." Colin smiled and said "Yes I do like to be effeminate and like it when a young college guy appreciates my look, especially a well hung college guy." He continued saying "Kiss me you hunk" and leaned in with his rose coloured lips wanting to taste the husky boy. Colin leaned forward on the bed with his cock in the student's mouth and then the older experienced man started to suck William.

The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5

first-time FrankSinner 2018-02-23

Finally he reached the room that Hermione had dubbed "The Chamber of Eros", Ginny called "the Love Room" but that he and Harry just thought of as "the Sex Place." Ron liked sex any way he could get it, but from the first time he had butt-fucked Hermione he liked the rear entrance most of all and until now Ginny had only let him through the front door. During this time, Harry, not wanting to break Myrtle's concentration had skipped over her slit and started working up her legs from the knees, especially intent on licking up the cream flowing from the ghost girl. At the same time, Hermione was alternating kisses with both her partners finally straddling Myrtle's face once more while Harry's hands and lips travelled her upper body.

Sex with my mother's b*****r's wife: Doi

first-time clearcoat 2018-02-23

My uncle worked especially early on Thursday mornings, so Wednesday nights began as a time she allowed me to go out to the local bars with my fake ID and then sneak back into the house before my uncle's alarm went off at 3:45 a.m. But I soon tired of that routine and I became quite content staying up late with Aunt Cindy, watching late night television or a movie. I remembered feeling my aunt's tummy and smelling her hair and the feel of my cock against her ass and her eyes staring into mine when she laughed about the show and her kiss on my lips. I laid down on the bed, Aunt Cindy took my cock in her hand and slowly wiggled it into her pussy.

Wifes first black part 2

first-time coronet440 2018-02-23

When we got there the clerk ask if we wanted seperate rooms and my wife said one was great . We checked in to the room and one of the drivers said we should get undressed , I looked at my wife who now had a red face but began taking off her clothes . After the dance my wife followed "O" to the bed and as he sat down she grabbed hold of his very hard cock and tried to slide back his foreskin . I looked down as my wife played with his massive cock and noticed that she had now slid down his foreskin and the biggest cockhead was now exposed .

No escape from cock...

first-time estando_aqui_no_esto 2018-02-23

His name is Mark, he was always open minded and willing to experiment, try new stuff and all that, so he came to my house one day and he told me there are places where you could go and suck dick, called Glory Holes. As I mentioned before I had a girlfriend at that point, a very beautiful woman who completely opened up my sexual life, and I opened hers, but there was something missing, which was a dick, and I knew I couldn't ask her to try it out in a threesome so I took care of it myself and saved up some money, told a convincing story then slipped to this place, all nervous and all, excited and driven to go.

The Memory Vault: Angelie Ch. 02

first-time dk519 2018-02-23

She wasn't sure if she liked what she saw in the mirror, but the words of Dave from the previous day was still fresh in her mind. His hands reached behind her knees and he pulled her forward so she was now sitting on the edge of the couch. He pressed his shoulders forward, forcing her legs into the bed, her feet next to her face. He reached his right hand around and smacked her hard on her ass, like a jockey to a racehorse. It was eager and she kept the kiss going deeper, and deeper, pulling him into her as their tongues tangled within their open, connected mouths. She took a deep breath and pulled him on top of her, wrapping her legs around his lower back.

New Year's Eve party (millennium)

first-time PaulDixon 2018-02-23

Sarah caught my eye right after we got changed because she had slipped on a lovely purple shimmery dress with only one shoulder strap and clearly was wearing no bra, because her perky little chebs we're poking out and showing right through the soft material. To cut a long story short, after midnight had been and gone and we'd had a good snog and I'd had a feel of her fit arse and rubbed my hard cock into her belly while we had a dance, Sarah said she was feeling tired and wanted a brief lie down before carrying on the party.

The First

first-time sexdoll1970h 2018-02-23

He began to kiss her all over her naked body which she tried covering with her hands and he kept pushing them away. He then asks her if she is ready to do it and she says "I think so." They continue for a few more minutes when she feels his hard 9 inch cock pushing into her. She holds his cock in her right hand and starts to suck it down her throat further and further. He starts to fuck her from behind which she had never thought of and realized as they got going faster that she liked it. He started going faster and faster when she realized he was going to cum inside her, she thought about birth control at that moment.


One Hope in Hell

first-time EdDivers 2018-02-23

Listening to adults discussing the situation he had heard his mother nervously saying, "They took over one hundred villagers, nearly all the men, into a field and machine gunned them, and many of the younger women were---" Her eyes had glanced nervously in Laszlo's direction before she added, "—hurt." Crouched behind a tree with gun already pointed, Laszlo jumped when a voice behind him said, "Think you can get that one before me?" It was Kanin, and he was indicating a fleeing figure moving into a gap between two houses. Laszlo had reached the edge of the village when he heard the corporal yell above the applause, "Ask if she's ever been raped by a bullet." That was followed by one gun shot, and a cheer from some of the men.

Ture story of what happened to a friend

first-time uncut300 2018-02-23

I was starting to pack on some muscle and feeling a lot more comfortable in my own skin and realized that the scenery in the locker room was pretty fun, sometimes guys would even get semi hard, probably just from being young and full of testosterone but I liked the vibe and the way some guys joked around and seemed totally comfortable being naked which was sort of a revelation to me since I’d had a pretty conservative upbringing. I noticed Bruce in the locker room, he was at the other end of the row of lockers and he took his time changing out of his sweaty workout gear and sat on the bench naked with one leg on either side of the bench while he looked through his gym bag for something.

Episode 18 - the Hymen Club (revised)

first-time 2018-02-23

Mum got stuck in straightaway, but Lucy held back asking "Can I get pregnant if I swallow Dad's cum?" just dipping her fingers in the puddle between her cheeks and absent-mindedly rubbing it into her nipples, hoping to make them grow into breasts. Kelly pulls apart her pussy lips inviting teacher to check her private flavour; Sue cannot resist and squats down between Kelly's legs, gripping her hard little clit between her teeth, and stroking up the back of each thigh to hold her taut bottom. Laura relaxed for a moment pulling off her crop top and badly fitting sports bra, letting her good-sized breasts hang free, before grabbing the handlebar again to expand the anal probe opening up her arse.

My first time ever!!!

first-time xxxfuncam 2018-02-23

she said I want it in me and before I knew it I had a hot wet pussy sliding down over my cock OMG the feeling of her wetness and how hot it felt she rocked on it and jumped on it and started biting my neck going off I just couldn't take it I felt my ass contracted and BANG off it went twitching and twitching shooting cum deep up her hot cunt, feeling her married hole with my young boy seed....she went crazy flicking her clit and squeezing her tits say Im cumming and started thrashing about making me twitch as she had contractions....we kissing with more passion than before now and she collapsed on top of me with my rock hard dick still deep inside her hot pussy.

my love affair with a black man and woman

first-time 2018-02-23

we went out a couple of nights later to get drinks or something (this was several years ago and i don't drink that heavily anymore) she ended up staying with me in our apt we made out and she really liked when i kissed her armpits and breasts. we hung out the next day got really fucked up and i eat her pussy and ass for a while then she asked if she could pee on me. The last time V and i got together i almost was begging for her to let me put my cock in her warm wet pussy after eating it for at least 45 mins. the last time i saw her b*o**** i practically begged for him to put his big fucking cock in my ass, but he couldn't.

Do orgasms slowly kill men?

first-time zokizoki1503 2018-02-23

It is well known that the average man ejaculates in the life of around a trillion sperm. Experts want to determine whether it is true that a man in his mouth sperm lose vigor and therefore do not live as long as women? Another group of worms, which are not allowed to mate, while the average for three days lived longer. These and similar studies have shown that the continuous production of sperm men taking power, most likely due to the biological processes which generate harmful side substances. Taoists that sexuality is interested in particular in relation to health, sexual exercises are carried out, which allowed them to orgasm without ejaculation. Always, when it comes to ejaculation, the body believes that it is creating a new life.

My fantasy pt 1

first-time cmc66 2018-02-23

The sight of two big cocks in close proximity was a real turn on and I could see the effect it was having on Nick by the tent in his shorts which he was having trouble hiding. This completely took me by surprise and I knew that my mates would turn the video off straight away and ask Nick what the fuck was wrong with him. Nick then very slowly pulled his shorts down just enough to release his big hard erection. He asked me if I had ever seen another guys hard cock before and I had to admit that I hadn't but had often wondered what his looked like.