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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Melvin and His Python!

first-time iloveu11 2018-02-23

He started dusting himself off and i helped him do so, and my hand kind of touched his dick and it felt like a rubber dildo or something i didnt know he was hung. So a couple of days passed and i was curious, plus i knew my parents would be out a couple of hours on saturday so i told them i would have Melvin over to fix my coumputer. My parents left and i went down to Melvin's house to ask him for help, He agreed and came over. He had an incredible dick all white and clean like he hadn't had sex in decades, But when he started licking my pussy oh shit, he had a great tongue.

Under Hypnosis, She Is Revealed

first-time CuriousLittleBird 2018-02-23

"So, Lily," my therapist Patrick said, rifling through his notes gently, "you are continuing to suffer the mental disturbances you originally came to see me about?" He looked up from the papers toward me and cocked his head in thought. "This is your session from last week...I watched it a couple of times to bolster my notes about the success of the first hypnosis, so I'll need to rewind it," he said, punching a button on the remote control. "Oh, come on, Patrick know you like the way this feels," my other self said sweetly, her left hand joining her right hand in its exploration of Patrick's lower body.

Lara's Favor

first-time milordrevan 2018-02-23

She rather liked the feel of having her hand on his dick, because she felt his subtle reactions to her movements, and knew she had a bit of power over him. As Lara felt his dick, Bill reached across and put his right hand on her left breast. Lara let him look for a few moments, then let her outer lips obscure her treasures again, and leaned over to put her face near his cock. Her hair fell forward, and he couldn't see her face, but he felt her lips slowly envelop the head of his cock. He reached out and brushed her hair out of her face so he could watch her, then put his right hand on her dangling left tit and rubbed it as she went up and down.

Catholic School Girl by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-02-23

Cherry twirled her hair on her index finger in anticipation, she did not enjoy public speaking much less about something so close to sex, especially in a class taught by Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson approached cherry enjoying every second watching her skirt ride up her ass which was provoking his cock. Staring at her ass up and seemingly waiting for penetration, Mr. Johnson took hold of his monster cock in his left hand while grabbing onto the right side of Cherry's hips with his right hand to restrain her if necessary. Its not every day such a pretty 18 year old girl shows up at his door, in an extremely short skirt and a tank top that hugs her body like a second layer of skin.

Turned into a Sissy Slut

first-time Gulpper23 2018-02-23

It looked like it was around 8 inches long and I found myself moving myself back and forth against my dildo frantically, as I got excited. I managed to get the hang of it a bit and started licking his cock up and down as it went back in forth in my mouth while sucking it. My hair was all messed up, I was dressed like a slut, and there was this really lustful look on my face as I prepared to get fucked for the first time. I felt his legs start to wobble a bit and then I felt what seemed like a gallon of cum shoot into my ass as he yelled “YEAH, TAKE IT.”

Young and taken advantage of.

first-time ptsteve 2018-02-23

Matt took a breath and said "Look Sue, a man is supposed to touch a woman gently,,,,,sort of like this." His hand became gentler while cupping her breast. Sue said “My boyfriends wasn’t that big.” He thought to himself “Of course not it isn‘t I‘m the man!!” He sat back against the door and said “well now what would you like to do?” She blushed and said “I don’t know” and Matt said “well just do what I ask and you’ll have a good time ok?” She nodded yes and he smiled again thinking well this should be great..

Afternoon at the movies

first-time SaraOz 2018-02-23

So brent and i was sitting and just soft talking when the lights when down and the movie trailers started and then i got to see what brent was meaning about the movies they were not normal one but more rude ones and just as they started Brent bent over to me and said very soft into my ear that i was better looking then any girl in the movies would be and kissed me on my check then down to my mouth and as we kissed his hand went to my top and before i know it brent had my top down and his hand on my nipple and boob and i have to say it was making me hot but then i remembered where i was and tried to pull away but brent just kept kissing me and working his hand o my boobs as he was going from one to the other as they were both frees of the top now and i started to think this is why he wanted me to wear this clothes as it would be very easy for him to get to my boobs and my panties and i kind of got hotter thinking about what he would be doing to me next.

A virgin's first fist

first-time 2018-02-23

“Need to get you ready for me,” he told me as he slipped a finger deep into my pussy, thrusting it softly in and out, causing me to shiver in pleasure. Rob, getting pulled into the passion, continued thrusting into my pussy, though he took his other hand and began massaging my asshole, pushing lightly at the entrance. After another few minutes, Rob looked at me and said, “I’m going to try adding my thumb, ok?” I just nodded, not able to speak because of the sheer pleasure that I was experiencing from his hands. When he thought that it was enough, he pulled his fingers together and tucked his thumb in and began to slowly push his hand into my pussy.

Reflections from the Snow

first-time thezinger 2018-02-23

The Saturday night party was supposed to be my opportunity to meet this raven-haired beauty with a dazzling smile and bubbly personality (so Shelley), but it was not to be. Whereas Shelley's leggy form looked like something straight out of a John Ford Western, Victoria's petite frame was carefully clothed with tight-fitting designer jeans, simple but stylish flats and a tight-fitting pale-blue sweater that highlighted her slim waist and small round breasts. I went into the family room and thanked Maureen for hosting the party, gave Shelley a quick good-night hug, and managed to catch Victoria's eye in the kitchen and gave her a farewell wave, which she returned with a smile, before turning again, laughing, to her admirers.

Turkey Holiday,Proposal&Cheatin on Fiancee

first-time indiansecrets 2018-02-23

Murat came over to me and told me he really liked me and to get rid of my bitch and come back down. I went down at 21.52 and little did i know that Murat was behind me, he held my hand and took me to the bedroom which was next door to the loo. My bitch got off the bus first and then as i went to get off he gave me what would look like a hi 5 to anyone else but he squeezed my hand tight. I needed to go to the loo so i told my bitch to keep an eye on my bag, i had the condom hidden in my phone case.

April Showers Ch. 02

first-time bluechick1976 2018-02-23

With a bright-red face that matched the color of his rapidly growing cock, Ben said he was too hot to stay inside. I felt Ben push his hips up against me, his big, rough hands still anchoring me to his body. I turned my back to Ben as I tried to scrub the shame from my body, but I knew that what I felt was deeper than anything that clean water could reach. Daniel began stroking himself, rubbing his palm over the head of his penis, teasing the underside of the little helmet, then slowly sliding his hand up and down the shaft. Mr. Callaghan pushed me forward a little, then took my right hand and guided it to Daniel.

No Kissing

first-time Jacqueline_Heat 2018-02-23

Charlie had wanted the room to look its best for when Jane next came over. Charlie felt a stirring in his underwear, but the woman didn't look enough like Jane. Charlie knew how cheesy it was, but the woman looked a little like Jane, except for the acrylic nails and the American accent. Charlie knew she meant well, but he hated having to lie to his best friend, and if she hadn't said anything, Henry would have remained completely oblivious. On the other hand, Jane wasn't interested in him – nor was Nina, for that matter, but she wanted his help. Now that he was wondering what she looked like beneath her clothes, he wasn't sure he could live not knowing.

Chelsea's 18th Birthday Ch. 01.5

first-time Submissioness 2018-02-23

Even though he couldn't figure it out, Brent was used to girls feeling this way around him and he thought it was fun to watch them squirm when he talked to them. See ya around." Brent started jogging up the stairs before turning back and adding," And if I don't see ya Saturday, happy birthday." He wasn't flirting, he just didn't want his new neighbor to think he was a jerk. Soon he was pumping his hand eagerly and he couldn't keep the thought of Chelsea out of his mind: her shy green eyes, her soft black curls, the way she seemed to resent that she liked him. "You don't know that, dude." Brent pictured Chelsea's full, round ass filling out those gym shorts as she walked away that morning.

My Story with Cathy

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-22

I went horny to death, watching her wet small hands struggling to cover the private parts of her exposed body. And it never occurred to me I would have the courage to do what I did this night: smothering my face with her soiled panties in front of her, talking with her boldly about her private areas, forcing her to touch herself in front of me, asking her to expose her asshole and taste her dirty finger and worst of all ending it by filling her open pussy with my sticky cum. Then, after what seemed like ages, she pushed with her hand my prick against her pussy causing her labia to spread against it without allowing its head to enter inside her.

Loves sonata past and present..

first-time th3v1k1ng 2018-02-22

I think I shall head to my lonely bed, a place that used to be so warm, without your there to heat my soul Of you and I, in places far and near, together we live and love forever and raise our c***dren right, except your happiness in my life, each day we live without lifes strife, My heart and soul are yours to hold, We shall meet again, I shall find you by your light. my steps shall not falter, my travels for you shall cease. And we two, shall live in love, To Valhalla we shall go, to live forever.. And I for, just right.. Your eyes enrich my soul, each time I look upon them, no man shall ever asunder..

Too Hot To Handle

first-time phantome71 2018-02-22

The lights went down and just as the main feature was getting under way Jennifer could feel Mark put his hand underneath her coat which was on her lap. Jennifer just lay there and Mark looked down at her and straight at the damp patch on her panties. She lay beside him and kissed him again while Mark put her hand around his erect penis and asked her to make it feel as if it was inside her. One evening, when Jennifer was astride Mark and looking straight at him while they were fucking she heard the door behind her opening. She shuddered once again as they both undressed her and Mark held her hands above her head while Randy proceeded to fuck her fast and furiously.

The Tryst

first-time fardreamer 2018-02-22

I had met Mindy almost six months ago, not in person but in an Internet chat room. Richard was a player and wanted to meet some of his "ladies" while Mindy just liked to have sexy chats and phone sex. Having cerebral palsy has made me a bit too self-conscious and reticent, so until now kissing and a little tit-sucking had been my only experiences in bed. I took them in my hands and touched them, rubbing the nipples with my palms and feeling them get harder. When she was finally naked I lay on top of her, feeling a shock as our bodies touched for the first time. Feels so good." All the while she was kissing me and trying to catch her breath.

Part 2 of the Forbidden Sex.

first-time 2018-02-22

I stood naked now outside the stable door, clutching my tiny pair of knickers, with the Sheltie's head over the door, snorting and neighing, his nostrils flaring as I drew my knickers over his nasal entrances, noting his eyes take on a glazed look, as he picked-up on my scents of sexual need. His head was on my shoulder and I murmured quietly into his ear, 'Good boy, easy now, up you come', I had my back against the stable door as he snorted behind my ear, 'Up boy', I commanded, as he rose against me and I felt Jenny's arm against my thigh as she grappled with his cock, guiding him into my arched cunt, as my buttocks were thrust forward and my legs open, and as he brushed through my vaginal lips, he made the vital contact, and slipped all the way in.

From txt to real quit fast

first-time Jhonnysecret 2018-02-22

We still kissed as I moved my fingers on and in her pussy, making her moan hard as I touched her clit or nicely inside. After some time humping away at her hot pussy I felt the orgasm building again, and once more I pushed in all the way nice and deep to fill her up with another load of sperm deep inside her belly as we both came again. After some time I pulled out my cock looking at a nice juicy pussy also starting to turn into a creampie as I see a nice puddle of my cum starting to leak out now my cock is out of the way.

Abigail Ch. 02

first-time DDDDave 2018-02-22

Unable to see the clasps because of her immense breasts, she worked by feel to close the hook and eyes then shifted the bra around and, leaning over, pulled the straps and cups up and over her breasts, shaking each into it's cup. Bent over like that the nurse was presented with a vista of naked flesh bisected with an immensely deep cleavage that stretched over a foot to the top of the over-filled brassiere cups. Now lets see..." The nurse quickly wrapped the tape across the top of the chest, under the arms, her hands lightly stroking across the girl's cleavage as she did so.

Short One

first-time teddyboy12 2018-02-22

Our lips softly flow against each other and my hand explores your inner thigh. I run my hands down the soft material of the top you have on underneath and our kiss does not break. My hand is further up your thigh soft massaging you slender leg. The palm of my hand reaches for the warmth you between your legs and you let out a small moan of excitement and bite my bottom lip. My hands explore underneath your top and I can feel the incredibly soft and warm skin of your toned back. I move backwards and kiss up your inner thigh until my mouth engulfs your hot fanny.

A delicious surprise

first-time MojoNinja 2018-02-22

Surprisingly, she then proceeded to stroke my bare upper arm (I was in a sleeveless t-shirt and shorts) and almost moaned that she needed the money to make a monthly payment on her new little scooter "scooty". Kissing her ample lips and her svelte long neck, I told her I was very happy with how she took good care of the house. We got into a 69 position, with her on top of me, still hungrily sucking my cock and me working my tongue on her nice, pea sized clit and pretty brown pussy. I turned her over, got on top of her and lowered my balls in her open, welcoming mouth, while giving my cock the few, final vigorous strokes.

Deflowering the Babysitter

first-time redjules 2018-02-22

I open it up and can see that is all soft and pink and juicy inside, and when I rub it hard the lips begin to swell and darken and more creamy juices run out across my legs on to the floor (hence the towel!) I usually keep rubbing until I feel myself sweating and moaning (I can't help myself) and then I feel my muscles spasm and contract and I kind of pass out on the floor in a sort of delirious pleasure from the sensations my fingers are creating. I was finding it hard to concentrate after my thoughts about suckling on her breasts, and so I gazed dreamily at Mrs Jones soft plump red lips as she talked and the dark circles under her dress and daydreamed about what it would feel like to have her lips kissing me.

Intrusive Seduction

first-time HarukosSlaveKitten 2018-02-22

Rubbing the rock hard cock head against the folds of her hot wet wanting cunt. Finally his will crumbled to his lust and he thrust his hard cock into Sam's waiting wanting lusting cunt. The sloshing of Sam's wet dripping cunt and Chris's hard dick dominated the sound of their breathing. Sam made small mewling sounds and dug her nails into his shoulders as she felt her pussy and lower stomach clench in pleasure as she felt her own orgasm peak. Chris grunted and buried his face in her neck as he felt her orgasm rock their bodies and then let his own fill Sam's cunt to the brim with sticky hot white cum.

78% smut