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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time 2018-02-22

He twisted and rolled them in ways I’d never felt. I watched his eyes flicker with every breath escaping my mouth. The gentle way his tongue entered inside of me. The way he gazed deep into my eyes during penetration. His fingers were pushed into my mouth and I felt his finger prints on my tongue. He his breath placed heat upon my chest and melted my heart. And the fire that lived deep inside of this man, it came from within him. His lips felt their way over my soft puffy nipples. Both of our bodies burned just like those stars. The instant I opened my eyes, I realized, I knew him all along.

My First Ever Gay Sex Encounter

first-time blacktopchaser 2018-02-22

I was the hunter and he played the role of the reluctant younger boy who wants to resist the sexual advances of his older best friend but eventually gives in at the end. I played along too and our seduction game lasted almost six months with much of it hot and sensual and sexually thrilling for both of us. The hot seduction help make the actual sex better as a result Two days after that grope and grind session, and I'm trying to come up with a plan that will get this to the finish line and with his enthusiastic participation. Which we both walked into that moment as as soon as I pulled down the garage door, he gave me the best birthday present ever.

Some Day Soon

first-time clsc69vette 2018-02-22

She had become the women of the house at that time and over the years she had learned that the ranch required a lot of work and when her father and brothers weren’t around those responsibilities where hers. She closed her eyes and ran her hands over her body feeling her nipples harden and then began rubbing her clit as it grew engorged as her thoughts wondered. She touched his shoulder tentatively, “Please don’t go.” He turned around and grabbed her up in his arms and kissed her so fast she lost her breath. When she felt herself ready to cum she grabbed his head up and looked into his eyes.


first-time 337lee 2018-02-22

I pull the camisole out of the waistband of the skirt and Bel lifts her arms in the air so Mark can pull it off over her head and, naked from the waist up, she settles back against him but still in the twisted position so she can kiss him again while pulling at the bottom of his shirt and undoing his buttons. I hear her slightly muffled gasp as I kiss her clitoris and the sounds coming from where Bel was now sucking on Marks cock. I just get time to see Marks huge cock and Bels hand grab it before she leans back over again.

First cum kiss.Betrayal tastes good.

first-time Fiveinchreach 2018-02-22

As I moved closer almost in a trance, I saw the boy cum in her mouth - she swallowed it all. As he moved back into the crowd another boy got in front of her, unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and stuck it in her face- Then the guy she was sucking off, slapped her in the face with his cock and said "Come on , don't stop." All n all she ended up fucking two boys, (one of which got to cum in her pussy) and sucked off four others Dylan got to fuck my girl, cum in her pussy and in her mouth and on her face.

Fun With Female Freshman, A Cum Fiesta

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-02-22

At one point she was ready to leave after we waited about 30 minutes, thinking it was over, I fucked first and just as she was swallowing my load, her 13th of the day , then we heard the door open again and another horny student came in and stuck his cock through the hole. A blue sign was on that door every day afterwards it’s amazing how many sluts were cum hungry or how many curious chicks wanted to experience that scene that semester and the guys just loved getting sucked off by them through a gloryhole.

Business Before Pleasure

first-time DeepBlueC 2018-02-22

Camila looked up at me and said, "I'd like to do something extra to thank you for all your help. As I moved my hand, I slipped my fingers under the fabric and pushed the sleeve off her shoulder and down her arm feeling the soft, warm, smooth flesh as I did so. I allowed my thumb and finger to close around her nipple teasing and gently pinching it and felt her move against my hand as I did so. With my torso now completely exposed, she started running her fingers through the hair on my chest and gently pulling at little patches here and there, almost as if she were playing like this for the first time, satisfying a curiosity.

Salma’s First

first-time Siddique 2018-02-22

Salma slowly closed near my mom and started to remove her sari from her ankle, her knee, thigh area and gradually mom's pussy came into me view. Salma again looked at my face and then without saying anything she took one of her boob into her hand started to knead slowly. I just laughed and lowered my mouth and kissed mom's pussy and slowly parted its lips with my tongue and started to eat it. Within minutes mom started to moan and at one time asked Salma, 'Make him undressed Salma, so that I can see his dick.' With reddened face Salma came closer to me and unbuttoned by boxer and started to pull it down with much difficulty, because by that time my phallus has turned huge, thick and long.


Her First Time For Cock

first-time 425olds 2018-02-22

I look around and see the bed is already ruffled up a little and almost instantly start getting hard just thinking of the time ahead of me. I can feel her cum soaking the head of my cock and it starts to throb just knowing what it is about to enjoy. I grind my hips a little to be able to feel the sides of her soft wet vagina as I work my hard cock in deeper and deeper into her throbbing pussy. She then takes my cock out of her mouth and licks any little bit of cum that still comes out of my head.

A Fantasy Come True

first-time sexylikeabeast 2018-02-22

When i got to her house her mom told me she was upstairs and her room was the first on left and that she was going to the store to buy some food. When i got to her room i realized she was naked on her bed,tits large and pussy tight. My dick began to grow and throb as i shut the door behind me thats when she told me take off my clothes, as i took of my underwear she started to smile. she told me to walk towards her as i did she got off the bed and pushed me down.

Craig list meeting

first-time nigeltallguy 2018-02-22

I needed to taste her so I got on top of her in the 69 position and sunk by tongue deep inside her pussy – at the same time she started to suck my cock. Jane looked at me and said that she hoped the guy had enjoyed the show as much as she had enjoyed our fucking. As we walked back to the cars we made small talk and I told her that there was still a little bit of cum in her hair which she quickly removed. She hoped I didn’t mind … I of course didn’t and said that maybe if she wanted to meet up again then we could do it at a hotel where her husband could watch and maybe join in.

My Sister's Friends Ch. 04

first-time Callicious 2018-02-22

She looked up into my eyes and then slowly took the head of my cock into her mouth and diddled the tip of her tongue across the tip a couple of times and popped it out of her mouth with an audible pop. With a moan she fell back against the back of the couch as I swept my tongue from the back of her pussy to the front a few times and then remembering how Jessica had reacted to contact with her clit I sucked Kay's clit into my mouth and fluttered my tongue across it. With Jessica and Kay I had been focused on giving them an orgasm right away, but I decided I was going to pay Shellie back for all the teasing she has given us guys ever since she started growing her boobs.

How I Became Addicted to Cock

first-time 2018-02-22

Friday afternoon I walked up the path, I found a man stroking his cock, I pulled my cock out and started stroking too, he took my cock into his hand and rubbed our cocks together leaning into me, his face so close to mine I thought he was going to try and kiss me, "suck me" he said as he tried to push me to my knees, "I don't do that" I said trying to back away. I sat there reviewing in my mind what I had just done, the man I had just sucked off came out of the toilet, he was in his thirties, nice looking, he went to a station wagon, there was a woman and a couple of small c***dren waiting for him, he got in the car, started it and pulled away, he made eye contact with me as he passed oh god he knew, he knew I was his cocksucker.

Race Car Widow Part 2

first-time BeckyInLove 2018-02-22

I know you wanted me to get pregnant on the cruise and if you are still up for it, I think I can make it happen.” Michael smiled at me and told me if I really wanted it, I should go ahead and said “After all, look at how we first met and you and I had a baby together.” Then I told Michael about how full Jasons balls felt to me and that he told me it has been a while and if I could build him up all week, I would stop taking my pills all week to make sure it is out of my system and then I would make him fill me.

Fun Times Ch. 00: Prologue Pt. 01

first-time Hogwash 2018-02-22

Kim handed Carrie her lipstick back and looked at her reflection in the mirror with the new, lighter color on her lips. Carrie got up and put her hands on Kim's shoulders and peered into the mirror over her friend's head. Kim reached up and pulled Carrie's head down so that the girls were looking into the mirror, cheek to cheek. Tommy told me that he thinks you are one of the prettiest girls in the school, and I know that he totally wants to fuck you." "I don't know how you get into these situations." Carrie shook her head as she examined herself in the mirror trying to see herself as Kim saw her.

Fun with Chrissy Ch. 01

first-time kevinwg4 2018-02-22

In summer, Chrissy and I wore only clothes that kept us cool from the hot weather. Once we finished and got dressed, Chrissy asked me if I'd let her stay at my house for two weeks. They were too tight for her, so Chrissy mainly wore a t-shirt and underpants, as did I. Chrissy went in the bathroom and removed the hair. Saturday was my main shower time, but Chrissy couldn't wait that long. "Sure Chrissy, I'd love to pull off your panties. Chrissy laid back on the couch and spread apart her legs, just enough for my hands to go up under the gown. Afterward, Chrissy and I rinsed one another's naked bodies and made out in the shower.

trick or treat

first-time tattooed1 2018-02-22

I went in put kettle on and went and got changed ,had only got back in kitchen when there was a knock on my door ,opening the door there before me was the young lass,i asked her to come in and asked if she would like a worm drink ,half way through our drink she said " you can have your treat any time you like but i wont one back " so i pulled a fiver out and offerd her it but she shook her head and said " it's ok i dont wont any money just a treat back" We ended up having 4hrs in bed doing ,anal ,oral and straight sex ,on her way out she said with a smile " you have not seen the last of me " and she was not wrong she has been back to stay most friday's and some times saturday too.

Her First Time

first-time 7LivesManyFaces 2018-02-22

He ran his big hands across her delicate shoulders and leaned in for a kiss on her lips, slowly pulling down her top until it draped over her feet. At that moment he gripped her left hip firmly in his hand, his tongue reached her hungry mouth, and in a split second pushed his throbbing cock inside her. Failing to get his large mushroom-shaped head past her tight opening with the first thrust, he pushed in once, twice, and on the third thrust, popped his cock inside her swollen pussy. He pumped his cock back in, deep into her cervix again and again, pulling out right before bursting a load of cum all over her trimmed pussy hairs, dripping down her slit onto the blanket.

The Sweet Taste of Brandy

first-time machineted1965 2018-02-22

so I'm pissing and look out the window and Brandy's friend Stacy was pulling herself up the ladder to get out of pool. I stood there staring at her young breasts with my cock in my hand getting harder by the second she slowly made it to the top of the ladder ,turned her back toward the window and bent over at the waist and began putting her little tits back in her top. Stacy leaned over and untied Brandis bikini top, and began rubbing oil one her tits . The shows over and I'm still hard as a rock.Just as the thought ran through my mind they both raised their ass and removed their bikini bottoms, and started rubbing the oil from their tits down to their bare pussies.

Sarah's Cherry

first-time girliekiller 2018-02-22

"Try and stop me," I said as Sarah went back to work on my trousers, she pulled the opening apart and gazed down with a look of excitement at my cock. Sarah was still holding my dick in her hands, she pulled it towards her and keeping her eyes on my face lowered her head and allowed my cock to slip inside her warm virgin mouth. The whole time I kept my eyes fixed on Sarah's face, when she felt my fingers leave her again tears formed in her eyes and began rolling down her cheeks, her eyes were closed but she was whispering for me to stop teasing her.

The Next Morning

first-time beccajane 2018-02-22

He had a morning hardness and I wanted it, so I softly rubbed him and moved the covers to have a full view. He moved and I continued to suck his extreme hardness. I just loved how he tasted and felt in my mouth. I love how his body feels and I want to learn every inch of it. We talked about the different ways we want to make love to each other. I was so into it as he rubbed my nipples and spanked my ass, I nearly cummed. My body clasped and I rolled over just in time for him to cum all over my breasts and face. I rubbed his cum over my nipples and tasted his cum on my fingers.


first-time judge123 2018-02-22

Oh my God I had never had such a raging hard on cock was stiff and throbbing as Albert slowly teased me pumping his old calloused hand up and down my shaft before pulling my foreskin right back and dipping his head he sucked the tip into his mouth and sucked as he slid his lips down my shaft to the base and slowly oh so slowly back up to the tip. he wrapped his old calloused hand around it and wanked me back to full glory '' Oh this is a nice young fine cock boy '' he whispered in my ear '' Do you like me playing with it '' he asked.

Feels Like the First Time

first-time melanieatplay 2018-02-22

Danielle was my best friend and she looked out for me like the big sister I never had. I guess she thought she owed me because she constantly looked out for me whenever we were together, like today, when Jenna and Erica were picking on me. My other older brothers Scott and Jim really looked up to Todd, so when I got in a good zinger like, it felt especially good. "Mel, are you sure you don't want to go to the nurse?" Danielle said, with a concerned look in her eyes during our math class. I loved kissing guys and normally I was really good at it, but this time, I was so nervous and apprehensive, we probably looked like two fish hitting glass.

Daddy Stuck it in My Ass

first-time bootypron 2018-02-22

After all, sucking Daddy's pee pee was kind of fun anyway and didn't hurt like he said it would so I agreed to do it. Daddy put his hard cock up to my ass and started pushing. Then, all of a sudden, Daddy's hard cock went inside my ass....just an inch. He moved his cock and I thought it was coming out....but then he pushed it hard and it went in all the way up to his balls. And, as Daddy pulled his cock out of my ass I felt that I actually had liked it a little...even though it hurt so bad.