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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Horny Devil

first-time tjt5964 2018-02-22

Mike looked at his mother, her body pressed back againest the door, she had Mike began to slowly rub on his mothers panties, feeling her wet pussy Sarah looked down and watched as her sons fingers spread her pussy lips Mike pulled both his fingers out from his mothers pussy and ran his hand Sarah felt Mikes fingers slide from inside her and looked across at him, "You going somewhere Mike?" Sarah asked, she was looking at her sons tight "Ohhhmm!" Sarah groaned, she felt Mikes hard cock pressing againest the Sarah felt her sons hot breath on her pussy lips and she squirmed her ass Mike ran his tongue over the outside of Sarahs pussy lips, her body

the stockroom

first-time 2018-02-22

"Jesus, sean!!" and pushed me away, half playfully, i laughed and went toward her again, going for her tits, she giggled and pushed me more before i put my strength into it and our bodies where close together, she let out a moan before gobsmacking me. I found my way to her pussy, i didnt feel like wasting time so i pushed three fingers up her, she was so wet they went in with ease, she still let out loud scream of pleasure suddenly we heard voices from outside, the customers, were leaving the pub, anne gasped and jumped away from me, shoving her big tits back into her bra, she ran to the stockroom door, laughing and told me she would txt me tomorrow.

The Most Memorable Anniversary

first-time naturegirl25 2018-02-22

AJ then opened Tristan’s legs and rubbed lube on his ass hole and his own cock and slide his very long cock into Tristan’s very nice looking hole, they both moaned and Tristan begged to be fucked harder. They both came hard and Tristan’s cum hit and covered his chest and balls while AJ’s went deep inside Tristan’s ass. After they both came down from their orgasms AJ pulled out and licked Tristan clean then sat on the bed and asked me to do the same to him. I told him to hold his orgasm and asked AJ to straddle Tristan and put his cock into my ass, and fuck me at the same time.

Me sharing my husband with my bestfriend...

first-time robsterc 2018-02-22

If you come on to him he’ll be fucking you so fast your panties will burn on the way down.” Shelly had told her, Clare shook her head. Clare glanced down and realised that her nipples were rock hard, two dark brown points against the soft pink flesh of her breasts. She felt him running his fingers over her legs, before he moved his hands up to cup her breasts. “Yess, Mike, Yes.” Clare moaned deeply as his tongue licked at her clit. Clare took deep breaths in, letting her body recover from the hard fucking she had just been given. And I guess you was right, from the hard way he’s just fucked me.” Clare told her friend.

Unfaithful Inevitable (Loyal wife strays)

first-time magas911 2018-02-22

Continuing his conversation he turned toward me briefly, smiled, nodded then moved his right hand to my stocking tops. Turning to my host I returned his smile, nodded then placed my gloved left hand deftly onto to his throbbing crotch. I was slowly rubbing his cock as his finger began fucking my pussy, right under the noses of my husband and the other guests. I must have masturbated at least 3 times per day, every day, thinking about having his boss's cock deep in my pussy, repeating the sexual antics we briefly enjoyed. Holding my iPhone with one hand, I spread my legs and slid two fingers inside my bald pussy.


first-time 2018-02-22

I'm a 24 year old male from Scotland and I've recently been meeting like minded matures for passionate, no strings attached sex. His mum automatically placed her hand on my trousers and started to slowly rub my bulge. At first I was unsure of how to react as I was in the middle of my friends busy party and this was his mum, then I realised it had been 4 years..! As she drew in her hand slipped into my trousers and the other began to undo them. At times I lay there thrusting her deep simply appreciating her beauty and maturity. The exciting part for me was being able to let go off my load onto a lady several years older than me who appreciated the opportunity too.

Carla's First Affair

first-time tirreno12 2018-02-22

"O Carla you will be glad to meet George because he is very well fit, single, about ten years younger than me, and taller too," John said me at the phone having me smile and convincing me. "I mean all naked under the dress, George," I said and after a brief instant, I added "I expose a lot of flesh every move." I know my nipples harden and my breasts sway when they are free, I am a little tease and I like to play with you, but with this dress on I expose much more than a bit of boobs bouncing," I giggled again. Later I confessed to my husband that showing our friend my boobs so openly was sexually arousing and since then I sunbathed topless in front of George in our garden.

Big Easy Lessons Ch. 03

first-time aspiringDOM 2018-02-22

My nose stimulating her clit and my mouth pulling her entire pussy in caused her to wrap her legs around my neck and grab my hair as she pushed me in further. Panic actually set in for a second as I realized I had no air in my lungs, a pussy completely sucked into my mouth, a clit, clit hood, and a pubic mound blocking my nose, and a woman hell bent on shoving my head in her womb with not only her hands but now her legs too. "Shhhhit I'm cuuummming!" she squealed as her entire body suddenly lurched off the bed stiff as a board, her legs clamping around my head with a death grip and her hands pulling at my hair.

Winter Solstice Night

first-time MidwestSiren 2018-02-22

As a child, my friend Tambi and I would sneak to the doors of the great hall to listen in as the women would choose their lover and ceremoniously exit through the North door towards their dwellings. Tambi grinned at me, and said "About time!" She lifted her smock up over her head, yanking out the cloth holding her hair back. I have seen him watching you on the bonfire nights." That said, Tambi took my hand in hers and gave it a squeeze. Tambi rubbed her thumb across the back of my hand and said, very quietly, "I can help, you know. Tambi reached up with her left hand and gently grasped the back of my head, pulling my lips against hers more urgently.

My First Taste

first-time pantyboykristin 2018-02-22

We were still kissing, but more passionately now, with our tongues exploring each of our mouths, and she placed her hand on my thigh below the skirt, and moved it up to my nylon panties. I had never witnessed such a magnificent sight in my life, and for the first time, I put her ball sack in my mouth and licked and sucked while I began to stroke that beautiful cock. She never got soft, but stayed magnificently hard, and I must have worked on her with my mouth--with one hand massaging her breasts, the other alternating from her balls to a gripping stroke on the shaft--for a good fifteen minutes before she came again.

Love Ladies

first-time 1954kirkland 2018-02-21

She must have known - cause she always called her pussy - her "little pussy!" After she climbed into my bed she told me that she already knew about a guy's cock getting big and hard, how it oozed pre-cum, and how thinking about it made her really wet. She began to grab my ass cheeks and pull me further inside - when the head of my cock just touched her hymen and I was about to cum, she stopped for a moment - and in an instant, she thrust her tiny body up and pulled me into her at the same time!

The Librarian Look

first-time snaillover69 2018-02-21

She told me her boyfriend was giving her a hard time, he actually wanted her to get contacts instead of glasses, he even said if she didn't, he was going to break up with her. Daisy smiled when she heard what I had to say, she asked me to lean down and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips, before heading back inside. I told her I was going to cum, she asked that I let her suck my cock. I pulled my cock out and Daisy sank to her knees in front of me just as I started cumming, she opened her mouth and closed her lips around my cock head and sucked my load.

A Late Night Revision "Session"

first-time Schmoove 2018-02-21

When I reached her knees, I worked my hand up, gently lifting her dress to continue. From there, I viewed her silky fresh opening, before flicking my tongue against her smooth wet labia to stimulate her clit. I began to slowly massage her clit with my tongue, whilst simultaneously cupping her pert buttocks with my hands, lifting her out of her seat. With her gently moaning, I plunged my tongue into her aching cunt and began to eat her. With my hands still caressing her smooth Italian arse, I slid a finger gently inside the cleft of skin that formed her tight rim. I slowly released my tongue from the fresh cream soaked folds of her delicious sex and picked up my pen to return to work.

Grandmother To Slave

first-time nana414 2018-02-21

Oh god i was shivering with erect cock and i was totally out of control i took my courage and went near her and rubbed my cock on her ass and with my both hands i caught her breast that was inside the cup of her white bra and press it and pinched her nipples she suddenly turned front and asked "what are you doing unni ?" i told her " sorry i lost my control and i was out of sense because of her sexy bare back." She told me " unni you must not think like that" " I know you are a grown up man".

Cheerleader's Awakening Ch. 02

first-time Jocelynlily 2018-02-21

Matthew liked the full tongue pressure and the wide tongue lick that pressed his ball back into his leg, or up onto his shaft. "God. It looks huge from down here." The base of his dick was pressed against my eyebrow; my nose and lips were surrounded by flimsy ball skin. Despite his lack of air, despite my pussy pressed firm against his nose and mouth, despite the scratches of my recently shaved mound on his face, despite the strain of my gymnast legs against his ears, despite it all, he continued his focus on pleasuring my clit. I looked up into the darkness of the family room and pushed his head hard into my pussy.

Kim's tasty Amish Whoopie Pie

first-time Lola138 2018-02-21

She felt herself getting aroused with the idea of teaching a sexually naïve Amish boy how good some dirty sex with a city girl could feel. Then, push her lips against his fat red ones and grasp his dick in her tiny delicate hands until it swelled up massively. Kim almost forgot that this man had been starring at her breasts like he wanted to ravish her just a few hours ago. He liked the way her tits felt in her mouth and how she moaned with pleasure. His face was wet and smelled like her sex, but she kissed his fat lips anyways, the taste turning her on.

Caneing with Abbie Ch. 01

first-time Ropecleat 2018-02-21

A couple of years later while talking to my parents on the phone, my mother mentioned that Abbie had called and wanted to go canoeing. Abbie had just graduated from college with a degree in biology, and was headed to medical school on a full scholarship, a very rare commodity that showed how hard she had worked. We paddled around a while and began to establish the syncopation two people need to comfortably paddle a canoe for hours at a time- once again Abbie's athletic intensity allowed her to learn quickly. If you don't want it in your mouth you can finish with your hand." She raised her eyes to mine, mouth full of my dick, and smiled around it and shook her head no.

Reflections on Virginity

first-time Mihral 2018-02-21

I could see Matt looking wide eyed when I removed my shirt, I wasn't wearing a bra so was instantly topless Matt's own chest was more muscled than I expected and he had a flat stomach, when he started undoing his belt I looked away and carried on undressing much as I had the previous day for the medical exam. Soon I realised Matt and I were breathing as one I briefly opened my eyes just a moment before he did we looked into each others eyes as we did I started to feel a orgasm building deep inside of me. When I opened my eyes it took me a while to remember where I was, then I looked to my right and saw Matt and smiled.

First Time Sex New Girlfriend

first-time Dandy43 2018-02-21

I spent extra time fingering her nipples and then slowly moved on down to her pussy. Moving slowly down from lips, neck, tits, nipple, stomach, belly button and finally kissing her pussy lips. Her hips slowly started to move up and down as I moved my tongue onto her clit. I told her to move her tongue around the head and then slowly move your mouth up and down the shaft taking in a little more each time. Then she started moving her mouth up and down with increasing speed and I was close to a climax. I moved on top and she helped me slide my cock into her pussy.

A virgin's first fist

first-time 2018-02-21

He was black haired,brown eyes,medium height boy.He talked in such a way that he could impress everybody with his voice.As the days passed we came good friends.One morning when I got up it was heavy raining from midnight but I decided to go to school when I reached school I saw no one was inside school I asked from the Gateman about the matter then he told the reason was rain.I went into class I was alone in class.Suddenly my sad face changed into happiness.Because I saw coming a boy and it was Joe.He was also suprised.

My Little CuckSucking Bitch

first-time 425olds 2018-02-21

Cindy lay down under me and took my now throbbing cock in her mouth."Let me know Ben when your about to cum," she said. She sucked deep and hard on my balls and on the backstroke she put pressure on my cock by pushing it against the top of her mouth with all the strength she had in her tongue muscles. Just as I felt Ben's hot cum shooting deep into my asshole, I began shooting into Cindy's mouth. Cindy swallowed my cum and laid back and spread her legs wide, I could see that her cunt was wide-open and oozing pussy juice.

my mature model

first-time bandit34c 2018-02-21

She said yes a site for photos and a few video files that i update weekly for members. She said yes immediately and we were set the only detail was the days to do photos for 2 sets weekly for her site. She turned back over so her face shown in the photos and this time she put 2 fingers from each hand inside and tore her pussy open, slick wet and beet red inside it was awesome!!!! She said Kim told me about your nice cock and i want it. I lowered the camera and got fantastic shot of her cum covered and she began massaging the cum on her face with my semi hard cock as i took more photos.


first-time adel5000 2018-02-21

And Elizabeth started laughing so hard I thought "Look," she said, "if you really want to know how to kiss, how And Elizabeth and I kissed a few more times, slipping Elizabeth said she thought we'd better stop there, that I'd was going, but Elizabeth guided me a little and pretty soon I I told her how much I missed her, and Elizabeth said she Elizabeth smiled and said would I like to I got afraid she might think I didn't like her so I started to Elizabeth finally asked me if I was just going to look or feeling that way for a long time, only I didn't think Elizabeth grabbing my cock in one hand and pointing the head of it right

Paradise Found and Lost

first-time Blubik 2018-02-21

After telling me this she seemed happier and let me put my hand on her breasts, in fact only on the outside of her sweater, but more important she invited me to visit her home the next weekend. We lay together and she put a hand behind my neck and started to move a finger in small circles at the back of my head. This time her parents stayed at home, but I asked Sylvia to come to my room when the house was quiet, and she did! While I was away I met more women and, just as an experiment, practiced the small circles in some other pussies.