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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First time dominatrix

first-time 2018-02-21

We went on one of usual shopping adventures a couple days ago so my hot wife could show off her ass to me and everyone else. She then said, I want to shop in the mens department but I want you to stay way back almost out of sight. After about 5 minutes I noticed one of the young salesmen was watching how she was showing her panties by bending way over alomost touching her shoes. After a few minutes he reached around to her ass touching her white sheer panties. My wife came back out of the room about 20 minutes later. On the car ride home, she was reaching under her skirt, rubbing her pussy very slowly while moaning every few minutes.

The Gateway to Sin

first-time bashfullyshameless 2018-02-21

"Here you go," Ali said too loudly for Travis's taste, "one copy of Surrender to Lust. "Fuckin' hurry up, man," Joey said then, appearing behind Travis with a case of beer. "Yeah," Rudy agreed, his eyes wide and crazy as he continued to hold Vanessa, who clearly wasn't enjoying this. Travis kept hold of the gun, roughly pulling it down and out of Rudy's hand. He heaved the Rudy through a twist that put him in exactly the position Travis had been in, bent over backwards with his head against the counter. Travis followed up by bringing his elbow down toward Rudy's jaw with all the force he could muster, but against a struggling opponent it didn't exactly go as planned. Ali looked over the counter at Rudy and then at Joey.

My homosexual experience

first-time KinkyRickStarr 2018-02-21

While he never approached me, I always a bit of curiosity about having sex with another guy. So one night while hanging out at his place, we got into the conversation about homosexuality, and he told me several sex stories. He then reached over and rubbed me over my jeans, and I got even more aroused. I started to have second guesses, but again my curiosity got the best of me, and before I knew it; I started to lick the top of his dick. I just seem to like having sex over women than men. I love having sex with older women. I could tell you another story about having sex with a 60 year old, but that's another story for another time.

Giving My First Blowjob

first-time CuriousBiOne 2018-02-21

After stroking his penis for a few seconds and fondling his balls, I moved forward and took him into my mouth. I began sucking him using my lips and tongue along the shaft as I moved my head up and down trying to get him hard. He asked me to take my clothes off, I got up undressed and knelt down between his legs and began kissing, licking, and sucking his cock and balls. He was moaning rather loudly and quickly got up and kneeled beside my head and stroked his dick a couple of times and shot cum on my cheek, chin, and neck.

Naked Cleaning Service: Kate Lynn

first-time Ldy_Sea 2018-02-21

Authors Notes Fixed some first person/third person confusion, changed authors note. "Well sir that is quite a list. One has a green and purple smoothie, the other has two dagwoods on it. The dagwoods were made with aged meats, exotic cheeses, and organic vegetables. I could list off the ingredients, but that would take forever." She sips the grape smoothie and lick the purple fluid off her lip. Texas Dildo Masquerade" He smirked and shook his head, chuckling at the the parody porno DVD. Shit, you could have a different 20 year old in your bed every night for the rest of your life, for the price of a nice dinner and drinks."

first time watching me and fucking me

first-time alcapoony 2018-02-21

"Looks like we have a peeping Tom," I said and Jack chuckled as I felt his bare chest pressing against my back. Jack pinched one of my nipples while his other hand teased my clit and I found myself screaming his name as I came, clenching my walls around his dick. "Peeping Tom?" I exclaimed in surprise and Jack burst out laughing while the guy blushed furiously, making him look like a tomato. Henry moaned into my pussy and I was surprised at how he took Jack's advice to heart and ate me out like he'd never tasted anything like it before. "Good boy," he said and I watched Henry blush at the compliment, wearing a look of male pride on his face.

Swimsuit fantasy sex #2

first-time sneaky_31 2018-02-21

That weekend I loaded some beer, two days worth of food and a bag of ice into a cooler, packed the cooler, my tent, some clothes (including that tight yellow bikini bottom) and some other camping necessities into my old rustbucket of a car and took off for a three hour car ride to glorious sun, good sand, great surf and gay sex (although I had no expectation of that last one). We rubbed tanning oil on each other, I felt my cock getting hard rubbing my hands over his entire oiled body and wanted to lay on my stomach for a while to give me a chance to cool down.

Crazy Night of Fucking in Barcelona!

first-time trumptight85 2018-02-21

I cant believe I was actually considering this and as I was still thinking about what I was going to do Tasha comes over and pushes me onto the bed "If you do this we will let you put it anywhere" She straddled my face putting her now soaking pussy right on my mouth and said "now eat my pussy". I continued to eat Tasha's pussy as Victor began to take the length of my 8 inch cock into his mouth, it was so warm and moist and despite the fact that it was one of my best guy friends I was loving it.

The East Coast Trip

first-time DreamConductor 2018-02-21

Atara looked me in the eye as she pulled down her shorts and wiggled her thong in my face. I asked permission with my eyes and my reply came in the form of a long clumsy kiss as I fondled her small, firm breasts. As we writhed around each other, Atara's hair started falling between our mouths until Jailee pulled it out of the way into a loose ponytail. I gently placed Atara's twitching body on the bed, and stood to look down at the beauties of nature. They were like extremely well rounded mountains, orange in the dim light of the hotel room, rising and falling with Jailee's shaky breath.

First Taste of Love

first-time cuddlycarol 2018-02-21

I came close once, but the guy's friends wanted to watch him pop me and I wouldn't let it happen. I was no beauty and he was no leading man but in that moment I was Jen and he was Ben. His kiss became more forceful and his hands slipped under my sweat pants to fondle my buns. Each time we broke our kiss he whispered sweet words about me - how smooth my skin was, how beautiful my eyes were, how soft my hair was. He gently eased me under the sheet then settled beside me as his fingers explored inside me while we shared a long deep kiss and I tasted myself on his lips.

Ray the Marine

first-time BellaKat 2018-02-21

I was confused, but before I could open my eyes I felt that wonderful mouth on my pussy. "Ohh, so she is ready for round two now is she?" Ray quipped before he started kissing my neck. Just when I thought I could not be turned on anymore, he stopped attacking my mouth with his and in a deep, husky, breathy voice said to me "I want to fuck the shit out of you right now." I gave it a few licks, sucking the head inside my mouth, skimming the edges with my tongue. It started to feel more and more pleasurable, the pain going away as my pussy stretched to accommodate the invasion. "God, that was the best fuck ever." Ray said between gasps for breath.

little sis

first-time linmarris 2018-02-21

I don’t think I can handle this situation if you tell me you are an eighteen year old virgin.’ I said well ‘this is a test for you, not only am I a virgin, I’ve never even sucked cock.’ He actually choked on the blunt and winced like I punched him in the dick. He moaned ‘you like that don’t you little girl.’ I just whispered ‘yes.’ Slowly he started rubbing them harder and squeezing them hard enough I could feel my body begin to quiver. He said ‘you will need to penetrate yourself baby to get your pussy really wet enough to play with your clit.’ It hurt but it also felt really good as he slowly worked that huge finger In and out of me.

Naughty Girls

first-time WonderWoman22 2018-02-21

"Feel my legs, this new razor is great." Have you ever imagined a man having his friend touch his face with the back of His hand to feel how smooth His shave is? I leaned in and held her small breast, feeling it soft in my hand, i watched in rapt fascination as her nipple tightened in my fingers and i lowered my head to kiss it. She felt like warm cake batter in my fingers and i just wanted more of it.I needed to taste her again, i needed her lips on my pussy, i needed more. He sat kneeling on the bed with His hand on his thickening lengthening cock, stroking himself as he watched his wife and her friend kiss and touch.

A True Love Story

first-time Stories 2018-02-21

"Come on baby, play with my balls, mmmm," as she takes my balls into her hand and rubs them softly, I can feel my love juice stirring deep within them. I gently put my hands on the back of her head, running them through her soft hair as I continue to pump my cock deep into her mouth. "Oh baby, I'm gonna cum, yes, yes, yessssss!," she stopped sucking me and jacked me with her hand as she held the tip of my cock in her mouth. As the tip of my cock enters her, I feel like pounding it deep inside her as fast and hard as I can, but I remember I have to go slowly.

My Best Friend's Girlfriend

first-time FriendZone28 2018-02-21

Anyway, four years have gone by and me and Carly have become very close and I have enjoyed it the whole time because she is a good looking girl who is comfortable around me so she doesn't hide anything she does. We were both sleeping on it." It was then that got me wondering if she knew the whole time that I was taking pictures and videos of her. "Actually, Jeremy and I have been talking and we decided that if you wanted you could lose your virginity to me. We begin kissing again until I make my way down to her tits and start sucking on her nipples as she rubs my hard-on through my pants.

First Time Ch. 02

first-time redtoad 2018-02-21

My mother was a prolific breeder and when the family grew in numbers, there was the constant need to squeeze every available square foot of floor space in the two room flat to provide the sleeping area for the children. “As a child those close intimate contacts between members of the immediate family, led me to lose all sense of modesty with my parents at a very young age. And as I was to discover in my latter years when my mother told could talk things sexual to me as an adult, my parents had to throw caution to the wind and hope that there was no third pair of eyes to see what they were doing in bed.” He continued.

My Aunt Margie and Mom Ch. 03

first-time whybea10 2018-02-21

They moved over and sat on the bed beside us and Mitzie looked up at them, smiled and continued to thrust her little pussy against my dick. Uncle Bill just sat there looking extremely confused and tried to object but Aunt Margie pushed a button and a new picture was cast on the screen. "I know you' ve always wanted this."as she leaned over and took the head of his dick into her mouth while Mitzie manipulated it up and down. Mom then lay down on the bed and while rubbing Mitzies legs she moved her face between them and began licking hers pussy. As Mitzie came Uncle Bill began to thrust his dick rapidly in and out of my mouth and quickly started shooting his cum down my throat.

College Education

first-time Benoni 2018-02-21

We just let the feelings course through us as the lengthy kiss worked its magic through the gentle touch of our lips and her clothed breasts against my covered chest. Diane didn't seem to appreciate the situation any better than I did, and exchanged unspoken, eye-contact agreements with me on more than one occasion before she asked to be taken back to her dorm. When George was far enough away, Diane smiled at me and turned to open the door with her key. As Diane settled in my lap, my hands roamed around her hips and she allowed me to pull her into a soft embrace. As I pressed my fingers against the full underside of each breast, they gave way like soft water balloons.

We Started As friends

first-time kx361 2018-02-21

She was fast asl**p but she was breathing hard, slowly rocking her hips so my hard member slowly worked itself deeper into the space where her thighs met her warm thong. Meanwhile she had begun to press my penis hard against her crotch while she ground her hips, sending waves of pleasure through me. It looked like she was enjoying her dream too, at this point her wetness had soaked through the thin fabric of her panties and started to coat her fingers and my hard dick. Her hands slowly pulled the panties aside and I felt myself against her sopping wet pussy, with one movement she guided me in while pushing her hips back against mine.

Mellow Yellow Next Generation Ch. 01

first-time miskeivitch 2018-02-20

So, Lily and Syd turned their backs on Hong Kong and emigrated to Australia with Lily's two teenaged children, Pamela and Patrick. Although they kept it well hidden behind inscrutable Chinese faces, Pamela and Patrick were as lustful as any two white teenagers. As Allison and Pamela entered the Oasis Restaurant, Lily was in the process of firing the latest in a series of disastrous part-time hirings from among the white population of Bummkrak. Patrick pumped gas and kept his eye on the till while Pamela and Allison served up Lily's steaming, shiny Cantonese delights. Thoughts of pussy supplemented by Allison's black boobs bouncing around inside her uniform as she walked to the kitchen gave Patrick a perpetual woody.

The Farmer's Daughter Ch. 01

first-time evil_in_the_flesh 2018-02-20

Jake rubbed his thumbs over Sarah's hard nipples, as he squeezed her big tits. "That feels so good Jake!" Sarah moaned, as she closed her eyes and reached down to stroke Jake's huge cock. Jake cupped Sarah's left breast in both hands and squished his face against it. Jake stretched and pulled Sarah's nipple with his lips, as he sucked on it. Jake sucked and fondled Sarah's gigantic breasts for 10 minutes. Jake dropped Sarah's saliva-covered melons and let her suck his cock. Sarah released Jake's cock from her mouth and started sucking his balls. Sarah engulfed Jake's cock back into her mouth and slurped up the rest of his hot cum, as it oozed from his pee hole.

Sex is on the rise in retirement communities- My r

first-time trevor100a 2018-02-20

After that, men were able to have sex every day, anytime opportunity or interest arose." I agreed that he needed it and responded that I thought it was a good thing and they deserve to have their cocks stroked and cum all day long after all his generation has done for us. I complimented his cock and said it made him look 20 years younger, “If I had a cock that nice, I can understand why I would need to work on it every day.” He laughed and put it back in his pants. Felt good and ejaculated loads but was scary.” We laughed and he reached over and started stroking my erection and rubbing the head.

First Cream Pie I ever saw

first-time Jo_Buddy01 2018-02-20

Anyway we all three slummed for awhile and she and my buddy were getting horny for each other so we all went to her house for the obvious reason of fucking. By the time I'd discovered the window they were already naked, on the bed and humping like rabbits, asses toward me. I watched intently as my Buddy fucked her fast and furiously. He slid his dick out of her pussy and a split second later her cunt belched out (yes, I mean BELCHED) what seemed like nearly a Tea Cup of thick, milky cum. She just lay there in it for a moment then reached between her legs and ran her fingers through the puddle of cum and d**g them them up between her cunt lips.


first-time cumquick 2018-02-20

As we deep kissed she took my right hand and put it on one of her ample breasts. When we got to the motel I was so hot and distracted that I would hardly fill out the paper work for the room as she waited and played with her pussy in the car. She reached for my hard cock and for the first time I reached under her skirt to discover she was not wearing panties and had a very wet pussy. Suddenly she screamed, "I'M CUMMMIIINNNG!" I felt her love hole tighten and spasm around my diamond hard cock. My prick began to spasm as I spewed shot after shot of tick, hot cum into her sopping cunt and we kissed hard and deeply.