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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lost in the Woods

first-time Marty82 2018-02-20

I lifted my leg to step into the tub, and let my left hand drift to my pubic hair and slide to the top of my slit. Being touched from his strong big hands, feeling his face pressing against my neck, and...oh, the mere thought of his body nestled into mine made me throb down there. His right hand came up to my breasts and lifted it, then cupped it and gently pinched my nipple. My gaze wandered across his large shoulders, his chest, his abdomens, his long muscular legs and thighs...then, biting my lips and taking a deep breath, I watched his cock for the first time. "Ahh, ohh God, yes," I started moaning, as his hands pulled my hips upward.

Huddersfield fun (true story)

first-time ritaboy 2018-02-20

I was sucking and wanking around 30- 40 guys in there. As i left the cinema for a break, I walked onot the street and wanted fresh cock. I was bored of the middle aged guys all wankers sweaty and filty from masturbating for hours to hardcore pornographic films. I walked down the back street and saw a guy i recognised as the local d**g dealer in the area. He was thick young guy - not educated, rough looking, not tidy - on a bike, aged about 18 years old. The guy was ulgly but had big blue eyes. He spunked over my face and then pulled up his joggers and rode off on his bike again.

Mary, Quite Contrary

first-time Itascan 2018-02-20

Mary looked very feminine with her thin face and delicate body with B-cup breasts and nice legs. In contrast, Jenny read The Power of Sexual Surrender: Love Lessons for Women by Marie N. Knowing Mary for a prick-teaser, Jenny accepted the challenge, "He'll like that!" When she turned to face me again, I took her in my arms, kissed her, ran my fingers through her long tresses, and let her feel my hard cock against her belly. I peeled her bikini panties down her lovely thighs, knelt at her feet, grasped her womanly ass, and kissed her silky, black mound. Always competitive, Mary began to suck my cock and lick the underside.

Team Spirit Ch. 01

first-time SexxKitten69 2018-02-20

Heather suggested I wear one of my prep school outfits with the plaid, pleated skirt, white blouse and red red blazer, and the black patent leather shoes, with white ankle socks. He offered it to me by lunging his hips forward and saying, with a broad smile, "Mind?" and then lowering my head onto his cock so that I had to stretch my mouth open really wide just to get it past that salty, leaky head. More and more of his cock slid into my mouth and I tightened my lip around the veiny black shaft and began to bob my head up and down while pumping with both hands. The head of his rock-hard dick looked like the size of an apple and i cringed when he poked my tiny pussy-hole, stretching the warm flesh to the max.


Jennifer Lopez Ass Fucked

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-02-20

With her body in the desired position, Jennifer spread her legs again, and both hands reached back to separate her succulent ass cheeks to help me prepare the hole that would be providing us both so much pleasure. The big, soft ass cheeks of Jennifer felt so good against my body, and the muscles in her rear love channel were massaging my cock so pleasurably that I wanted to just stay in that position for a few minutes. When almost all the hard cylinder had been enveloped, I thrust forward, pulling back on her hips at the same time, and that first stroke ended with my body snugly pressed against Jennifer's ass cheeks.

Experimenting And More Ch. 01

first-time fuckyeah123 2018-02-20

I then slowly kissed my way down past her stomach and came to a stop just above her clit. I lightly kissed the little bulb in her pussy then slowly worked my tongue up and down her slit stopping at her clit each time to give it a couple of flicks with my tongue. As I nibbled on her clit, I brought my hand around behind her leg and with my index finger I started rubbing the entrance of her puckered ass. I threw my head back and there in the doorway to our bedroom was Katie, Bree's little sister just standing there watching us with her mouth slightly open and her hand buried in her pyjama bottoms!

Losing my virginity on my birthday

first-time querico44 2018-02-20

When a commercial came on Lisa looked at me and said, "You're a little figity, whats the matter, can't get comfortable?" I said "Yeah, just can't find a good position I guess." She smiled at me and said "I bet it would be better if you stretched out on the sofa, then you'd feel better and that bulge you have would have more freedom." I was shocked, I didn't think she was aware of my condition. I'm still a virgin." She said "Well I think it's time we fix that, don't you?" and she got on top of me and rubbed the tip of my cock back and forth across her pussy.

Love Me 'til Dawn Chapters 8. 9

first-time nobarriers 2018-02-20

Alice looked over at Lorraine and immediately saw that she was needed to comfort her friend, watching on, as George kissed Lorraine’s shoulder. And Lorraine looked at her two friends and said, “I want to thank you both for what you did yesterday, you selflessly gave your love to me and shared your bodies.” She paused and reached out to hold each of her friend’s hands, “It was a beautiful and wholesome feeling and one that I think you should experience also.” She raised both their hands to her mouth and kissed them, “I propose that each of you, in turn, be the centre of attention in the same way while the other two of us dedicate ourselves to satisfying your deepest desires.”

The Secret Journal

first-time catfacts 2018-02-20

She liked to read in the library, and write in her journal about her fantasies. He had never realized it before, but the idea of tying this intoxicating girl up, deflowering her, and getting her pregnant, was his ultimate fantasy. He couldn't believe how badly he wanted her after reading her words. He thought for a moment, and realized that he would love nothing more than to be married to this angel-like woman, fuck her night and day, and have her be his plaything just like she wanted. Suddenly, he grabbed her legs and pressed them against her stomach, letting himself move even deeper in, his cock pressing up against her cervix.

Hospitail Stay

first-time cowboywired 2018-02-20

Later into the night my nurse came into the room I was half asl**p and my wife spoke to her they where talking about babies and breast feeding. As I laid there watching my wife sucking on the nurse’s breast I had started slowly stroking my hard cock under the covers. I then felt her lips wrap around the head of my cock and started suck on me as the nurse stroked me. I heard her say "Fuck it baby Fuck my pussy with your fingers" I felt the nurse pull away and I looked down saw my wife sucking my cock and the nurse walk to the door.

Her Unexpected fFrst Time

first-time harryr4u 2018-02-20

I really just wanted a massage but I went to a place just off Albert St. It was a Chinese place and seemed reasonable, except I had some problems understanding the girl and then girls behind the counter. Now I don't like HJ so I said to her I would give her $60.00 if she would massage me in the nude and if I could eat her pussy. She would not let me kiss her on the mouth, which I wanted to, but her face, neck, shoulders and down to her breasts. I did this for several minutes and then moved down her body, kissing all around the pubic area, while still continuing to play with her Bee, which was very wet by now.

beautiful Serena

first-time aug18 2018-02-20

Brushing her long hair from her face she smiled and rested her small hands on the door…”Hi there, I’m freezing”, her strong American accent caught me off guard, “I’m not surprised pet, It’s brass monkeys out there”…a puzzled look filled her pretty face. My hand stroked her pretty face and I felt myself kissing those lips again, long, deep and passionate this time, forcing Serena to groan softly into my mouth as I felt her nipples stiffen against me. “Fuck me Gary, please….here”, and dragging me to the floor, the warm glow of the fire showing every beautiful curve, Serena grabbed my cock and rubbed me into her hot fuck hole.

Little Cocks Need Love Too

first-time Brittni4u 2018-02-20

Frank slumped back in his seat when I felt the cum surges marching up his cock and I could hear my friends coming up the steps of the bus just when he cried out in pleasure, "Augghhh...I'm...oh...cummin...augghhhh!" Both guys were intently listening when I continued my education, "You are not going to really physically satisfy a girl with vaginal intercourse alone with those but you can still be a great lover emotionally with foreplay, proper positioning, licking her pussy like a professional, anal sex which your cocks might be perfect for some girls, and exploring your submissive side." Frank stepped away from me and a large blob of cum followed his cock and plopped to the floor while I looked at Fred, "Your turn baby.


My First Time

first-time harryr4u 2018-02-20

At this time, I felt that I was in love with Marion, a woman more to my liking and with a figure that I much preferred. I wasn't sure, but I sure as hell wanted to experience sex and I felt that Annette would be my best choice, so I said that it was. After the second time I came, I climbed on top, as up to now we had been side to side, and Annette said, "I'm scared." I tried to comfort her and told her that I was not hard and asked her to put her hand down and feel my penis for herself. I started feeling guilty straight away, because in some way I felt that I had betrayed Marion, the woman whom I thought I was "in love" with.

Decisions Ch. 05

first-time Maddog14 2018-02-20

"I think that is about as good as it gets today, lover." Mom came and put some cream on my boobs last night and they are a lot better today, but no bra, ta da!" she proclaimed as she pulled open her blouse. Jill went to Rob and said, "Let's split, get a movie and go to my house." Jill moaned and caused Rob to ask in concern, "Did I hurt you, honey?" Rob let out a sigh of relief and headed home to get ready for is date with Jill. "Let's get out of here, before they make you the Pope!" Jill said with a smile as she pushed Rob toward the door.

Marcy's Playground 7 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-02-20

Fuck." Jean-Luc ran his hands through his hair. "Easier for you, mentally," Jean-Luc said. Jean-Luc paused for second, and I couldn't tell what he was thinking. "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and to live up to my girlfriend's expectations," he said. I thought about sexy love songs, searing kisses, the irony of having a boyfriend who wants to take it slow, talking raccoons, and then I was asl**p. I came back and stared at Jean-Luc. His hair was matted every which way over his forehead, like someone had styled it with a weed whacker and a blender. Jean-Luc kissed me quickly on the lips. "He looks like he's excited," I said. "It sure feels like it," he said.

A Walk Through The Park

first-time missmoaney 2018-02-20

About a fourth of the way through the movies, he started to rub my leg. Then we started to work his way up to my thighs. I felt the sensitivity in them grow as he continued on with his rough play. I started to give out little moans as he continued to work my nipples. I was so embarrassed when he started rubbing his fingers around on the top of the panties and I realized just how wet I was. I took my hand and started rubbing his pants. I turned around to look at him for the first time since this play began. It felt amazing to have a cock in me for the first time.

my fantasy

first-time 2018-02-20

After a few moments you realize my tongue is the best sensation inside your pussy so you stand and spin around and lift a leg onto the wall exposing your pink pussy with your free hand and say "tongue fuck me?!" Instantly this invigorates me and I lick my way up your thigh until you feel my migrating tongue slip back between your pussy as it begins to sink in and out while encircling and exploring every area. Looking deep into my eyes you stand up and slowly bend over and beginto lick your way over my chest suckling my nipple as your hand latches again firmly around my sac and lightly begins to squeeze.

Maalish aur Chudai

first-time mastanalund 2018-02-20

ye sunkar wo muskuraayi aur mujhe apne bedroom ki taraf le jaane lagi..unhone mera hath pakad rakha tha...mujhe unki ye harkat pasand aa rahi thi..main samjh gaya ki inke sath maja aane wala hai... unke hath upar karne se unki saree pet se sarak gayi aur unka nanga pet mere samne tha..mera man kar raha tha ki use choom loo..par rukna behtar tha us time.. maine tel le ke choot ki massage start ki to unke muh se siskaariyaan nikalne lagi....mere hath pakad ke apni choot pe ragadne lagi....fir mujhe dhakka deke apne upar gira liya... aur maine unki choot ko apne muh me bhar ke choosna start kar diya...bharpoor chuswane ke baad wo itni garam ho gayi ki mera sir apni choot pe daba daba ke chuswati rahi...

First Encounter

first-time 2018-02-20

He ran his hand up her thigh – he was impressed by how smooth it was – and slid it over the light red fabric of her skirt; he could feel her body melting against his chest as his fingers crept over the hem. I began to stroke her hair as well, kissing her softly on the lips, as well as her cheeks as neck, breathing on her skin and letting her know I was there. Finally, I began to move my hands back down her body, this time over the front, and let my hands run over her breasts slowly but comfortingly. Placing her in my lap, I reached around and continued to massage her breast slowly and continuously with one hand while rubbing the rest of her chest and stomach with the other.

Bec's first time

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-20

hands past the waistband of his boxers and grabbed his rock hard cock. moved his head down to my pussy and kissed me right on my pussy lips. slowly moved his index finger into my pussy for the first time, while he moved his head back down to my pussy and replaced his finger with his bed and took his cock in my hand. long stream of his cum stretched from the tip of his cock to my lip. moved my head back to his cock, letting the cum run onto my chin. I worked his cock a little deeper into my mouth with each bob of my head I jacked him off, keeping the head of his cock inside my mouth.

The Summer of the Garden Boys Ch. 02

first-time OregonDavid 2018-02-20

Delinda was transfixed by the sight of her older sister getting fucked in the standing position by my best friend, not five feet from where we lay on a sleeping bag in the middle of a ryegrass field outside of Garden, Oregon. Lisa could have watched too if Brad hadn't bent her over at the waist and caused her hair to fall around her face while he assaulted her from behind. Then Lisa said something about going to the bathroom and both she and Delinda slowly picked their way back out. We split the fish, bacon and potatoes into the two pans, one for Brad and Lisa, one for Delinda and I.

Kajal On Office Tour

first-time 2018-02-20

Day by Day my old boss always ask me to wear sexy clothes in office so that he can enjoy my looks. So as I wore the same, I found that my almost more than half boob was popping out of bra and thong was hardly covering my ass chicks. Lets make proposal to kajal that she can have this deal if she allow us to play with her for 24 hours. I wore one of sexy and very transparent nitted low cut one size smaller pink bra which clearly shows my tits. So I was made stand in conference hall in sexy transparent bra-thong. David: guys, mouth of kajal is hot. Later during lunch,, he dropped my pallu and exposed my boobs in sexy bra to all sitting there.

s****r-in-Law fun

first-time funguy55 2018-02-20

The party was going great with all having a lot to drink and as everyone was leaving apart from my wife and i who were staying over, both my BinL and my wife were very d***k we both put our partners to bed.