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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sexual Revolution: Mexico

first-time 2018-02-20

This is my story of when my Chinese girlfriend Leanne, my good friend Juanita who is of Mexican heritage and myself had a threesome. Just in time Juanita asked if we were ready and she joined us to the motel. As I took my shorts off Leanne stated to suck my dick and I made out with Juanita. Leanne who was inexperienced, but madly in love with me and horny, she didn't care in showing off and Juanita would use her mouth to massage my dick and balls. I sucked Leanne's feet while I was fucking Juanita. While we talked we would cuddle and I never felt so much love between another person; let alone my girlfriend and our close friend Juanita.

touched my pussy

first-time stif266 2018-02-20

"So tell me," Linda said looking at my naked body for the first time, "why didn't you have panties on today." Linda slid her tongue to circle my clit several times while her strong fingers entered me. "I love your big clitty." Linda said before she used her full lips to gently grasp my red, swollen, clit and give it a slight tug, touching its tip with the tip of her tongue. When I could start to think again, I could feel my walls still spasming against her moving fingers, as Linda slowly caressed my insides, extending my pleasure. Linda's hands began to follow the water and roam down my back, over my butt, down my legs, her fingers reaching around in-between my inner thighs.

Educating Ariel

first-time intheheatofthenight 2018-02-20

I am so wet that there is now time to play around, you literally slip your middle finger into my cunt, I gasp for air, your other hand massaging my clit, I take my dress off above my head, your eyes fixated on my cunt, you enjoy finger fucking me as I gyrate with your hands exploring me deep inside. You are now holding the back of my head, your legs wide open, you are forcing my face into your cunt, you are having immense pleasure, your ass now lifting up from the duvet, revealing a stain of wet heavenly juices, I cup your ass with my hands you open wider and i find my tongue making its way all the way down your gorgeous slit and to your tiny little asshole.

You never know where things might lead

first-time eddieb101 2018-02-20

The conversation went on for a good few minutes until she asked "hey, since you come to the area why don't we meet up for a coffee sometime soon?" I reluctantly said "sure, we must do that next time i'm there"... She pushed me fully clothed into the divided shower section and kissed me, as she kissed me my mood changed and i was starting to get hard, she reached down into my compression shorts and grabbed my penis "this is what i want" she said as she nelt down and simultaneously pulled the shower curtain around the shower section i was stood in.

Singapore Massage

first-time JDQuinn 2018-02-20

Lying motionless while she continued to rub my shoulders, my hand pressed against her thigh, I felt her changing positions as she slowly started to grind against my now outstretched fingers. As the second orgasm subsided, she slowly worked my legs back down to their outstretched positions, caressing my testicles gently with one hand while rubbing the second volley into my chest. After a few long minutes of silence while I tried to sway off the overwhelming feeling of exhaustion, she gently climbed atop the table, straddled my legs around the knees and pulled her up short pleated skirt to reveal a perfectly hairless mound that was starting to drip with excitement.

The Blonde Stranger

first-time kittysaurus 2018-02-20

I pulled them up over my legs and went into the kitchen as normal, big smile on my face which I'd have felt stupid for having if I hadn't been alone. "I'm going to fuck you first," he replied, and pushed me down onto the bed, my body underneath his. I could feel it inside me as he fucked me and it was coming closer and closer and I wasn't sure I could handle it. lovely," he murmured and I closed my eyes, waiting for the first strokes of his tongue against my swollen clit. In response, I grasped his head tighter with my legs and he moaned, his mouth pressed firmly onto my insatiable sex. "I'm going to fuck that mouth of yours, Becky," he whispered, his eyes bright with anticipation.

Buddy's Little b*o

first-time horny_dog 2018-02-20

Daniels b*****r Ian, who was about 5'8", and a little on the heavy side, but I wouldn't really call him fat just a little husky, came out to okay too. I could tell that Ian really didn't know what he was doing, so I told him that it would be a lot easier to show him if we didn't have our pants on. I said sure, and we reached over and started jerking each other off. He asked me how he would know when he came, and I laughed and told him he would figure it out. It wasn't long until he said that his cock was starting to feel really good. The rest of that summer, whenever I would spend the night at Daniel's I would sneak into Ian's room and we would jack off.

Missing You Baby

first-time Fallen Savior 2018-02-20

I look into her teary eyes asking, "You like sucking my cock you little slut?" I reach down and lay my cock against my stomach, instructing her to hump her wet cunt against my length. She does this for a long while and even cums, making my cock wet with her juices. After several minutes of this slow entry my cock head touches her cervix, her hymen long since gone from her use of a vibrator. Her young cunt making deliciously wet sounds on my cock. I collapse onto her, gasping and groaning, my cock locked inside her tight pussy. She finally relaxes and I slide my semi-erect cock from her steaming cunt, our combined cum slowly leaking out.

My first time on a trip to Mexico

first-time 2018-02-20

I glanced up for a second and saw that there was a picture of Jesus on the wall I muttered "thank you" under my breath and within the split second I took to look up she had shoved my bulging cock into her mouth and began to suck like a machine, the sensation of her tongue gliding over my dick was sweeter than honey in the mouth, so much so that my hands were thrown up into the air and I placed them on her head and started to trust with my lower body.

A Dare Worth Taking Ch. 2

first-time theowlandtherose 2018-02-20

Brenda sat on the bed slowly recovering and helping Jen pick out tops for going out. She had occasionally looked that way around Andy too, Jen thought, but put the matter out of her mind when the phone rang. Let's just say I dare you." Brenda looked over at Andy, then back to Jen. Brenda couldn't help touching herself just thinking about watching Jen and Andy. When Jen had pulled the front of his boxers down, she decided that she was going to try tonguing his erection before showing Brenda another blowjob. Andy moved his hand to his mouth and then must have touched her between the legs because Jenny's buttocks squeezed and her head rolled back.

Teacher II

first-time 1120scott 2018-02-20

Mr. Roberts said " You're so hard, do you like me touching you" My breathing was quick, and My head was spinning. He leaned over and licked the head which was electrifying, then moved down till my little dick was in his mouth. After a couple of minutes I started shaking, he pushed his head down to the base, and reached up and pinched my nipple. Since no one was out he reached into my pants and rubbed my dick till I was hard. Leaning down he sucked my right nipple and stroked my dick. After sucking my left nipple he got on his knees and licked my balls whole stroking me. He squeezed my balls and sucked move, till I started shaking and my dick throbbed.

Leya's First Time

first-time H20wader 2018-02-20

Hair as dark and sleek as an easy flowing river under the night sky. I wanted her ready when I entered her. The eyes that looked back at me were dark, deep pools of lust, need, and desire. I lay on the floor and waited for her to continue the game. She would be hard to see in a very black night. The look in her eyes told me, "Time to get serious". The first three or four strokes just touched her flowing wet sex. Together we howled our lust and our need to the moon as its light came in through the window. We played and loved and satisfied the lust, the need, the desire.

School nurse going wild

first-time Glerkor 2018-02-20

The cum from little Joe pumped out in long strands over Ginas blouse, face, hair and the floor. “It stings sometimes from the accident Mrs. Stevens, but overall it feels better.” Joe responded nervously sitting in her visitor chair in his tight blue jeans and t-shirt. Gina watched as Joes body shook and his cock started spraying his torso and belly with cum. Gina felt Joes stiff teenage monster cock in her hands and jerked him softly with her right hand, not wanting him to come too fast. “Aah aah, Mrs. Stevens, this feels soo good.” She whispered and once again reached for Ginas breasts. “It is okay, I will help you relax.” Gina gently started caressing her but, feeling the smooth skin under her rubber encapsulated right hand.

Carin getting caught

first-time carin123 2018-02-20

I never hesitated at that point, I was too far gone, my husband who neglected me so often had sold me for his own pleasure, and I willingly layed back and spread my legs for this stud and my mistress, knowing I could never go back to the meek wife I once was. At least half an hour later he was still driving deep into me, holding my legs up, my discarded heels on the floor between the table and the open door as he continued to pound his hardness for my pleasure, as my husband was walked by, my mistress stopping him to make him thank her stud for fucking his wife.

How I turned my shy co-worker Anne to a freak p2

first-time TherealdealTD 2018-02-20

I take my right hand and go right between her legs and start rubbing her clit. I started to tell her, you gonna cum Ann? I stick two fingers in her pussy and start to rub her G spot and she screams FUCK... I park the car and put her seat back, hike up her dress again and start to eat her out. I start rubbing her G spot with my fingers and licking her clit and she screams again... She's got her hand on my head rubbing it in circles just loving how i'm licking her clit. She took my cock in her hand and started to stroke it. She grins and starts to slowly place her lips on my cock.

Virginators: College Buddies' Quest Ch. 05

first-time SXY_Hot_Mamma 2018-02-20

Carl unzipped his pants and with out asking, Charlotte quickly put her free hand to his cock and began to jerk him off in the same fashion she was using on my dick. Jeff continued to lick her pussy softly as she came down from cumming and Charlotte took Carl's cock in her mouth first as he admitted he was very close. I watched her suck him off and she stroked my cock strongly as Carl began to moan and then held her face in his hands and began to fuck her mouth wildly, spurting his cum down her throat. He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand and gave Charlottes open pussy a light slap which made her suck down harder on Jeff's cock which made him let out a gasp of delight.

playing cards with friends....

first-time 2018-02-20

The best way to start a swinger experience with people is playing swinger card games. It started by my wife showing her tits,then him sucking his wife's toes,then me showing my cock to my friends wife in the other room,then my wife taking her shirt off and sucking him,then me and the other girl watching. It finally turned into a real sex party with friends we have had for a long time,but never knew were like us! His cock so hard that it chocked me,but the girls loved us getting it on, as we did watching them eat and suck each other. Let us know if you would like to play cards sometime or how you have started a sex party.....

The Coaches Ch. 01

first-time the Chef 2018-02-20

“Hey you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to.” LeRon flipped to a picture of Hakim and Jodi. Jodi managed to get a scholarship to an out of state division one college before the season ended Hakim realized that he was going to have to make a play for her before she left for college. Jodi continued to help with the youth team and on the first saturday in June asked Hakim to give her a ride home. Jodi was breathing heavily and Hakim lifted her head and looked into her eyes. A few days later Hakim was waiting patiently at the comedy club when a taxi pulled up and Jodi got out.

Exercising with Lucy

first-time tankengine123 2018-02-20

Lucy pushed her panties down and Alex put his hand directly on her pussy. When Alex said he was close, she pressed her open lips over the hole leaving lots of room inside her mouth. It took nearly a month of gently prying before her sweet tail opened enough to get the head of Alex cock inside. Every time that Alex removed his cock from Lucy’s pretty asshole, he would put a firm kiss on her hole just before it finished closing. Several days later, when Lucy was waiting in the gym for Alex, he arrived holding the hands of his two s****rs. Alex: Lucy, my little s****rs want to start exercising with us.

Village Fun, Dancing And Fucking In Front Of Every

first-time 2018-02-20

On seeing us for the first time arjun assumed that it was going to be a regular dance so he didn’t pay much attention.I looked around and I saw all the villagers were sitting there.Every one. Soon our blouses were followed by our lehngas and panties and within moments we were nude in front of the whole village. Seeing 10 young nude girls dancing in front of them made them historical. In front of everyone.Then he asked 7 boys from the crowd to get on the stage and fuck the remaining girls then and there. One by one boys got on the stage and began to play with the nude girls there. Chaudhary Sahab began to laugh and asked his son to fuck us all very hard.

Losing It

first-time Storiest 2018-02-20

But the worst times of all are when I see her and her boyfriend of the moment together and I think that maybe they love each other, and that maybe he's wondering why I talk to her for hours on the phone, and that he is standing in the way of true love. Lola is sitting backwards on my face, her round Latina butt hangs heavy, my nose in her hole; Derry straddles my middle, kissing the moans away from Rosa; and Lila rides me, taking command, telling Rosa and Derry what to do, how to do it. At this moment I think she is ready to sleep, whatever moment we had now ruined, but instead she pushes her tight little rear into me and guides my cock into her furry pussy again.

Gettin' Any Dirt For Your Worm?

first-time SikFuk 2018-02-20

Porter's jeans and shorts were clear down to his ankles, his huge penis protruding from the bottom of his flannel shirt like the tusk of some wild animal. The fact that Porter's penis was garishly swollen from the spider bite only heightened Beth's concern for the poor man. The thought of the pain he must have been going through gave her a twinge between her legs, and she had a sudden urge to kiss his pitiful injured member, like her Mom used to do when she fell off her bike and got a boo boo. She said a little silent "Praise Jesus" as she watched his drooping member pop out of her mouth, the rubbery tip all shiny with milky-white spider poison.


first-time john1195 2018-02-20

aside as pain erupted from my ass as his cock began sliding in. "Oh, you want Big Daddy's dick, huh?" he said, and then he began slowly let that deter me, especially when I felt his hand on my head. Swallow my meat!" he said, pushing my head up and down on his cock. "First things first." I felt his hand on my head as he was pulling it body shivered as his hand began stroking my dick while I blew him. I handed him the lotion bottle, but it wasn't until I felt his cock sliding He moved along with me keeping his cock firmly planted in my ass. milking my cock, he patted my ass and said: "See you in the morning."

Schoolgirl at the Bus Stop

first-time billy69boy 2018-02-20

No one was in the laundromat at that time of day, and it gave me the chance to delight over each article of clothing I put into the dryer: her blue plaid pleated skirt, white blouse, white knee socks and blue blazer with the matching little tie…and then I came to her lacy white bra and matching panties. I felt pressure from her hands pushing down on my shoulders impatiently, but I resisted the impulse to rush down her body without first paying homage to her tight, flat belly and skinny waist, on my way down to her round hips and long legs; touching and feeling and kissing my way, an inch at a time.