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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I watched Tim fuck my wife over and over and over

first-time woreout 2018-11-09

He said he had to hit the pisser and as soon as he closed the bathroom door my wife rolled over to me and in a stern voice she whispered that I had better not try anything with her tonight. As soon as he got into the bed I turned off the light and said Good night John Boy and Mary Boy...My wife called me a dumbass. My wife changed sides and she was facing Tim. I could hear them whispering, so I ran my hand up my wife's leg all the way to her pussy. As I sat and watched Tim eased my wife's legs apart and begain eatting her pussy.

The Big Match

first-time MisterBrightside 2018-11-08

We both drink more beer, one thing my holiday did give me was a tolerance to drinking lots of alcohol, Jody on the other hand looks quite flushed in the face and is very giggly after her fourth bottle. She doesn’t stop, thrusting the bottle further inside her, whilst leaning forward extending her tongue, first licking off the excess come from the sofa, then taking my cock in her mouth and cleaning me dry, seconds after she does, her orgasm rips through her, leaving her breathless. I drive my cock even harder inside her and within seconds she is pushing forward, screaming my name as she comes, her left hand stops gripping me, furiously strumming her clit as her orgasm explodes, making her pussy contract around my dick.

it was her first time part 1

first-time longcock90210 2018-11-08

Fran was a sight to behold, wearing a tight light pink blouse that accentuated the beautiful breasts which lay beneath in a almost visible red lace bra, and a skirt which cut off around mid-thigh and shaped her firm round ass perfectly. She then started taking my t shirt off so I helped her by raising my arm then it was my turn, luckily I have had plenty of practice with buttons so I simply flicked my thumb under each button on her tight blouse an flicked it open to reveal the intoxicating seductive red bra and the soft firm mounds beneath, after admiring the half naked view in front of me.

Namita – My s****r And My Girlfriend

first-time sweet1003 2018-11-08

My visiting sex site was soon noticed by Namita and she used it to get the PC as and when she wanted else she threatened me to tell the parents. She became angry and gave back to me saying …”and what you did in the bathroom later?” It was turning from bad to ugly as we accused each other when mom came in asked what was going on and we kept quiet. We had reached an age when we hated going out with parents so I went out with my friends and Namita stayed back home. in the process the side of her thighs felt my erection and she stopped and gave me a very meaningful looks and suddenly pulled my towel and began laughing hysterically.

Sexy pretty literature mistress(part1)

first-time EROS123 2018-11-08

“If she know that I can be expeled from the school, having to find out some way to escape” , I thought silently I was not good at literature theme so at the test times, I just got passed. I pressed the bell and waiting outside for a while then the lamps got lit, a stunning girl, in a white night skirt below her knees but it tightened her sexy body, appeared in front of me. And then she looked at me, gently said “ what can I help you tonight?” I got out a book from my bag beside me, stood up, moved to her and sat down next to her, putting the book on my thighs then sent her my problems of the homework.

Turn about is fair play

first-time ShamelessFlirt 2018-11-08

She made a fuss over drizzling the oil over my cock from some height and then gripping it and tracing each vein as she stroked it; Her hand inverted going up and over the top and right side up coming back down. After slipping her finger in, she eased it out and back several times, testing for resistance before pulling out and going back to jacking me off, satisfied things were ready to proceed. Slowly she started to ease the length of it out of me as her hand corkscrewed up my shaft to the head of my cock her fingers dancing over the tip and back down.


first-time tcg 2018-11-08

Jill had closed her eyes when he started touching her but when she opened them again her eyes went immediately to Davy's cock which was once again peeking out from his shorts. It was then she could feel Davy's cock and her satin panties rubbing against the outer lips of her pussy and Jill whispered in his ear, "Don't let it go in Davy, don't let it go in." She knew she was asking him to stop but her body was betraying her in its desire to feel his thick cock buried in her pussy. Jill started fucking Davy's cock harder and faster as Davy returned the favor by pulling at her breasts and pinching her nipples harder still.

Prickly Hedges

first-time belab 2018-11-08

His huge tool flopped free and seemed to sway slowly from side to side; His cock was just semi hard but rising as he looked down at the naked woman’s unshaven pits and 40 C breasts. He looked down at her naked hairy ass and lined up the huge tip of his cock with her waiting hole. He licked the masses of hair in her bushy armpits as I continued beating my meat with one hand and holding on to the ladder with the other. The sight of Betty getting her hairy pussy reamed by that big stranger was too erotic that I stroked myself, knowing I could shoot a huge load any second.

Having My Beautiful Young Maid Nanditha

first-time bava12 2018-11-08

One of my friend went to kitchen to drink water while she was cooking there and pinched her hip hard. I slowly went near her and kept my hand over her shoulder over her blouse and pressed firmly. She took her half saree in her hand and I asked to throw it to my face. I slowly removed her half saree from my face and looked at her. She started crying and slowly went to suck my cock. I removed her panty I was wearing and slowly kept my dick on her pussy and started entering it slowly. Even when my parents were at home, I would go to the kitchen and pinch her hip, circle her navel, bite her nipples, rub her ass with my dick etc.

Never know what will happen

first-time acecruiser 2018-11-08

He said "well you can ride with me." Now the teacher was in his mid 20s, dark hair, brown eyes, and nice looking and all the girls thought he was hot so she accepted the ride thinking that her friends would be envious. Mark said "Yeah, I bet a hot girl like you needs a real man to make her happy." Mark took a breath and said "Look Sue, a man is supposed to touch a woman gently. Mark almost lost control of the car looking at her tits and said “Sue please I really have to pull off the road, okay?” As his fingers again began to roll her nipples around and squeezing them softly Sue moaned and said “Ohhhh Mark that feels sooooo good.



first-time Freyja 2018-11-08

My arousal has not and will not diminish and as a soft, wet mouth nibbles at my lips, my own mouth offers no resistance, indeed encourages the other. I submit entirely to the demands of my lover's mouth and fingers. As those digits begin to plunge deeper to my depths, expanding me, sending exquisite sensations racing throughout my entire body, the aroma of my arousal permeates the hot, moist air trapped inside the car. So soon my lover's expert manipulations begin to generate an orgasm and as it flows through my body the fingers that brought it about are squeezed by powerful pulses.


Freedom Indeed

first-time Kilkennycat 2018-11-08

"Ah well I didn't plan on being out myself," she said, "But I've the house to myself for the night and I got talked into heading into town by the girls." Saoirse gave a trademark giggle, and slipped her hand down to between her legs. Saoirse saw this, smiled, and placed both hands around my neck, caressing my shoulders as she did so. Slowly, and with Saoirse's guiding hand, I eased the head of my cock in past her pussy lips. Before I could stammer out some words Saoirse's hand had dropped to my groin and she began jerking my cock. As Saoirse sucked my balls clean, her face shimmering with my juice, I lay back and considered the fact that I had been in love with this girl over two years ago.

And then one night

first-time JustTonight 2018-11-08

He knew he should take it slow, but the way her chest was moving up and down, her breathing heavy and her thighs so exposed, he was quickly losing control. He leaned back over her and kissed her, his tongue gliding against her lips, pushing in between them as his hand made its way over her smooth legs, higher up her thigh, sliding her dress up along with his hand. She lifted her butt up, pressing her hips against his in order to let him push her dress up even more before moving his body down, kissing her stomach and up between her breasts.

Another Sunday Morning

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-11-08

She always dressed in shorts, I've said she had nice legs, I'm sure she knew it, I looked at them a lot, and halter tops. I know I got a nice look at her boobs which I'm sure she loved. "I was naked at her house and she was topless until one day, not long after New Year, she suggested that I learn what a woman looks like all over. "She said that looking at her naked was making me get very hard so she would try to make me happy, so she had me lay on the sofa and she knelt on the floor and gave me my first blowjob. "Yeah, I never thought of it that way, but, sure, we are a lot like she and I were after a while.

Broke Down

first-time naughtiestmommy 2018-11-08

Why don’t you come back to the house and the Missus will get you dry, warm and fed first.” He said this as he took off his coat, wrapped it around Riley, and walked around to the passenger side door. Gonna think she seen her own ghost.” This made Riley rather nervous and, as her lips couldn’t help but tremble, she began to wonder if the old man knew why. As she was led down a narrow hallway, they passed a brightly lit room with its door slightly ajar, and Riley was sure she saw a young man lying on a bed with a book in hand. Riley turned to return to the bathroom, but before she could step away, the young man was behind her, pushing past her as he grabbed her wet clothing.


first-time UnXpected 2018-11-08

Around 3pm, the lunch crowd died down, Kerry after speaking with Beatrice, decides to show me the stock, and how to order supplies. Kerry started explaining to me, how Beatrice and he liked things stacked and accounted for as soon as delivery was made. I try moving back and away from him, but secretly it felt good, and I haven't been eaten like this in a long while. Still shocked at what is going on, I let Kerry lift my lower half to his shoulders, as he went to work attacking my hole. Beatrice pulls my nipple hard as she breaks the suction she holds on it, climbs off of the table and heads upstairs.

The Nerd's First Time

first-time quietsoul 2018-11-08

That day after school, Beth and Alyssa had sat at the dining room table while I helped them review the material. As I was walking back to my room, Alyssa called me and I stopped at the room that Beth shared with April. Alyssa asked me to explain a couple things one last time. “It is only ten o'clock, I don’t have any plans, so do you want to ride out to the lake?” Alyssa asked as we got into her car. “I was going to let you fuck me, but I don't know if that thing will fit inside me,” Alyssa said with a tone of disappointment in her voice. Alyssa began to buck her hip, her legs tightened around my head and her hands pressed against my head.

Covet Thy Neighbor's Son - Part 3

first-time Jaymal 2018-11-08

“I’ll blow your mind, Mrs fucking Cooper, you watch me.” As he ascended the staircase with his hot naked bitch, damn-near half the blood in his body pumped to his cock, swelling it hard against the cushion of her cheeks. “Ohhh God, Janice, ohhh fuck!” The jamming of his hips against her ass turned involuntary as his balls clenched tight and emptied, firing a huge hard load deep inside Mr Cooper’s hot wife. Her pussy felt bruised in the most delicious way imaginable and she had a mouthful of cock that promised another instalment in her long-planned-for fuck-fest with her seriously underestimated young stud, what more could a girl ask for?

A Dream

first-time xfallingxangelx 2018-11-08

I know we’re not supposed to act any differently, so that no one can find out what’s going on between us and tell him, but I’m having a hard time keeping my mind off the thought of your tongue on my clit while my thighs squeeze tighter against your head. As I am stepping into the truck your hand brushes against my pussy and shivers run up my spine, the twinge is back and I can feel myself getting wet again. You carry me into the bedroom where you lay me down, kiss up my leg from my ankle to my waiting center; your lips hovering over mine, your tongue slowly probing my folds as your hands circle around to cup my ass and pull my hips to you.

cuckold lifestyle 67

first-time woreout 2018-11-08

She pointed out a tall guy that looked about 28 years old, she said he was a new guy at work and that she had heard that he was well endowed, I asked if she planed on having sex with him? I told him I was busy right then but he asked why I was taking two plates in the house when the party is out back? My wife said Steph wants to know if you'll eat the cum out of her if she fucks today? My wife asked Steph who she was going to fuck? They all started saying yes, she then said well we are all going into the den and watch Steph and Jake have sex.

Teaching the Babysitter Pt. 01

first-time Jcaboose 2018-11-08

"What is it?" She asked playfully sipping her bottle of coke, I took the time to look like I was considering something that shouldn't be done hoping that she would notice my hand advancing ever closer to her mound, bunching up her skirt around her hips. Watching her trying to find the same level of pleasure as the girl in the video was turning me on so much, I knew just how tight that pussy was and I wanted to stretch it out one way or another. "My turn now." I said standing up, "lay down on the couch and lean against the arm rest." Audrey slowly followed my orders without hesitation, I took the time to admire the girl in front of me.

Natalie Turned 18 And Experiences What Sex Is

first-time mter100 2018-11-08

Natalie’s body trembled as Chris’s cock felt so good up against her swollen pussy. A few minutes later as the SUV became silent Chris began to pushed his cock in between the lips of Natalie’s pussy. Chris also was ready to cum as he pulled his cock out of Natalie’s pussy in just a nick of time. Natalie ended up on her stomach as Chris rolled on top of her and began to grind his cock up against Natalie’s nice ass. A minute later Chris moan out as he began to cum all over Natalie’s ass and lower back. A few seconds later before Natalie could orgasm Chris pull his cock out of her and shot his cum all over her stomach.

Recollections of My Busan Beauty

first-time flytoomuch 2018-11-08

Our “regrets” then outrank the “excuses” and the “If only” list. I was moodily gazing across the room in grade nine English classes staring at Kristy Lee’s breasts. Anyways I don’t remember any Asians before Kristy. Kristy was sixteen like me. Eva-Jane had filled out much sooner than other girls and her full C cups looked massive next to Kristy’s B chest. Eva-Jane was a good two inches taller than Kristy and her mom let her wear heels. Kristy was super smart while Eva-Jane didn’t give a shit about school at all. The three of us ended up in the chorus and doing sets, but I was in heaven spending time with the girl I loved.

Camara on Camera: A Live W(h)OR(e)LD Event!

first-time ballstothewall 2018-11-08

He clicked on her profile which featured a headshot of Camara, displaying the biggest brown eyes Robert had ever seen. Is this the—,“ Camara began to ask the driver, but was interrupted by the driver taking her hand and quickly placing her in the back seat. I can’t wait to—,“ Camara excitedly began to exclaim before Robert interrupted I know you need to be noticed in order to be happy,” Robert informed Camara. “How did you--,” Camara began to ask Robert. Robert pulled out a black leather briefcase and popped it open to display it to Camara. Ten minutes passed before the limo came to a halt and the door opened for Robert and Camara to exit.