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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

two nasty woman made me their bitch

first-time manard 2018-02-20

night Annie and April two good friends of mine that i fuck on a regular basis but never to gather stopped by. i looked over and saw April was rubbing her self and enjoying the show.wait for me i want to help so they took turns sucking on my hard cock. Annie had my cock in her mouth when April slide under her and started licking her wet pussy. it must have felt real good cause Annie got wild and stuck her finger in my ass and started finger fucking my tight ass as she sucked my cock. April decided she needed to help Annie finger fuck my ass! it felt so good that i am going to buy a strap on dildo for sat.

summer on the farm - and the farmers wife

first-time bigcityguy 2018-02-20

Sue was my steady girl friend and I had sucked on her tits a few times and even got my finger between her legs on night in the park. It was so hot; I pulled on each of her nipples as she worked my cock in her mouth. I was hard and ready to cum in a second as she slipped her head down between my legs and began to lick and suck my cock . Carey final had enough at 4 am and she slipped her gown back on and said good night - c yak in a few hours !! Dragging the fucking out to maybe 3 minutes before I pulled out and she quickly sucked my cock off .

Mrs. T and Me

first-time writesformary 2018-02-20

There were 12 of us waiting to clock in when Mr T showed up and announced, "Today isn't going to be normal work day, we are putting on our Customer cook out and need you guys to help." pausing and looking around he added, "We need you to help set up and tear down, a few of you will be asked to drive some of customers home after they have to much to drink." Pointing to Mike the foreman he finished. Pointing to Rocky he went on, "That fucker got to drive last year and got caught fucking Mrs. Langley on her couch, fortunately it was by me since I drove her husband home and he was passed out in the passenger seat.

Surprise, I Liked It

first-time jpln 2018-02-20

Within a few minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and I was fascinated watching the cum squirting out. The first two times I sucked him, he pulled his cock out of my mouth before he had a climax. The third time, he was a little slow at pulling out and he got the first small squirt of cum in my mouth before he pulled out. For me, feeling and tasting and smelling his cum was the most sexually exciting part of the experience. I always looked forward with excitement to our meetings and especially for the cum squirting into my mouth.

Typical Friday Night

first-time HeZe 2018-02-20

While the penis in my mouth sucking it like a lollipop and loving the taste, the boy swiftly and loudly moaned and a white creamy liquid substance dropped in my mouth. Bev worked on my legs and Jason got my back, with them trading on who massaged my ass. Since it was the first time the three of us had played together, Jason and Bev agreed that I should get most of the attention and boy, did I ever get it. Jason sucked the ice cube into his mouth for a bit, to get a taste of me, before playing it over my pussy again and again with his hands. All the while, Bev was playing different soft things over my skin--velvet, satin, silk, and then sucking my nipples in between.


first-time zimabean 2018-02-20

My friend Gail had a video of our husbands fucking some girls from the college. My husband was like a mad man, a porn star fucking these girls. But the sight of my husband fucking another woman kept going thru my head. The other boy I was stroking in my hand was ready to cum and he moved in close to me and came spraying most of his load onto my hairy pussy. I let the boys fuck me again making sure they filled my cunt with hot young cum. then I go home to my bastard husband and let him lick my pussy that had just been filled with the cum of some stranger.

My First Time With a Man

first-time khindle 2018-02-19

a few moment later steve returned and said "it must just have been the dog" and i turned back and bent over to press play on the player and as i did steve shoved me down on the bed belly first and laid on top of me and started grinding in to me dry humping my arse and lauging. steve reached down by back to my arse and started to push my pants off i raised up and went with it, and helped i pushed them all the way off and steve took hes down then i laid back on top and carried on humping, our cocks massaging each other between out stomachs i was pooring with pre cum and could feel that steve was too this just worked as lubricant between us.

The Meeting 1

first-time ukboy07 2018-02-19

You pull me close and kiss me sucking on my tongue. Feeling for my nipples you rub and pinch them to hardness which adds to my wetness. Your tongue rolls slowly over each mound before taking my nipples one at a time into your mouth. You cup my breasts, squeezing them together as you continue sucking on my rock hard nipples. You suck harder, fucking my wet hole with your fingers at the same time. I feel your hard cock disappear into my dripping hole. I feel your balls banging against me as your hard dripping cock fucks my wet sexy pussy. I twist around and you kiss me hard, so hard my lips feel bruised as you f***e your tongue inside my mouth.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 09

first-time BlewWater69 2018-02-19

Sheila said good bye to Jason on the way out and he liked her smile. "That's somewhat up to you," Jason claimed, "but the best blowjobs I've ever had and the best cocksuckers I've known," he thought of Beth the night before, "allow the guy to cum in their mouth and swallow his seed. Jason also taught her how to use her hands in conjunction with her mouth on his cock shaft and balls. "Stephanie, the best blowjob women make love to a guy's cock," Jason informed. "I'm going to cum," Jason groaned as Stephanie worked his cock with newfound skill. "God, that was good for your first time, Stef," Jason gasped as he watched her nursing on his cock, her cheeks somewhat bulging.

Horny for Mum - part 7

first-time mytaboolife 2018-02-19

We kissed passionately and my hands started to massage her ass. She spread her legs and reached out a hand, “Come join me baby.” We began to kiss again and my hard cock was caught between our bellies. Mom grabbed my ass and guided me to a good rhythm. “Your cock feels very good Robby, keep doing what you’re doing and you’re going to make mommy cum.” I knew she liked a good hard fucking from watching her pound her pussy with her dildo all those years and when I would catch Dick fucking her. I felt Mom’s pussy gripping and releasing my cock as she came, she was cumming so much it felt like she was p**ing as my cock was thrusting.

Lounging by the pool

first-time Jmuncut 2018-02-19

The property we had was surround by 8' trees next door neighbor the one house was 200 yd away he had pasted away the year before and the other neighbor 1/2 mile down the rd separated by a tree line we had a 4' chain link fence surround the pool and a road out front there was a 6' wire fence with cars driving by. You want to put some lotion on it?" She laughed "Sure thing!" She had put some sun screen on her hand and start applying it to my cock and balls Sat back a minute or two and said"Wow that was great!!!!" She replied " Yes it was!!!!" She then asked if I wanted another cup of coffee?

My Fantasy

first-time SparklingMegan7 2018-02-19

You start rubbing my freshly shaved pussy inside my shorts as gently as you can with your right hand and move your left hand up to my 36-C rack and head straight for my nipple. You lick it softly at first, feeling how hard it is, and then sucking it as I start to breathe harder and faster. I pull your head back by your hair with the hand that was on your side, making eye contact with you, telling you I like it rough, I want you to make me feel so good that I cry because it starts to hurt, telling you to break me in half and fuck me like I'm a doll.

Deflowering Evra

first-time GallopingStyx 2018-02-19

When Evra told him that she was finally ready to become a woman, Blaine took it upon himself to make sure it was all just right. Briskly Blaine made his way to the maple door, opened it, and took in a slight gasp of breath when he saw how beautiful Evra was, in just the silk robe. He slowly licked in big circles around Evra's breasts, one at a time, until finally he found the nipples and he bit them lightly and sucked hungrily on them like a little baby would. Evra merely nodded a yes, and Blaine took the head of his cock and placed it in her soaked pussy, just before the hymen.

Teaching After Hours

first-time svanswords 2018-02-19

Billy tried to keep sucking her, but soon ran out of breath, her legs had locked around his chest and she still him with his nose buried in her slippery pussy. "If you remember the story, I have to come in your mouth now and then your pussy later," Billy pointed out as she licked around his glans. You don't need to worry about that." Billy lay his head back and savoured the sensations of her mouth on his cock. Jane opened her mouth wide and took Billy's penis into it. "Stay like that for a minute please Jane," he asked, remembering her first name, "I want to savour how this feels."


first-time funnsun2 2018-02-19

NO place that I've ever heard of has all these southern country girls just hanging around naked and drinking beer all day waiting on a few guys to fuck but let me tell's all TRUE!! I first contacted Hal at his e-mail and he asked if my wife and I could take a look at the trailer park and he invited us over to a keg and naked fuck party they were planning. When we got to the pool, there was my wife with about 6 guys fucking her and she was bent over a chair and letting them fuck her doggie style and she even had a cock in her mouth!

Adventures of my ex: The nine inch dick.

first-time billeyed 2018-02-19

Caressing the tip with the tip of her tongue and gently sucking and rocking her head back and forth she begins to taste the salty slick pre-cum oozing from huge dick. Pushing the head firmly into the softness and feeling the warmth of her pussy through the satin, he has mini ejaculations of pre cum that he smears up and across the seam of the crotch and over to her bare skin of her thigh. "He's leaking on me, I think", "Yes he is, I'll clean it up i promise." as he slides down between her legs and covers all of her softness with his open mouth and begins to suck her pussy throught the crotch of he panties.

Seduced By My Parent's Friends

first-time fantasyboy 2018-02-19

Mike and his wife Sheena were good friends with my Mum and Dad and were always having nights out together. One weekend Dad was away working as he was a builder and Mum said she was having a night out with Mike and Sheena. Then she said, 'I'm going to pass you over to Sheena now and let her describe how I'm going to suck Mike off and make him cum in my mouth. Suddenly Mike looked up and saw me, he smiled and winked at me and carried on enjoying being pleasured by my Mum's mouth. The look on Sheena's face showed how much pleasure she was getting and in only a few minutes she was cumming, having fucked herself on Mike's rock hard cock.

Summer Ch. 21

first-time TheTyke 2018-02-19

She looked up at the canvas ceiling hanging just feet above her and she had a sudden flash of childhood memories, of laying flat on her back in a children's play tent playing 'doctors and nurses' with the boy from next door, watching him hovering over her, feeling his hands inside her clothing, exploring, probing, making up childish medical words and procedures as he lifted her dress and pulled down the front of her knickers, his fingers greedily moving between her legs and she closed her eyes as a stray shiver of anticipation ran through her.

Holiday surprise

first-time exoticbabe 2018-02-19

He spent a long time massaging both my thighs at the same time, with long slow movements, starting at the lower leg and slowly making his way up to my bum, each time with his thumps further down between my thighs, until finally rotating his hands over my but cheeks. I decided to indicate it was OK by spreading my legs slightly, and he promptly responded by rubbing my bum, and letting his hand slide down between my legs, touching my pussy – still outside the bikini, pretending to be a half-decent, but just enough so I could feel the tip of a finger under each panty edge.

getting my back waxed

first-time 2018-02-19

He started to massage my back working down to my ass he then massaged my ass cheeks slowly rubbing them then i felt him rubbing my ass hole it felt nice so i let him keep doing it i then felt one of his fingers pushing in my hole he started working it in and out he said to me get on all four's so i did as he said he come behind me and started to rim me my cock instanly got rock hard he then said go with him in the other room he striped his clothes off and we started to kiss each other he pushed me on my knee's and said suck his cock it was my first time sucking an other mans cock so i took my time slowly sucking.

A Big Cock for Six Virgins

first-time mbeya33 2018-02-19

Boys who shared the sports changing rooms with Harry after gymnasium sessions and football games were in awe of his equipment and, when I questioned his k** s****r Kate, who was two years his junior and in the same class as me, she confessed that more than once she had secretly spied on her b*****r whilst he was masturbating and swore that his cock was the size of her forearm! I thrust my body against him so that my firm young breasts embraced his swollen shaft and I held and squeezed his balls with both hands until his scrotum tightened and his hot semen was shooting into the back of my throat. I am down stairs on the computer writing this true story and wondering what it would be like to be ravished all night by Harry The Horseman with his massive cock filling my still tight pussy.

Welcome To The Nieghbour Hood,Cally!

first-time charlie-xxx 2018-02-19

we was walking home down an ally way when she got me up against the wall and passionately kissed me she slipped her tongue in and we must of been kissing for about 5 minutes until she pulled away and said im so sorry Ive wanted to do that since i first met you,i grabbed her by the waist and whispered its fine so have i she let out a little giggle,she said lets go hers to do some 'revision' with a cheeky smile, we ended up going into her bedroom,she put some music on,lay me on the bed and kissed me i circled my tongue around her mouth i couldn't believe this was happening she then started to unbutton my shirt i ripped her top of and we was both there in our short pleated skirts and bra she then lay me down once again and her hand was groping my breast and then she unhooked my bra and started kissing my tits,

Step mom lends a hand.

first-time Sapper0129 2018-02-19

'Now you are going to fuck me.' she said, unsure of what to do she positioned me and guided my erect cock into her wet slit, I'd seen enough wank mags to know what to do, I pumped away at her pussy with inexperienced enthusiasm into I shot my load of spunk into her pussy and collapsed onto her gorgeous tits totally exhausted. Jean gently pushed me off her, 'That was pretty good for your first time, you will get better with practice and you'll get plenty of that, did you notice I wore the bra you keep wanking into, I didn't wash it this time, I thought you like to know I'd got your spunk on my tits.'


first-time the_hemingway 2018-02-19

"And it's got this little pocket that I can stick photographs and diagrams in." she said, looking away from his whiskey eyes that were so outrageously amber they were bordering on rude just for existing. "He's being staring at the door holding his leash in his mouth since I came home." She giggled as Zeppelin found Kady and wagged his tail, patiently waiting for her affection as he butted his massive tan and black head against her legs. "What's a pretty thing like you doing in the corner of a seedy bar drinking tea?" he asked and she smiled and pointed to her notebooks. "You okay?" Jace asked as he came back inside, Zeppelin licked her arm and she turned to smile at her two heros.