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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First gay sex

first-time cosguy22 2018-02-19

His huge cock got so wet sliding in and out of my throat that soon he was ready for more. I got on my knees and he applied lube to his cock and my tight ass and soon enough he was sliding it in. Inch by inch my ass swallowed up his huge cock and eventually I had it all inside of me, slowly fucking me. I was going ass to mouth with this huge cock that was just deep inside my ass. I want to be your cum slut!" and shortly after saying that he slowly pushed as deep inside of me as he could and bent over and kissed me.

Lori - Part 2

first-time 2018-02-19

On the way back to bed I stopped and looked at the attic door. I heard Lori's voice coming from her bedroom and I stopped. I slowly walked up to her bedroom door, which was completely closed this time, and lowered my eye down to the keyhole (we lived in an old house with vintage doors and locks). Their bedroom door opened and I heard footsteps walk from one side of the room to another. Ryan said something to her and she started shifting back until her feet were hanging off the back of the bed and her knees were near the edge. It wasn't long before my s****r let out a loud cry and then Ryan after her making a deep guttural noise.

First time swapping

first-time ccrlover1 2018-02-19

Jessica then used her fingers to spread Beth's lips and began to suck and lick her clit. Ron then moved behind Beth and began to kiss and lick all over her ass checks, which she loves. She began to thrust her pussy up at Ron as Jessica kissed her way down my body and took my cock into her mouth. Ron really began to breathe hard and told Beth he was going to cum. Ron and Beth started to kiss each side of Jessica's neck and as she cried out in orgasm and her pussy began to clench around my cock I blew my load for the second time that night.

first India woman I have had

first-time 2018-02-19

She told old woman something and walked ot meet me. she pulled my cock out and started rubbing it on her clit. I stood up and held her ass with my hands and pumped the cock in her hard. Would not let her do it, I started pumping her up and down, each time she hit bottom she would squeel. Old man i nthe other stall came out. I told him i pumped a load of hot cum in her after she had several orgasms. Not sure she was ready for a cock like this. the old man enjoyed her sounds and watching her fall on my cock as her plump tits jumped with each pump.

DTF Tinder Date Switched Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-02-19

But here I was, in a stranger's house, after being invited over through Tinder no less, and now I'm naked in a darkened room and immediately I sense someone lunge behind me, grabbing one of my arms, twisting it behind my back and violently pushing me forward on the bed. "Ya my little bitch boi is going to like getting this cock," he would sneer as he rubbed his cock in my ass crack. My jaw started to ache, my throat felt sore and scratchy from his big cock pressed in me, and I had a bad taste in my mouth... Going in hard and deep, popping out completely, then ramming back in, "I'm going to work this ass in good bitch boi, you'll thank me later." What an asshole, I thought.

Green Beer Day

first-time gotchagred 2018-02-19

I started to walk back to my room to rest before my econ class. As I walked toward their group, it seemed to be in slow motion, her wonderful breast had wonderful jiggle side to side and had a sensual vertical bounce to them. They were shaped like tear drops and I saw them bounce together and I almost cried that I would probably not see these beauties again. She then pulled up her green top and her perky nipples got even perkier and made her shirt rise a bit. When I got back to the room I sat there dreaming of the brunette goddess that I saw that day.

The Irresistible Path to Ejaculation

first-time 2018-02-19

I mused over the previous events while I waited for the toast to pop-up..the sex with Jade as she listened to the shenanigans in Marcus’s bedroom, my unexpected encounter with Marcus in the bathroom and the subsequent masturbation first ever at the hands of another man..then, this morning, my first time at wanking the cock of another man. I just remembered that, whilst in the bathroom with Marcus, he had told me that Keira had spotted me at the open doorway, spying on them having sex..and getting a good eyeful of her beautiful breasts. Placing the palm of my other hand flat against her abdomen, I slid it down over the gentle curves, feeling the tips of my fingers encounter the springy curls of her pubes and then the soft, hot, puffy flesh of her cunt lips.

The Vicar of St. Dunstan's Ep. 06

first-time Nigel Debonnaire 2018-02-19

"Look, Percy, I need some space right now, and although I know you're a good son of the Church, it would give me some peace of mind if you'd knock off early." Pulling out my wallet, I drew out a twenty pound note: "Go collect Peggy and take her to a show, go the Pub and treat yourself to an early happy hour, whatever you want. Jenny came over to press her whole body against mine, her protruding breasts poking against my chest, and gave me a long, deep kiss before pulling back to look deep into my eyes. Make sure and cover your teeth with your lips." Jenny reached up with her right hand and put her index finger in her grandmother's mouth.

Miranda's Journey

first-time ms72vt 2018-02-19

She'd stick to the main roads, walk only during the day, camp deep in the woods, and stay at relatives' houses along the way whenever possible, just like tonight with Aunt Marie. "You will text your mom tonight, right?" Aunt Marie said through a mouthful of bacon. Looking at the quaint old houses and awning-covered storefronts, she could easily imagine Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed from It's A Wonderful Life (her all-time favorite movie—yet another thing her friends mocked her about) passing by and saying hello to everyone. Basketball wasn't her best sport, but she was a good ball handler, a pesky defender, and she was sure she could run circles around these guys, even after walking close to eighty miles over the past three days.

Daddy's Virgin Breeder

first-time ddygrl 2018-02-19

He named the healthy baby girl Lucinda, after Sharon's grandmother, called her Lucy for short, hired a full-time nanny and went back to work. By the time Lucy was 17, it looked like Ted was going to be able to retire early. He thought of his young, sexually ignorant daughter and her slim, boyish figure, and what she would look like growing huge with his baby - bigger and bigger every month. Now that he didn't have to devote anymore effort into knocking Lucy up, Ted decided to was time she learn to suck cock. Lucy was wearing a white t-shirt and white panties - something that would have looked plain and dull a few months before, but now showed off her new expanding shape in a way Ted loved.

Legs for Miles

first-time ZaneSTL 2018-02-19

She reached for his shirt and pulled it over his head, then she stood on her toes and began kissing his neck and shoulders while his hands explored her soft body. "God, please, do it," she half moaned, half begged, and he pressed forward suddenly, closed his hands around her thighs, and began licking her pussy in earnest. He reached his hands all the way around her legs and pressed gently against her inner thighs, opening her up and holding her down, as he continued to work her over. Her chest heaved and she pulled him into her as she moaned and cried into his shoulder, thrusting her hips over and over as this amazing surprise orgasm shook her whole body.

Just The Beginning.....

first-time Novocaine1 2018-02-19

I wasn’t sure if the woman who sat opposite me envied me or wanted to fuck me when I had uncrossed my legs and flashed her my damp knickers. I ran my finger over his bottom lip he took a deep breath and closed his eyes, when he opened his mouth I knew he could smell my cunt on my finger. Before we had even said hello, there we were in a busy station and he was about to suck my cunt juice from my finger. Instead I put my fingers in my own mouth, looked him straight in the eyes and said I knew that he had booked a seedy little hotel room somewhere close and I felt my entire body pulsing with anticipation.

The Sermon Of The Mount

first-time gtz039 2018-02-19

I found that while masturbating in the shower, if I closed my eyes and imagined a guy sucking on my cock, the resultant orgasm occurred much quicker and with way more intensity. He shot me a couple of brief glances and then reached over and touched my canvass covered cock a second time. He bent down and uncovered my dick and put it in his mouth and at the same time he pulled my shorts down to the floor. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, but as my rectum relaxed a little bit his cock started to feel amazing inside me. He pushed back inside a bit more easily the second time and more and more my ass became accustomed to his cock.

my first cock

first-time az-alan 2018-02-19

As I crawled back to the side I was on I could see that he was asl**p and laying on his back and had this big ass fucking hard on in his underwear. Well here I was lying next to the first person I was in love with, he didn’t know that and his cock was hard. I took my hand and just placed it on top of his hard cock that was coved with underwear. I was so fucking horny, my cock was so hard. I took that big thick cock into my mouth, and did what I had fantasied about. Don’t know how long I had been sucking him but all of a sudden he started to fuck my mouth.

sex with co-worker part 2

first-time el_uno77 2018-02-19

I honestly thought that there were other people in the office since I could not tell who left and who didn't but Michele did know. As I said I was into my work when out of the corner of my eye I see a shadow and the light in my office was turned off. She pushed her finger up her pussy again, pulled it out and this time she slid it into her ass. Michele pushed me up against the wall and began kissing my neck, my ears, my lips, she unbuttoned my shirt and reached in to caress my chest. While she kissed me she reached into my pants and began to caress my dick.

The Accident

first-time waking_dream 2018-02-18

Sarah waited three long hours for Kyle to knock at her door, during which time she ate half of the dinner she had prepared for them and drank two-thirds of a bottle of merlot, but he never showed. Sarah wasn't clingy, and she wasn't prone to dramatics, but finally she decided to search him out at the Owl and Thistle, worried that he'd gotten drunk with the boys and wouldn't be able to make it to her flat just down the block, let alone his. "I'm Sarah," she said, taking his hand, aware that her face was actually heating in spite of the cold spring evening. Owen wasn't sure how to respond to that, so he said, "Lousy weather for the start of April.

The Education of Marcie

first-time Falderal 2018-02-18

"Stop staring, silly, everybody knows that guys like to look at boobs, let's see how it feels when they are licked." She resumed her spot on the couch. As if Marcie was reading my mind…err, my cock, "Mitch, I've never seen a man's penis before, at least not in real like and not all hard." With that her one leg traced up mine to my erection and her foot traced its firm outline through my shorts. Sometimes her tongue lapped up a side of my cock, with Marcie shifting positions to assure the all sides got proper attention; at other times it was more a wet kiss with both her tongue and lips driving me crazy.

Tina's Confession

first-time LeCoach 2018-02-18

Father John Flanagan always looked forward to hearing little Tina's confession. I'm sorry, I mean I touched vagina and then..." Tina hesitated before continuing, wondering what Father Flanagan was thinking of all this. "You wanted him to tear off your little pink panties and shove his cock right into your 'innocent little virgin pussy' and fuck you until you scream for more, that's what you wanted!" Flanagan hissed to himself. Having finally caught his breath, John Flanagan Told little Tina McGregor to recite the rosary each night before going to sleep for a week, a serious penance to be sure, and to come and confess to him whenever she felt the need.

My Girl Friends View of Our First Fuck

first-time bee-ess 2018-02-18

I went to the bathroom and lifted my petticoat and slowly ran my hand over my pussy and thought what it could look after a couple of fucks. I softly moved his palms away and held his strong and erect cock in my hands and said “Why are you so shy? Ravi got up, distanced himself first, then brought his cock close to my mouth and said, “I wont fuck you”. A few moments later I said “Why don’t you come back and do what you were doing?” Ravi asked whether I was pleading for the fuck. Ravi slowly lowered himself between my open legs and took his hands from between my legs and held my wrists down.

Glorydaze 1

first-time risonar 2018-02-18

"No, not me." he smiled "Open the door and ask the first guy out there if you can suck his dick." I was pumping the shaft trying to keep from gagging as he worked his hips That's when I felt two lubed fingers started to work my ass. I couldn't wait for this guy to cum so I could get that dick in my ass.I pumped that shaft squeezing his balls and took him as deep in my throat as I could. The fingers were gone from my ass and knees were spreading my legs apart, his hard dick was rubbing against my cheeks. Then I heard it, a noise, looking up I realized the door was wide open and 4 guys had watched me get fucked for the first time.

My First Girl

first-time GothicLover 2018-02-18

One night, when the beer was flowing, i think i got a little too into it and I kissed Sharon, right there on the stage. Sharons tongue in my mouth was so much tastier than what i was used to, no stubble, no beer breath, and no curious fingers around my knickers. We took one look at each other, as if to say "What the fuck just happened?" but before the thought went through my head, we were kissing again, this time losing breath. Her head went further down me, kissing my stomach, thats when I felt her pull at my knickers. Thats when i saw her sweaty pussy for the first time, she pulled me back and sat on the stairs.

A f****y Affair

first-time 2018-02-18

She let the cock slide into the top of her throat and imagined how pleased the man would be if he got to shoot a huge load of cum into Lara's mouth. She felt a little empty, having no cock in her mouth but thought that maybe Dan was doing as he was told and not participating. Lara thought how the cum she'd swallowed wasn't bad at all and how amazing all these cocks were feeling, yet she knew that she still had at least 2 men who hadn't gotten to fuck her yet, and she still hadn't been assfucked, something she loved. Lara, with a smile on her face from the idea of even more men, said, "Maybe," not wanting to sound like the world's biggest slut.

Clara the Babysitter Ch. 02

first-time jamiestory 2018-02-18

Note: You may want to read the first chapter to find out how Clara started out on her knees... Her hands by her side, looking at the Jim and Karen. "How about you tell us all about what's going on." Jim extended his hand to Clara, offering to help her off the floor. At the end of our second date, we'd been kissing kind of heavy, and next thing I knew my hand was resting on his dick. I looked at the screen and saw a girl going down on a guy, so I guess that what he wanted. His dick was getting hard again and he wanted to know if I wanted to suck on him proper like.

Happy 18th Birthday, Linda

first-time Merob 2018-02-18

This time, I want you to straddle my face so you'll come right into my mouth." When she positioned herself, I reached up to fondle those marvelous tits. She gazed me and said, "You have such a marvelous prick and lovable balls." Then she leaned forward and put her warm lips around my flaccid cock." She looked at me again. "I'd much rather fuck you if you're ready, but I want to taste your cunt before I put on a rubber and get deep inside you." I fondled her tits and lowered her onto the bed. Still raised on her elbows, she looked at me and said, "Your prick comes out all shiny wet, just the way it makes me feel deep inside." She reached down and fondled my balls.