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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I laid her down in the bathroom and took my place

first-time urpussysucker 2018-02-18

There was one housemaid who was working in my home. One year I went home on SankranthI vacation. This housemaid was alone at home and said that my parents went to attend a function. After some time I went to take a bath. I was unable to control myself, so I put my hand around her waist and rubbed my face with her breasts. She was supposed to remove her hand, but I held it there and asked her to shake my penis. I sucked one of her breasts and rubbed the other with my hand. I hugged her and removed the rest of the clothing on her body. It was very lucky that nobody came home.

Lovers Love Camping Ch. 01

first-time Deda27 2018-02-18

Still holding her with my left arm, my right hand slipped up to her right breast and began to caress it ever so softly beneath the water. The firm mounds were warm under the water and each time I rubbed them a little harder, a small moan would escape from Anne's lips. She started to moan louder in pleasure and put her hand on my arm, trying to make me push harder and faster. Both my head and my hand made their way up her body as my lips met hers once again and we locked in a passionate kiss. As if she sensed the moment right before my climax, she kissed and sucked on my neck even harder as even she began to moan a little.

'little s*s' chapter 7

first-time halinaplays 2018-02-18

You know lauren has treated her like shit even though they were best fucking friends a long time.’ All eric could say was ‘damn Jason you fucked up so bad I’m determined to fuck halina so good she isn’t sad you two fuckers did that to her.’ She got embarrassed and told me one tit didn’t grow normal.’ He slapped Jason on the back and said ‘damn buddy ask around before you fuck a chick, you’re probably traumatized by seeing those tits.’ All I could do is say ‘baby I’m about to cum and I’m going to soak you’ that turned him on even more and he pressed three fingers against my g-spot in rhythm to the way he sucked and rubbed my clit so hard all I could do was bite that damn pillow.

The Coaches Tradition

first-time Mark_Danson 2018-02-18

Ever since then, the school has kept a tradition that before every game, the team captain must masturbate in the locker room showers for good luck. On the far end of the showers was a built in tiled bench, and most of the time when I had to masturbate before the big games, i'd stand up on top of it to show the world what being a team captain was all about. Stroking the 6 inch cock in my left hand, i threw my right hand behind my head revealing my hairy armpits. I finally opened my eyes and looked my right only to see Coach Brendel standing there shirtless, rubbing his hairy chiseled chest and abs as his whistle still swung around his neck.

Last few men on eath (Part 1 ) - Intro

first-time brendan_69 2018-02-18

I was thinking over and over again what they were going to do how the outside world looks like now and what I would do if I had more time before the virus. Kim was the young talk women red hear long slim legs perfect skin dark of complexion and one thing that stood out was her huge boobs. Kim took me to this room that was A class it was a suite with everything that you would need in a house amazing had allot of space but In the corner there was a room with Kim’s name on it I just thought she was maybe going to stay there I didn’t get a chance to close the door when Abby walked in.

A Journey of Discovery Ch. 01

first-time Ivonificood 2018-02-18

After a couple months of asking her to come with me and trying to convince her it's not a sex orgy club, she finally agreed to come up with me on a week day when there were not that many people there, but there was no way she was going to take off her clothes. Smiling, he got up to put another ladle of water on the rocks and when he came back, he sat on the other side of Lori which caused her to open her eyes with a start and of course she noticed right away, Harry had a stiffy. Ginny started moving her hand higher up my leg and looking directly at Lori. It was like Lori had never come down from her orgasm in the sauna, because as soon as Ginny touched her she started moaning and thrusting her pussy at her hand.

Fucking my Bosses Wife (True Story)

first-time di7615 2018-02-18

I finally got a chance to see my Bosses wife in a bathing suit and all I can say is WOW! The resort was fabulous and romantic and watching that woman swim around and sunbathe all day was literally driving me crazy – I didn’t know how much more of it I could take and I was turned on almost the whole time! Of course, that left me, my hard dick, and my Bosses wife sitting on the balcony. We drank for a while longer and the talk turned to the trip and how things went – apparently she was as miserable as I was since her husband had ignored her for most of the time and just got d***k.

Bi Cock Sucker Awakening

first-time BJcumcraver 2018-02-18

I tried to lift off of his dick but Dave held me in place, holding my head firmly over his cock, buried in my mouth as he began shooting his load. Eventually Dave slid up on the bed and began kissing on my nipple, drawing it into his mouth, sucking, licking, biting lightly at my little bud. "Fuck you're a good little cock sucker," he moaned as I wrapped my hands around his ass and pulled him tighter to my face. As wrong as I knew it was, I simply couldn't erase the images of kneeling at Dave's feet, taking the last few drops of cum which dribbled off the head of his cock.

My Sex Life Ch. 04

first-time Slutty_Julie 2018-02-18

I knew my pussy was soaking (it had to be given how turned on I was and the tongue-lashing Martin had just given me) but I was still a little nervous. I lay there unmoving for a short time as I savoured the sensations of Martin's cock moving inside me, stretching me, filling me completely. Despite having emptied what felt like gallons of cum into my pussy, when he came this time, he still managed a respectable sized load. When I'd heard the door open, I'd been tempted to call out something like, "Have you forgotten something or do you want some more of my pussy?" Fortunately for me, I just stopped myself in time when I realised it wasn't him.

The Surprise

first-time SoulDragon97 2018-02-18

Frost started to roll her hips very slightly, wanting more, but I knew she was close so I pulled back to let her catch her breath. It wasn't long before my dick started to pulse as I came close which Frost used to her advantage and sucked in rhythm with the pulsing. Within a few minutes of slowly warming up to my cock being inside her, Frost ripped her braid apart and let her hair fall down in a mess, she was ready for the real thing. I tried to lift my hips up in an instinctive manner, but I was pushed back down when ever I tried; Frost wasn't going to let me help with my own pleasure.

Wife Works At Our Friends Resort Bar

first-time captjim51 2018-02-18

One day she said, Phil’s resort bar was in financial trouble and he needed something to draw in the young boater crowd to increase his business. They all thought it would be cool to work at the bar in full makeup, wearing the skimpiest shorts they could find, sexy white gym socks and a bikini that would accent there gorgeous young bodies. Three weeks later I came back early from a business trip one Friday night and I was really surprised when I saw my wife parading around the bar in a thong bikini and the skimpiest top I have ever seen. The young guys in the crowd went crazy and began yelling “Suzy, Suzy, Suzy”, money came from everywhere as my wife reached back spun around and untied her bikini, letting it fall to the floor.

s****r Set Me Up

first-time biguy52x 2018-02-18

Danae told me mom had said I couldn't go out this weekend because I needed to be home just in case. After we ate we were watching TV Linda got up and said she wanted to get comfortable and she and Danae walked out of the living room. So Linda says John I want you to pull your shorts down and let us look at your cock. Linda smiled and told Danae to pull off her panties and show her cunt to us. Linda dealt another round Danae didn't bother finding her panties. I pulled out of Linda and Danae started sucking my cock. Soon I started cumming and Linda pulled my cock out of her mouth and aimed it at her tits.

First time in a theater

first-time need2try 2018-02-18

Finally the lights dimmed and the coming (cumming?) attractions started; I put my hands back on my lap and started slowing rubbing my cock with a finger as usual. Yeah, I wanted and I nervously moved my hand over and for the first time in my life touched another cock. I returned to a sitting position and looked around to see if we had been watched as the k** zipped himself up and we talked a little about what had happened. We switched places and I took a cock into my mouth for the second time. Trying to encourage him I put a hand around his cock and moved it in time with mouth, jacking him as I sucked.

His Favorite Class

first-time JayTinMan 2018-02-18

By the end of class Jason had let her catch him staring at her ass twice, made the erection in his jeans visible multiple times, and once found an excuse to stand beside her, his boner scant feet away from her face. Finishing with his abuse to her left breast, he rolled both nipples firmly in his hands, feeling their painful heat, before he kissed his way up her neck to her awaiting, gasping lips. His hands continued to twist and pull her nipples, drawing long moans from her throat, and she leaned forward, dangling her head over his chest. Since she couldn't use her hands, she used her mouth, sucking and nibbling his nipples, drawing gasps of painful pleasure from his lips.

It’s Your First Fuck Carson Tan

first-time Decayed Angel 2018-02-18

"Listen Carson, I think it's just women, look at Marsha and me, she throws me out of the house for the least little thing," Larry replied, shaking his head and taking a sip of scotch. Yeah, she was all hot and bothered about Schriber, but he was dating Linda at the time." "The parking lot was empty at that time of night and so we went at it pretty hot and heavy, first kissing a bit, and then I got a little busy with my hands. I wanted to take my time and enjoy it, but she peeled off her jeans and panties, opened her legs and said 'Fuck me Schriber, fuck me.' Well I unzipped and without bothering..."

My Best Summer [GF-09] Pt. 01

first-time charlessmythe 2018-02-18

As I stroked his cock through the cotton fabric of his jockeys, Wesley let out a soft, "Mmmm," and then I found myself pulling down his underwear. Trance like because of its size, I took Wesley's throbbing cock in my hand and started stroking it. With an almost painful look on his face Wesley moaned, "Ohhhhhh, ungh, uuugh," and then said, "Put it in your mouth." Wesley was soon moaning, "Ooooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock," as I slowly worked my mouth up and down his thick shaft. Breathing heavy, Wesley grabbed the sides of my head and started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. Grunting with pleasure, Wesley continued to pump my face and moan, "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh," until he went soft.

Sacrifice and Other Lusty Sins

first-time Angelpheonix 2018-02-18

Your eyes close and you kiss him more, more your tongues dance, and slowly you ease your delicate little hand up to his rough face, the bristles lightly brushing against your hand, you slide it up and run your fingers delicately through the side of his hair. His right hand slowly drifts up to your face, then slides gently along to your hair and brushes through it, gently combing the top of your head sending soothing sensations throughout your entire body. Your eyes roll back in your head as he thrusts slowly and deeply inside of you, moans now escaping almost constantly from your lips you let go control of your body and let your mind just enjoy the bliss from the moment.

First Time for Everything

first-time qazwaz 2018-02-18

I began to fantasize of being one of those truckers, shot from driving all day, pulling into the stop and getting approached by a hot little piece of ass wanting nothing more than to suck and fuck you (for a bit of cash of course). I had to rebalance myself as I literally felt my cock getting harder and harder in this mans mouth, and him responding by moaning as he clearly got more excited and worked it faster. The wet and sloppy sound of my now fully hard cock being straight up worked by a stranger was only occasionally interrupted by the sexually desiring moans of the one sucking it.

Mindy's First Boat Sex

first-time twistedgraygoat 2018-02-18

When we got back to my sister's house I told her we needed to borrow some blankets for the night and that we were going to take a shower while we were there. He dried me off after our shower, kissing each breast and my love mound as well as my mouth and neck. All through the night to the gentle rocking of the boat we would doze for awhile, wake up to find the other person caressing a breast, pussy, or cock, make love again then doze until the next awakening. As we walked to his van hand in hand, I told him that I had never had sex so many times in so few hours and that I thought my love passage had been rubbed raw.

Summer whith aunt nancy

first-time funnforyou 2018-02-18

The she puts her legs above my shoulders and tells me to lick lower as she pushes my head down till my tongue reaches her asshole and she starts moaning. She moaned and said good boy she made me lick her asshole for like ten minutes then she told me to get up and fuck her. She made me start sucking him hard and fast fucking his cock with my mouth. She also made me suck cock at least one a day and always made me swallow the cum even if they fucked my ass she would make them pull out and cum in my mouth or dump the condom in my mouth.

Taking My Daughter and Her Friend to Work for the

first-time hood_creed 2018-02-18

Her ass was just right, nice and firm and really looked good in either her bikini, jeans or the skimpy boy shorts she wore around the house. I loved looking at Shelly's hot body when she would come to the house. The girls went to their room to change and hit the mall. Shelly's large left breast pressing against my bare arm kept my cock hard and it visibly strained the silk material of my slacks. When the doors opened at our floor, Shelly took Amy by the hand and helped lead her to our room. The girls were just entering the room when I arrived and Shelly held the door for me.

Clarisse Ch. 04

first-time Tallguy64 2018-02-18

"'Ello mon amies" The huge brute who was the sailors' leader, Collie by name, greeted the Frenchman with a wide gap toothed smile! Get em boys!" The two remaining Frenchmen didn't even have time to turn before they were grabbed, two sailors to each man. Now don't take on so!" He put a huge hand around the back of the man's neck, lowered his own head and gently pulled until they were touching, forehead to forehead "Some die easy and some...." With a sudden thrust he drove his knife into the man's lower abdomen Straightening up the sailor's leader took out a huge and filthy handkerchief and wiped the dead man's blood from his face.

Gay up until My First Thai Massage

first-time hungjewpapi 2018-02-18

The older women said my therapist would be here in a minute to go ahead and get undressed and lay on the massage table and she quickly shut the door. I felt like I was about to fucking BLOW so I grabbed her hand and said I didn't want to cum just yet. I watched her tight hairless Asian pussy swallowing half my big brown uncut banana dick and I couldn't take it anymore, I told her I was going to nutt, she started to go up and down my big dick faster, up and down, up and down, all I kept thinking about was "holy fuck, why didn't I try pussy before?" still never sitting completely on my dick but it felt fucking nice.

Taking Maryam Ch. 02

first-time MisterGoneFL 2018-02-18

I brought my hand out of her panties and in front of her face, pointing my glistening finger up, and I tightened my grip on her hair. I grabbed her panties and jeans at her knees, lifting her ass in the air and pulling her closer to the edge of the bed, then slid them down her legs and tossed them aside. I brought my left hand under her thigh and back on top of her, reaching up to put it at her throat, pinning her to the bed as I watched her feel like she never had, hearing her moans find a rhythm, getting louder with each breath. I let go of her neck, leaving just my left hand around her hip, using my right to carefully guide my cock to her, just barely making contact with her lips.