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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Doctor visit

first-time 2018-02-18

As she was taking my fever, she leaned over and the top button of her shirt popped and I saw two boobies leaning forward, trying to escape the cups. She leaned forward again and I could feel her nipple piercing through her shirt, gently touching my arm. Me trying to cover my dick and my doctor trying to push back what were the most soft perky boobies I had seen in a long time. I leaned forward and let her boobies gently slap me as they were swaying back and forth, trying to catch a nipple. She tried to snap back into her doctor mode, got up, gently squeezed her bookies back into her bra, closed the shirt and stuttered that I should stay in bed.

Сестра брат

first-time vlad535 2018-02-18

В это время у меня громко играла музыка и поэтому я не заметил как вошла Наташа (моя сестра) и ее подруга Ася. Наташа села на диван, раздвинув ноги и показав мне что сегодня она как обычно не надела нижнего белья. В это время Ася стянула с меня трусы и без предупреждения засунула свой красивый аккуратный пальчик с длинным на крашеным ногтем мне в попу. Когда Наташа кончила, мне почему то было невероятно приятно только то, что я доставил ей удовольствие. Минут через десять, с громкими стонами кончив, Наташа встала с меня, а Ася легла на спишу призывно раздвинув ноги, запрокинув ее ногу себе на плечо я вошел в нее и стал ритмично двигаться, лаская при этом ее ножку в сетчатых чулках на своем плече.

82% 2011


first-time rmlooker 2018-02-18

After only a few minutes of his tongue working her over Stef came big time squeezing his head between her thighs trying to pull his tongue deeper into her cunt. After almost two minutes of Cumming hard Stef finally relaxed her thighs letting his head go and saying uncle. Rog had told her several times that he did not know what was the sexiest about her; big breasts, paralyzed arms or hairy pussy. The next thing Rog knew Stef had her foot up to the cup and took hold of the handle with her toes and moved it to her mouth. Rog got up and put the wet stuff Stef had on in the dryer on low heat and then asked if she would like something to eat.

Friends loving friends

first-time pleasureseeker420 2018-02-17

She said she missed the contact of another body against hers, the touching, kissing, and feelings that stir in her when she is with someone. After a few minutes, I started to stroke Isabella's long, beautiful hair. Then her tongue reached for mine and the kissed turned very passionate while her hands touched my face, my shoulders and then down my body. I said "Yes, oh yes, please" and then told her " I love how your touch feels, don't stop." At this point, I was laying on my back, naked, and drew up my legs so my feet were flat on the bed. So I laid back and she spread my legs, licked her lips and stroked her tongue against my wet pussy.

Kathy's Awakening

first-time Cum_Queen 2018-02-17

As she arrived at school, Kathy noticed the guys from her chemistry class and said, " Hi." Kathy looked and it was George, she smiled and got in the car. The day dragged on, George asked Kathy if she would like a ride home. Kathy thought about it, smiled and said, “Yes, thank you, but you know I live in Hawthorne?” George smiles and said, "Hey guys.” George looks at Kathy and said, "Time to pay for the test." George walked up, his cock in hand and said, “Open your mouth now and suck it.” As she was sitting and waiting to be seen, the door to the Mothers Superiors office opened and out walked George, Tony, Mike, Bobby, and Billy.

husband fucking my s****r part 1

first-time 2018-02-17

Not wanting to get out of bed cause i was so tired i decide to turn on my security system so i can try to see whats going on to my suprise i can see my husband in the office jerking off with his big cock out as he watches porn. the thought of seeing my husband cock and my s****r watching turned me on my pussy is so wet my nippples are hard. i continue to watch her rub her pussy sudenly my husband looks towards the door and sees her standing there she goes to run and he runs and stops her.

A Different Kind Of Tutor

first-time sunandsteel 2018-02-17

Mrs. Hall also had gone to school with my mother, and they were still friends, so any time I was having issues, my mom would know about it, sometimes before I did. "I know you would rather be watching football today, but I do not want to see you fail my class." she said with genuine concern in her voice. "Oh yes!!" I said, looking at her figure, tight like a runners body, dark red pubic hair trimmed into a landing strip, and nice firm 34c breasts, real, not man made. I was kind of embarrassed, but she smiled and said "Now that that is taken care of, we can have some real fun." She slid up my body and slowly lowered her wet pussy over my still hard cock.

For Starters 9

first-time bloodyhugo 2018-02-17

When I was out of town in one of my frequent business trips, I used to let my real nature come out and, as soon as my meetings were over, went back to my hotel room and after checking the night life guide, went out looking either for a sauna or a porno cinema. After almost 2 hours had passed, I went to ask when the flight was finally starting and was informed that the plane hadn’t left Germany due to mechanical problems and that in half hour we would get our vouchers for hotel and meals and we had to wait until the airline representatives called us to bring us to our hotels. I asked Peter if he liked to be fucked and he told me he didn’t know, his only experiences had been with friend of his same age and only stroking each other.

The Letter

first-time pm81 2018-02-17

As I was finishing making her toasted sandwich she came quietly from behind and slipped her hand into my trousers and grabbed my balls and dick and squeezed them a little. I wanted to say something and turn around but she grabbed my mouth with her other hand and squeezed my balls a bit harder. She grabbed my head with both her hands and as I opened my mouth she slowly started to push my head against her cock. I had the cock in my mouth and she bend over me and started to slap my ass softly with both her hands. I was about to come fast, but she stopped and just grabbed my head again and started to fuck my mouth like a mad.

When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 2

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-02-17

Still holding her close with my hands on her panty covered butt, "I love you too Sarua, and I find you so sexy and I have wanted to do this for quite some time now and tonight, you look so much more sexier than you usually do, that it is hard for me to keep my hands off of you, that I just had to feel your skin and hold you in my arms." still squeezing her butt cheeks. I held mom's hand as she got out of the car and with the street light, I was able to see her hairy pussy better, through her wet cotton pantys and the camel toe too, as she got out, then she pulled her skirt down some, till it just covered her butt and groin again, like she had done at the lake before getting into the car.

My first roadhead. True story

first-time dbam69 2018-02-17

I drove downtown and stopped at one of my favorite nightclubs. A small dainty hand grabbed mine and pulled me close. I jumped in and started up the truck, she sat in the passenger side and pointed down the street towards the highway. As i pulled onto the interstate she reached over and undid my jeans, and put a hand down my boxers and stroked me while i drove. The reason she never spoke, she put ice cubes in her mouth. I shot load after load into her mouth and she tried her best to get every drop. When we finally stopped she just looked at me with a develish smile and said "We're totally doing that again"


first-time bocachula69 2018-02-17


Sweet Resting Face

first-time BetinaCipher 2018-02-17

His shoulders pushed into the bed as his hands found his buttocks and pulled them open for his Mistress to tap at his hole. Alex's Mistress slithered along her slave's back, never letting up with her rhythm, as though she wanted to crawl right inside his ass. Lazing over her flesh with his lips and hands, stroking her curves with the planes of his face in his worship, he thought again of Boucher relishing in his service to his Mistress with sensual strokes of the brush. His Mistress drew back with her upper body and met his eyes, her jaw dropped but her face soft with a knowing, loving glance over her shoulder.

Trim Job by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-02-17

"You can do me first,"April offered, as she lay back down on the bed with her legs spread wide and her hairy pussy exposed and ready to go, "just be careful with those scissors!!!" Wendy menacingly snapped the blades several inches over April's cunt and said in mock evilness, "Don't work, I haven't cut off anyone's clit in over a week!!!" April laughed, but then replied half seriously, "Just be careful, and don't take off too much!" Wendy plopped down between her friends legs, and with great care began snipping the hair along side her pussy lips.

2nd Session - PART TWO

first-time 4flogging 2018-02-17

whilst floggings would be the prime component of the sessions , torture would also play a Val gently helped me stand up ; removing the clamps ; massaging my nipples whilst she and balls , with the noose tightening at the front , line was then passed over the other archway would spend many sessions this way ; often being flogged ; sometimes lowered to be face be upwards on a coffee table cock/balls under torture whilst a lash administered to my nipples , water , in future I experienced not only the nipples but also the balls subjected to this agony Val called/suggested a break/finish to the sessions and after an enjoyable lunch I was driven

How Hannah and I Got Together

first-time sex4every1 2018-02-17

Hannah got up and said:"There's nothing to be sorry about, but I just don't think the bathroom is going to work." as she walked into the hall and opened the bathroom door... Hannah didn't seem surprised at the quantity, instead she looked like she was about to ask another question, but we got interrupted by her cell phone: it was another one of her girlfriends wanting to yap about trivial things... Hannah's eyes grew big as she realized what I was talking about; she smiled widely and asked, with a feigned outrage:"You wanna cum on MY pillow?"

my Auntie

first-time lovesrollplay 2018-02-17

Then me byabout 3years and ill never forget it was the first.time i ever seen a pussy my aunt still looks good for her age too! I didn't even care i just put my mouth on her pussy and started eating it and i was so turned on i couldnt believe it then she put her hands on my head and it was like the best i ever did she held me and told me how where and when to lick her and of course i didn't stop until she came. Checking her out when she would spread her legs out all the time i couldn't believe it it was spoon awesome that i can never

new and nervous 2

first-time abricotfendu 2018-02-17

She pushed my head away from her and slithered farther under me as she began yanking her hand up an down harder against my clit as her fingers banged around inside me my muscles started convulsing. I didn't warn her but she seemed to like it as I slid the lubed dildo in a gasp releasing from her lips. I sucked her clit running my tongue over it, flicking it as I slid the dildo in and out in deep firm strokes. She screamed and startled me as she started coming and for a moment I didn't know what to do so I continued doing what I had been until she pushed me away.

A Trucker's Story

first-time blackstallion21 2018-02-17

Ashton Mitchell, a 24-year-old truck driver from Aspen Colorado was actually in route back to his home in Aspen, from a stop in Wisconsin when he stumbled upon Rachael. The entire situation played back in her mind when she was awoke, and just as Ashton went to open his mouth to ask her again if she was ok, she screamed in a high pitched shrill, "DOUG!" and seemed to convulse, and then she passed out in his arms. "Well if you gave me sex when I asked for it, and not when you felt like it, I wouldn't have cheated." Kelly said walking into the kitchen with Ashton just steps behind her. I want to get to know you a little better than just talking to a girl in a coma." Ashton said quietly as he held the warm hand of the blonde.

Marcy's Playground 8 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-02-17

But then Jean-Luc went into the bathroom and shut the door and the time I could have asked and not have it be weird passed. I thought back to Heather saying, "You couldn't ask for nicer guys than Evan and Jean-Luc." "You've got like a hundred flavors of ice cream in here," he said. "Yeah, my parents are out of town, so I've pretty much just been eating ice cream for the past four days, and I wanted some variety." I opened the freezer, looked at the choices for a few seconds, and got out the limited edition Haagan Daas Midnight Chocolate Cookies and Cream. "Marcy, I don't know why I said that; there are lots of shitty adults who don't give a damn about others."


first-time gokothegiant 2018-02-17

Soon enough, we were half clothed, her tits out , full, round , flushed, her nipples like two erasers..BIG erasers, She was a vision of beauty to me. I think a lot about how it felt when I thrust my cock into her, hot hot and wet and tight that cunt was. we fucked in my cabin east of town and in our little house in Helena in the ensuing years.We fucked every night (and a lot of days) until Alison was born, then Jackie left. Alison was beautiful, looked just like Jackie . we hugged, I felt her tits against me.She felt my cock against her.we smiled about both of those things, we cried, We kissed.

First Time with Paki Teen

first-time johna2909 2018-02-17

First she took off her T-Shirt and exposed those Big Brown Juicy Boobs stuffed in a Soft Orange Bra.Then she took off her Jeans and there was a small Orange Bikini.Her Huge Ass was bulging out of her Clothing.I suddenly grabbed her by the waist and first gave her a Kiss then Slowly I went down to her Neck and then Pulled the strings of her Bra and it fell down I grabbed those Brown Boobs and sucked on Hard Nipples of her.While I was sucking on her, She started fingering herself.I pulled her finger out and Licked those.Juices off it.I threw her on the Bed and took off her Bikini and first took a soft bite on her Ass Cheeks, They were soooo soft and warm.Then I turned her around and started licking.her Light Brown Flaps of her Vagina.Then I pushed my tongue as deep as it could go in her Pussy.While I was licking she said that now she is too horny and could not let me go like this.

The beginning of swinging

first-time 2018-02-17

I was at work and didn't know of this event till later when I got home. She went on to tell me about her redhead friend and how they fucked and sucked the afternoon away. He didn't have a huge cock be she said he came alot. She started to take off her pants and showed me her freshly shaved pussy full of cum. As she lay back on the couch, cum started leaking out of her pussy. I got between her legs and started eating her pussy out and licking up all that creampie. We fucked and sucked the rest of the day away. She loved the taste of two cums on my cock. Wait till I tell you what happed the rest of the year......

The Girl Who Cried Wolf 01

first-time cbsummers 2018-02-17

Tale Shakawe, who sits in the third row of my Western Literature class, is a beautiful African girl with dark brown skin and long black hair which she wears in elaborate cornrows. I grunt, "Ah, you like that, don't you, you little tart?" She whimpers, "Yes sir, professor Donaldson" and I feel her tight teen pussy clenching and quivering around my cock. We've agreed that Fern will drop dance, to remove the unnecessary distraction." Then she turned to the parents, "She really only needs to pass three of her A-levels to qualify for University, and Professor Donaldson is our top man for things like this.