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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Introduction to Bi

first-time naughty_bi_interest 2018-02-17

He bent down to suck the one closest to him, making Trudy moan as we started sucking both her breasts at once, and soon James' fingers and mine moved down her body and began exploring her open, wet pussy together as she squirmed with pleasure and arousal. James climbed up beside her and I watched in fascination as she took his big cock into her mouth, sucking it lovingly as he caressed her breasts and told her how beautiful and sexy she was, and asked her if she liked what I was doing to her. James' cock felt warm and good, pulsing and alive as I sucked up and down his thick shaft, and Trudy sighed, "Oh, beautiful!" caressing her breasts as she watched me sucking her husband's big cock, urging me on and saying how hot it made her to see me suck him.

Prison Love

first-time germanboi4bbc 2018-02-17

I could feel his wonderful manhood begin to vibrate slowly, and I could only imagine what it would be like, a cock of that size, and his huge sac, erupting in orgasm, his warm cum flowing around inside of my hot ass. Finally, he came out of me, limp again but still huge, and kneeled down, and immediately began to kiss the head of my cock. He began to slide his mouth along the head and shaft, up and down with speed and skill, twirling his tongue around my pre-cummed head, until finally, he slipped it down. Finally, I got the wide head and a few other inches in, until it pressed against the inside of my throat, warm pre-cum tipping it, flowing very slightly.

The Johnsons

first-time johnniedee004 2018-02-17

Being wartime, the newspapers were only a few pages so many could be packed into one paper bag and Johnnie would leave home at quarter to six in the morning, returning at eight o'clock after delivering two rounds, in time for a wash, a slice of bread and jam, before shouting 'Tara mum' up the staircase as he left for school. In the afternoon he would take two more paper rounds, and each evening after tea, Johnnie would go across to the shop and, at nine o'clock Mrs Johnson made the usual cup of cocoa with half milk and half water and they would sit listening to the BBC news on the wireless whilst drinking their cocoa and eating a digestive biscuit.


first-time albion64 2018-02-17

After an hour Master stopped the car kneel on the seat and show me your arse slut, as I turned over he slapped the cheek and congratulated me on marking easily, then he hit me again and again till my cheeks were red. I started moaning with pleasure Master was pleased "Get out the car" as I raised myself to get out he pulled the wooden ends of a skipping rope one out of my cunt and one out of my arse all the juices ran down my legs it felt so good. As I slid down the seat and raised my legs on to the dashboard, Masters fingers started playing with my inner thigh, he slowly so slowly he inserted on finger in to my red hot cunt lips.

High School Beach Trip

first-time crabber 2018-02-17

After the boys would leave the girls would get together and talk about "who did what" during the day and at night on their beach walk with their boyfriends. I went to my room to find my girl friend making out with her boyfriend. One of the girls came to the room asking if I was alright and I told her I started my period and was having bad cramps. I went back to the house, had breakfast and talked my friend into walking down to the boy's house. I looked through the kitchen screen door and the girls were in the "nightly huddle" talking about what they and their boy friends had done earlier.

Satin Tranniy bride, Fucked in the Sunshine - Part

first-time 2018-02-17

I met Phil online while i cruised one day and we chatted for many weeks. He always wanted to have sex with a woman in a white satin wedding dress. Over the weeks, Phil would message me to see if I was available to suck his cock. A white satin wedding dress. It was a little tight and I couldn't get the back zipper up so I thought I'd lose a bit of weight for my "wedding day". Shimmering white satin slip would complete my foundation. I laid all my things out on the bed and slipped into a purple satin robe to do my makeup. I went to my bed and slipped on my stockings and shine satin white g string.

Fucked Aunt Isha While Uncle Is sl**ping

first-time adel5000 2018-02-17

Once I heard those words in no time I took her lips into my mouth started sucking her tongue deep inside my hands were on her 38 size boobs pressing them real harder. This made the fucking real hard and it lost for continuous screaming of her for 15 min aaah umm mad fuck me bastard fuck me like a slut…aaahhhhh mummy ahhh……both our bodies were completely sweating and i can see her sexy back in bed light shining my cock was hitting her buttocks very hardly and making a loud sound there….I turned her to me now and hold her boobs pressed hardly squeezed them pinched nipples …when she opened her mouth with pain I took her mouth into mine kissed her.

The Adventures of Clover Ch. 02

first-time clovermoffatt 2018-02-17

Oh I said, I think you need to suck a bit more, they still look purple... He attached himself to my left boob as though it was all that stood between him and certain death, and started to lick and chomp at me like I was a big Mac. His other hand took hold of my other nipple and squeezed it as he suckled me, and I vaguely realised he had done this before. And then - Oh my God. Stuff spurted out of him as he moaned and came, and it went all over my hand, all up my arm, all everywhere, and I was about to say Oh Kev what a messup when the door was flung open and there was Jed Bonner, the headmaster with the enormous trouser bulge, starting down at us with a face like the end of the world.

Fingerprints on My Heart

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-02-17

I think of Nick's fingers touching me there and my lips swell, they moisten, they're wet and slippery as I brush across my entrance, circling, teasing. I'm breathing hard now, fingers stroking my slippery labia, my knees spread wide apart as I close my eyes and imagine him next to me, looking down at me. It's not going to happen, I know, but it's exciting to walk towards his office dressed like this and thinking of flirting with him. He's in his senior year at college and kindof cute, but he doesn't inspire that heart-melting excitement that just looking at Nick does for me.

Erotic education [1]: 1st Ejaculation

first-time 2018-02-17

Indeed Helena takes her wet T-shirt off, sits down at the bath border It's just how human nature works: When I see three naked beautiful girls like you, I get a hard-on Kiss their lips, go with my tongue inside her mouth, kiss her behind her ears, on her eyes "Look here girls, his purple skin is also very soft and sensitive, just like our love-lips and inside our pussies It takes some time to stimulate him sexually, so he gets all excited and as a result, the seeds in his ball-sack Helena takes the top in her mouth and starts to stroke my cock slowly and gently first "An experienced beautiful warm woman like me can give him what he wants

Blind Date

first-time Pineapple5 2018-02-16

She was in her underwear, and she was about to take off her heels when he said, "leave those on." She could feel wetness between her pussy lips inside her panties, and she felt a rush on heat in that spot from his commanding tone. Without exchanging words, he put his hands on her head, running his fingers run through her hair for a moment, and then pulled her towards him until her lips were touching the tip of his dick. He got behind her and put his hardness between her thighs, slightly in contact of her soaking pussy lips and leaned over her back, running his hands up her body to her breasts.

My S*ster Eva Started It All 4 by loyalsock

first-time loyalsock 2018-02-16

My lips slid between the bottom edge of her pussy and the sweet puckered hole of her anus making her grab my head and gasp "Oh god Dale!" Then I slowly moved my lips up the left side of her slit, licking and kissing every bit of flesh I encountered. Suck my clit, Dale, suck it and make me cum!" I took her request to heart and sucked her clit into my mouth as my tongue attacked it with gusto, making my mom scream as her hips bounced wildly on the bed. My balls were getting full and I didn't want to over due it on my first chance at my mom's fine pussy, so I worked her back up and moaned to her, "Oh god, Robin, I'm going to cum!

Timestop Day 2

first-time themessenger 2018-02-16

And so Warren started rubbing his dick, imagining the time he had walked in on Julie, bent over pulling up her panties. For some time, Warren just twisted his finger around inside of Sandy, exploring the feeling of her tight pussy on his finger and discovering what a woman's insides felt like. Laughing at how they look, Warren finally pulled Sandy's bra down over them, trying to line it up right beneath her boobs and around her back, but not really knowing the right way to do so. And since she had lifted her head a bit and started to talk, the first spurt after time stopped traveled the couple inches from his dick to Julie's open mouth and landed on her tongue.

Lovemaking with Anoushka

first-time raghavsharma242 2018-02-16

I felt a stop here where I tried to push in but it was really difficult, I gave a hard thrust and my whole penis went in and Anoushka screamed loudly, her hymen had broken and she was in pain, I went down a little and kissed her, there were tears in her eyes and I could feel her pain. I came back up and took out my penis a little and thrust it back in, I made these moves faster, Anoushka's cries soon turned into moans and then screams. But then I was again turned on, and I opened her legs, put my penis into her tight vagina and started with small thrusts, slowly I became faster and much more vigorous than the first time, she too was responding to my thrusts and moaning my name loudly.

Teen Yummy Mummy 2nd meet

first-time 2018-02-16

Jen lent forward and kissed me full of praise "now I want to make you cum and I want to feel it inside me"Jen then started to ride me really hard, while she was cumming her pussy had gripped my cock so hard I was already very close, Jen asked me "do you want me to turn back round so you can watch?" I was not going to say no to that and she turned and I pushed her to lean right down so I could watch my cock being eaten by this tight tiny pussy, Jen rode my cock until I felt my balls clench and it built within me, Jen was about to cum again and I wanting to time this so clenched my ass cheeks and held back to watch me cum "ohhhhh XXX I'm cumming again, this is amazing, aaarrrrrhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaarrrrhhhhhhh, yyyyeeesssssss" with than her pussy tighten so much, her screams with pleasure and then watching her juices flow around my cock...

That guy

first-time thebabe99 2018-02-16

I was sitting on my swing at my backyard until Chad, my neighbour came over and said 'You look weird' I smiled and asked 'what's weird? I'm alright!' He giggled and said you dont look so good. Stay here, let me explore!' 'I love you too Chad but, i need to go!' He pushed me down to bed and was on top of me and started kissing my neck and it calmed me down. When r u going?' He replied ' Tomorrow,' I gasped n said ' So I'm your last memory?' He smiled and said ' I'll remember you n your titties dont worry.' He hugged n kissed me for the lasts time and I went home.

By the Pool-Liz's First Time

first-time acleanmachine 2018-02-16

I didn't have a condom though, so I had to pull out before I came." My eyes got wide and felt a familiar tingle imagining Tim pushing sliding his cock, inch by inch into my body. I didn't have a condom though, so I had to pull out before I came." My eyes got wide and felt a familiar tingle imagining Tim sliding his cock, inch by inch into my body. Our lips open and our tongues danced a brisk tango, and while my mind was trying to catch up with the rest of my body, Tim hands were making their way up my back and into my hair. Tim flicked his tongue in and out of me while his lips played with my clit, sucking it and stroking it until I felt like I was going to explode.

High School Love

first-time Hobbitman456 2018-02-16

I sat against the wall talking to Cory and Gary until the bell rang, like I usually did. Ali came back from the kitchen, a bowl of popcorn and a couple cans of soda in her hands. As I've said, I've always wanted to be with Ali. But I never knew that I, Joseph Thomas Anderson, would have a chance to take her virginity. Naked, getting ready to climb into the shower, was Ali Wilson. "I'll tell you during gym." I replied, still looking ahead, thinking of last night and that morning. "Well, I want anyone who says they've taken Ali's virginity to come right here and say it to my face truthfully." I said.

The Bet

first-time Ashson 2018-02-16

Ash started kissing her again, and Caroline forgot about the hands that were now touching both breasts, teasing them and sending little ripples of excitement through her. Ash continued sucking gently on Caroline's breasts and nipples, rebuilding the earlier excitement, but now a hand was drifting slowly over her tummy, releasing little curls of excitement as it gently brushed her skin before settling on her mound and cupping it. Caroline was breathing hard, still holding and stroking Ash's cock, relishing the hardness and length, knowing she wanted this inside her. Ash gently moved Caroline's lips apart, slipping the head of his cock between them and then letting the lips close over him.

On my stomach.

first-time lyqs2lyq 2018-02-16

I'm startled by the feel of her left hand lightly rubbing my balls. Then, placing her thumb and forefinger around the head, she slowly and lightly slides her hand back down. I let out a low moan when I feel her fingers caressing my balls. She slides her hand up my ass, running her middle finger through my crack. I feel her left hand on my still warm ass cheek. "Let's do this" she says, pulling her fingers out of my ass. Moving her hips forward, slowly pushes her girlcock into me. As I fuck back on her girlcock, I can hear her breathing getting faster. She rises up, puts here hands on my ass and slowly pulls out.

Oy Vey!

first-time LoverNumber1 2018-02-16

"You too," said Lisa, "I feel really comfortable around you, and I like the way you sing too." I think it took us about 10 minutes to make the 2 minute walk from the playground to her car because we kept stopping to continue our kissing and exploration of each other. After a few moments I reached up under her shirt and felt her tits and nipples through just her bra and continued to play with them for a minute or so before awkwardly trying to find the clasp to the bra. The nipple, while not very large in diameter, was sticking out about a half inch and was very hard as I wrapped my hand around her tit for the first time.

A New Waitress In Town

first-time vdub-guy 2018-02-16

giving him a good look at my long legs. "It's Robin, sir," I gave back trying best to sound like "Nice, good body, great ass, and I love your red hair. said I worked at a place she might be inclined to come good looking as far as guys went, in a Harrison Ford caught up in the moment, feeling like a real woman. eventually got stiff and started fucking my face like he believe it's time that I finally get to fuck that hot of how good and tight my ass felt around his dick. That's it baby, fuck my sweet ass!" Carl loved "Good piece of ass, I'm gonna love fucking that every


first-time SluttyRachel 2018-02-16

I'll be gentle." He kissed me again, soft and sweet, and traced a hand down my side to my hip and then around to where no one but myself had touched before. Mistaking it for pleasure, he grabbed my legs, pulled them up around his waist, and started pushing in and out, tiny little motions that did nothing to calm the fire in my belly. He obeyed, speeding up, thrusting inside me until I was being pushed back and pulled forward in time with his hips. I panted heavily, lost to the sensations of his mouth on my neck, his hand on my breast, his steady pumping inside of me. "I look forward to it." I stroked my hand through his hair and kissed his neck, soft and chaste.

My First Time

first-time WesParkinson 2018-02-16

In case Hunter was going I showered for about an hour, changed my clothes too many times, even for a gay man, took ages to do my hair and finally headed out to the party of the year. He pulled his shirt off then mine, revealing his smooth body, I could see his cock poking over his waist band and I knew I needed to get it out before he changed his mind. Moving down my body his tongue and lips kissed at my stomach until he reached my cock. I thought maybe we would kiss some more, but he rushed his clothes on and said "tell anyone and your dead" and moments later he was gone leaving me covered in his cum on James' bed.