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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Losing My Virginity to Isabel

first-time Batman_112 2018-02-16

Isabel was mounting me like a man mounts a woman and shoving her big hard prick into my ready and willing ass hole. God, I wanted her big hard cock in me so deep - I wanted her to fuck my ass so completely - and I told her so, "Darling, fill my ass with your cock juice. I want you to shoot your cum deep into my hole and fill me up like a cum dumpster." Hearing this she started fucking me wildly, pumping her cock into my ass like an angry a****l throbbing with the desire to use my ass and satisfy her need for a sexual release with me. I knew then that she was completing the act of fucking me and taking my anal virginity by pumping my shit hole full of her hot milky cum.

My Fantasy!!!

first-time Lonerwolf25 2018-02-16

( I never thought I would have my girlfriend fucking my Tight ass with a strapon an have a massive cock in my mouth at the same time.) Nicki really starts pounding my I am moaning louder than I have ever done before. So I pulled out of Nicki an fingered her while tara is sliding her cock deep into me An starts really pounding me I can feel her getting close I tell her to slow down for a min, I get Nicki back into position as she says BABY FUCK MY ASS!!! Tara starts pounding my ass hard thrusting deeper an deeper into me I feel her cock tense up as she shoots her massive load deep into my awaiting asshole.

The Surprise Visit

first-time cdamanda 2018-02-16

I had been chatting for some time online with a guy who said he liked crossdressers and loved getting his cock sucked. he ordered me to suck his cock which i quickly did, he said harder, i bobbed harder. i pile drove my mouth down on his cock slamming my throat like a jackhammer. he would drive his cock deep in my mouth trying to f***e deep throat me. he began to roughly face fuck my mouth and throat, gagging me, choking me, calling me names. after half hour of that he resumed face fucking me a second time. all in all he abused my mouth for over 2 and half hours, came twice, made me eat his ass before dressing and leaving without a word.


first-time MusicianElf 2018-02-16

You pull off, go down a tractor path through a bean field, then through a stand of sycamores and maples to a swimming hole in Raccoon Creek. Of course, there wasn't a bike path then, just the tractor access from the road. That afternoon in August she'd suggested a swimming date, but when we got there she said she hadn't brought a bathing suit, did I mind? Without warning I found myself sitting beside my wife in a chair too small for an adult, across from the woman who took my virginity on a red plaid blanket spread on a gravel bank on a hot August afternoon twenty years before. "After this much time, there's not much to say," I said.

Pajama party II

first-time Ilikestroking 2018-02-16

Sam sat up and ran his fingers down my chest to my stomach and stopped at the waistband of my pajama pants. Smiling he said lets see what we can do about this and wrapped his fingers around my dick and slid them up and down. My heart started beating quicker as he stroked, he pushed my legs apart and ran a finger around my sack,then down to my butt. He wet his finger again and put it back on my butt hole and pressed against it as he opened his mouth and lowered his head down on my dick. Sam sat up and pulled his finger out of my butt, then rubbed my dick.

Anal Fantasy Come True, Part 3

first-time 2018-02-16

Make sure everyone is gone, I wouldn't want them to hear you when you scream out." I texted him back "What makes you think I'm going to scream out?" He replied later "Trust me Meagan, when I put in your butt, you're going to scream!" He ended his reply with " :-) " Looking up him, he said "Go ahead Meagan, put it your mouth, suck it, suck it hard." His cock was rock hard. "That's it Meagan, suck it." I began sucking his cock, elicting soft moans of pleasure from him. "Oh yeah, yes, suck it good Meagan, get it nice and hard for you." His hand undid my hair and grasping it, guided me back and forth along his cock. "Oh yes Meagan, that's it, suck it good, get it harder for me...

What a début!

first-time suaveliso 2018-02-16

They had a house on the coast in Normandy, and one day he went with his cousin, Eric, and his aunt Jeanne to the beach, which, when he got there, to his embarrassment, found that it was clothes-optional. Jeanne sat up and looked at George and said, “My God, you are a big boy, aren’t you?” First, he was confused, as Jeanne was taller and stronger than him. It was fortunate that both George’s uncle and the lady’s husband would spend days at a time in Paris for work purposes, and Eric spent a lot of time out chasing after a young lady, which gave the ladies time to have their way with little Georgie.

Taking advantage of a girl and first cumshot

first-time peteash 2018-02-16

I then pulled open the front of her tights slightly and felt her big black bush leaning forward to hold some in my mouth. I became bolder and pulled the top right down and squeezed the tits licking both little nipples and holding them in my mouth. I finished over her ass cheeks (a view I will remember forever) wiping a tiny drop across her mouth then pulled her tights up disgusted with myself and ran downstairs.' It was my first ever cumshot on a lady and i remeber being amazed at how cool it looked on her skin dribbling down her ass cheek, the image is burned in my brain.

Skinny Dipping After Party.

first-time redsoxfan1428 2018-02-16

Susan, a blond girl, with brown eyes and always dressed slutty invited us back to the pool area. "Well my s****r says when life gives you lemons get naked." She then proceded to peel off her clothes and not jump in the pool. A boy who had always wanted to fuck Susan, Stripped down showing us his massive bonner and jumped in and swam to susan. Sarah walked up to me, "Come on Bob get naked I want to see that dick."She pulled down my pants but not my boxers. I felt her tits ass and pussy and she felt my dick and blew it and I blew her but we did not have sex.

This happened! We both wrote story in the bar late

first-time 2018-02-16

I slowly start to lick and kiss my way up to the top of your stockings and just stare in wonderment at your dripping wet pussy - I can't help myself I have to stop being slow and start to lick up and down the lips slowly opening them and then plunging my tongue deep inside to fully taste you. I ease my fingers into your cunt and reopen your pussy lips - sliding just the tip of my cock in - with one hand on your left breast and my right index finger rubbing on your clit I slowly start to fuck you - pusing in another half inch with every slow thrust. Slowly but surely I have to start fucking you harder and harder, rubbing your clit harder, tweaking your nipple.

train ride

first-time slipperypete 2018-02-16

Her eyes was open again and when I moved my leg away she moved hers so she was touching me she looked at me and then down at the gapping hole in the blouse she tried to pull the to bits together I mouthed to her no she smiled and left it open as she watched me I motioned to her and undid the button on my shirt and nodded to her to do the same I lent forward and kissed her for the first time I could feel how soft and warm her lips was, as I pushed my tongue between her lips I could taste the coffee we had just had my left hand went round the back of her head and pulled her hard into my face as my right hand can up to caress her right breast I could feel her nipples harden under my hand

The Night Manager

first-time xtcnymphette 2018-02-16

For the first two years of a nymph's life she can and generally does remain a virgin learning in this period of time how to use her enchanting body to tease, tantalize and generate extreme desire in men. The photography screamed of sexy and desirable bodies but warned of virginity and purity a look but don't touch campaign that fueled the fantasy of men across the globe and made Angel one of the pin ups and dream girls for boys who eagerly thumbed through their sister, girlfriend's or mother's lingerie catalogues.

Don't Stand So Close To Me Ch. 02

first-time chasing_ivy 2018-02-16

"Mr. Alberts, I spent a lot of time on that paper, I thought that if I fixed it up to your standards and you knew that I put a lot of effort into it, then maybe we could just forget this deal, 'cause my grades wouldn't be so bad if you just gave me another chance." She said all of this in one breath, as if afraid she wouldn't be able to get it all out if she stopped. Mr. Alberts pressed the heel of his hand hard against Naomi's clit as he slid his fingers around inside her soaking pussy. He grudgingly broke the kiss, looked Naomi in the eyes, and asked, "Do you like that my cock is hard for you, baby?"

Playing Games - Fun In The Bedroom

first-time CorsetCutie69 2018-02-16

On this particular night it was the first time playing for Amy. She was the virgin of the group in more ways than one. I stopped to admire them for a moment and Amy started moving her legs trying to get her jeans off. I gently pushed her legs apart as I wanted to explore her inner depths, as her legs opened her slit remained closed until her legs were almost completely opened before they finally revealed the secret that they fought so hard to conceal. Once I had rested enough to catch my second wind I pulled my mouth from hers and asked her if she still wanted to continue as there would be no turning back in near future.

True account of my history of sharing ex wife

first-time 2018-02-16

One night, we all went out together, myself the ex wife, the two b*****rs and the guy from the second time we shared her, (the early cummer!). There was a pretty good sized group of us, myself and the wife, the fella from the alley and his girlfriend at the time(one of our regular friends at this point, not his girlfriend though), his b*****r, (another regular friend) as well as another couple and two more of our single male buddies. As night wore on, we all started to get pretty buzzed, bbq was blazzin and after supper, we got a good poker game going.

Girls Nite Out

first-time oohmick69 2018-02-16

He puts his hand around my neck and pulls me down to kiss me ---- as he kisses me his hands work my ass cheeks open and closed ---- fuck I'm cumming on his cock --- just as I start my orgasm he starts to pump my cunt ----- hard slow deep strokes ------- the orgasm seems to build wuith each stroke --- I break the kiss and throw my self back just before I squirt on his stomach -- my body is shaking so hard -- my orgasms are still pulsing through me --- I'm just lying there shaking --Mick straddles my head ---- his cock is just above me --- I taste my cum and suck him hard ---- he leans forward and starts licking my oh so sensitive clit ---- it starts all over again ---- body shaking ---- I just suck him as hard as I can --- I know its the only way to stop him !!!!!


When I was 18 part 1

first-time Gush4u 2018-02-16

It was at a local park with a nice shelter The Friday night of the party came and Mike had me leave early and head over to make sure everything was set up as he wanted it The clients and their f****y's showed up and everyone had a great time! He started pumping his cock into my mouth while pulling my head back and forth I was really amazed how much of him I was taking! Mike walked me to my car kissed me and said he would see me at work on Monday It was almost midnight and I was supposed to meet my boyfriend after the party which I thought would be done around 10.

Hard Day's Night

first-time fuzzguy71 2018-02-16

She stood about 5’6”, with long straight brown hair and a face that instantly lit up any room she walked into. I began to kiss her breasts, my mouth on one with one arm wrapped around her athletic frame and teasing the other. She kissed the top of my head, and I turned and sat her on the toilet seat. I broke into a grin with my head buried between her legs, and went in search of her clit. She began to breathe in very short hard bursts, and I could feel my own orgasm brewing as well. I leaned forward and kissed her nipples once more, and she went rigid.

Watch and Learn

first-time adel5000 2018-02-16

“Are you sure you know where you’re going?” asked Jen as Kevin turned off the highway onto an old dirt road. Cathy reached one of her hands out and touched the tip, flinching back when this caused my cock to twitch involuntarily. Cathy looked back at what Jen was doing and then reached out her hand and put it around. “It’s so soft,” she said, “but so hard at the same time.” Her hand started slowly moving up and down the outside. They certainly look like they’re enjoying it.” My finger, which was still at Cathy’s pussy, stroked up and down a few more times, as I asked, “Do you want to try it too?”

4th Step Pt. 01: Virginity

first-time DressedAtoZ 2018-02-16

I was open with the other members about my feelings of love for the girl that I barely knew. Look at that dick move." Mari's words interrupted my absent thoughts. I think that virgin dick wants to say hello." I propped myself up on my elbows as she sat down next to me on the bed. I'm finally going to have sex." Ideally, I wanted Kara to just show up one day and I would lose my virginity in an act of pure love. I honestly felt like I wound end up living my life without sex. I slid my hand over the tank top and felt her bare skin at the top of her breast.

Brenda's First Date

first-time pope32767 2018-02-16

"Mom, you know, when I was having pleasure with Adella Tucci last Tuesday after school?" Brenda hesitated, apparently not sure how to go on: Charlotte decided to just listen carefully. "I mean, they really, really know how it's done." Brenda had wished that Mrs. Tucci would learn "how it's done," too, but of course it wasn't a teenager's place to try and teach her. Like the good boy -- or fine young man, rather -- that Charlotte knew he was, Jack brought Brenda home right on time, and even came in to meet her parents, who had of course waited up for her.

Caught by my wife

first-time reefermcrevolver 2018-02-16

they began to surround the boys and grip their dicks I held onto the black cock and sucked it like it never been sucked before, I deepthroated most of him and he facefucked my tight little throat. It all came out and streamed down my chin but before it dripped my wife came and began slurping it up and told me to swallow the rest, and then she spit it back in my mouth, "Can't waste man seeds..." as she wiped her lip clean. "I think I'll take this good dick and scream for you big daddy." I began to f***e it in deeper and take it faster it hurt for me but I could tell he loved it by the way he bit my lip and kissed at my baby soft lips..

I Swear, We're Not Gay - Part 3

first-time ndamood4sum 2018-02-16

'Oh, man, I don't know Ricky, I don't think… Mmmm, fuck, Ahhh, Ooohhh! His head bobbed up and down slowly at first, and he occasionally pulled my dick out of his mouth to lick it and kiss it like a Popsicle. I licked the underside of his cock while it was in my mouth and gently sucked on the head. FUCK!!' Ricky erupted in my hand as I jerked his dick, squirting about half a gallon of warm cum onto his abdomen and my hand. You like it, b*o?' I leaned over and licked some more off of my hand and swallowed it, looking straight at Ricky, who was now wide awake.

My First 3Some

first-time thstym 2018-02-16

The weird thing was, that even though Van thought Pat shouldn't be giving anybody else any, she would spread those big ol' sexy legs for me any time I wanted it. Pat on the other hand, is 4’11” tall, dark skin, pretty, long coal black hair, approximately 38-40DD, 30 inch waist, 38-40 inch ass, short legs, and a pussy that won’t stop flowing once you get her started. This went on for a few minutes and then, when we broke the kiss; I looked at Pat and asked her if she still thought Van was mad at her. I don’t know how long this went on until I came in Pat’s ass, Pat came all over my hand, and Van came again in Pat’s mouth.