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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Pool

first-time TxRad 2018-02-16

When I had the car moving again she grinned at me and pulled the sundress over her head and sat there next to me bare assed naked. She quickly lowered her head, took half of it into her mouth, and slowly pulled up while sucking and licking the shaft. They'll be short because as soon as your tongue touches me the first time I'm going to come my head off. Her voice was getting huskier by the minute and finally she said, "Look just stick your face down here and hold out your tongue, I'll do the rest this first time." As my tongue ran over her clit, her hands shot out and grabbed my head, holding my mouth above the little bud.

Lovers At The Beach

first-time nasagirl2004 2018-02-16

“Oh Brad,” Kristy said with a hug and a kiss, “I would love to go shopping!” “I will go up and take a shower and then I will be ready to go. Once they were finished eating, and Kristy began to get up to leave, Brad reached into his tux pocket and retrieved the small box, which contained the ring. Kristy went to take a shower and Brad began to set up the room for the special night that was hopefully to come. “I love you, too Kristy,” he said as he slowly rose up off of the bed. For the next few days, Brad and Kristy stayed up in their hotel room, making love again and again.

foot fucker

first-time wifetributer253 2018-02-16

So this was a step to get her more comfortable to trying new things sexually I suggested maybe letting me cum on her feet in person instead of just tributing a picture to help her feel more open to it. When we got back to the house He told me that she was ready to let you cum on her feet but she would be laying on her stomach not looking, because she still felt shy about it. I asked if they had some lube and said "this won't take long" Her husband gave me lotion and I rubbed it on my cock and rubbed some on her soles and started jerking it.

John and Sharon's New Toy ( chpt. 4 )

first-time MasterBill 2018-02-16

Jill tried to ask what they were talking about but all she got was a hard smack on the ass. Both John and Sharon were each shaving her legs. Sharon's approach was to lick Jill's leg and she also shaved Jill's ass. When Jill's body was throughly shaved and rinsed Sharon started licking John used his thumbs to part Jill's ass cheeks to lick her lit- John sucked hungerly on the offered digits just as he was on Jill's ass. When John got on the bed Sharon reached out for his balls. Sharon was wholeheartedly enjoying her husbands balls as she licked and sucked on them. Jill swirled her tongue over the head of john's cock.

Sex in sexshop

first-time goudeon 2018-02-15

I am a 47 year old white male from South Africa.During the former goverment it was totaly i*****l for whites and blacks to mix.It was an jailable offence if cought doing so.Well things have changed allot when the new goverment took over. I always was facinated by black woman and was just waiting for the right moment to fuck a black babe.

Shy Reluctant and Exposed - Part 2

first-time Delamitri 2018-02-15

I was facing the bottom end of the massage table so my view was looking onto her feet and up her body that way, I could just see a bit of her pussy lips, but her legs were together. Then he moved the towel and massaged her ass, spreading her tight little ass and pussy lips, I could see she had really relaxed and opened up her ass now and even her legs had widened, she seemed to be pushing her ass up a bit and maybe rubbing her clit on the table. The masseur eyed her up then starting with one leg massaged from the feet end up, over the knee, right in the inner thigh and rubbing the outer pussy lips, then onto the next leg, same process my wife spreading her legs more and more.

The first time 4

first-time 2018-02-15

They quickly grabbed the condom from his hand and pulled it over my penis, where they could make it but obviously not be to knead each portion freshly veiled intensive. Now she lay down with legs splayed on her back and I knelt before her. Ecstasy we began to move: they repeatedly with the pelvis up, I always back and forth. Again she began to moan, but this time loudly and without restraint. She stood up, crouched over me, straightened out my penis and stroked it a few times on her labia. We moved again, this time always ecstasy and she began to bounce up and down. But soon she was ready heated, panting that she had her second orgasm today.

Piazza passione.

first-time bylhamclarabella 2018-02-15

It wasnt going to happen again this night. He said he noticed when we arrived how excited and smiling I was but gradually it left me and I seemed dissapointed. After an hour I pulled his head to my mouth to kiss him. He said its ok then placed my hands back at my sides and went back down on me. I got so crazy today I went to a sex shop bought a policewoman uniform and this night I going to striptease and then after undress from it leave the hat on suck his cock like he pleasured me last night. All the times I have made love to him last night was more special.

My First Blowjob

first-time Goodhummer 2018-02-15

He looked at me and asked me if I ever saw a boy’s cock before. I said yes and he place my hands around his cock and motioned for me to stroke it. He asked “do like you like it” I said Yes. As I played with him, he looked at me and asked if I ever licked a cock and I said no. He asked if I liked it and I told him that it was okay. He told me to stand up and asked, “Would you like to jerk me off”. He told me to push and pull my hand up and down his cock. He reached in his pocket and got some tissues and told me to wipe my hands as he cleaned his cock.

Drink Daddy's Piss

first-time 2018-02-15

"Daddy, I have to pee pee," she said and slid down further and quickly gobbled up the head of his cock in her sweet mouth, anxious for him to let her go so she could get out of bed and was surprised to hear him tell her to stop. "It's a good thing I've been holding it all night," he said to his friends, who were now pulling out there cocks and finishing off the large bottles of Gatorade that had been drinking, "cuz I haven't cum yet and there's no way I could keep from getting hard with my cock in front of this little whore's mouth. With a nod he let her know and with that, John found his cock quickly swallowed and Daddy's Little Angel was bobbing her pretty head up and down like the whore she longed to be.

Goodbye Jennifer Brown Ch. 01

first-time JaneX 2018-02-15

Jennifer Brown loved sex. She began to linger over the last pages of the newspaper, where the sex ads were listed. She could draw the girl inside, touch her face, trace over the curve of her breasts, gently lift the hem of her skirt... If Jennifer Brown couldn't possibly go out seeking a sexual encounter, perhaps she could turn herself into someone else who could. Experimentally, she ran her hands over her breasts and settled them on the curve of her hips, but the bulky tweed jacket she wore obscured her shape. Not if she still felt like shy and cringing Jennifer Brown inside.


first-time RowanBliss 2018-02-15

I loved the way he sucked and tugged upward, lifting and letting the nipple drop out of his mouth with a tight "pop." Sometimes he massaged slick wet oil that tasted like chocolate mint or vanilla cream on my breasts to keep them slick for his little sucking torments. sweet, tight cunt ready to suck in a man's cock into that hairy little fold and fuck him till he's seen Heaven... He fucked like a wildman, and sometimes when my pussy was sore from his wild bucking, he would slick up his fingers with lubricant and finger my asshole until I was ready to take his cock that way.

A Husband's Revenge

first-time michael98 2018-02-15

About every other year, we would get together and just Carrie, Lisa, Tom and myself would could out on the town and have a good time. He said that if I ever talked to Carrie again, he would tell my wife about the conversation and in addition, he wanted to show Carrie what kind of man I really was. He knew I was coming to Oregon in two weeks and he said that if I didn"t come visit them at that time, and let him humiliate me, he would tell Lisa that Carrie and I were in the midst of having an affair and that I had a hidden craving for men.

Best on Board

first-time blin18 2018-02-15

The name tag pinned on the curve above one breast said "Vicky – Trainee." Daring to look at her face – anywhere but those tight, firm breasts – Bob saw delicate features: a small, straight nose, chocolate brown hair tied into a neat pony tail that reached just past the shoulder, and maybe the prettiest olive-green eyes he had seen ... Vicky never imagined herself buying into it, and now here she was on her first flight, smiling and touching her breasts at a cute guy and getting jealous of the gorgeous Celeste sneaking up behind her. "We have a lean chicken breast with rice, or the vegetarian option is cucumber and pickle sandwiches." Celeste squatted down, one hand on Bob's knee and the other reaching under the trolley for a tray.

Working Sundays

first-time carrice 2018-02-15

You look me up and down as I'm pressed against the wall, chest heaving, nipples hard and pussy wet. Your bucking into my mouth and I let you slip it inside as you groan from the feel of hot & wet on your cock. I let out a long groan and push for you to go further, I'm aching to be pounded by you, and I feel your hands sliding down past my waist and into my underwear. My clothes are all over the place and I start panting in anticipation as your lips travel down my body, before groaning as you lick at my clit.

Sex Education with Lisa

first-time Patrick7 2018-02-15

On the last day of school in late June, Lisa looked as good as usual while wearing a tight blouse and a knee-length skirt. "Good thing I wore a skirt today," she said, throwing a leg over me and moving over my lap. A few days after my high school graduation ceremony, I got the chance to drive to Lisa's house. I had a full-time job but still managed to spend many pleasurable hours with Lisa that summer, visiting her a least twice a week. When I went back home a year later, I visited her again and met my infant son, who was born nine months after Lisa and I first made love.

My First Experience At Foreplay

first-time menka26 2018-02-15

And then he suddenly placed his lips on mine and held my face in his hands. After kissing and sucking my lips his hands started rolling all over they were moving on my legs and as they crossed over my pubic region each time I cried Still engrossed in my thoughts I realized his lips touched the lips of my wet pussy I was dripping he started sucking and tried to slip one of his fingers. He removed his fingers which, of course, I didn't like and I placed my hands on his head and thrust it again on my pussy. He started kissing and sucking wildly with his fingers thrusting back and forth in my wet pussy .

Educated by the School Nurse

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-15

"Had enough for today Andy?" Miss Couse said as she took off her gloves and wiped her brow with the back of my hand, and I thought a little smile appeared at the corner of her mouth when she saw me staring at what she seemed to delight in showing me. "That's okay Andy, which I why I thought the rumor about you and the Anderson boy might be right and you were one of those people that enjoy both men and women," Miss Couse said. "Nice," Miss Couse grunted as I felt her hand reaching down between my legs and grab my balls, rolling them around roughly in her palm for a moment before sliding over and wrapping her arm around my neck and asking me if I liked it.

I know it was wrong.

first-time LeCoach 2018-02-15

They were so sheer that they just seemed to caress my little pussy lips while I walked to school and I was "Aware" of my panties all day. But when we got out into the privacy of the woods, Andrew put his arm around me and said, "Gee, you sure are pretty Nancy!" I turned to face him and he gave me a nervous little kiss. Nancy was shocked to see her secret pal's big penis but, knowing instinctively what to do, she reached down and, taking the lips of her hairless young pussy into her fingers, she slowly spread herself open and showed Andy her most secret spot...right out there in the woods.

Homeless and Desperate PART 2

first-time gpo746 2018-02-15

I spun her round on the bed and slowly aimed my throbbing bell end at her sloppy hole I felt my dick touch her hot lips , just like her pussy was kissing my cock . My arms and legs were soon tired and I laid on the bed while she squatted over me and took my cock up her squidgy cunt again .I thrust upwards everytime she came downwards and this made a loud slap but more importantly it rammed my dick further up her. Afterwards we got a cup of tea and went back to bed , she laid inbetween my legs and I could rub her tits and kiss her neck.

I Came to Visit You

first-time SameStoriesInOurLife 2018-02-15

"Oh my God, it's been way too long!!" James exclaimed as she leaped into his arms after opening the door. She looked up at CJ and whispered "Why don't we take this upstairs to my bedroom." They both climbed out of the pool and headed through the door and up the stairs, not bothering to stop to pick up any of their clothing or reach for a towel. The week I got back from visiting the campus, I went on the pill." He looked her in the eye and gave her one more kiss before he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her slit. "I love you too." And with that, CJ gave one more hard thrust into James and shot his load deep inside of her pussy.

Rental Car - Service with a Smile

first-time goinstrong 2018-02-15

As I waited in line for service, I noticed 3 staff behind the counter: 50+ woman who looked bored; 30-something guy (station manager); young Latina - short, shoulder-length hair, and eyes like on a velvet painting. I'm finished with work tomorrow at 4:30 p.m." I responded with, "O.K., would you like to meet me somewhere, or may I call for you?" "Gee, no man's ever asked if he could 'call for me' before. As she handed me my contract & keys, she leaned forward - I met her half-way: "I upgraded your car - you're really going to like it!" My response was a smile, and a whisper: "You are amazing, and far more mature than your years.

She Never Said No

first-time LaTourEiffel 2018-02-15

Steve smiles and nods back, imagining his fingers snaking up between her thighs... The woman stopped, took a cup, poured some coffee, then looked over at Steve. Judging by the wilting expression on the co-worker's face, Steve knew he had said it in a tone that meant he had some bad news for Joan. Joan slid through the door, took a quick look as if to confirm no one had seen her being called to the boss's office, and closed it quietly behind her. Coming to his senses, Steve stood, pulled up his underwear, pants, tucked in his shirt, zipped, did his belt, all while watching in admiration as Joan's legs wafted open and closed.

Sexual Education

first-time shambles 2018-02-15

I was cumming, and my pelvis was heaving up and down in time to the great surges of ejaculation, and my thighs were twitching open and closed, and I didn't care about Matron or the Regulations as long as I could keep cumming and hold onto those wonderful breasts. Matron was masturbating me, massaging my cock in time to the spasms that seemed to be coming all the way up from my balls, squeezing out the last drop of cum juice, on and on until the last throb had finished. Matron was pulling the lips of her cunt apart with her fingers, just above my face, opening the hole so that I could look up inside.