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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Taking Advantage of my Teenage Babysitter 2

first-time Acebottom 2018-02-15

Now her hips began to pump her pussy into my mouth and she was arching her back and pressing her pussy harder into my face and I continued to lick her soft pussy.Finally Olivia gave out this long low moan and started to orgasm standing up!! My legs began to wobble and I knew I was reaching the end of my endurance and I came into her ass over and over until I could come no more and Olivia just screamed out as the biggest orgasm of her life shot throught her body and her pussy squirted her cum out over the bed.

An Innocent's Epiphany Ch. 04

first-time happy_bloke 2018-02-15

"What a bastard, how can he tell everyone that, now everyone is going to think I am such a slut, he doesn't have any right to tell people that, I mean it is different for him," I looked around the bar, wondering if people were already looking over at me judging me, imagining me with my mouth sucking Rich's cock. I also started to lust after sex again, I had been badly hurt by Rich's betrayal but after a month or two of nothing other than self-induced orgasms, I once again started to look forward to finally fucking a guy for the first time. For a moment, I just wondered at my situation, completely naked with a guy for the first time, my breasts bobbing in front of him as he gently played with my nipples.

Brandy (Chapter 4)

first-time Headmaster-Michael 2018-02-15

She turned to the side, showing Michael her firmness, not even a hint of sag in her youthful breasts. She turned back to face him, her hands coming down, her fingers plucking at her nipples as she teased them back and forth until she felt the shudders run through her body. One hand slid into her panties, her pussy drenched in her arousal, her other fingers pinching her nipples too hard, but the delicious pain that shot through her breasts excited her as she imagined it was Michael’s demanding fingers on her nipples. It overtook her before she knew what was happening, cumming quickly from the exhibition, the camera taping the excitement in her face and her hand moving rapidly beneath her panties. 

Two Tennis Belles

first-time Richard963 2018-02-15

Since I played at school I was quite good and at one of these parties this girl Julia saw me and asked if I would like to come to her house and play. My left hand moved up her thighs under her skirt and I stoked her bum through her panties. Julia came close to us and kissed Linda on the mouth. "I'm coming," Linda immediately pulled off me and then pushed the head of my prick downwards so that I came all over my own belly. Her sweet soft wet mouth went over my limp prick and she moved her hand onto it as well. So Julia turned round and with her head on a cushion pushed her bum up into the air.

My Best Friend

first-time sexfiend1234 2018-02-15

She slowly bobs her head, deep-throating him, and then pulls back and continues to stroke him with her hands and gently sucking him while swirling her tongue around the tip of his dick. As he begins to touch and rub her enlarged clit and slide a finger into her dripping wet, tight, molten core, he kisses the one spot on her body that drives her crazy, him being the only person on the planet that knows it's there. She feels him place a kiss on her most private part, slide his tongue the length of her dripping slit, and begin to work his magic on her little clit.


Amber won't do it again

first-time adel5000 2018-02-15

When Jim walked into the room, Amber was sitting on the bed. Amber, I agree that s*******n is too old for a spanking, but you didn’t act like a responsible s*******n year old. She wailed, “Daddy, no more, I’m so sorry, no more, please.” Jim felt compassion for her but he’d decided that this was going to be a severe spanking. That feels so nice.” Honey, I’m rubbing as high as I think I should go.” “No, daddy, higher, please.” As Jim looked down, he saw that Amber was soaking. “Thank you daddy, now it’s your turn.” “Please take me to bed.” “Amber, I can’t do that, you’re my daughter.” It hurt to say that, he wanted her so much, but it just wasn’t right.

The Massage

first-time camdogg 2018-02-15

Tori's oily hand feels so good around your shaft as she alternates between slow, gentle stroking and vigorous pumping. "Now you've got something nice to look at" smiles Tori, then leans forward and rubs your cock against each of her erect nipples in turn, making them shiny with pre-cum. It involves you taking those panties off, squirting oil all over your naked body, then sliding your tits and ass all over me." Tori slides her hands down her slim hips, fingers slipping inside her lacy panties. Lying on her back on top of you, Tori turns her head to give you a deep kiss while she squeezes the last drops out of your cock with her thighs.

First Time with my best friend Christine

first-time dragonlove69 2018-02-15

I was ready to explode and I told her so she continue to suck my cock faster, deeper and harder until I exploded a big load inside her throat. I continued to fuck her mouth and throat harder and deeper and as I was ready to cum I let her know and shoved my cock deep inside her throat and unleashed a big load of sperm down her throat and I held it there for a few second so she doesn't loose any drop of it. I started to lick her clit while she was sucking my cock and as she reached her orgasm I told her that she was ready for her butt fuck.

The wife and I out for a fun day

first-time hodaddie 2018-02-15

My wife Sam and I went out for my birthday, but I told her she couldn't wear a bra or panties and have to wear a skirt. She laid down and the guy took his pants off and started to eat her pussy out. Sam started to moan loudly, and my cock got rock hard. Sam covered up and he open the door, I told him that was my wife he was fucking and I wanted a piece of her pussy too while it was wet. The guy was confused and didn't feel comfortable with me in his van, when I got my pants off and fucked Sam he started to loosen up some.

Fucking innocent black teen

first-time trevor54a 2018-02-15

When a boy and a girl likes each other they kiss and caress and the boy’s cock gets hard and the girl’s pussy gets moist and soft to be able to receive the cock inside. When the cock and the pussy move together it feels real nice and the boy shoots his sperm inside the girl. I just let my hard cock go to rest inside Miriam as I felt real tired. I felt I needed to change position but with my cock, half-erect, was still buried inside Miriam’s pussy, and trembling, I didn’t have the guts to pull out. Miriam moved back and forth a few times and I felt like shooting my load when she did.

My Sexual Fantasy Story

first-time 2018-02-15

I mean, her well-worn smelly bras especially during hot summer smelled soooo lovely (even better than rose) making me beyond horny. BUT, bras were better BECAUSE I used to sniff/smell outer cup & side wings of the bras and actually tasted inner cups (by licking as if I would or could lick her cute, small, perky tits) and somehow inner cups tasted salty especially during summer!! bra fight then hot sex while she wears bras, cum on her tits I mean, the plain bikini like one my cousin has, even if it was designed ugly, it would look good for a curvy girl like Miss Upton as she has overall curvy body so soft round edged bikini would be perfect for her to emphasize her curveyness as her side breasts showing.

My s****r and Me Pt 1

first-time moregain 2018-02-15

Stephanie asks her about the dicks Alex has had and I was getting a little uncomfortable and put my hands over my ears and looked out the window so I couldn't observe anything. I pull my hands away from my ears to hear Stephanie ask Alex, "Have you seen on like this?" Stephanie turns Alex around and asks her if she really wants to suck me now. "See," Steph entered,"No one will suck or fuck you like me; so don't try it with this little bitch." She pushed Alex down to her hands. Stephanie reaches back and pulls my dick out of her ass and shoves it into Alex's face.

A Thankful Blizzard Pt. 02

first-time rexspaulding 2018-02-15

"Our, uh, Helen, our waitress, she, well, she said that some cabins down the road would likely be our best bet for this storm." I felt my face getting warmer. You know, if we're getting 3-6 feet of snow, we could see drifts higher than that, easily." She started to look a bit worried at that, so I cleared my throat and changed that line of thought." Anyway, just as we were coming in, the air was cold; the snow was coming like tiny ice pellets, rather than large flakes. "Ok, thank you Helen, we'll hurry back." I plunged out into the bitter cold wind, helping Kat down from the truck.

The ex files - Watching Josie.

first-time olly01 2018-02-15

I'd been fucking Josie for a while now and i had seen her fuck her husband on film but i'd never seen her like this, she was totally submissive laying there with her hands above her head just taking Max's cock as he fucked her machine like, the same hard strokes at the same pace, leaning over her on his hands like he was doing push ups and every stroke was met with a loud moan until Josie came a second time even louder than the first. Carole had her panties off now and had pulled my hand between her legs allowing me to finger and rub her very wet pussy as she continued to watch her husband who had now flipped Josie onto her knees and was deep inside her from behind as she lay like a rag doll with her arse in the air, knees apart with her face and hands on the floor, still moaning at every thrust.

First & Second

first-time Barnaby 2018-02-15

For well over five years I had vacuumed this room and emptied trash cans and ash trays but I never could have dreamed this would be the site where I lost my virginity: on the conference table in a branch office of a “great metropolitan newspaper.” Inside she lay down on the formica topped table, lifting her ass just long enough to slide her underwear off and toss it aside. I started to pull out but she wrapped her legs around me to hold me in place, rubbing her clit hard as she continued riding me to what I assumed was her own trembling orgasm.

Youngsville Part 1: Moving

first-time drfleisch 2018-02-15

My parents helped me buy a train ticket and after a few hours I arrived to the small community of Youngsville. Chu coming to fix sumtings?” He inquired and gave me a strange look as he wiped sweat drops from his temple. Could any of you help me find this address?” I asked trying not to stare at Becky's tits. Most of ‘em just come here to change onto a new train.” Let said as I noticed he was sweating more. Plus you’re new and I haven’t seen such a young boy come to town for years! Hihihi.” She answered and gave my cock a long lick before heading back inside the train station.

Charlotte's Day Pt. 02

first-time hot_jessica 2018-02-15

Charlotte and Miss Stone propped themselves up against the old wooden cupboards that ran all the way around the lab room. Miss Stone proceeded to lean down and place her right knee over Charlotte's face. The vibrations of this moan sent a shiver down Jessica Stone's body and her pussy tightened around Charlotte's tongue. She cried out deep into Miss Stone's pussy and was rewarded with a flood of vaginal fluids directly into her waiting mouth as her teacher orgasmed. Miss Stone rolled off the desk and sat with Naomi and Dee. Charlotte's cum covered lips shone in the fluorescent light of the lab room as she looked up to see a sight she had only dreamed of.


first-time Teach64 2018-02-15

Then, watching the teacher's face the entire time, she allowed her bra to slowly fall off of her chest, revealing a slightly bigger than expected pair of breasts. Hoping to impress his mate, he reached forward with his hands, and rubbed her vaginal crack, while intoning "before sex, a woman needs to get sufficiently wet and lubricated, or else sex will be very painful for her." But when the teacher met the folds of her vulva, his fingers quickly became soaking wet. "I know." She reached around her teacher's back, put her hands on his shoulders, meekly pressed the side of her face into his chest, opened her legs slightly wider, and waited.

Free Condom

first-time bososaurus 2018-02-15

"Milo" was virgin and a very compassionate girl friend of his asked him “You really want to have sex, that will cost you.” So Milo checked out his wallet and asked her “I have three hundred, would it fit the budget?” “Hmmm, it may.” she replied. “You forgot one thing, condom.” she remarked as they were halfway to her house and continued “Now what, no condom, no sex.” “I wish there's such a thing as a free condom.” Milo sighed. She replied “There is, condomlences to your sex life.” But as she was driving, Milo noticed that she was uneasy and asked her what’s the problem. “But what?” Milo replied as she stopped her car to the side of the road.

A Ring for a Tanner

first-time Brandybeebee 2018-02-15

Harry wiped his bony hand across his forehead and looked up into the hot sky, trying to catch some of the faint breeze to soothe his aching head. As he looked around, he saw a Japanese soldier walking his way along the line of working men and got back to it. Harry got out of the car, walked round to the passenger door and held out his hand. Harry had smiled at Elsie sitting in her nude state except for her knickers in the back of the car. Elsie didn't look too convinced but she trusted Harry and soon forgot her misgivings when his tongue and mouth licked her crotch over her panties and caused sensations that made her moan and groan.

Big Butt Milf

first-time all3holes 2018-02-15

an I managed to take the parcel from his hand and asked him his name and he said Travis and told me I had a beautiful smile and I blushed turned to walk away when I felt a hand grab my hips and another grab my ass squeezing it hard for few seconds I just moaned before I managed to utter the world 'what are you doing' and he replied me saying holding unto the wonderful things of life.

Mrs. Cathedra

first-time tarkatony 2018-02-15

"Mrs. Cathedra, that's who I have way up there on the pedestal, that's who I want to be here with, the woman I've watched so often walking on the green belt." I put my hand behind her neck and helped her to sit up, then I took off her shirt and when I reached behind her to unfasten her bra I kissed her on the lips and lingered there until she kissed me back, then I pulled the bra from her shoulders and when I looked at her I said, "You're beautiful, Mrs. Cathedra, I knew you would be." I gently pushed her back and quickly got to my feet and stripped off all my clothes.

Virginity Gone

first-time realgagslut 2018-02-15

Daddy pushed a little bit and I felt it at the back of my mouth. He put his thing against my hole and gently pushed, it hurt a bit but not much. I sat on daddy's knees as we played and his hand was under the table and his fingers inside my panties, gently rubbing my hole. He RAMMED himself down on top of me, his thing pushing inside my hole it pushed me down on the bed, then I stopped going down as I was hard on the mattress but he kept driving down, deeper and deeper inside me. Then he drove it right in, it felt like it was coming out my mouth and he tensed and just f***ed it deep up me, he moaned and ground it into me and then slowly relaxed and lay on me.

My friends wife

first-time ghawk1068 2018-02-15

So not wanting to waste it I decided to see if my friend and his wife wanted to enjoy it. Very different from the DD's waiting for me at home. After watching a little with them I had to get back home. My buddy was out of town and I stopped by to see if his wife needed anything before I went home. Good thing I like to show off. After a few minutes I decided to get bold and tell her she was sexier than the woman in the video. A few comments later and she was topless waiting for me to cum on her. Oral was her thing, and damn was she good at it.