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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Moni with new neighbor

first-time MoniLapa7 2018-02-15

Let me tell you how it all started with our new neighbor Rick. Marc must have taken that as a cue so he took a small bucket of cold water and threw at me.It made me jump up and i turned around in surprise but Rick had the nicer surprise as my top stayed behing and was q foot away from him and my tits fully in his view. Later I got dressed in just my bottom and t-shirt and said lets go back to eat, much to Rick's disappointment.Later that evening we sat around the fire and drank and everyone was feeling pretty good. Rick began to moan a bit but I was to committed alrady so I just took it in my mouth.

My Smoking Neighbour -Part 1

first-time 2018-02-14

So she told me to get out the car and come round to the drivers side , she wound the window down and said to me " come on then get it out " i took it out and started to wank it as she lit another cigarette , she told me the reason i had to get out the car is because she didn't want me cummin on the seats , i wasn't about to complain , i wasn't even worried about who walked by i was just that fixated on her taking long drags , it didn't take long till i was about to cum , when i asked " can i smell your smokey leather gloves while i spunk please Nicola " she put her hand on to my face and started saying to me " come on then , shoot that spunk you dirty bastard" i couldn't believe it , then before i knew it ive cum on her car door and we both start to giggle, " i didn't expect this today when i went shopping " she said.

How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 11

first-time TerryLovesIt 2018-02-14

A couple of minutes later he started asking me questions: how did i feel (good), did i like it (yes), did i liked the taste of his cum (yes), did i think at all about swallowing it (yes i thought about it). He told me to think it over and decide what i thought was best for me and that he would call me when he was on his way home to see if i still felt like coming by. He told me to go slow; said he wanted me to work on learning how to do what i was watching without making him cum.

Fucking my s*s' Friend

first-time BigDud3 2018-02-14

I was thinking about tit fucking her juicy breast while she licked the tip. She knelt down and started to tease my dick with mouth, kissing it and poking it with her tongue. She got up and start to finger her ass and pussy. She screamed in pain as my full 8 inch pumped her tight pussy, hard and fast. I thrusted my cock between her boobs, fuck them so hard i touched her mouth with my tip. With my cock dripping with cum, i thought to myself "lets give her something she will like" I then went down to her pussy kissing her body and chest as i went down.

The Cell Phone

first-time tadpole71 2018-02-14

With that I knew that I was finally going to get laid, I moved out of my chair and just laid a kiss on Patti that seemed to last forever, she just melted into my arms. I slowly slipped my fingers my fingers inside her pussy and continued to leave hickeys all over her lovely body. I finally told her some months later that she was my first and she was just shocked by this, she didn’t even know what to say. We are not even friends now but I will always cherish Patti as she gave me my first taste of love, I finally became a man.


first-time maturemancock 2018-02-14

As I moved closer to Ruth she stayed still, as my fingers got to the top of her arms I ran them over her cheek and her chin, turning her head to face me she looked stunning, I leaned forward and gently kissed her lips. As I pulled away from her she looked so pretty, I ran my hand up and down the front of her jeans as my mouth locked on her nipple, sat with her head back Ruth moaned.

Across the Tracks Ch. 06

first-time BigCoreySKR 2018-02-14

As Otis and JB took their first five steps into the room, a guy they didn't recognize came walking from the bathroom. As JB cut the ropes and helped Ariel up, she looked at Otis. "JB's gonna get you in the truck, I got a hoodie you can cover up with and a blanket." Looking JB in the eyes, he let every bit of seriousness he could muster enter his voice. JB and Ariel were outside, he had to save them, but he couldn't walk Otis bounced off the walls, scrabbling with his hands to hold himself up as he stumbled down the hallway and finally made it to the front door. Otis nodded and got his handset off the charger and handed it to Ariel.

Senior Year

first-time Monterock 2018-02-14

The bathroom was right across the hall from the master bedroom and just as I was turning to the bathroom door Steve's mom came out of the bedroom heading for the bath herself, she now had a short robe on which was silky and showed off her beautiful tits even better. At first I couldn't understand what was happening was I dreaming was this real, then it hit me and I tried to get up an push him off...he picked his head up and told me shh.....I know you want her...let me take care of this and he went right back down on me...ooh it felt so good. Well Steve visited my room often late at night after that, as a matter of fact he sucked my cock every day/night he could and we remained good friends for many years till he moved out to LA in '74.

Julie's Sex Saga Ch. 01

first-time toynwithwords 2018-02-14

By the time my conversation ran out of gas, Pam asked me if I really wanted to change. On Tuesday just as class was letting out, Scott told me he would really like to spend some time with me outside of the classroom. As Pam stood there giving me my final inspection, she told me I looked good enough to eat. My body felt relieved of the emptiness as soon as our tongues began exploring each other's mouths again, and my pussy could feel the hardness of his cock. I don't know if it was the pent up frustration, or the fact Pam was a great kisser, but I knew I was not going to let her out of my arms.

Sandi's Erotic Adventures Ch. 01

first-time Scribe10Redact 2018-02-14

A scream brought my attention back to Pat and I saw her down on the grass being stripped by three or four laughing youths. Despite their excitability the youths seemed nervous and with Pat still yelling, something spooked them. It was while collecting our clothes to dress that I saw a guy watching through the bushes, presumably what had spooked the youths. Pat was still tearful but I recall feeling elated at the effect my body had on all the youths, the way they stared, open-mouthed some of them, between my thighs. Without giving it a second thought I just did as the guy asked and continued watching his hand pumping away at his penis while he stared between my thighs.

Curious Passions

first-time cumwithme2 2018-02-14

When Lisa got home she went directly onto the website, first looking at the sight to see what it was about, and then over to Jenna's ad. Lisa looked at her reply to Jenna's post, reading it over numerous times before finally posting it. She brought the website up, and low and behold there was a reply from Jenna thanking her for answering her post, and that she would be happy to meet her tomorrow morning at 9am. When Jenna's husband got home that evening he informed her that he was going on a business trip, and would need her to take him to the airport early that morning. Before Jenna could reply Lisa went and got her DVD returning and putting it in the DVR and turning it on.

100% True story of my first time with another woma

first-time dlotus2410 2018-02-14

She knew how wet it got me and loved knowing that her stories made it neccessary for a quick bathroom break so that I could "handle" the situation. She didn't want to "cheat" on her husband, but agreed that my hubby could watch, and then join in for all but oral or intercourse from her. I was soon moaning, panting, and thrusting my hips to meet her mouth. The sight from the corner of my eye of my husband stroking his now hard cock quickly brought on my first orgasm. She watched my husband and told him he should come over and fuck me while I licked her. She told me to take his load all over my face and tits.

A Kinky Virgin's...Ch. 2

first-time last_virgin 2018-02-14

Sometimes I daydream about him during long, boring lectures, and cry out in orgasm, breaking the dead silence of the packed room, causing students to turn and scowl at me or laugh at me. His cock twitched against the small of my back, making me suck his fingers harder, tracing the wrinkles with my tongue. “Oh Kyle I’ve wanted you so long.” He put his fingers inside of me and pushed my G-spot, making me moan against his dick. I turned around and kissed him hard, still grinding against his softening cock. I told him that I didn’t care, but couldn’t wait until we did it in his apartment: he has exercise equipment and a water bed.


Neighbor, Mom, And Me

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-02-14

Well I know something, that you just might like even better, than a blow job." as she moved on up over me and stopping to rub her bald pussy over my cock a couple of times, then she raised up and took a hold of my dick, and then lined up her pussy with my cock, and then she started sitting down on me with my cock sliding up into her tight wet pussy, and it is a good thing it was as wet as it was, since she was so tight. As we sat and talked while we ate our breakfast, we heared what sounded like a truck pull in next door at the vacent house that is next to our house, and since we were done eating by this time, we stood up and went to the window, to see if we were right or wrong.

in the train

first-time sluteu 2018-02-14

looking out the bus window my mind begins to wander to one of my favourite fantasies...******* a complete stranger in a public place where we might be seen... how i would have loved him to have sat right next to me - to have ran his hands up the inside of my thighs to feel my leggings soaked through from my wet *****.. i sit there looking at him as his eyes stare hungrily at my fingers working my ***** and then move up to meet my gaze. the sound of my fingers working my ***** lips seems to drown out the sound of the train but i cant stop.

Memento Mori

first-time spermanator4 2018-02-14

The pre-Event era television, as I understand it, was primarily propaganda aimed at the oppressed in order to indoctrinate them into a "slave mentality." They would be larded with bits of drama or humor to trick the viewer into believing they wanted to watch it, all the while structuring the cities of their neurons in such a way that the world of their body (to carry on the metaphor) would be manageable by those in power. "Nobody gets cancer anymore, Mary," I say, feeling slightly stupid saying what surely she must know. Hannibal had the advantage of being born from death, in more than one way, and Kaj had the advantage of life, 20,000 of them, to help him move fast and intelligently, as well as his partially Red bl**d.

Serena Learns Mom's Lesson

first-time biguy52x 2018-02-14

There were 4 or 5 men wandering around the store and each time Serena tried on a bra Penny had her come out and model them. Penny unbuttoned her blouse and Serena saw this was the bra her mother was wearing. Penny handed her a white blouse to try on with the skirt. Serena turned to go into the dressing room and Penny stopped her. As Serena moved into the dressing room Penny said leave the door open. Serena told Penny what happened Tom was the man's name and Penny knew him well. When Serena came out Penny told her to let Tom lead and not to stop until she had an orgasm. Penny plucked one of Serena's nipples and said Tom will do this right.

Taboo 2

first-time hornyboyind 2018-02-14

And then she replied, ‘Ok beta’….and then winked at me and told ‘Get ready for biggest pleasure of your life !!’ I was very fucking excited, I can’t believe, I was going to see my mom’s boobs. I started stroking my cock in excitement, she stopped me and told ‘Control beta, first see it, you will get more aroused and will enjoy more’. She looked at me like a wild a****l and told ‘Ohhhhh beta, please press them, please press them more, touch them ahhhhhh.’ I continued to obey her like a silent c***d, and fondled her breasts. I adjusted my hands and landed them on the enormous boobs, and I started pressing them while I continued to fuck my mother.

The Blizzard

first-time YDB95 2018-02-14

Married since long before Sylvia was born and with all their own kids flung to the four winds, the Wells had been taking in boarders in their huge upstairs for years, and welcoming responsible young adults like herself into a second family. After one delightful evening back in September, Sylvia had swallowed her pride and held out her arms for an embrace -- just like she had so desperately wished she had done back before Alicia had turned up -- but Andy had laughed nervously and shaken her right hand while ignoring her left. Maybe today, Sylvia thought again as she stood at last on the Wells' big front porch, cold but safe from the growing storm as she fished her keys out of her purse and kicked the snow off her boots and brushed the stray flurries off her coat and skirt.

Innocence Lost Ch. 01

first-time CreativeFantasies 2018-02-14

Cheryl had spent all this time waiting for Tony in the food court, and now she looked like a fool. Cheryl turned her head towards her left and couldn't believe her eyes. Joseph had unkempt jet black hair and hazel eyes, like his twin sister Cheryl. Despite Nina's casual attire, Joseph still felt under-dressed to her standards in his white tee shirt and black basketball shorts. Nina slid closer to Joseph, and began to carress his erection with both feet. Nina picked up on this and began to masturbate him faster, gripping her feet tight around his rock hard penis. Cum blasted out of his penis like a shotgun, landing all over Nina's cute pink socks.

Snowdrop Wyatt

first-time RomanCEisdead2 2018-02-14

But Snow noticed the looks that David cast in Celia's direction as she walked past. David grabbed Celia roughly and began to squeeze a breast with one hand and an ass cheek with the other. Two sets of eyes – Celia's and Snowdrop's – watched as he reached inside and began to release his dick. At first, she wasn't sure what she was seeing, bit then David lifted Celia's hair away from her face. Snowdrop continued to watch and began to push a finger up into her own pussy, aware that she was beginning to stretch her hymen. Snowdrop waited until she was sure that her stepmother had gone before she dressed herself and walked away from the tree.


first-time hornyboyind 2018-02-14

I wore my normal man's wear with female lingerie inside (panties and came to the lone corner and pulled my jeans down and started I got scared and asked him to follow me to the closed bathrooms for came inside the bathrooms but did not know which one i was in. He entered and as soon as he came in, he started kissing me on lips and kept thrusting his cock in my panties. panties and opened my ass cheeks and started to slide his huge cock I cried out of joy and told him to stop teasing him. He got more excited and started kissing me Then he came out and I washed his cock, kissed him and let him go.

Rachel's Prince Charming

first-time Southernbelle88 2018-02-14

"No thanks, I don't need your pity" Rachel said and turned away from Todd walking quickly into the dorm without giving him a chance to respond. The next day when Anna came home looking dishelved, but happy, she wanted to know what happened between Rachel and Brad. Not wanting an argument or even to discuss the subject anymore Rachel agreed with Anna and said that Todd seemed like a nice guy. Anna took her hands and placed them on Rachel's shoulders then looked into her eyes and said "I am not letting you throw him away, you deserve someone to love and to be loved back." After hanging up, Rachel rushed to the next room where Anna was to tell her the news and to ask her for help picking out an outfit.

Lunch with Coworkers

first-time NPH786 2018-02-14

From the look on her face, I could see Mel's delight she pushed her own pussy into Ronnie's back, and Ronnie's eyes rolled back into her head. Mel walked around the side of the bed, climbed up over Ronnie and lowered her pussy onto the waiting mouth. I looked up to see Mel's face wince as Ronnie got a hold of her clit with her teeth. Ronnie leaned back, pulling her head from Mel's hands and reached down to find my cock. Thanks!" I said to Ronnie while looking deep into Mel's eyes. I positioned Mel on her back in the middle of the bed, turned to Ronnie and said, "Teach me how to make her cum."