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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mommy Teaching Me To Fuck Her

first-time bava12 2018-11-08

And I was so damn happy and horny that I grabbed her boobs in my hands it was so soft and a glory effect she kissed me deep while I was pinching her nipples and feeling her ass with another hand then she started stroking my dick and then took it in her mouth saying oh my god yours is good fucking good Then I went back and forth slow it was great having my dick in her warm pussy I started stroking hard and suddenly I saw that my friend was in front of us; looking at us and mom was like oh my fucking god.

Incredible Time with girlfriend and roommate

first-time onesmoothguy 2018-11-08

Not sure what Melissa was thinking at that moment since Cathy was standing next me naked and my boner was starting to pop out through the opening in my boxers. Melissa stood again closet to the shower head, but slightly turned towards me while my hands moved over her right tit and I pinched her hard nipple. Cathy moaned, “Fuck me with your fist and then, I’ll help you with Melissa.” I tried hard to fit my hand in her pussy, but the most I could do was three fingers. She gave me the dildo to use on Cathy’s pussy while Melissa got back on the bed and knelt next to Cathy and started rubbing her hands over Cathy’s tits.

Economics and Decisions

first-time MuchoCurious 2018-11-08

"Tim and I make off the wall bets," I continued, "and we also talk about women, like guys do. She was a good bit taller than I am and not particularly pretty, but I got entralled by those legs and went out of my way to meet her when my talk ended. Money permitting, it is very worthwhile to take a women to somewhere exotic for a great week or weekend of sex. She said she'd seen me looking at her and asked if I'd like to call her. You've got to be shitting me, I thought. I'm married and happily so, but suddenly I'm thinking of taking a business trip to Las Vegas. This has brought me to an ethical crossroads and, truth is, I wrote this story to convince myself one way or the other.

Our First Sexual Experience…

first-time KJessica 2018-11-08

Tony would then take over by moving my hand away, so he could dip a finger in me to cover it in my juices and then begin to gently rub circles over my clitoris making me buck, squirm, and beg for him to put a finger into my vagina to finger-fuck me to a fabulous orgasm. We headed straight to the barn’s hayloft where Tony stripped out of his clothes very quickly and was already displaying an enormous erection, wanting to put it in me before even attempting to get me the least bit ready or wet beforehand.

My first lesbian

first-time SluttyAsh 2018-11-08

I pull my fingers away and bring them up to my mouth and suck on them to taste how sweet she is and oh my god she tasted absolutely awesome I wanted more but I had to control myself and wait until we got back to my place this afternoon. I got up and took my bikini bottoms off, I turned and faced Kirra and asked her if she would like to join me for one last swim before we packed up and left. With her arms and legs wrapped around me I start walking back up to the beach and where all our stuff is and lay her down on my towel.

Florence, A City Cat

first-time Tiepinkraider 2018-11-08

I just liked to be with her as she was so warm and bright and it felt good talking with her because she spoke softly, intelligently, and sincerely. I continued to unbutton it until it fell open all the way, and she still smiled. My knees dug into the rough wood top but I didn’t feel a thing, as I pulled my shorts off, my inflamed cock waving over her legs and the rise of her bushy blond pussy mound. She shuddered when I put my hand against her soft thigh, inside and up high near her folds. “I want you to open me and fill me to the brim with your beautiful penis, tearing me inside, and I want to feel the pain.

My First Time

first-time AbigailThornton 2018-11-08

The words made my body stiffen… and inside, I felt that wet slick of sexual excitement whenever Mr Cooper spoke to me in an adult way. Suddenly, I was so embarrassed; as though a switch had flicked inside me. My legs slammed shut around Mr Cooper’s hand as I tried to hide myself from him. I felt so stupid and inexperienced – I bet that every other woman in the world knew to wipe herself to protect the sheets. All was well with the world when Mr Cooper licked me like that and I had to concentrate on not coming, just so that I could enjoy the emotional connection of having my pussy loved for a few moments.

Mia at sixteen

first-time NuDude49 2018-11-08

In the room, David turns the TV on and Chuck goes to the bathroom. They groan and spray my face with the white cream that comes out of the tip of their penis. Ryan and David are still on the floor and Chuck is face-down on the bed. Surprised, Chuck lifts his head from between my legs and looks at me. In a short time, Chuck gets up on his knees between my legs. Ryan and David look at Chuck and then they look at me. David's length is between that of Ryan and Chuck but thicker than both. Chuck and Ryan are faster than David. Chuck’s hands knead my tiny breasts, and Ryan rubs soap on my ass and between my legs.


first-time wyliecoyote 2018-11-08

your upper back muscles stretched and your coat lifted a little as your head dropped forward Jake...” The cold fingers of her right hand slid around my back pulling my shirt free of my trousers before scratching their way up my back. As I slipped my hand into her damp knickers and curled two fingers into her wet slit I pulled her head towards me and kissed her deeply on the mouth tasting my seed on her tongue.

Party Favor

first-time ClarkRoberts 2018-11-08

“Yes, here you are,” she replied with a grin like the Cheshire Cat. “You know, most people don’t run away from their own graduation party.” “I’ll keep that in mind,” I said then asked, “Why are you really up here, Emily?” “I’m good right here,” I said, enjoying the up-skirt view that Emily was shooting me as she leaned further out the window. Emily groaned, “Your cock feels so fucking good in my pussy.” I hissed and once again fought back my own orgasm as her cunt relentlessly squeezed my cock like a wet velvet vice. Once her pussy relaxed its grip on my cock I rolled off of Emily and we cuddled despite the fact that we were both sweating and breathing hard.

First Meeting

first-time smoothgeorge2k11 2018-11-08

I saw her close her eyes and she let out a deep breath. She came forward and kissed me hard on the mouth. Sue knelt before me and pulled my boxers down and my cock into her mouth. The way she tongued my hard dick was like heaven. Then she gently took each ball in her mouth and sucked them. Sue stood up and kissed me hard again. I was sucking her hard clit as she was grinding her pussy into my mouth. I started to rub her hard clit with my thumb. I pulled twice on my hard slippery cock. I kissed her hard on the mouth and gave her the gift she wanted.

she's the best

first-time misterh1 2018-11-08

The next thing I know I was in her warm mouth and watching her suck me deep into her throat, feeling her tongue running all over my cock as she massaged my balls, the sight of her head bobbing up and down my cock and her lips running over my shaft was something I’d never felt before, I knew I was getting wetter and that she would be tasting me and the thought of this stunning girl working my dick in her mouth was almost too much.

Turning Anna into a Woman

first-time TxSwinger 2018-11-08

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw Anna shoot us a look of hate, but when I turned towards her she was staring off into the water. "You have beautiful eyes" (that I'd love looking up at me), "and nice full lips" (that would feel great wrapped around my cock). Tentatively, Anna squeezed, rolled, and gently tugged them while her mouth placed a kissed on the head of my cock. I gently but firmly grabbed her hands and pulled them away, getting my first look at her amazing pussy. The thought of betraying my wife crossed my mind, but my cock convinced me that if Anna laid on my side of the bed then it was OK.

Summer Of Firsts- Chapter 1

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-08

I finally got annoyed and told her she didn’t know shit about sex and to quit acting like she was the damn expert, and if I wanted sex advice I would ask my sister or watch one of my brother’s porno movies. I reached up with the arm that was pressed into the bed and placed my hand on her breast outside of her camisole and massaged making small circles. “I am so fucking wet right now,” I said, as I slid my hand down, my fingers dipping into the juices gushing from my pussy lips. My other breast cupped in her hand being massaged till she pressed her fingers together squeezing the nipple, causing me to moan.

Wife takes charge

first-time woreout 2018-11-08

At a party once she went without panties and every guy there at one time or another was treated to a shot of her completely shaved pussy. Becky noticed my hard on and told my wife that I had no self control. After tossing them in her bag Becky turned my wife to face her and began French kissing her. Becky had my wife call Tim and had him to bring Jeff over to fuck them. At one point Tim laid on his back and my wife sat on his cock, Jeff fed his cock into my wife's hungry asshole and then Becky SAR her pussy over my wifes mouth. I could hear my wife's screaming orgasms muffled by Becky's pussy.

The Hayride

first-time cvgreg 2018-11-08

A girl would be blindfolded and have to kiss three guys and see if she could guess which one was her date. The game progressed and the girls were pretty good at guessing but some of the boys had the beginning of a beard so that led to an easy give away. It was then suggested that the tables be turned and the boys had to kiss three girls and guess their date. As the game progressed, one of the guys said that he could guess his date by the feel of her boobs. Sarah again said that the guys were having all the fun and that she could tell Brad (her date) by the feel of his shaft.

Her First Time

first-time suburbgirl_x 2018-11-08

Pulling away my robe he continued to kiss and caress me, gently moving his lips all over my neck and shoulders, unclasping my bra as I lay still. My head spinning as I reached up, holding the end of his chin I led him back up to lie on top of me, pressing my lips hard against his and roughly running my fingers through his hair. His hands running all over my body made my stomach fizz inside, pressing his hand against my breast and his lips harder against my lips he moved his hand down between my thighs, curling his finger over the side of panties and pulling at them to go down.

Our first time sharing

first-time rume 2018-11-08

I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra when we went into the bed room and I slowly took off her clothes. She had suck marks all over her tits and when I took down her panties she timidly looks away when I saw they were cum soaked. She said while driving around to pull back her seat and he rubbed her tits and slowly felt his way down. This was the first time another man ever rubbed her pussy and she said her heart was pounding and she couldn’t open her eyes. As she was telling me the story and jacking me off I started kissing her breast and working my way down her body.


first-time Avalanche 2018-11-08

I don’t want this to end but I can sense her frustration – in the way she turns her head repeatedly to the sounds she makes. She turns her head when I look at her but makes no effort to stop me as I put two fingers inside her.   I touch her lightly with my free hand to distract her from her thoughts and she turns and looks at me for a moment but I can’t retain the gaze for long.   When she cried out it made me actually stop and look up at her – her head bent back, sheet clutched in the hand not containing my own, back arched sharply, eyes closed tightly.

My First Time

first-time smiles69 2018-11-08

The more she sucked, the harder it got to contain. I felt a wave of pleasure sweep through me and my body shook as I felt myself cumming with a woman for the first time. Claire continued climbing up my body until her pussy was right in front of my face. She lowered it down and told me to lick her. The juice flowing from her pussy was a nectar that I had never experienced before and I greedily lapped it all up. Her hand was squeezing her nipples as my tongue worked inside her, licking and sucking her pussy until she started to tremble. I felt Claire bite and suck my neck as all the cum inside me was transferred to her. As I rolled off, Claire lay there with her legs apart, cum dripping from her well fucked pussy.


The Sitters

first-time randy123 2018-11-08

Sara sat down next to me, put her hand on my leg and looked into my eyes. As I enjoyed Sara's breasts and pussy, Beth put an arm around her shoulders and whispered into her ear, Isn't it great?" Holding on to Beth's wrist, I slowly moved her hand in ever-widening circles until it was brushing against Sara's breasts. I released Beth's hand and it stayed in place, caressing Sara's perky little tits, while I moved my hand under my chin to feel Sara's dripping pussy. Suddenly, Beth grabbed my head with both hands and pushed my face into her soaking pussy. Beth, having recovered a little, looked at Sara, smiled that devilish smile again, and asked, "Have you ever seen a guy cum before?"

With a man

first-time silkyblackpantyhose 2018-11-08

He said come here and sit by me on the couch.  I was scared but excited because I was starting to develop bisexual feelings when dressed as a female.  So I walked over to the couch and sat down by him.  He said could u convince me not to tell.  I said I don't if I could.  He said well why don't u try since u like to dress like a female.  Try and convince me like a female.  He leaned towards me and I leaned towards him and we started kissing.  I got such a rush of excitement and nervousness.  I felt myself get hard in my pantyhose.  As we were kissing he started to glide his hand up and down on my pantyhosed legs.  It felt so good as I was the only one who ever glided my hands up and down my legs.  As we started kissing a little harder and more passionate.  I started to undo us pants and he helped me pull them down and pull his cock out of his underwear. 

Summer on the Farm

first-time frogprince 2018-11-08

Elaine had confided in Sara that she had a crush on Ken. She wanted to spend time alone with him. Elaine, Sara and Ken stayed outside, but the rest of the group of summer friends went into the house too afraid to sleep with the animals. Sara and Elaine however were still aroused from teasing Ken. They were both lying on the same blanket. It turned out Elaine had taken Sara and Ken into town earlier and gotten their teeth cleaned and some new clothes for school. The last time Sara and Elaine stroked Ken to spray over their hair, faces and breasts. Sara, Elaine and Ken had many more times when they shared their bodies.

Escaping Reality

first-time Emerson501 2018-11-08

She stood in front of the mirror against her wall and stared at an olive skinned, sixteen year old girl wearing traditional Amish undergarments – baggy, white, cotton shorts which came to her knees and a short sleeved under-blouse. Awestruck, Connor retrieved his phone from the old man and looked down at the pin-drop on the screen. I’m not going very far from here, but you’re welcome to join me.” Olivia noticed that he had a strange smirk on his face and the tone of his voice was almost like the words were scripted or rehearsed. Connor watched the beautiful girl as he drove, golden hair covering tanned shoulders and her perky breasts bouncing with each bump in the road.