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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Health Care Assistance part 4.

first-time Sapper0129 2018-02-13

Gary changed places with Anthony and soon he was fucking Gary, Sheila pushed me away and changed places with , she walked off and came back with her strap on and roughly entered my asshole and soon her and Anthony were fucking both me and Gary in harmony, although I'd never had any homosexual leanings I was enjoying having my ass fucked, Sheila was also giving me a reach round so I was getting the best of everything. Sheila lowered her pussy onto my still hard cock, I pulled her to me and sucked her fully erect nipples, Anthony slipped his cock into her ass and we both fucked her , Gary stood up and wanked himself until he shot his second load over our 2 cocks fucking Sheila's cunt and ass.

First Blush

first-time bobocity 2018-02-13

If I had known that losing my virginity would start with what would likely have been the most embarrassing experience of my young life, or that it would be happen the way it did, I might not have spent much of that day wanting to die. My older sister, who – let's be brutally honest here – was a bit of a slut, was heading to a big outdoor custom car show in Madison with her just-as-much-of-a-sleaze boyfriend, and our mom ordered her to take me along. "You have a nice cock, Jeremy," said Sarah. "And Jeremy?" I turned around, and first Sarah, then Annie, kissed me on the lips, strongly, yet softly, and not sparing the passion.

A House party and my girlfirends young teenage cou

first-time romeoke30 2018-02-13

before i opened my eyes i could feel that someone was touching me, my cock was rock hard and a hand was slowly working the shaft of my cock, i felt a warm mouth take my cock and gently opened my eyes i looked down the bed and one of my girlfriends teenage cousins was there with her head down playing and sucking on my cock. This made me even hornier, as my cock was being sucked by one horny young teenage girl, i watched the other as she brang herself to a climax, it was too much i felt a rush through my body as my body tightened and i came deep inside her mouth, i could here her gagging but didn't care, i had to finish, i waited until every drop of cum was gone till i released her and let her up.

My First Sexperience

first-time shaved92 2018-02-13

He told me that one day my dick would grow and I'd discover how much fun it was. After a few minutes he jizzed and said that's what he meant. We were left alone in the basement so I told her what I saw, and she said she'd seen his magazines too. After a few minutes of playing I told her I had seen her b*****rs dick spurt and wanted mine to do the same, she wasn't sure what at I meant, so I showed her what he had done and she obliged. She showed me what she had been doing, so I said I would work the toy if she played with me.


Fit! Ch. 02

first-time george_slippery 2018-02-13

I was thinking that his cock would still be covered in Anna's juices and feeling a bit squeamish but I decided to give it a try. Taking her advice I crawled up Chris's body planting wet kisses all over his tummy, chest, neck, face and finally his lips. I lifted up and heard a 'plip' as my sopping wet lips closed, then down again, easing my pussy all the way down, completely enveloping his cock inside my body. I could feel what seemed to be a flood of juices gushing from my pussy all over Chris's cock, hair, over his groin and legs and onto the quilt.

How it started

first-time stevesthe1 2018-02-13

As each day passed the feelings of excitement grew stronger and each evening when I asked if she'd seen Rob that day my spirits deflated a little when she told me no. yes I said, It's just that I feel a bit nervous about what you told me , going to meet Rob like that. I began to breathe heavily and she gently told me to stay calm as she sexily kissed and caressed me then her hand went to find my cock as though to check if it was hard it was. I kept telling him it was wrong and I shouldn't be doing this but all the time we talked I allowed him to kiss me and his hands went from my tits to stroke the inside of my thigh.

Uncle Timmy takes control...Part 2

first-time 2018-02-13

He raised his hand to me again as I rose to my knees before him and I found myself face to face,as it were,with a large bulge in his trousers.My mouth fell open and my cunt gave a little leap.He saw the half smile on my face and knew what I was thinking and I saw his big cock twitch through the corduroy. "But Uncle Timmy I'd be terrified of getting a baby" I said coyly.I felt very much in control of him and knew he would put on a condom and fuck me.That thing I had wanted so long would happen...Not with Padraig but with a good hard cock anyway.

My First - A True Story

first-time 2018-02-13

I wondered what it was like, since the girls in the videos seemed to love it so much when a hard cock thrust in and out of their mouths, and shot a hot load all over their face. I couldn't drive yet, but I learned there was a way to walk to a rest area on the local highway, through the woods. I took his hard cock in my hand, and started to stroke it. The guy started brearhing hard, and said "I'm gonna come" in a hoarse voice. I was left with a hard cock in my pants and my hand covered in my own come, which I wiped on some leaves and later rinsed in a stream. Every single time, I loved making a guy come with my mouth.

Hear No Evil - Part 2

first-time Lil_Nicky 2018-02-13

Suddenly Mr Kobaiyoshi is behind Rinko, awakening her from trance like state, he lifted the hem of her skirt and slowly, tantalisingly slowly, exposed her panty covered bottom, his hands moving to feel the firmness of her buttocks before moving to the waistband of her panties and sliding them down. Rinko sighed and felt her legs almost collapse with the pleasure. He sucked harder and harder, until Rinko felt she would cum, but he allowed her tit to flop out of his mouth, wet with his saliva. All inhibitions now gone Rinko dropped to her knees, opened her mouth willingly and licked his cock. He pushed on his cock and was fully inside Rinko, her over lubricated cunt offering no resistance.

His wife's fishing luck changes

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-02-13

I explained to my wife that when the bobber went under she would have to wait at least five minutes or she would pull the bait away from the fish. But as time went on and she couldn't make the bobber go down again by staring, her interest in fishing ebbed and again she held the pole between her legs. It lay for a moment of the floor of the boat wildly wiggling and my wife reached over to grab her fishing pole, but instead of reaching for the hook, she grabbed the handle and slipped the condom off of it. The fish pulled hard and I set the hook it was a big one by the way it stripped line off the reel.

fantasy with my s****r

first-time 2018-02-13

we are both going out to the same pub and night club with our mates, as we are walking upstairs to get ready she takes off her work shirt so i can see just her bra on her bare back, she goes into her room and takes the rest of her clothes of, as she walks past my room i see her arse a little as the towel is moving i get a little hard and im thinking of her rubbing soapy water all over her body her massive tits and her hopefully hairy cunt.

First Taste of Black Cock and Cum Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-02-13

I replied, “I have read many cuckold stories where dominant black men have huge cocks and balls, I continued to explain, “These white men enjoy seeing the large black cocks and balls thrusting into Lamont told me to lean forward and begin stroking his cock, and it really felt good to have that hefty Lamont told me to suck his balls as I stroked his cock, and when I didn’t move right away, he leaned this big, black cock in my mouth was wonderful, and I could taste the precum that was flowing After a few minutes of rest he told me to start sucking his cock again, and he actually got hard again and fed me another load of his thick cum.

kate 4

first-time sissychris 2018-02-13

She pushed the bed clothes off me, I went to sit up, lay still she said, her mouth moving down my body, I could feel her still erect nipples rubbing against my skin, her tongue licking my belly button , her mouth drifted down towards my limp cock, She pulled my foreskin up my shaft, more cum oozed from my cock, she licked it with her head facing me smiling,she then put her lips over the head and sucked her tongue going around slowly in circles, my cock started to stiffen,her other hand gently stroking my balls It was Paul where are you, I'm on my way I said, I put on my shorts and trainers and put Kate's knickers and tights back in the wash basket , grabbed a t shirt, and run to the training,

Rob & Summer

first-time love-fist 2018-02-13

In the 5 year gap, Summer and Rob had become far closer than most Father and daughters, they holidayed together, ate together, and spent most of their free time just relaxing together. The sun always had the same effect on Summer, added to the frustration she'd felt recently, meant her imagination ran wild, and she began to feel aroused, while enjoying the delirious sexual fantasies that seemed vividly real in the ethereal semi u*********s place between sl**p and awake. His strong hands felt brilliant on Summers bare shoulders as his strong fingers worked the oil into her hot,smooth skin, and in her state, let out a soft moan

MRS COPPIN'S PANTS ...cuntinued

first-time eagerto 2018-02-13

This day I had to make do with her pretty clean ones and I was a bit disappointed -- but still excited as I took my pants off and softly rubbed the crutch of a pair of beautiful peach coloured scanties up and down my aching young cock -- god, it was lovely -- just like what I imagined fucking would be like. I took a lovely satiny pair panties out of the drawer and pulled them on.I nearly shot as I pulled them up my thighs and over my bulging cock so stiff it was quivering and looked at myself in the mirror -- fantastic!

Exercising with Benefits Ch. 01

first-time Bigguyyyyy 2018-02-13

Maybe a year or so after he left, I came home from school one day and there was Mrs Thompson in a leotard. While I had not really thought of Mrs. Thompson in a sexual way before, it was hard not to as she bent and stretched in that tight leotard. When I was 18 and finishing my senior year in high school, I made a point of stopping over most days to see Mrs. Thompson. The week before I became 19 and I dropped in one day to find Mrs. Thompson had not started her exercises yet. Without even looking up at me, Cheryl took my cock in her hand. Cheryl took a step backward and slowly started to undo the buttons on her blouse.

Sex Studio Secrets #24: Michelle-1

first-time petdyke 2018-02-13

Michelle is a slender sexy brunette beauty in her early twenties who loves to be taken well. Michelle's love lips start to swell as well as her clit, it sticks her head out to look who's there. Michelle gets glimpses during the dance of his balls before her eyes in two mirrors how he hits her! Michelle closes her eyes as the pain turns to pleasure and has another orgasm at a new level of love. She longs to be taken now, hard and fast for her fourth sexy explosion which makes her squirt a bit. Michelle now it is my turn to teach you my favourite position and type of foxy foreplay for more! Michelle I invite you to a special sexy session on my chaise longue.

Two Captives Ch. 02

first-time BlewWater69 2018-02-13

When the two brothers spotted Sally and Sarah standing outside their tepee, they walked over to them. Sarah grabbed Sally and they struggled to find an opening in the raspberry bushes to allow them to run from the bear. As the small party moved at an angle to intersect the main formation, the girls watched the long line of ponies and Indians crossing the plain. Sarah and Sally unpacked their buffalo hide blankets from their travois and prepared a spot to sleep on the opposite side of the fire from the leader and his wife. Sarah walked alongside the wife while Sally and the daughter rode on one of the travois and continued playing.

First time that He came to my House

first-time tigerbiman 2018-02-13

Ok, this was a lucky day since my f****y was not at home, so I contacted him, still talking about Daddy the guy that took my virginity, I told him I was home alone and had a good time and house for myself, so he started driving to my house while he got there I was checking that everything was ready, my room to look nice, in order, a body mirror against the opposite wall, right set were I could see myself being fucked yeah it was in front of one of the sides of the bed, and then I recheck everything I thought I was ready, when neighbors decided to cut the bushes on the side of our street it was a just one entrance street and all neighbors were outside, I was like oh damn, the worse part was later, he arrived home, we went inside and upstairs where my room was, he saw the mirror so he knew what I wanted, I believe we talked about that before meeting in few or our hot mails.

My Lustful Fantasy

first-time BogeyBlack 2018-02-13

And so, one day Tree comes home say’s nothing until we’re alone one evening and I’d had a couple of glasses of wine as I do, when she nontionately mentions that she saw Dave in Sainsbury’s while shopping with her mum yesterday and that afterwards they shared a cup of coffee, her mum had made an excuse to go and get something she’d forgotten to buy and while she was away they’d arranged to meet one day later the following week. She didn’t say when they were going to meet but every time her phone rang or bleeped or that she said she had to go somewhere the thought of her meeting Dave was always in my mind especially after what she’d admitted to earlier.

The Virgin Cums Twice

first-time gentleman300 2018-02-13

Vannessa looked up at them both and replied, voice shaking, "I'll do it" She took hold of the hard cock and stroked it gently while he dropped his pants for her to see. Guiding her to the bed he lay her down while she was caressing her right nipple with one hand and his cock with another. He started at her neck, kissing and gently sucking, moving to her beasts he started to caress both and she ran her fingers through her hair. Her moans started to increase as she lay, legs wide open, fiercely grasping her breasts, eyes closed, looking down to him every so often biting her lip. "Fuck!!!" she screamed as she cocked her head back eyes closed tight.

Cousin Tom Teaches Me About Jacking Off.

first-time 2018-02-13

Jacking off is playing with your cock while you think about a naked girl and what it would be like to fuck her." I nodded my head and wondered what he meant about playing with your cock. I knew that fucking a girl meant putting my cock in her hole and some sort of seed would go inside her and maybe make her pregnant, so I nodded my head, not really much interested. I tell him she said, "Oh Peter, your cock feels so good moving in and out of my slippery warm pussy." I concentrated now, thinking what that might be like, but really not knowing at all. Tom said, "Use your hand Peter and you will find there is still a little cum inside your cock that you need to get out of there.

Experimenting in the locker room

first-time smalldickluvr 2018-02-13

Anyway, when i went back to the locker room after my workout, Ricky was there walking around naked with his little uncut cock sticking out. I was sitting on the bench by my locker before showering and Ricky walked over to me and told me that he thought Elaine looked up his shorts and saw his little cock. I started showering and fantasizing about Ricky pushing his hard little rod between Elaine's big titties while she laughed at how small it was. He said that Elaine looked at his little dick earlier (and suspected she thought it was way too small for her), but he wished that she knew how big his cums were.

My boyhood crush 3+

first-time gobbler72 2018-02-13

Sally had me slide to the edge of the bed with my legs spread up next to my chest I felt the tube slipping in some pain telling her to stop when I said that she pushed harder I felt a sharp pain as it went in and out a couple of time before she pulled it out I felt the wet was cloth against my pussy. Rose was fucking me so hard and I reached her waist pulling her to me humping into each thrust, I was getting closer and closer, she must have sensed it she started saying cum with me baby I want to cum with you please give it to me, she threw her head back and I know we both came together as Rose collapsed on top of me saying I was a wonderful lover and she is mine as long as I want her.