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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Educating Paddy

first-time shambles 2018-02-13

"I need you to help me with Paddy," Marge said, looking down at the floor. A man gets an erection by thinking about a woman's body, or by looking at it, or by having his prick played with. "There's something you can enjoy right now if you want to," Marge said. "Look at Terry's poor little prick," Marge said, laughing. But take down your panties and see what it feels like having a man look at your cunt for the first time." As Paddy's adolescent squeals were joined by Marge's full throated screams, I felt the surge of sperm pumping deep into Marge's bowels, and for the second time that evening I came, and continued to cum, until my balls were drained dry.

Training on a Train

first-time goinstrong 2018-02-13

I leaned forward and whispered "We can go to the Lounge Car, or to my sl**per!" She said "It's up to you!" I said nary a word, but stood and reached for her hand. Whispering, I said "We can go to the Lounge Car if you'd prefer!" She replied with a whispered "No, please, let's be together!" I leaned forward and kissed her ever so gently on her cheek. "Michaela, how do you want to spend this special time?" She returned the kiss to MY cheek, and whispered "You are such an amazing guy. After a few moments of mouth:tit play, I stood up - pulled her to her feet - and unfastened the waist of her bush pants.

Tenderness and Warmth Pt. 01

first-time DrMib 2018-02-13

Bernardo pulled back, stroked her hair before kissing her cheek, he then nibbled her ear, making her giggle. Clara let out a gasp of numbing delight, her arms tremored with pleasure, her nipples hardened under her spaghetti strap maxi dress and her legs began turning to jelly; she could not hold them around him anymore! "My beautiful Clara!" Bernardo groaned in her ear and she loved it, her head tilted back as she gasped. "Oh babe!" Bernardo growled, as he began thrusting into her, holding his right hand on the nape of her neck and stroking it, while supporting her buttocks with his left. "You like this, my love?" Bernardo murmured, kissing her neck and massaging her breasts with one hand.

First Time at Jr High Group Skinny Dipping

first-time 2018-02-13

Then Molly reached down into the water and started rubbing my pussy and I tried to stop her but she was pretty strong. Molly told me it was my turn to take care of Mike and she placed my hand on his thingy and started me stroking it. He put my hand back on his thingy and I just started stroking it like Molly had showed me however I was now staring at what I was doing rather than watching Mike’s face. As the orgasm subsided, I realized that whatever was rubbing the inside of my pussy was larger than Sammy’s fingers and I opened my eyes for the first time since he started fondling my tits.

Old Flame Relit

first-time JoshBanger 2018-02-13

she takes a moment to just look at it and says "seems like I'm going to be stretched a lot tonight" and I sigh and a moan escapes my mouth as she takes my cock into her mouth and lets her tongue play with the tip and her hands playing with my balls, massaging them and pulling on them slightly. She was close to cumming as her moans had become louder and more frequent and I replaced my fingers with my tongue as i moved it in to tongue fuck her tight pussy, this was the trigger for her and I was ready to taste her cum and she came well actually she squirted all over my face and in my mouth to my surprise which I loved..

Unexpected encounter

first-time jackelaine 2018-02-13

I asked her if she wanted me to take it off,that's what my usual men clients wanted.She said no,she wanted to meet me in real life.She wanted to grab me,to kiss me,to squeeze my tits and lick my pussy.I had been rubbing my pussy without realising and was now quite wet.I could tell from her breathless voice that she was touching herself too.After a few minutes more of sexy chat,she finished.She asked me my name and instead of my usual reply,Charlotte, I replied honestly that my name was Cathriona.She told me her name was Caron,and said she would ring me again.

Katherine - Another first

first-time 2018-02-13

I reached up, without thinking, and took her face in my hands and pulled her towards me as I leaned forward. She gasped and opened her mouth against mine allowing my tognue to slip and and brush agaisnt her piercing. She opened the door wearing similiar boxers shorts, ankle socks and white t-shirt. My hand skipped over her boxers and back to her hip, slipping under her t-shirt and feeling the warm, trmbliing skin of her belly. Her nipple was already hard and she gasped into my mouth as I took her full breast into my hand. I llifted my eyes to see her body arched off the sofa, her hands cluthing the cushions again, her knuckles white.

Momentary lightness of being

first-time Jimroy 2018-02-13

I had sex with poetry last night the muscle's that faded off the candle and beautiful was her bare nakedness tender was her love as she express kisses faded into your lips hands rushing on bare skin pulling our hearts beating as one our bodies creating on the road to her poetic intercourse on our journey to her poetic intercourse dreams was made that night a new me and you was created that night as we shared ourselves with each other we created a beautiful poem with our love we wrote into this sweet enduring sexual scribe with her poetic intercourse we shaped our hearts around our dreams to be together forever her poetic intercourse her poetic intercourse

Church Bitchez Pt.3!!

first-time 2018-02-13

She winced in slight pain as I finally broke her chastity, but the intense feeling of having a hard throbbing cock insider her soon made her forget. Kaitlin was overwhelmed by the savage pleasure rocking her body and she soon let out an intense groan as she came all over my cock. I'm not sure if you can get hard after cumming a 3rd time, so if you're gonna lose it, it better be inside me." I turned to face the older s****r of the girl I just wild sex with. I grabbed her hips and did this slow hard thrusting a few more times, the woman barely able to gasp and moan.

The Neighbor

first-time writelove 2018-02-13

"Do I have to be naked or can I keep my panties on." She said the words in such an innocent way as though she was asking to have an extra desert or something. "My parents want to talk to you," she said, the excitement shining out of her eyes like mirrors reflecting the sun of the bright morning. Each time Liz left the dressing room to model her latest piece of clothing, her eyes glittered with such joy, I wanted the whole experience to last forever. Then I caressed her, every portion I could, with the lightest of touches trailing my fingers over her breasts down her chest into her hair against the part of her body that met my penis.

My first blow job

first-time 2018-02-13

He kissed me softly and told me that he was going to show me how much he loves me. He began to rub my body softly while kissing my neck and tiny nipples. He then whispered in my ear “Baby you’re my favorite cousin and what I’m going to do might hurt at first but you’ll like it.” With that he pushed his finger into my tiny pussy. I took it into my mouth and sucked. He said he was going to cum and that I need to swallow it. He let out a “yesssssss” and started to fill my mouth. He pulled his cock out and said that he loved his little cum slut.

First Bisexual Couple PART 1

first-time mikehillden 2018-02-13

She was keeping my cock rock hard as I began to ease back onto his cock.I was eventually able to get a few inches of his cock in and let him thrust slowly, but this made me cum almost instantly...He moaned and told me as I came he could feel my tight little ass squeezing his cock and I felt his penis pulsate in my ass, I could feel it over and over as he came in me, oh how I could not wait to all get tested and play would feel so amazing to feel that cock cum up my ass and watch it drip out for both of them...after we all came we sat on the couch and chatted, had some water.

Lust Is Fun

first-time CarnalDesires 2018-02-13

The entire 3 hour drive she laid across the bench seat in my truck to position herself in my lap to suck my cock while I finger fucked her to several orgasms -- all while following closely behind my parents. Our hands closest each other, now against the futon back moved from their original positions and began holding each other's heads as our kissing became more passionate and rub up and down each other's bodies. It's funny now that I look back, but the main reason we were trying so hard to be good was that we thought our youth pastor's wife would somehow know what we'd been doing once I took Ash back to her. I worked my way down and around her neck, licking and sucking as I fondled and squeezed her barely covered breasts with my hands.


first-time curiousgirl79 2018-02-13

After the meal, Isabella climbed back onto the sofa while Daniel cleared the food and dishes away. He kissed her hair and realised he was quite close to coming himself, his cock rubbing through his trousers against her perfect squirming body. He could feel his cock weeping precum and she sucked it all up appreciatively, making happy swallowing sounds to let him know it was good. Daniel brought his hand to his mouth and started greedily to lick Isabella’s cream from his fingers. He groaned and she swallowed him, carefully making sure she sucked him all up, and then as his feeling eventually started to subside, flicking her tongue over his swollen head, sweeping up the few remaining drops that continued to emerge.

My First Time Sucking a cock

first-time burkefan 2018-02-12

An arm pushed the door open and a gruff voice said “come on in.” By the time I stepped inside he was standing in front of an old sofa. After several minutes he started talking for the first time, saying, “you like that cock don’t you … that’s it, suck it … suck it you little cocksucker.” Then he reached down and pulled my head down on his cock, pushing the head into my throat. I want to cum in your pretty little mouth.” I quickly put my lips on the head of his cock, still stroking the shaft. He handed me a cloth and said, “You might want to wipe your face off,” then he walked over and opened the door, motioning for me to leave.

Coached in College

first-time WayneGibbous 2018-02-12

The two girls had many long talks about sex and Beth told me some of the details and I also came in for some kidding from Lauren with a never-ending series of 'cock' jokes always at my expense and fairly frequent tries to cop a feel of my dick. We toasted each other with another sip of champagne and then I laid her back down and she spread her legs wide, pulled her knees up some and I got up between them and began to kiss her lips, neck, breasts and belly, then, Beth took hold of me and guided my dick to her opening.

Cousin Takes the Lead (just over the age of consen

first-time 11865ak 2018-02-12

Janice said, 'I am going to unhook my bra so you had better get your hands on my tits when they come out." I was stunned because I had never done more than play around with clothed girls, in the upright position. Janice then began to buck and rear herself against my fingers as I could feel something happening to my cock that was like the night dreams I had -- as Janice snapped my briefs back in place, I sent a stream of semen into them as Janice grabbed the pulsing rod.

Considering Chemistry

first-time Spinneret 2018-02-12

Fiona stifled a gasp and did turn back to her book as the woman extracted a pair of sunglasses from her small handbag, and then got a paperback out from somewhere and lay down on the couch. "Hi," said Nick, at the same moment as Fiona said "Hello." They both laughed awkwardly, and then Louise took off her sandals and dress again and returned to the couch. "What's up, love?" Louise said, turning on her side to face Fiona (and accidentally flashing a nipple in the process) and lowering her sunglasses to look at the younger woman better. Fiona decided that, when he realised that she was leading him upstairs, Alan looked more pleased than startled -- and she liked that.

My Best Friend's Girl Ch. 02

first-time tnhardon 2018-02-12

I had been struggling with an attraction to Rachael, which I had thought I had suppressed; but the sight of seeing her the morning after sleeping with my best friend, sent entirely different thoughts into my mind. "Hey, Wilson, I just wanted to let you know that I'm out of the bathroom, so you can use it if you'd like," Rachael said from outside the door. I opened the bedroom door to find Ryan standing near the television in the living room, popping a DVD into the DVD player. Ryan, Rachael and I began to talk about some things that were going on in school and about different people on campus.

After cheerleading practice

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-02-12

Pressing you against the counter as one hand continues to massage your breast, the other moving down along your leg, sliding under your cheerleading skirt, moving over hot little ass. “Ohhh god baby… that’s it, you little slut…” I moan in pleasure as I cram my cock up inside your tight cunt, feeling it suck me in as it clenches my rod. “Ohhh yesss… I’m gonna cum too… cum deep inside my little slut… You want that, baby?” “Ohh yessss daddy… anything… don’t stop..” you plead, driving yourself back onto my rod. “Ohhh god DADDY!!” you scream as your body convulses, spasming as you orgasm, your tight little pussy clamping down on my cock even more as I shoot up inside your cunt.

My First Time (Not what you think...or is it?)

first-time Exakta66 2018-02-12

Exakta66: Oh yes, once you started with the neck I was getting aroused. Exakta66: I feel your gorgeous breasts with my right hand then kiss down your stomach. ClassyLady: getting even more aroused and i start squirming and moaning Exakta66: I feel your hairs and your juices entering my mouth and nose, it is taste soooo good ClassyLady: it makes it feel real i think ClassyLady: sometimes i think its nice to put your true feelings down and bring something to life Exakta66: I kiss the tops of your feet and then start working my way back up your legs I would like to thank ClassyLady for starting off my July 4th weekend with a know who you are.

Church Girls are Easy (Part 2) Final

first-time Yubadude 2018-02-12

I love you, it won't happen again." I told her, "Well, you did not see a frown on my face last night or today for that matter." The best part, as Val walked toward the shower for a quick rinse, either intentionally, or by accident, she dropped the items in her hand. As I lay on my back, Val started moving her kisses from my lips to my neck to my nipples (a wonderful sensation that few women want to do to a man) and down my stomach. Poor little sperms, I will bet you they thought they were going to do some good, " said Val. I want to make you love me," Val said after catching her breath after her collapse.


Breaking the Law BJ55mph

first-time 2018-02-12

Then one Friday night I got home early for my weekend visit and we created what we like to call "BJ55mph" (that's a blow job at 55 miles per hour) Like I said the sun was just about to set, and we where both horny as hell,---Mary had her hand on my cock as soon as she slide over beside me and my right hand was cupping her then small right tit and was rubbing her nipple through her thin shirt before we even pulled away from her house---well it was still to early in the evening to go to one of the places we would go parking at--(remember parking people)--So it was ride time--I got onto Interstate 79 North and just started to drive---we talk a bit and I contiuned playing with Mary's nipple and by now she had unbuckled, unbuttoned, and unzippered my pants and was pumping my cock rock hard in her soft hands---this was not the first time she had given me a hand job in the car while I was driving---Mary would open her pants up so I could get my hand down her pants and take care of her "HORNS" as she called it---by finger banging her tight little hairy pussy and asshole and rubbing her hard clit until she came all over my right hand---and yes we did this while cursing down the road.---


first-time PurrfectDeepThroat 2018-02-12

He licks my hot throbbing pussy clean and begins to fuck me with his tongue, but I want to relax to enjoy this so I decide to unchain him. I command J to suck my clit once more and take it deeper this time as I squeeze his head between my meaty thighs and press his face into my pussy. My legs still locked around his head he lifts himself up more and wraps his arms around my back to hold me up and begins to lick me like an ice cream cone on a unbearably hot Summer day. I anxiously shut the door and texted my Master begging him to come home and fuck me like a slave should be.