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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 5

first-time vicvitale 2018-02-12

He was getting big and stiff from looking at this nicely built Filly, a sexy Italian girl who was already the wife of another guy. Vic wanted every bit of the beautiful crotch she was showing off to him, as well as those real shiny upper thighs he could almost taste they looked so fucking nice. I remember this guy all right!” she said with a real cold tone to her voice, one that told Vic to lay off the cunt no matter what his stiff cock said. Aghhhhhh!” Vic groaned ecstatically as Filly Gasperi-Bongiovi did to him what only the whore Ellaree Brown had ever done to him, only better because Filly wasn’t a whore and she was doing it to him on a bed inside a bedroom at his mother’s house.

Did you like your Christmas Present Pegged

first-time 425olds 2018-02-12

"Oh yeah," I nodded, as I slyly squeezed his cock and gave a huge hint at my intentions, one I assumed he wouldn't remotely catch on to, "You're going to get the fuck of your life." "That was just the beginning," I countered, giving his cock one more squeeze, before adding, "now hurry home, I want to fuck you... "Look honey, your gift tonight is to receive a good hard fucking," I said bluntly, stroking his raging hard cock and knowing it was time for me to take control. "Good, because I think I like being the one doing the giving," I said, as I watched the cock go in and out of his ass.

Final Vows Ch. 03

first-time 0131aj 2018-02-12

The older woman started to lick the lips of her younger Sister and teased open her sweet mouth, slowly forcing her tongue into the girl's mouth. She could feel Mother kissing all round her sensitive breasts and squeezing her nipples and she knew one thing only -- she never wanted the older woman to stop. Trying to hold herself back from raping her young Sister with her tongue and fingers, she slowly started to lick up and down the girl's already wet slit and revelled in the taste of the sweet juices, knowing that she was the first person ever to taste this young nun's self.

Home from College

first-time loquere 2018-02-12

One of these returning scholars was my twenty year old next door neighbor Alexis Taylor. Alexis constantly got away with murder next door as Dr. Taylor was forced to keel to the whims of his perpetually appeasing wife. It was a day still early in May with Alexis still on vacation when Dr. Taylor called me up asking for my help. I nodded and he responded by asking, "That's like half an hour from Alexis's school, right?" As it got to the end of the DVD the boyfriend maligned in countless tattoos finally appeared, the camcorder positioned on a stand or something else as Alexis sat on a bed.

Gina´s Gyno Club - part two

first-time petdyke 2018-02-12

She came home from jogging to find her ten years younger s****r Connie coming first time, by the continued kisses on her pussy of her own favourite love, feminine petite Gina. Leslie kisses Gina on her lips to smell her s****r. Next she dragged Connie - still shaken from her first female explosion - along with her to join Leslie in the warm rain inside. Leslie decided it was time to elucidate her idea. But Gina had no idea of the long term inspiration which had endowned her. Gina would take her moves towards Connie without Leslie anyway. her s****r in a vague haze of sexy expectations and feeling fine from the wine and warm attention to her, the lusty long-legged locus beauty.

Me and Blaise on a School Bus

first-time Micheal82 2018-02-12

For about half an hour or so after the bus had started moving we just sat there spooning, whispering to each other, knowing we had plenty of time. She slid her hand down my shorts and into my boxers, rubbing my Big 11" cock as it got hard. She was riding me hard and I started to finger her clit with one hand and rub her tits with the other as she fucked me. Blaise sat down beside me and we spooned again, pulling the blanket off the floor and back over us, me rubbing the outside of her wet cunt and her grinding my softening dick with her butt.

He gets a lesson in love on his birthday

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-02-12

He quickly climbed off the bed and manoeuvred around until his limp, slime-covered pecker was drooping down in front of Janet’s face, basically pushing his son Craig onto the bed beside his Mom. Janet slowly opened her mouth up and licked at the hairy ball-sacs under her husband’s prick, working her right hand up and down on his cock while she slurped and munched on his wrinkly marbles. Craig groaned quite loudly indeed with pleasure as Aunt Sharon tongue-rimmed his butt-hole, while Becky wormed her way down under him until she was at eye-level with his cock and was able to suck his hard member deep down the back of her throat.

Fucking Britney

first-time zandy661 2018-02-12

Karen felt good about it decided not to get too tarted up so picked out a while blouse and mini skirt that really was a bit too short, but what the hell, it was all girls together. I’d got to know her a bit through her dad and was only too happy to be the taxi, hoping all the time I’d get a chance of getting in Britney’s panties. “Oh yes, that feels so good, come on Sandy, make me cum again.” I was trying to think of anything but fucking her, trying to keep going as long as I could and the next time she started bucking against me and screaming I fucked her harder and faster and said “here it cums babe”.

The Summer Storm

first-time parkerprose 2018-02-12

Tess licked lips that were suddenly dry and noticed Sean tense, his hands tightening briefly and his eyes following the movement her tongue made. When Tess was left with her breath hitching and little moans were coming from her throat, his hand slid down her body until he was pulling off her shorts. Tess, completely immersed in sensation again let her eyes close but they flew open again when she felt his hand grip the folds of her cunt and squeeze lightly. Tess could only hold on as he pushed in and out of her and when he grabbed a fistful of her hair to pull her face to his she felt the hot electrical power run over her, soaking his cock with her juices.

Seducing Best Friend's Daughter

first-time bilove69 2018-02-12

I promised myself not to let my hand slip back under Tara's skirt and convinced myself that I would just console her and gently stroke her leg in safe areas. This happened 5 or 6 times before I felt Tara's hand on mine gently pushing it away from her panty line but not stopping me from continuing to stroke her leg. I stopped pretending to myself that I was merely consoling Tara and looked at her sexy legs and gorgeous white panties as my hand slid higher again. I noticed that Tara was taking longer and longer to push my hand back down her leg and I let my hand gently linger on her lower pussy area through her panties each time it got there.

Going to California pt1

first-time ediger 2018-02-12

She looked at me and told me she was going to cum and let out a loud moan. I slowly slid my cock between her wet pussy lips until her breathing became so heavy I felt as though she was going to cum right then. She let out the most satisfied moan I’d ever heard and my cock was welcomed with a wetness that can only be described as dripping. My slow thrusts were getting her more and more wet when her moaning let me know she was about to cum…hard. Even without her moans, her pussy had become wet enough to let me know of her juicy climax.

Savannah's First Time

first-time savannahoaks 2018-02-12

He began to inch his body onto mine when I realized how hard his dick was as he was rubbing himself on my leg. James asked if he could pull his pants off and I told him it was okay as long as he left his underwear on and that he couldn't stick his dick inside of me. James began sliding his cock over my underwear as my cunt juices soaking through my underwear coated his dick. James began to try and push my legs apart as I tried to not let him. I felt the head of his cock begin to slide inside of me and with each push of his hips, it went a little deeper.

It's Her Birthday

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-12

driver, a light red head, was wearing a white cotton oxford shirt with seatbelt ticket for Megan, the passenger, when I saw the driver once head, I kissed each breast, then each nipple; finally alternating back Gently grasping my head, Cindy pulled me up and kissed me, our tongues kneeling, I took her firm rear in my hands and pulled her towards me, Unable to contain herself, Cindy lowered her panties and then pulled my This time _she_ looked to me for assent; and upon my grinning nod her chest and nipples as she pulled my t-shirt over my head; reaching into getting a ticket and she’s not?” Cindy looked at me with pleading eyes.

Sir John and the six rooms part two

first-time 2018-02-12

She had spread their legs so Sir John could watch their pussies as she tongue fucked and sucked their mouths. She loves being played with." Beth latched on to her clit with her mouth and kept sucking feeling young Sara cum many times before she added a finger to her ass. he told Beth to suck her tits as he fucked her tight hole. "Now girls, you thought my cock was big in Sara's cunt, watch it fuck Beth's ass as it will fuck your sweet asses soon." then he pushed his now hard cock deep into Beth's ass and fucked her til she screamed. Sara did as told and licked Beth's ass till all the cum was gone and she was clean again.


first-time 2018-02-12

Written with a pen, sealed with a kiss, If you are my friend, please answer me this: Are we friends, or are we not? You told me once, but I forgot. So tell me now, and tell me true, Of all the friends I've ever met, You're the one I won't forget. And if I die before you do, I'll go to Heaven and wait for you, I'll give the angels back their wings And risk the loss of everything. There isn't a thing I wouldn't do, To have a friend just like you! xxxxx

true story of life with my wife (shared) PT 10

first-time thaone7421 2018-02-12

come up and brenda just said that mike had a very large thing and i told her i know cause i had accidently seen it I called mike and told to come into the house so we could get started we began work,a few minutes later Marta window, i told mike to try and make his cock hard and to make sure marta see's it when she returns. faster till she cum's with another very strong orgasm,Mike tells her to get down and start pumping his cock by up and she comes to me still naked and ask me if i liked the show, I said yes it was very good,i told her it made

my first time with a girl

first-time dusty48180 2018-02-12

Then as I got the baby in bed, she sat across from me and said I could use a back rub. I eventually gave in and began fingering her pussy and then she swung a leg over my body and was now laying between my legs with one leg straddling each of my legs. I started back up rubbing her slit and fingering her and she eventually showed me her clit and i was rubbing it real good cause she came real hard and was almost screaming. we fucked 3 more times that night and fortunately i had to change the baby and feed her cause as I was doing that her parents came home.

My first anal experience

first-time bagabwa 2018-02-12

as she continued with planting kisses all over my body,i played with her pussy which was really now wet and kneading her sexy butt.we quickly reversed the roles and i started doing the same to her,licking her ears going down her long beautiful neck,to the jugs and their now erect nipples.bit those nipples until i could hear her was so sexy seeing her kind of driving my head towards the places she wanted me to lick and after the sexy flat belly,i had come to the wetness i was dreaming of when i saw her on the street.there the pussy i was so much thinking of on the bus was now in front of me.i made love to that hole putting all that rocco movies i saw into it.i felt her holding my head there and i my tongue was doing an overtime on her clit.she was getting closer and closer and pushing her pussy to meet my strokes and then finally she closed her thighs on my head which was now fully on her pussy and her cries of coming were followed with her lifting her body in an orgasmic arch.i could literally feel her convulsions which ran through her whole body and her gasping for breath at the same time trying to laugh and saying,'fuck you,fuck you!'i knew i had accomplished something here and that was actually a compliment.

In the woods (fictional)

first-time 2018-02-12

“Yes, yes baby oh god yes.” It was directed to the girl but he would think it was for him, that’s okay the girl would know, and it seemed as if the girl had an other orgasm, “Oh fuck yes.” she cried and her orgasm hit her hard, her arm could not support her any longer and she collapsed on the ground, her pussy started clamping down on his penis and he came with one final thrust and a single “Yes.”

Frat House Visit Ch. 02

first-time jester4747 2018-02-12

He was leaning up against the wall, wondering if Jackie would ever show up when he saw Manny dancing with a guy. It was a typical party dance tune, and most of the room was moving to the beat, but he just stood and watched Manny in her newly mature beauty. Josh knew that it was her desire to be seen with a senior that kept her away from him up to now, but instead, he just mumbled back, "I dunno Jackie, I really don't know..." "Are you going to be alright here? Josh could not remove his eyes from the sight of her hands, her dark nail polish against her tanned fingers; both of them against his engorged flesh.

Plumbing the heights

first-time pangolin2 2018-02-12

From the doorway I watch his hand pop a few buttons...then your white bra is in view , the lacy cup sagging with the weight of your breast. We're finishing the tea when your hubby pops his head around the door to say he's going out . Moments later you're standing close to me...'You're a dirty little boy aren't you Jamie...!' but the tone of your voice is wrong...I 'm afraid to look up into your face so I keep my gaze at waist level. Your voice trails off into a sort of plea.....'Have a proper feel....Jamie!' You reach your hand down and grip my wrist; moments later my palm is plastered against your white knickers, cupping the proud bulge of your mons.

Summer time fun

first-time ilikestories 2018-02-12

One day we had an argument in class and just let out some F bombs. While packing our sl**ping bags I overheard the girls say they are going to the lake and go for a swim. I hid in the bushes and just watched the girls bathe and actually saw a couple of them go topless. I made an excuse that I had to piss because I would have creamed myself if I let her keep going. The teacher planned a movie day for our class and I could not even tell you what movie we watched. At first it was just a little make out session then things just kept going from there.

Tan Twink fun

first-time Randomhope 2018-02-12

I headed down thestreet to the shop and as I got up to the large glass windows I looked in andright in the center of the room serving some coffee to a table with his backturned to me was the same guy, except that he was wearing shorts and I saw thathis legs were completely shaved, in fact they were so smooth it looked likethey were waxed. He pushed me back for amoment and smiled another dazzling smile, “damn you’re so hot,” he said, thenhe reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down as my throbbing erectionpushed on my bikini underwear and smiled, “someone was hoping to get lucky I see.”Then he pulled off my underwear and stood back up as he kissed me more andbegan to rubbed my cock.

Dream Come True Ch. 03

first-time Imaginatrix 2018-02-12

"I think you're right," that being said I unsnapped the bra, I slid the straps off my arms, but kept the cups against my breasts and you looked at me expectantly. Your thumb circled my clit and I moaned against your mouth, then I felt a finger at my opening and I was suddenly nervous, I guess you felt my tension because you looked down at me and said, "I promise it will be okay baby." You groaned, "You're so tight and soooooo wet." Your fingers started pumping in to me and my hips began to move with you, your other hand was busy twisting my nipple. You growled and looked down at me and started to pull out, then you pushed back in, you were holding back, afraid you would hurt me.