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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

First Time MMF

first-time stryker_one 2018-02-12

I heard her come out of the shower, grabbed the other glass of wine and took it her. I put the glass of wine down, slide over to her and started to kiss her and slide my fingers down to her warm clean pussy. After a few minutes of us playing with her pussy, my buddy got up and knelt next to her face. I then got up, slipped my own cock into her mouth and instructed him to eat her pussy. I watched as my cock went in and out of her mouth and his tongue darted in her pussy, over the lips and over her clit ...

The Woman who f***ed Me to Ejaculate Inside of Her

first-time ILoveBigBush 2018-02-11

At this point I could see why because she started moaning with each spasm my cock made and when I finally stopped and said, 'Well, I sure came," she said "fuck yeah, me too!" She said, "No, it was your cock spasming inside of me that got me off." "Do you remember off-hand how many spasms you felt?" I asked, to see if my count of 7 was accurate. two minutes later I announced, "You may want to take my cock out of your mouth because you got me there; I'm gonna cum." Christine didn't move and allowed me to nut violently down her throat, swallowing every spurt.

I Am Superman Ch. 02

first-time Joe Wordsworth 2018-02-11

But, standing there, with my dick still thick and firm in front of this gorgeous redhead sitting on the other side of a broad window at night, was one of the more erotic things I'd ever seen. She looked down at my cock, looked back up at me, and with a quizzical look on her face--with her cute brow scrunched up in confusion--she held her hand up like a fist and started making jacking motions. And now I had to put on pants, run downstairs, avoid my parents, and hope my girflriend wasn't dead, after passing out from her first real orgasm and falling off of a second story roof after watching her pervert of a boyfriend jack off all over his bedroom window.

Didn't want my cum

first-time bigS11 2018-02-11

I would always try to make the sex we did have that much better for myself by edging for a while before she came and taking a lot of supplements meant to improve make orgasm. "My pussy is so wet from playing with myself." She takes her towel off exposing her hot body to me her C cup tits jiggle as she gets on the couch. I instantly think this is the best time to ask "tits" I say she replies "no" and once the sensation from her pussy becomes to much and I can feel the sperm getting to my cock as I can no longer hold them back.

An xHamster Encounter

first-time 2018-02-11

I kissed James when I got into the car, just a quick soft kiss on the lips, and again when we were waiting to turn (we were heading to my apartment which is only a block away). Then James (not his real name) knelt between my legs and rubbed the head of his cock between my very wet pussy lips. I got onto my knees and James entered my pussy and fucked some more. Then James pulled his cock out of my pussy and gently began to insert it into my ass. Since his work had not called him, James told me to lay back and let him eat my pussy again.

The Endless Night Ch. 08 & Epilogue

first-time sexygirl76 2018-02-11

I told you in the last chapter that there were two more men that I fell for that night, since I am actually getting bored of telling you each and every encounter. "I do man the door darling, but I also enjoy being with a woman." He kissed me again, this time his mouth was hard and demanding almost as if he was expecting a response, which I willingly gave. By the time he finally slid a finger inside me, I was breathing hard and panting. Oh god, I feel it." I felt him pull forcefully from my body as he came like the others on my back. So kind of out of other guys, yes I will tell you that like Tommy, I fell hard for Vince.

My Secret Peep Show

first-time adel5000 2018-02-11

We watched in a horny state of awe as he sucked the head, pulled away his lips and then flick the tip of his cock with his tongue. At times he was pumping so hard on his cock his balls were bouncing up and down slamming against his hand on the downward stroke. He stopped sucking and licking his cock as he started to use both hands to slide up and down his shaft. Mouthing watering, a dampness between my legs, Jessie and I quickly and quietly ran down to my room in hopes of he would not discover us watching him.

Your Never to Old

first-time 2018-02-11

She pulled away from the kiss and looked down, “Well, there is still life in the old dog yet then”, hope you know how to use it Mr” she said with a grin stroking her little erect nipples through her top, then leaning up and met my moth with her wet lips again. I got onto the bed and straddled her and pinning her arms against her slender body, teased her with my cock, wanking it slowly and pointing it at her, “so you want some of this do you, how badly do you want it err.” I asked and with my free hand, started to rub her tits, tweaking her nipples as my fingers ran over these little hard beauties.

Exhibitionist Wife

first-time guinness32 2018-02-11

Bob told us his caravan was right next door & his veranda was in clear view of the window on my wife's side of the bed, Bob said he sits out there 1st thing every morning with a cup of tea, i could see looking through the window that he could clearly see into our bedroom from his veranda. My cock was rock hard, it was so horny having my wife perform like that, when she had put her thong & bra on i asked her if Bob was out on his veranda whilst she was getting dressed, "Yes, she said, he had a good look"

Who Knew?

first-time DRobbie06 2018-02-11

"Well Jackson I've paid very good money for this house and I intend to enjoy it," he said as he stood up before me and commanded respect. He could see the intimidated look on my face and like any person good at controlling a situation he took charge. "I see you are liking your submissive position I've assigned you Jackson!" Greg said referring to my erection. I looked up with his thick cock in my mouth and he winked, making me feel like a child that had done something good for his teacher. "Kiss the head of my cock and tell me how much you enjoyed that!" Greg asserted. "I like sucking your cock Greg," I told him somewhat embarrassed as the words left my mouth.

A Public Bus Journey

first-time 2018-02-11

As it was supposed to be a casual 30 min journey to the bus stop near my house and due to the long day I had I dozed off standing there. I don’t know for how long, but I woke up with a hand near my knees, a slow rub, I looked down and it was the man seated there. He got rid of my hand in an instant and started rubbing the region above my clit. The man knew what he was doing, he rubbed my clit with his thumb and fucked my pussy with his middle finger. Every time his hands reached my pussy, I felt like I am in heaven. He started pulling my panty down I got hold of his hands and stopped him.

Just Perfect Anna, My First Time

first-time Paddy40 2018-02-11

And then she just turned her back to me, her smooth, perfect skin was just a few feet away and all I could do was stare, she then, keeping her legs straight, just bent at the hips to reach down and picked up her leotard from the floor. Inside the front door, off came her jacket and I was behind her again staring at that perfect ass in that skin tight costume. This goddess, this angel, was standing in front of me totally naked, her long, blond hair down her back, her smooth, perfect skin, her tight ass and long slender legs "Bed time" were her only words as she looked over her shoulder then walked up the stairs.

A History Lesson

first-time abroadsword 2018-02-11

Carla clung to my hand, it was awkward, I was thinking of all the people stripping and going naked to the chamber, were they mixed men and women, I imagined the dark haired girls undressing, and the boys not for sex but for death, would they have become excited, even if only men or women only had stripped together would the Homosexuals and Lesbians become aroused, I realised my penis was swelling, and an embarrassing bulge appeared in my pants. Carla stood by me, my arm around her waist protectively, wishing I could whisk her away to privacy for love making once more, perhaps the human hair shed, I imagined its softness against my skin, Grandfather said the SS officers often took their women there, they would pick one for a week or so and keep her like a princess before she was processed, they thought they were saved then, suddenly, they were in the huts with the rest.

Sex Studio Secrets #18: Susanne-1

first-time petdyke 2018-02-11

Sweet sexy Susanne seduces me at my sex studio, sent by her siblings to invite my Petra to a party I know Petra has a pretty good intuition and sense of timing so I propose to set up a sexy scene here The tiny tit teen gets excited from the sexy possibities for a female private party in a real boudoir Susanne succeeds in her hot sexy secret mission to shed a few flowers at my sex studio on camera! The terrific tasty teen lays face down along my long legs for her first ever sexy spanking of her bum Ten times she comes for me, turned on by feeling my mighty member so close to her cute cramping cunny MISTER PETER MEETS TASTY TIGHT TINY TIT TEEN

The Sock

first-time Charmer4u 2018-02-11

All trying to quickly park, change out of their baggy clothes, get into those tight ass "body shape showing" wet suits, and go into the surf. My blond dream boy was now watching the guy in the bed of the truck who had been wrestling with his dick; He was facing forward, so the Blondie had a good view of his ass. It came undone twice, once exposing his pubes, a nice hairy bush of wild bronze red hairs dense at the base and then trailing up to his navel and the other time the upper crack of his tight ass you could see the big meathead sticking up against the towel material.


I can still dream

first-time badboyareme 2018-02-11

Yes, I dream of having a cuddle with her little delicious hairless tight pussy. In one of the groups there were many young thai girls who had little clothing. I press play, and we hear to delicious little girls who speak thai. I will then put on movies in which young girls sucking young thai cocks. She will be horny to see the young thai girls who suck young small thai cocks. I will take one breast in my mouth and suck gently, for I know that girls who are so young is very sensitive to pain, since they are under development. It is completely closed and I wonder if it is possible to get cock head into this little pussy.

My first gay experience 2

first-time Hardcumer 2018-02-11

I’d never tasted cum before but it got me so hot I started kissing him back, nibbling on his bottom lip. Jay moaned and grabbed my head, slowly pushing me towards his throbbing cock. I started slurping up and down, squeezing his balls and rubbing them as Jay stroked my hair telling me how good it felt. Within minutes I knew I was going to cum, and grabbing his hips and slammed into him as a pumped wave after wave of cum up his ass ‘Oh fuck I’m cumming!’ I yelled as I collapsed on top of him, kissing his neck as my cock carried on spurting cum up his ass. Jay got down and licked his cum off my cock, stomach and chin, then kissed me.

Spray tanning

first-time AndrewBonzua 2018-02-11

I don’t know what day it was or exactly what gave me the courage to speak up, but I decided that I couldn’t let women leave their spray tanning appointment believing a bunch of lies about themselves. When women walked into a spray tanning appointment with me, I asked them about their lives, and got them talking about their upcoming wedding, job, new date, etc. That job in the tanning salon paid off, because helping women love their body right now, just the way it is, has been one of the biggest success of the Hot & Healthy Habits community. You'll get to meet and be inspired by some of the most amazing women who will help you let go of the guilt and stress and learn how to love your hot and healthy life!

Wife get Even

first-time 425olds 2018-02-11

Only 38 and just got rid of wife number 5, having said that, if I'd met someone who looked as hot as you I guess I'd still have been married to you as well" As we passed I felt Chris move his hand against my thigh and although it was only brief, I turned round and glared at him. Vincent later told me that 42 men had turned up and that I had been fucked at least 108 times by his friends and that I was the only lady to have taken the bull cock all the way.

Engineers Can Be Trained

first-time tustin92614 2018-02-11

"To make the pants fit just right, they have to tailor the crotch to accommodate if your penis points to the left or the right," I said, referencing the only half-truth I know about suits. "Let me double check that I got the size right," I said matter of factly as I set the new suit down and stood in front of him. "He will actually be feeling fine female fellatio for the first time in about an hour, and he will completely lose his virginity by 10 tonight!" I said with a laugh. The sales guy tried to get my number again, but I just pointed out again what he had seen in Keith's pants, and that that is all I needed for now.

Day at the beach

first-time Eagle100 2018-02-11

Jim took a shower and Jeannie and Steve played around a little as Steve pulled Jeannie’s tits out and sucked them a little. She wanted to reach down and touch it, when she noticed Jim turn on his right side, and he had a huge hard cock also. The woman came over and started rubbing the lube into Jeannie’s tits and circled the nipples as the guys watched. Jeannie grabbed his big cock and jerked it and put it on her tit and nipple as she kept cumming to the wand. The woman had Steve and Jims fingers on her pussy and soon she came hard hearing Jeannie’s cums. Steve and Jim both came as the woman put her nipples on top of their spurting cocks.

Train grope leads to ongoing gloryhole(True story)

first-time marinepm 2018-02-11

Maybe one minute later the buzzer rings so I can get inside the building and by now, my dick is shriveled up cause I'm like hella nervous and trying to stay cool just in case some other shyt happens that I wasn't ready for... I remember saying that line lol cause I don't know what came over me but I felt like I had to regulate the situation before I stick my cock in some mysterious hole. We did this a few more times but later stopped chatting with them after one of the lesbians asked me to come over cause she wanted to tie my hands to the bed and blindfold me.

Sex Club for Nerds and Geeks Ch. 09

first-time Peterspeter 2018-02-11

In addition to the chicken salad, lettuce, tomato, and fresh bread, I got sunscreen, a couple of pairs of throw-away sun glasses, and a stem of grapes, which I washed and put in the cooler. I pulled the camera out and took some shots of the food, the places where the shadows met the light, stood up and shot backwards toward the car. I stood in one place on a freezing cold night for an hour, trying to catch the perfect smashed look or the telling stagger. "It's a great place for a picnic, it's just that there's been some vandalism at other parks and we're checking things out. But," he said, surveying the picnic, "you don't look like you're doin' any harm.

From Girl To Womanhood

first-time rachelhere 2018-02-11

Tom unzipped the entrance to the tent and without a word, Alex undid Laura's bikini top to reveal two massive tanned globes with the nipples already erect and waiting to be sucked on. In the mean time, Tom withdrew his thick erect penis which was massive, standing at almost 10" from his trunks, and touched the entrance of Laura's pussy. Tom gripped her firm ass with both hands and then in one sharp motion, he forced his way deep into her warm, wet, tight pussy until his balls were slammed up against her passageway. Tom loved the feeling of her tight pussy, gripping onto his big cock every time he penetrated her.