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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Our Alaskan cruise (and another couple) Part 4

first-time BeckyInLove 2018-02-11

I had it in my mind that I was not going to be nervous about fucking Jim, but I knew that in just a few minutes, I would be feeling his big hard cock in my hot cunt and his cock would explode inside of me… unprotected. After several minutes of Jim ramming his cock so deep inside of me, I felt myself getting ready to cum all over him. He would pull his cock back and drive it in deep and each time he would bury his cock all the way into me, I felt his hot cum shoot from his cock and into my cunt.

Who Owned Me -1

first-time stif266 2018-02-11

So long as he wasn't rabid or anything, I felt pretty content to let him go his way while I walked the last couple blocks to my apartment above the Widow's garage. I started walking away and the dog watched me for a moment, and then turned his head as if looking around. I felt my heart picking up speed and I hitched a sharp breath as the dog's nose pushed its way between my thighs and up, under my skirt. I felt vaguely uncomfortable then, showing the dog my butt like that, and his mouth was open, his long pink tongue lolling between sharp, white teeth as he stared at me.

Fujiko's Tales of the Slut Side Ep. 01

first-time MortimerforFujiko 2018-02-11

Jamal was holding her girlfriend up while Fujiko fingers her roommate's wet virgin pussy. Fujiko placed Morgan's hand to Jamal's dick and told her to slowly stroke him. Fujiko then told her to give it a kiss and Morgan kissed the head of her boyfriend's dick then she was commanded to lick it and she followed. Jamal gently eats his girlfriend's pussy while Fujiko sucks her roommate's boobs. When Jamal said okay, Fujiko proceeds and gets behind her roommate and told her: Fujiko had Jamal's dick pretty wet from sucking on it and she doesn't usually need any lube besides pussy juice and kept her lube for when a guy with thicker dick wants her ass.

what the hell. made me jack off

first-time ericjames 2018-02-11

I said to her “After you cum darling I want you to wash my panties clean with your piss like I’m doing to yours right now”. Her body stiffened a little in shock I don’t think she believed me so she slid her hand around her back and up my thigh and realised that I actually was pissing in HER panties and it was running down my leg into my high heels. She had this evil sexy look in her eyes now and leaned forward and gave me a huge tongue kiss and said, ” Now let me help you starch MY panties”, and she slid her soft little hand down the front of Her panties.

my best friend me new lover part 1

first-time smurffy2 2018-02-11

once he had made me cum more times than i had in my entire life he layed behind me in the bed raising only one of my legs placing his dick at my openeing and slowly slid himself into my cunt that was already throbbing from his hot mouth he started sliding it in slow at first and i begged for more oh my god that feels so fucking good please dont stop fucking my pussy i pleaded whith each plea he shoved his cock into me even harder he fuckedme all night going from eating my pussy to fucking me i must say thats probably the reason why we are now in a very wonderful relationship and i get to fuck suck and ride his face dick and whatever everynight greatest lover ever ......

The start of my Lineage

first-time thedarkone999 2018-02-11

Every night my father weaved his magic words into the air making me pass out, but tonight was different, no soothing words came forth, nothing cocking the hammer of the old .22 Ruger, tonight felt different. He was taking on human form, the man looked back and saw what was helping feed the demon, f******n men and women were and fucking, as if the sight was the trigger, moans were heard far and wide. The doors to the room were smashed open and soldiers rushed inside followed by a man who was dressed like a sixteenth century priest. A howl echoed and the demon simply vanished, the priest looked up at me, I'm not sure how he saw me, but he was looking into my eyes.

Sara's Sexual Education Ch. 02

first-time walkstar 2018-02-11

"Oh god," Sara gasped "that was fucking great." David kissed her hard. "I want to feel your dick inside me." She added as she said this he quickly undid his trousers and pushed them down exposing his hard dick. I'll use a load to try and make sure it hurts as little as possible OK?" Sara nodded slowly watching as he squeezed a large lump of the clear jelly like substance onto his finger. "Good, right if you're ready I'll give it a couple of thrusts to see how you feel." Sara nodded and forced herself to watch as he gripped her waist with his hands. "I want to really fuck your ass hard Sara." David said looking at her.

Entertaining The Troupes Ch. 01

first-time lordchilworth 2018-02-11

I was holding her lips apart and rapidly stabbing my tongue in and out of her, my mouth open wide enough for my top teeth to be scraping back and forth across her clit as I tried to reach even further into her pussy. I drew myself up onto my knees and she pulled me forward, to lay supine on top of her before seeking my mouth with hers for a firstly gentle and then more pressing series of kisses that gradually became so heated that we were wrestling tongues and squirming against each other's naked forms.

Girl's Night Out

first-time mustbtuesday 2018-02-11

Me with my red hair and green dress, beautiful blond Michele in her black dress and dark haired Kim in her electric blue dress, all standing in the middle of the street exposing our tits. "Like the show?" she asked as she leant in between Michele and Kim. She smiled, licked her left nipple and winked at Kim. A "big hair" blonde, she'd had her tits done, there was a bit of a scar under each one, and she had a tanning bed all over tan. "You guys...." Kim looked at me and Michele "......I can't stand it anymore!" She stood and pulled her dress over her head. Michele went to the dressing room to retrieve our purses while Kim and I, still nude, sucked face in the hall.

Studs Ch. 01

first-time LeonaH 2018-02-11

"Why don't you come in, too?" His smile was warm and friendly as he ushered Tony into the room where Rex sat naked on the exam table. The head of his cock glistened as Tony and the doctor watched in fascination. "Stand up, please," said the doctor, "but don't stop." Rex stood, his hand pumping slowly as he writhed in pleasure. While Rex watched, masturbating, Tony lay back on the table, feeling the paper surface crease beneath him. Tony kept his hands at his sides as the doctor began to move the tube slowly over his penis. As Rex watched them, rubbing his cock, the doctor began to move the sleeve up and down over Tony's shaft.

The Girl Next Door

first-time Mr James 2018-02-11

Joanna slid her hands inside my briefs and worked them down to my knees, brushing her palms against the swollen shaft of my cock. I released her hands and reached down, taking a grip on the base of my cock and using my other hand to gently open her pussy, The tip fitted beautifully between the lips of her pussy and I pressed forward, slowly and gently, sinking into her slippery tightness. I could feel my spent cock softening slowly and slipping from inside her, I slowly ease myself beside her and kissed her gently, then glanced down to see our juices mingled on the soft hair covering her pussy.

Morning After

first-time Ashson 2018-02-11

Helen looked slightly embarrassed that her nipples had reacted so fast, but I took advantage by just cupping her breasts and letting my thumbs touch and rotate the nipples, teasing then even more. When she started to squeeze her legs together that little bit I raised my head and looked at her, smiling and raising an eyebrow, letting her see that I was silently laughing at her but willing to let her control how far my fingers wandered. "I thought you said you were going to stop," she mumbled, trying to twist away from where I was again rubbing her clitoris, while at the same time her pussy was eagerly pressing up against my hand.

Reaphair Ch. 1

first-time belab 2018-02-11

She was older than me surely in her mid thirties and she said "Liked what you saw darling." I turned away embarrassed as she added, "that sure was a big cock that woman was sucking." My cock was bursting and threatening to declare independence from my trousers as it stood forming a tent in my pants. I told her "Do it like that woman in the car you hairy bitch." Then she gave the tip of my cock a long nice lick with her tongue, and she pulled down the skin of my uncircumcised dick and licked the sensitive underside of my swollen penis.

Blown By The Beat

first-time jessicarabbit24 2018-02-11

The gorgeous man looked at Allison's beautiful face and knew that this was a girl who had not kissed many men. The gorgeous man watched Allison, looking at his cock in her hand, praying that she would continue to touch him and not lose her nerve. He grabbed Allison's head and ran his fingers through her hair as he began to spurt and unload his spunk all over her tongue, he could feel it exploding from him in huge amounts and was sure she wouldn't be able to take it but he looked down at her and could see that she was loving swallowing everything he gave her.

A draenei and human paladin get into a heated argu

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-02-11

The dwarf armorer had discreetly exited the room, burdened with a pile of armor from the two paladins heaped high above his head, leaving the belligerent duo in the dressing room, stripped down to their underwear, Sharizon in his rough brown linen shirt and boxers and Aestu in her blue bra and thong, her frilly purple undershirt still held to body by her breastplate and the right elbow strap that had become stuck after the six-hour running battle through the halls of Icecrown. Finally she felt a single hard lurch; the balls throbbed sharply back and forth for a moment, and she felt her man pull out and the cool night air on her wide-parted orifice, then a warm, coarse fluid drop in viscous abundance onto her butt.

Tribute to Jordyn

first-time zandy661 2018-02-10

I know what I’d like to have said, but it was more than my job was worth and I told her as much. “So, you work for me so it’s more than your jobs worth not to do as I ask; right?” I nodded, not really know what to say or do. I knew what she meant, I’d wanked over her several times, imagining that tight young body naked. Slowly I eased it in and fuck was she tight, half way in I stopped to let her get used to it and then in and out slowly, getting a bit further with each push until I was finally embedded up to the hilt. She was too tight and it had been too long since I’d last fucked and I could feel it cumming.

Curious Kate

first-time Scotsman69 2018-02-10

Her hip touched his when she moved, fanning the excitement beginning to course through him at the thought that she wanted to get stoned; what that might mean. Felt her hips rising, her cunt pushing at his attention, needing, demanding, the hot wetness of mouth on cunt, fuck so beautiful, more, more... Squirming hips and enraptured face were all the answer he needed, and he drove in hard, making sure to crush her clit with his pelvic bone on the in-strokes. she lost it, wild hotfuck, taking and giving, but all she cared about was quenching the heat, seeking release from the driving need that pulsed through her and she felt him shiver and knew and harder and faster and she went tight round him and exploded.

There is a First Time for Everything

first-time Shady_Lady 2018-02-10

He felt the lady boy's hands on his head guiding him back and forward and heard the words of encouragement, "you good cock sucker, you make Lee very happy, Lee give you gift now." With that the lady boy gripped Brian's head tightly and face fucked him spurting streams of seed into his mouth. The Asian reached out and grabbed Brian's erect cock, "you come back tomorrow and Lee fuck you half price." Brian nearly came at the touch but said nothing and pulled his boxers and jeans over his raging hard on and staggered into the night. Chris got out and moved round to the seat Annie had vacated, and sitting with his feet out of the car, his jeans round his ankles, he let out a large moan of pleasure as his wife's willing mouth engulfed his cock.

first glory hole :)

first-time 2018-02-10

It looked big and I wanted it in the worst way, but I had no idea what to do...My friend never told me how the glory hole thing worked, and I was totally lost. I felt him thrust in my throat and I could feel his cock twitching as I raised back off his cock slowly with my mouth open and only my tongue touching his cock on the way back up. I was swallowing as fast as I could but still had some cum dropping from my mouth when he slowly pulled his cock back into his booth. I felt again the twitch and jerk of his cock and the warm wet jets of cum filling my ass in waves.

Sexy Latina and the old white neighbor (fetish, st

first-time matt_boston 2018-02-10

She had a friend, Rosalie, whom I’ve met and chatted with on several occasions; and come to find out, she lived a few houses down with her daughter and boyfriend/baby daddy. My friend introduced himself and told him he and his girl just moved in next door and were having a get together and apologized for being loud; he then offered for him to come over for a beer. I suddenly became obsessed with the idea of trying to talk a d***ken Rosalie into letting this old, bum looking white guy, fuck her - the hottest girl he’d ever get in his life.


first-time MarH 2018-02-10

As we pulled out onto the main road leading back to civilization I looked over at her and after a few seconds she turned her eye’s to me and asked,” What is it?” I looked for a few more seconds before replying,” Just looking at you, it’s been to long since I actually saw you other than in pictures or through a webcam.” She smiled and said,” I know it nice, I like it.” I thought I was doing pretty good with my subtle testing of the waters so I decided to take a leap as I reached over and took her hand that had been dangling from the end of her armrest into mine and pulled it onto the center console with mine.

The Ranch

first-time heryankee 2018-02-10

Her hand went to my cock and she pulled it to her mouth, kissing just the tip. Then, her mouth opened and Allison took my hard penis into her mouth the warm wetness of it was like nothing I ever felt. Allison pulled me into the hot tub, took my hands in hers, and guided them to her breasts. Her hand caressed the head, getting it slippery with the pre-cum. “If you hold out for 10 minutes I promise you a very special treat tomorrow night.” This time her mouth descended onto my cock all the way. Slowly, getting closer to the ten minute time, and, to the treat promised for tomorrow. Allison lifted her knees, and took my cock in her hand.

Life Saved, Innocence Lost

first-time PantyLover28 2018-02-10

Still in a daze and in shock, he squeaked out, “Well…”, she interjected, “Listen, I am not gonna say anything, just be honest with me…” “Well, umm, before it was just your body, and your outfit, but now that your eyes are open and you are speaking, I see this most beautiful girl, with perfect teeth, and gorgeous eyes.” At this point she smiled ear to ear, and he said “It’s that smile, it just makes it all come together”. He swallowed the large lump in his throat and said, “Well, yeah, you got me there, but I swear I wasn’t gonna touch, I was just looking.” She loosened the necktie enough to get it over her head took and unbuttoned her shirt all the way and pushed it apart showing those magnificent breasts still supported by the white bra.

My Second time with another girl and it was her Fi

first-time Pacemen 2018-02-10

It turned out she was by herself, not having any idea how to chat another girl up or what to do, I walked up the beach towards her & as I was about to pass her she looked at me, I stopped and said hi, she replied with Hi back. Bill paid, we crossed the road to the Night Club, there was a small line up outside, I took hold of her hand, this time Belinda was more comfortable in doing this, when we got to the bouncer, he asked us if we were together, we both said yes & he removed the rope to go up the stairs.