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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Losing the V-Card

first-time Franchise11 2018-02-10

However, Michelle was undeniably pretty, and had the body type I had lusted over for so long - large, full breasts and a big round ass to go along with them. Michelle once again removed her breast from my mouth and I was momentarily disappointed until I saw she was moving down toward my hips. I felt the tip of her warm, wet tongue touch that point where the penis and scrotum meet, as she slowly began to drag it to the very tip and back again. I wetted two fingers and slid them gently into her pussy, moving them in and out as I licked, sucked on, and lightly flicked her clit with the tip of my tongue.

Their First Time

first-time mutepenguin 2018-02-10

She reached out and placed her hand on his chest. He put his hands on her hips and slid her skirt down revealing matching panties. He brought one of his hands up to the other small mound on her chest and lightly pinched the nipple. She lifted her hips as he slid the panties passed her ass. He threw the small wad of lace on the floor and looked at the perfect body lying in front of him. The girl felt shivers running through her nubile body as he ran his hand over her bare vulva. He stood up off the bed and pushed his boxer briefs to the floor. She felt like her body was going to explode.

Church Girls are easy (part one)

first-time Yubadude 2018-02-10

As I was going through the produce isle, a girl that I had met that morning walked up to me and said, "Hi, I remember you from Church, but I did not catch your name." At that point, she held out her hand and said, "I'm Valerie Miller." " Valerie, saw me sitting on the bleachers (there were not many people at the match so I was not hard to miss), walked up to me and said, "After showers, some of us are going to the Graduate wanna come?" I agreed. I moved down to her back and as I ran my hands up and down her lats, Val just moaned and said, "God, that feels so good." I continued to her butt and hips.

My Wife's First Black Man...

first-time contrastcpl 2018-02-10

He had me thinking about them and then he'd ask me, "Would you touch his body?" "Yes!" "Would you hold his cock in you hands?" "Yes!" "Would you suck his cock, his black cock?!" and I literally pictured putting his black cock in my mouth and sucking it, "Yes, I'd suck his black cock!" "Would you fuck this black man, would you open your legs and let him put his big black cock inside you?!" I thought about it and really felt soo turned on of the thought of being fucked by my black friend and said, " Yes, I'd fuck that black cock all night long!" but I could not get passed doing this with one of these guys from work.

Blue Christmas

first-time brainfade 2018-02-10

While waiting I wandered round the room and looked at the magazines and DVDs. There were all porn. What with my loneliness and Sally's past, we were a miserable pair by the time the doorbell rang and Steve came in. I made him another hot chocolate while Sally used my coat as cover while putting her, now mostly dry, clothes back on. While Sally turned everything off and locked up, I poured the petrol into my car, and drove it across to just outside the house. The doors closed, and a blast of warm air tried to cut the chill in the wood panelled box. When she looked through and saw her clothes by the machine her smile filled the room.

Reserved Jenny Finds Herself Ch. 02

first-time Eden69 2018-02-10

I could tell Jenny was a different woman when I first saw her doing that weird thing with her hair. I love the sound of the water." She had made her way to the bed and was looking out the French windows to the expansive sea. I pushed her gently onto the bed and grabbed her wrists and kissed her gently on the lips. I worked my way down her beautiful pale white skin, lingering on her perky breasts. Then, I switched, as my tongue pushed down on her large hood while my fingers slowly worked themselves inside her. I kissed her mouth hard and grabbed her hips with both hands, pulling myself deeper into me. I found a beautiful inn right down the street that faced the water.


Quality Time with Gramma

first-time luv2taste 2018-02-10

We spent time at her house as well and everyone loved Gramma Phyllis. Girl, that is the body that God gave you and you need to love it and maximize its' strengths and work on it's weaknesses. Phyllis said, "I would love to." She pushed me back on the counter-top and spread my legs. I closed my eyes and drank up the flood of feelings as Phyllis licked and sucked. My cunt was dripping and I was really feeling like I wanted to be fucked. As I was taking in all the tastes and sensations of a cock in my mouth, I felt Mark's hand parting my legs for access to my pussy. Like Phyllis explained, you need to find yourself and be comfortable with you.


sex with neighbor aunty

first-time saif24 2018-02-10

I went inside and asked for the house, suddenly one little girl came and started shouting, aunty when is uncle going to come? After 2 minutes, I grew bolder and slowly pushed my hand to the right from front and gave a gentle squeeze on her waist. While playing with the boob I slowly started moving my left hand further deep in the petticoat. I was pressing her boobs over her dress, she pushed me off, and said ‘BAD BOY, sweetie will come at any moment. I slid my hands under her salwar and squeezed her boom boom breasts, after a few seconds I understood, that she had surrendered herself completely, and started to enjoy, I rammed her with full speed and came in her vagina after 10 minutes.

First Time

first-time fahad 2018-02-10

Much later, Shazia gently pushed my face away from her breasts and whispered, "I have a present for you." She reached into the drawer of her nightstand, pulled out a package of condoms and put them into my hand. Although I hadn't touched my penis, I'd actually ejaculated a few minutes after I'd started eating Shazia out, leaving an embarrassing spot on the bed sheets. Shazia squealed as the condom slipped out of her fingers and fell onto her chest, splashing my cum onto her breasts. "You've got cum on your face," Shazia said. As she was fitting the tight latex onto my stiff cock, Shazia asked, "Have you fucked boys in the ass?"

How I became a Voyeur Part 3

first-time icancu2 2018-02-10

As she turned around and I saw her reach up to d**** the towel over the shower bar, that magnificent ass, I slowly started to back away from the door, just then the floor squeaked what seamed the loudest noise ever. I paused, a few second’s passed and I was thinking that she mustn’t of heard, then she said “Is there anyone out there?” I should of just tried to sound like I was in the kitchen, but I didn’t think I could talk, plus if she came out, my face was red and my cock was about to burst out of my jeans, so I panicked and tried to walk softly out of the house, damn, a couple of quieter squeaks came from the floor and I gently closed the door and ran down the sidewalk.

Strange People

first-time magmaman 2018-02-10

Good thing, too, because Mr. Carlson got one big log hung up, instead of dropping it and letting me reset at a different angle he tried to force it. Mr. Carlson did tell me the old Chevy had highway gears in it, so to get it going took a tricky bit of getting the engine speed just right and the clutch tugging, then release it all the way and it sort of chugged a little before it got to moving. "You can look all you like, Sharon doesn't mind, do you honey?" Ted reached over and slid his hand underneath her sweater. That felt really nice." Sharon turned her head like she was looking out the window, but it was pitch black outside.

Beth's First Lesbian Experience

first-time Wolf95 2018-02-10

She moved down and grabbed my left foot and began sucking on my toes. Licking me more on my asshole, but from time to time would use her long, hot tongue to flick my pussy. She grasp my ass cheeks and pressed her tongue into my asshole and I thought I was going to explode. I stuck out my tongue and as she got closer I began to lick. After cuddling for a bit she asked me if I would like a good fucking from her strap-on? I didn't find anyone that wasn't home or didn't have a big dog and when I saw you going out for a jog I wanted to have sex with you before we moved on.

Diary of John: The Babysitter Lena

first-time Jcaboose 2018-02-10

By age 17 Lena maintained her skinny form by playing on the high school soccer team keeping her fit and lean, she maintained a nice natural looking tan by going twice a month to her parents spa. Looking at Keira she was fast asleep, giving her a kiss on the head I closed the door behind me making my way down the hall to the guest room. Pressing my ear against the door I could hear light snores, happy knowing Lena was safe and sleeping I dragged my way into my room. Scrambling back to my feet as quietly as possible seeing that Lena was passed out with the lights on I started to move my way back into the bathing room when i did a double take.

First Time with Michelle

first-time eisbehr 2018-02-10

She greeted me with a big hug and I wasn't going to let her out of my grasp until I felt those huge tits press up against me. The funny thing was, she was still living with the boyfriend and the new girl. It felt good until she said," I guess you should take me home now." Minutes later we pulled into the parking lot of the motel where she lived with her ex, his girlfriend and her two kids. She felt so good in my arms. As she exhaled in contentment, I felt the fall of her breasts against my chest through the fabric of clothes. She was so beautiful and I was so unprepared for the possibility of anyone that good ever wanting me inside them.

The Invitation - A Halloween Story

first-time The_Technician 2018-02-10

As he handed the old-fashioned garment bag to his namesake, Grandpa Gerald said, "Bela wasn't the same size as Raymond, so the costume was discarded." After a short smile, he continued, "But Raymond was the same size as me, so the stage seamstress, my mother, your great-great-grandmother, brought it home for me to use as a costume. On the outside it said in very ornate printed script, "You are invited to an old-fashioned Halloween Masquerade party." That explained the strange way it was addressed. As they approached the house, Gerry thought to himself that it looked very much like the picture that Grandpa Gerald kept in his room at the nursing home.

There I Was

first-time Korinky 2018-02-10

Everyone else in our group just dropped, turned into jello and hung out in a cuddle puddle where they massaged each other, did light shows and just well cuddled but when Stacey and I rolled, we became total spazzes and danced all night long glued up against the front of the stage. But when we finally made it to the parking lot, I felt a little relieved because all the other girls were dressed just like Stacey and I. Stacey and I jumped right in like little kids and started to dance the night away. Just then, almost as if Stacey was reading my mind, she turned her head up from my chest and gave me a look like she wanted me to kiss her.

Blackmailed by sisster part 3.

first-time 2018-02-10

Time goes on the film ends, they are not back so i go to bed leaving the hall light on, i lie on my bed naked my head spinning, wow what a few days..I sl**p but again my dreams are excitng arousing the faces blur m*m , d*d, Clare, each replacing each other sometimes they are showering, sometimes i see them naked, sometime they are touching me..Its too much another wet dream, i awake cold on top of my sheets with my freshly warm cum covering my belly, wow what a dream , as i pull the duvet up i notice a shadow go from my doorway and hear a creak on the landing..someone was watching..My cock goes hard again!

Getting My Hands On Connor

first-time kewtieboy 2018-02-10

My gay friends told me I should get a life and start looking for the attainable but I was enjoying the comfort of following Connor around like a lap dog any time I could. I was on a roll now as I continued to paint this erotic picture of his Lynette being pummelled by some bricklayer while poor Connor stood idly by, his limp cock in his hand. "He's sexy you know, Connor," Lynette said, "And I bet he has a decent sized cock." "And when you come to visit," Lynette's voice continued, "I want you to bring along that video camera Connor says you have, and make a film of it all."

Unfulfilled Desires

first-time terravista 2018-02-10

Immediately my mother made an offer for both her and Ray to move home, so he could continue to work and mother and I could care for Laura. Who I did see regularly was Ray. He would come home; see to Laura when she called and spend the rest of his time in the lounge watching sport. I now found my thoughts began drifting more often to Ray than they did to Andrew. "His lips, his hand on my breast; between my legs; his...his hardness," I thought dreamily. I pushed thoughts of Ray aside as I arrived at Andrews's house. "Don't be too long up there Ann Marie," Andrew's mother said sternly, when she let me in.


Constance's First Blowjob

first-time Global Carol 2018-02-10

The next thing I knew I was slurping up and down his wonderful cock, enjoying the feel of it in my mouth and the sounds of his moans. I thought I was going to pass out from my large orgasm that occurred just by watching his cock shoot cum. I leaned back down to regain his cock and he shot a second gob up into my wide-open mouth. Fifth, and the thing that concerned me a tad, during the cock sucking and cum licking I hadn't even been concerned with my friend. After a few moments of silence I told him I'd like to suck him again and reached over to rub his cock through his jeans.

Decorating the Xmas tree

first-time 2018-02-10

I made one last turn on the ladder with one leg on the high step and one on the lower step facing the boys and asked for the star.In that position they were getting a great frontal view of my lasered hairless pussy that had slightly opened in that position showing my pinkness. With shirt in my hand I went up to Brent gave him a hug allowing my breast to push against his chest he squeezed me a little closer and pushed his bulge on to my upper thigh .I gave him a kiss on the lips as I have always done except this time just slightly longer than the usual peck.

Practice Makes Perfect

first-time Michael_Wolf 2018-02-10

Marianne asked, while darting her eyes back and forth between Tina and I.
I thought about it for a couple seconds, and came to the conclusion that I just wanted a coffee. As these thoughts run around my head I feel a comfortable warmth on the head of my penis, only to look down on her having her lips hugging the base of my head with slight confidence. I felt the tickling rush leave my body like never before, and as I came she opened her mouth and started to use her tongue under the shaft of my penis. She grabbed her bag and moved to the door, only to turn around and ask me: "So, you coming or not?" 
I smiled back at her and said I'll be out shortly.

Shopping Day With Granny

first-time zimabean 2018-02-10

Granny was doing the same for Joe. Maggie then laid on her back on the floor and spread her legs, she said for me to explore her body. I watched as Joe pushed his finger into granny's pussy, then another and another and started to work them in and out. My dick was still hard and was getting harder watching these two womens pussy's and talking about sex. I watched as Joes dick dissapeared into Maggie's cunt and then I watched my own dick dissappear into granny's pussy. Just thinking about it made me cum again, granny looked at me and said she could feel that. Joe and I kept fucking Maggie and granny for the next several years.

first time

first-time 2018-02-10

when we got to cleaning over there she ask me to help hold the window open for her she caught me steering at her chest i look away and she smiled we started cleaning some more and she started to been over in front of me i stared looking at her panty hanging out above her short she look at me and i said sorry she laugh as she look down steering at my dick she said you standing tall huh!