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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time 2018-02-10

She said that she is seeing so big dick for the first time, as his husband has small dick and he just fuck her for 5 mins and leak inside her pussy and sl**p off.. She made me sit on bed and got down to her knees and put my whole dick in her mouth and started sucking it like a lollipop... then in two minutes I discharged my whole semen into her pussy… and both of us were satisfied and were in the same position for another 10 mins till my dick came out of her pussy… Chaya aunty was very happy and satisfied after our session, as she was starving for sex since two years..

My First Time

first-time umpire3 2018-02-10

I just know that I have been fascinated by the sight of cum shooting out of cock for as long as I can remember. But times were a little different- no way was she getting on the pill and we did not uses condoms so it was the old with draw and shoot form of birth control. In the back of my mind I wanted to see the cum shoot out of her cock but I was “gay”. Like someone who had a cock of their own and know just what to do. But if she did not mind, I would like to stroke her cock for a while. I love watching cum shoot out of a cock!!

Caroline's Sexual History

first-time nzcanuck 2018-02-10

The thing I remember most about the first time was the sweet taste of her hairy pussy, her wide open hole, and her meaty lips. And to this day, I have my best orgasms when I think of the woman I'm with (generally my wife) getting fucked by a big huge black cock and bringing home a present for me to enjoy afterwards. Not in a bad way, but in the truest sense, it was she who brought me to know who I really am sexually, and it was I who clarified for her that having a big thick cock was not enough, she wanted (needed) to share her sloppy seconds with another understanding and appreciative man before her night was thru.


first-time MathGirl 2018-02-10

John started moving big, warm Herman in and out of my pussy, and it was totally, absolutely, incredibly, fabulously wonderful. That was wonderful, but in this position, my button wasn't being constantly rubbed, so I could enjoy the lovely feeling of being fucked without the urgency of a climax. He continued to stroke big, warm Herman in and out of my pussy, and I could feel it when he would get close to his climax. I didn't have time to be embarrassed, though, because I was getting fucked again, and big, warm Herman was sliding over my button with every stroke. He started pounding into me with long, hard strokes, and I could feel my orgasm coming on like an approaching freight train.

My Uncle Bought My Soul

first-time 2018-02-10

He had hooked them as he closed his forefinger, and with the crotch bunched-up, he drew them to one side, exposing the warmth to the fresh breeze and his warm mouth, there was no mistaking the skin on tongue as he pried me open for the first time, or the saliva tracing from my labia to my anus, terms of 'Cunnilingus' and 'Rimming', so familiar to me now, but back then, the English or spoken word escaped me, but not his tongue, as the rough bark of the tree marked me with scratches, as my body writhed helplessly, to the tune of his tongue, it was ten years past, and my first of many orgasms, they say, one so young should never have to experience by law, but how would we know if he did not, yes I loved my uncle back then as I do now.

Aji having sex with elder sister Latha

first-time rfun 2018-02-10

Oh, s****r, are we not doing something wrong, asked Aji. Latha in the meantime has taken his cock in her mouth and was licking it. Latha stopped him and she got up and put her legs across him and sat on his stomach and took his cock and tried to insert in her cunt. She got up and lied near Aji and asked him to push his cock into her cunt. Latha's pain vanished and she dried her tears and was expecting further sucking action from Aji. But Aji inserted his cock and in one push made half of his cock to enter her cunt. Latha gave out a cry of pain, but Aji closed her mouth with his hand.

Cougar Bait

first-time 2018-02-10

at that point I said the first thing that came to my mind which was, "If I didn't know any better I'd say you're trying to seduce me" she sat up, looked me in the eye and smiled as she stood up and walked right out of the gym....I though to my self "what a pick up Ryan" "Way to fuck that one up". As I swung open the door I saw the woman from the gym standing right at the door that point I thought I was on some sort of TV show because this shit doesn't happen to anyone in real life...she made her way into my apartment without asking but I wasn't about to stop her.

Neon-Purple Angels

first-time Donick 2018-02-10

"Would you like a dance?" This question, spoken from the painted lips of an angel, whose body promised a sexual challenge, melted my heart and soul. A welcome-home smile stretched across her face and she said, "sure." She tried to hold my hand, but because I held money she had to wrap her arm through my arm as if I was escorting her to the high school prom. She smiled and moved my hands to the arms of the couch as she said, "don’t sit on your hands, put them out here." She stood and adjusted herself, preparing for her dance. Her strawberry-blonde hair flowed down my body: face, shoulders, arms, chest, waist, crotch, thighs, and knees.

After Two Years

first-time 101boy 2018-02-10

I admired my body my girlfriend said I was hot and I must admit when I look at myself I see why. Jason knocked on my cube's door and shouted to me that his dad was waiting at the front of the boarding house to take us to the party (school does not allow us to have cars at the school). I walked up to her and gave her a kiss on the lips and wished her happy birthday and that her birthday present was waiting at my house and that my parents were out of some business trip. Her c-cups looked ready to burst and I couldn't wait to see them and feel them up. We started to kiss again and I was taking long hard thrusts down into her.

Breaking the Duck! Ch. 01

first-time GreenFingers2015 2018-02-10

"Yeah, my sister and I played in it all the time when we were kids..." I still sat up there in the evening sometimes so that I could smoke without Auntie Dulcie catching me and it was a good covert hideaway to watch girls on the street. Auntie Dulcie was getting old and a bit senile and would probably need to be found more suitable accommodation after Jenny and I left home for ever, or my poor sister would be stuck with looking after her forever.

The Visit

first-time romper1 2018-02-10

I followed behind her watching her arse as she walked, coming up behind her as she opened the fridge the cold air hit her body Ooooh that’s cold she said, I put my arms around her cupping her firm breasts, her nipples were rock hard. My cock was in need of attention so releasing her hands but not untying them I got Di to bend over the armchair with her arse in the air and legs apart, but waited for a while to add to her not knowing what was going to happen.

Ikky Nikki

first-time tenicka 2018-02-10

"You know, if you take a tube of Clearasil or whatever product like that and put it on your face twice a day, until your face shows signs of white peeling and flaking, you will get rid of ninety nine percent of your acne problem." Garrett wasn't sure why he felt the urge to share the tidbit of information with the girl, but being around his sisters paid off sometimes. Opting to not take her virginity, Garrett was not going to let her go home without at least having a release of a climax, he brought his lips back to her crotch and sucked long and hard at her clit again until she let out a sigh, scream and squeal in orgasmic pleasure.

Emma's Second Night with Black Dicks

first-time jerk978 2018-02-10

“Wave to the camera and be sure to use the wedding ring finger” Naomi once again directed and Emma complied with a smile while giving a blow job to the black stranger. Emma let out a shy smile as she closed her eyes and felt both black men inside of her. Emma coughed and fell forward trying to remove the cum from her eye, when the black man riding her doggy style grabbed her back up by her hips. “Two down and two to go” Naomi said with a smile as she pointed to more black men that were hard and ready. “Welcome to the world of a black cock whore.” Naomi said with a smile.

First Time Story

first-time raymondo56 2018-02-09

We walked in, the lights were off, and as I began to close the door I looked into the bedroom and saw Tom and Audrey on Mary's bed. As I saw Tom working away on Audrey I got braver and reached my hands up under Mary's t-shirt and began caressing her breasts over her bra. Mary reached behind me and grabbed my cock, but we both kept watching Tom and Audrey work away at each other. Eventually, Tom's right hand went into Audrey's shorts and it wasn't long before she spread her legs wide and began convulsing from his furious rubbing. With her right hand she held Tom's cock at the base, pointed it straight into the air, and continued to tease him with her mouth.

BabySitter's Teacher

first-time Ashson 2018-02-09

"It just doesn't seem right for you to call me Mr Beachon when I have my hands inside your panties," he said. His hand was at my waist and the next thing I know he gave my skirt a twitch and it slid right off, pooling around my ankles. He touched me lightly around the clitoris again, bringing that wild feeling while at the same time pressing harder with his cock and popping my cherry. Next thing I know I'm watching his cock pull slowly out of me, pause and drive back in, moving hard and fast. I couldn't help but wonder what Mrs McGonicle would have said if she'd come home the next morning and found us in bed.

Sofia's Choice

first-time yonekhadvash 2018-02-09

"When we talked this afternoon, I did not have the courage to tell you everything you should know about my religious belief." Without breaking the contact between our bodies, she turned towards me, lying on her side so I could see her eyes in the dark and felt her full breasts on my right arm. We started caressing each other and massaging Sofia's breasts, licking her ear lobes, while she took Manoli's erection in one hand and my flaccid cock in the other. We continued like that for a while till I felt Manoli sliding his other hand under Sofia's ass. I felt Manoli's strong hands opening my ass chicks and his hardness pressed knowingly into my anus.

Holly Ch. 04

first-time Maddog14 2018-02-09

Holly felt the vibrations, 'It is more intense than last time,'she thought,'I think I'm going to enjoy this.' Billy started slowly down the street and then pulled in the clutch, gunned the engine and popped the clutch. You've had my body to view so don't you think it is time I get the same?" Holly sat down on the blanket to remove her flip flops and watched Billy get his clothes off faster than she would ever have thought possible. Once his briefs hit the ground Holly said, "Come over here, stud." Like in a trance Billy did as she directed and when he got in arms reach she grabbed his dick and pulled him close.

A School trip became a perfect day.

first-time slavegirl87 2018-02-09

When we arrived at the bar they bought us a few drinks and we played some pool and had a really good time with each other a bit of playing kissing rubbing against their legs me and my girlfriend acting a little slutty but who cares we didn’t know them we just wanted to have some fun. Finally we arrived at the school everyone got off the bus to head towards home I would have to get home by train so I told her to walk me to the station she came along as we walked there alone in the night she kept teasing me putting her hand between my legs it was driving me nuts every time she did that I told her stop it!

working together

first-time teenlover56 2018-02-09

we worked for a bit and then suddenly i started playing with her her gently and then moved to her face. then i moved my hand towards her tits an started massaging thosse little peaches. she said:"it looks pretty big and i love its shape!", she then started moving her hand back and forth on it. she started putting it in and out and soon i cummed in her mouth and then i said:"do you like the taste of it?" and she said:" oh it's very tasty" and i said:"you're such a good girl!" then i pulled her panties off bent her and then shoved my dick up her asshole she cried so hard and i enjoyed it so much!

Freakin' with the Enemy Ch. 05

first-time Stardog Champion 2018-02-09

Expecting the guy to wait for a bus considering the spot where her Mom had dropped him off, Danielle had to adjust her eyes when she saw him take off walking down the sidewalk in the same exact direction her Mother drove off in her car. Each time Danielle found herself coming home with only her Mom's car in the driveway, she couldn't help holding her breath, waiting to hear the sounds of sex coming from the corridors of the house. Having no clue the man she'd been looking at was even walking in that direction, Danielle rung her hands together around the steering wheel as she watched the sidewalk from the parking space she'd pulled into at the far back corner of the lot.

Daughter Gags Best *

first-time 2018-02-09

One day about 2 years earlier John had been at the local store and over heard some high school guys talking about Becky. “I’m afraid that I won’t be any good at it and guys won’t like me.” John couldn’t believe it. I just want to know if I can make you… I mean a guy feel good.” John stood his ground. “Are you gonna suck it or just look at it?” John couldn’t believe he was talking to his daughter in that way. Then Becky pulled off of him and said, “Now for the fun part.” She stuck her tongue out so that it was flat along the bottom of her mouth and sticking out passed her bottom lip.

Fun saturday with mum after shopping.

first-time 24_m_uk2011 2018-02-09

She then said she wasnt sure on this certain dress as she didnt no how it looked. Mum still in her navy dress and now i was in my boxer shorts, i looked on at her as she was slightly bending over folding a top up which was on the bed. She knew that wasnt my hand and turned to me and looked down at my now hard cock. I looked down as one of her hands let go of the bed, she brought it round the back of her and started touching her knickers. Sorry i said laughing, She looked at my cock and her head come forward. I looked down at her swallon wet pussy, i moved down from her slightly, she grabbed me and said thanks.

First time massage

first-time 2018-02-09

Kloe left to exit the leisure centre and walk home – it was at this point the next few days started to take an unexpected change. Kloe then felt the towel being slowly folded down her back – she was glad she had worn nice underwear – it was her favourite pink bra – although still very self conscious of a man she knew she found attractive but did not know at all getting this close to her. The strokes were varied – when all of a sudden she felt his hands move slightly under the towel and onto the top of her knickers, it made her shiver slightly but she was no so relaxed she didn’t ask anything.

Duty Bound Part 1

first-time midsummerman 2018-02-09

The hot sun beat through the open window and the net curtain billowed in the gentle breeze as Hannah prettied up her toenails in pink and slid on her high-backed sandals for her short trip to the beach bar where she would meet the other girls to discuss the evening's events. “Hi girls, I can’t wait to go to the ‘Transcendence’ later; I’m so horny think about it, I do hope it’s as good as they said it would be.” Babs was as petit as Hannah, blonde and very pretty too; she pouted her soft lips before speaking. “Time to order some more drinks now Hannah’s here I think!” The barman came over a little nervously and blushed visibly as Hannah crossed her white hairless legs to catch his attention; something bulged with excitement in her panties as their eyes met.