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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

On the offic

first-time Flamme 2018-02-09

You say "You have beaten you, little friend," Do you, feel a pain in my chest ... Take my hand and rubbing uta the shorts on my chest. You look at me float my hand. I stop you, looking scared. . 'Why do you hide them, you have the sportsbh on, take to move them now so I get checked if something is broken. "Øvrste part of the chest is hurting on the right side" hiding my face. You look down at her tits, so do you long for me, stroking my hair. You caress my cheek, where after moving to my hands, away from the tits. Looking scared, samples and shove away your hand.


first-time OzmanA 2018-02-09

My cry of joy at coming so unexpectedly was heard by all those aboard and when he too came there was barely a flush of semen inside me, his previous bout, with Gina, having drained his balls, but I felt satisfied with our coupling. I got a light beer from the icebox and sat with Erin of petite figure and short, black hair who was chatting with Jane and Emma from the church group who, from the bright flush in their cheeks, I gathered had become well aware of the nature of my recent activities in the rear compartment.

His First Time Almost Wasn't Pt. 01

first-time nortythorts 2018-02-09

She made no reference to him looking at her, and her skirt continued to ride part way up her fleshy thighs without her attempting to stop it, so he told himself that either she had been unaware of his leers or that at least she wasn't offended. At one point Brenda crossed her leg, and her skirt rode high up her thigh. Although she gave no sign of spotting his furtive but hungry glances, after a few minutes - despite him silently willing her not to - she tugged her skirt hem closer to her knee. All the time he was painfully conscious that the legs and breasts he had wanted to touch for a long time were just inches from his hand.

Arlene Ch. 1: Virgin to Easy

first-time Arlene 2018-02-09

I was sure Mike was also a virgin so we started the game feeling pretty good from the beers and pretty safe because we knew each others situation. Three quick deep cock thrusts with his balls banging against my pussy then he spewed his seed into me filling me for the first time. I enjoyed, no loved the sensation of balls banging against me as cock penetrated my pussy, I reached orgasm for my first time. Before the night was over I fucked four times as word spread through the guys "Arlene's available." Betsy found me sometime later and we drove home, I was dazed and so sore I couldn't walk straight.

Big Ass Michelle Becomes A Butt Slut

first-time nvision 2018-02-09

I rubbed my finger over her wet pussy and slowly plunged it into her asshole for which she said “aaaah” and I swirled it around, pulled it out and stuck my tongue in as deep as I could and started tongue fucking her ass making her whole butt crack soaking wet from my licking. After a bit of this I pulled out, swung around and told her to suck my cock, while I grabbed the big dildo and started working it into her wet pussy. Once I got the big dildo in balls deep, I swung around and pulled the vibrator out of her ass and stuck my cock deep in her very wet, well lubed asshole.

Then it happens!

first-time peglegjhnny 2018-02-09

I went into my bedroom and jumped into bed with panties in hand and hard cock ready to stroke. I could lick the head all around like my wife did while she sucked me. I knew I was about to cum, my balls pulled up, my cock started twitching, and a knock on the door!! I swallowed the last drops of cum, licked the head clean, stood up and said,"don't come in, I'm taking a dump"! So good in fact that I don't remember all the previous times I had sucked my own cock. It wasn't that last time I tried sucking my own cock, there has been many times since that day, but none have come close to that one.

A Virgin No More, First Time Sex Ch. 04

first-time SusanJillParker 2018-02-09

Jessica laughed out loud at the thought of the old fashioned word 'deflower' that Michael had coined and used when they discussed the subject three days ago of her finally agreeing to lose her virginity to him. She found the word to be romantic and sexy when her Honey said 'deflower.' Being that honey and flowers went together, she immediately thought of the birds and the bees before thinking about having sexual intercourse with Michael. "Being that you've been patient and kind about my wanting to remain a virgin, I'd really love you to alter my virginal situation, my current status as a virgin, on Saturday night," said Jessica leaning in closer and saying softly enough that only he could hear.

Cousin Cyndi

first-time sancho2063z 2018-02-09

I want to back track a little and let everyone know that the town my grandfather lived in was small and we had moved away to the city but would visit there on the weekends. Before we moved away Cyndi and I use spend a lot of time together hiking and swimming on the weekends or just hanging in the school yard after class let out. (I was used to Marias inexperienced tongue.) Cyndi was working her mouth and tongue up and down my shaft and pumping my cock so expertly that I came shortly after she began and she kept a tight lock on the head and swallowed every drop.

First Time

first-time catsman11 2018-02-09

All this time your are having this pleasure, your hand never leaves my cock and you seem to know how to touch me there, and I do not want it to explode on you, but do not have the self control to tell you to stop, so my mind concentrates on pleasuring you as much as possible before I unveil you. My now hard cock feels a bit dry touching against your thigh and wondering if you have some sort of lubricant close by, but your mind is working like mine now and you reach over and open your nightstand drawer and withdrawal a small bottle and squirt a dribble in your hand.

A Night To Remember

first-time nanu277 2018-02-09

Nina took time to explore my body before allowing her incredibly soft lips to become moistened by my sweetness. All the while Mark is enjoying seeing part of my fantasy being fulfilled & continues to fill my pussy with his hard cock. Nina watches & takes out her dildo to satisfy herself while Mark fingers my ass. No longer shy I beg Nina to put her tongue in my pussy while Mark fucks me in the ass. I pull Nina's face deeper into my pussy as I bounce my ass up & down Mark's cock. Nina pulls her face away & after Mark pulls his cock from my ass she licks my slightly gaping asshole clean of his load.


first-time leondreamer 2018-02-09

His hand moved over her breasts to the tops of them, and his fingers entered one of the cups, for the first time he felt the beautiful, soft firmness of the female breast, his tongue seemed to be going crazy in her mouth, and his fingers forced their way deeper into the cup of Stephanie's bra, and there was a tightness of the bra against his fingers, squeezing them between the fabric and her breast, and he must have hurt her, because she gave a little yelp, and the kiss broke off, and she sat up, and he sat up with her, and felt terrible.

The f****y Reunion

first-time 2018-02-09

you wanna play a game of show-and-tell?Yeah that sounds fun but you go first they said,without hesitation I removed my swim suit, WOW they exclaimed we've never seen a thingy that big before.Now it's your turn girls take your t-shirts off.I reached out caressing both girls young breasts in my right and left left hands,both had puffy brownish-pink nipples that hardened between my thumbs and fingers...pull your shorts down girls so I can have a taste of those sweet little pussy's,they obliged and I kneeled down in front of them fingering Melissa's snatch while I began to lick Laura's peach fuzz covered little cunnie,which had a musky sweet taste.Now my cock was as hard as the quaking aspen that silently watched from above.Will you please stick your thingy in us now James?

Sex with mom

first-time Johnb20 2018-02-09

So we take a break and my erections going down she pulls baby oil and tells me to give it to her in the ass so I take the oil and rub some on my dick and her ass and it fitted just right and didn't like it too much so I told her to go back to riding it so she did and after a 2 hour long sex I finally got to cum inside her.

Up The Waterfall (excerpt from "1973: The Sum

first-time EverettMarx 2018-02-09

My friend Hank and I cut school one spring afternoon and drove to the waterfall for diving and a few beers. The other one sat facing us on whatever that thing is in the middle of small boats. But as the boat circled the water and the beer circled my brain, I found myself staring at his cock. After the boat took us back to the waterfall, Hank and I started our hike back up. The bearded guy eased my cock out of his mouth and said to Hank, “He’s doing what comes naturally. I had to catch a ride home with the guys from the boat.

The Beginning - Kat's Story

first-time BookWurm 2018-02-09

Kat wasn't sure if she was ready for this, as she had just stopped wearing the garments since coming to Vermont and was feeling more embarrassed then she could ever remember. Out of the corner of her eye she could she that the girl nearest her, Karen, was staring straight ahead, but Kat still couldn't bring herself to look at the boys. Kat had noticed Karen during the weeks of hazing and had been troubled by the feelings of attraction she had felt for the other girl. Kat could see the hunger in their eyes; the half-naked girl standing before them mesmerized even the handsome blond boy. Sue moved behind her and Kat could feel her hands at the waistband of her panties.

My b*****r Caught Us...Oops!

first-time cockloving32d 2018-02-09

I took his huge cock into my mouth and Shane had groaned loudly. I moved my lips over his shaft as far as I could before I started to gag, but Shane wanted more. We looked into each other's eyes, intensifying the moment as he pushed the rest of his cock into my dripping pussy. Shane's abs were coated in both my sweat and his and his eyes followed my bouncing breasts as I rode him. Shane's lips moving across my stomach and he pulled my up so that I was sitting on him and he pumped his hips faster and faster. I'm about to cum!" Shane growls at me, his teeth biting into my hard nipple.

Packing and Shifting Services - A Necessity These

first-time anjanikumarets 2018-02-09

This type of added tenderness supplied by the corporation assures that we now have absolutely no delays from the new house purchase and also the things may accomplish the allotted location punctually. This packers along with movers providers within Delhi would be the solely business to provide insurance coverage from the products that will need to be transferred. It can be because of this which they be sure that the particular packers along with movers accomplish suitable controlling from the things in the time running and also unloading these to the pickup trucks. Simply because they realize that they have confidence in the corporation connected with packers and also movers products and services Delhi as well as implement their own powers undertaking different essential things whilst switching.

Our Move to Los Angeles

first-time bufffreak 2018-02-09

The senior partners in Los Angeles noticed and we moved to LA, land of sunny beaches and beautiful people. In the kitchen, Sam, one of Dan's partners came towards me with a big grin. I looked around and wondered how many nearby residents were watching me getting pounded by this actor, my dress pulled up at one and and pulled down at the other. Before I could think about it she turned me over and started waxing my pussy area.;l i was so concerned about her spilling it I just stayed still. This was really;y strange as she rubbed my tits and stomach and kept looking at my pussy.

My Parents are SWINGERS

first-time funnsun2 2018-02-09

They had things inside that I couldn't believe and I saw my mom sucking cock, with cum in her mouth, some with her getting fucked in the ass and lots of my dad fucking and eating women that were NOT my mom. We spent the day talking, swimming and sunning and that afternoon, when we went back to the hotel room, dad walked in and told mom that the two of them would be going to another room that night for some drinks. Mom took her finger and rubbed in over my pussy and told me that she can tell when a girls been fucked, especially when their is still cum leaking from her hole!

my mom becomes a sperm slut for black men

first-time whitewhores 2018-02-09

It was a photo of my mom from the summer, her brown curly hair at her shoulder, big sunglasses over her face, and she was completely bare save for a striking blue bikini that left most of her white fit body exposed. I had never really paid attention to how much she drank, but these days, it felt like she was always pouring herself a big glass of my friend's cum and then licking the excess white milk off her puffy lips. Finally, when the mall was about to close, out came my smiling mom, walking almost arm and arm with my also-smiling friend Jon. He was carrying a ton of her bags, many of them from the beach shop, and her arms were full too.

The Hayloft (Pleasant)

first-time barnabus 2018-02-09

The fact I was dating Steve and had spent time in his arms changed the way I felt when I saw the Stallion mount the mare, biting her neck, and seeing the mare back into him as the stallion took her. He didn't seem to notice and kept kissing me the same as before, so I took the lead and rolled him over on his back We continued kissing and I released the next button and slipped my hand inside his shirt to touch is bare chest. His trembling hand slowly moved up the outside of my leg, under my skirt, to my hip, then up to my bare stomach, then downward until his feather-light fingers barely touched my mound through my panties.

hooking up after months of chatting online

first-time db999 2018-02-09

I work my way to your pussy and begin to lick and finger you, as i am so horny i am ready to fuck again and enter your pussy, penetrating you hard and slow! You then after begin seriously ravaged pushed me to the bed and suck my cock till i was dry. We went to the bed room, after closing the door i grab your waist and turn you around and pin you to the door, i kiss your lips, your heart beats hard as you feel my erect cock through my jeans. when we got to the room i pushed you on to the bed and started to play with the rim of you ass and slowly put my finger in and then started to lick and put my tongue in.

Weekend of fun at black beach, nude beach

first-time into6969 2018-02-09

Well as soon as we got to the bottom we seen naked people so we guessed right away this was the nude beach. We started walking north and went past the volleyball net and found an open area and lay down our blanket and just set there looking around, well I was the wife was face down playing with her phone. My wife rolled on her stomach and we rubbed her back, butt and pussy until he got hard again. Every time I think about my wife getting fucked on the beach by another guy I get a hard on and have had sex every night sense.

Thorny Rose Ch. 01

first-time JayDavid 2018-02-09

As I looked at her more, I realized that she was actually quite pretty, even without trying too hard, and I knew that this would give us all something new to talk about, at least for a few days, until we got used to her. "Madam, it has been one of the best first dates I ever had," I said, with excess sincerity, although in fact, if it really was a date, it actually would have been about the third best first date I ever had, after Bailey Hastings let me feel her up in tenth grade (although that went south pretty fast) and the incredible day I spent with Julia Ventura the summer after sophomore year at Adventure Park (which unfortunately led only to a summer of frustration and betrayal).