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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sexy Man Fantasy Part 1.

first-time MrFun79 2018-02-09

Our cocks hard as we talked about teasing each other’s nipples and fucking long into the night. He was married so he often had to run and pretend he wasn’t just getting very close to cumming with his hard internet-man. His wife maybe caught mid masterbation, finds his stiff cock and begs to be filled with his hard love spear. Dripping wet he thinks of my thick cock on his lips as I stroke him… The thought made me so hard. Lost in my thoughts of him quickly cumming a huge wet load all over his chest and smooth cock, before his wife comes home with dinner and he has to slam the laptop and explain his mess. My hard cock already poking out of the hotel robe...

ucking Wife While Her Husband Tied

first-time 2018-02-09

Some of them include a variable length vibrator, dildos of various sizes, a two headed dildo that can penetrate both my pussy and my ass at the same time, bondage toys like leather ropes, masks, whips to spank my ass and also David’s ass. I had sucked Davids cock many times, but I was finding it difficult to get his whole balls into my mouth, they were huge. I couldn’t believe that David got hard by seeing me suck another man’s cock. I went and climbed onto the bed and started to suck on davids hard cock. I was sucking David’s cock by sitting on the bed with my knees and my ass was pointing to the man in the mask. Just one cock of yours isn’t going to satisfy this whore’s pussy.” He said to David, I couldn’t look back.

The Daughter's Friend

first-time Edgewater 2018-02-09

Before she could change her mind, she put her hands on either side of his face, pulled him down a bit, and kissed him on the mouth. It took Tim a moment to react to what was happening to him, but he quickly put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her back. He decided he needed to do something quickly to keep her from beating herself up, so he placed his hands on either side of her face, turned his head a bit to the side, and kissed her back. They kissed for about a minute, then he pushed her back and said, "okay?" She nodded, now looking up at his face. "Okay," he said, looking into her eyes and taking her hands in his, "tell me what's going on."

My first time

first-time kaos420 2018-02-09

I laid back and began rubbing my cock through the pantyhose and panties all the while watching myself in the mirror I started slowly at first enjoying every sensation i was feeling but then it gradually got to fully stoking with my cock out of the panties and pantyhose till I shoot one hell of a stream up into the air some of it landing on my pantyhose and heels I then rubbed my cummy cock on my s****rs panties I began undressing and got turned on again so I went looking for another outfit clad only in the panties pantyhose and high heels again I heard the click of the heels on the wood floor my step mom had this really frilly 80's skirt that zipped in the back which I quickly discovered I also had a fetish for zippers I loved the sound of opening and closing them.


first-time ladytrucka42 2018-02-09


My first time

first-time CerealMan 2018-02-09

Soon our moves started to get faster and I pushed her onto the bed while I was still kissing her. Now I could see her beautiful breasts and start using also my mouth and tongue to pleasure them. While keeping my mouth busy I used my hands to play with her soft tits trying to give her as much pleasure as possible. I got a bit flat so I helped myself a bit with hand and started ramming her pussy in this position. This time I didn’t stop until I left my load inside her. When we were laying like this , we continued to kiss and when we stopped I once again fingered her pussy.

As I began to fuck with mother

first-time 2018-02-09

His mom I wanted to in 17 years began to peep behind her in the shower and masturbate finished on her clothes and underwear. came closer and began to gently massage her breasts that make me wildly excited. took got a member here who now shoot sperm and began to drive on her breasts wildly excite I was not afraid that she began to wake up to drive member over her lips! After 1 year when we tidied up the house, my mother bent over a hoe, I saw her big boobs, my dick stood up! He began to shove his cock into her pussy but she is very much twitching and I do not poke Worksheets and fucked her between her thighs!

The Lessons Ch. 11

first-time Charles Petersunn 2018-02-09

It's like having a tutor for free." George smiled meekly at Mr. Kirstin as Sara grabbed his arm and dragged him to her bedroom. "Now George, if I am going to sit here with my skirt raised, showing you my panties, the least you could do is to take that book away." She paused. Reaching into his pants, George first straightened out his cock, having some difficulty with the extent to which hairs were being pulled by his fingers or caught in his briefs. Sara dropped her skirt and George quickly placed the book on his lap. Sara was sitting demurely on the bed, and George had the math book open in his lap.

Sweet Revenge

first-time charlieboy2262 2018-02-09

Mick comes into our cubicle now --as arranged --- he stands behind Tasha ---- I move my mouth and squeeze his cock so tight the end is huge ------ I feed it deep into her asshole stretching her ---- not gently tonight ---- a real hard ass fucking for her!!! I dearly want to tongue all of his cream for her but this is not our plan --- no ---- her son sees Tasha --his mum covered in spunk at both ends --- I grab his still hard cock and pull him to her ---- he calls her a dirty cum whore --- then he just mounts her asshole -- and starts to fuck her for all he is worth ---- Mick sitting on the toilet hold out his hand and pulls me onto his lap --- well actually onto his hard shaft which slowly disappears into my own soaking cunt ---- fuck it feels so good for him to be inside me ---- Tasha is being fucked so hard by her son we are amazed -- pure anal fucking !!!!!

I Am Superman Ch. 03

first-time Joe Wordsworth 2018-02-08

My jacking off under the bleachers is nothing compared to the head cheerleader rubbing her clit for the first time on a second-story ledge and then cumming so hard she fell off into a bush and ended up looking like a really, really impressionistic sculpture. I darted out of my bathroom with my girlfriend's wet panties balled up in my fist and saw, on the other side of my cum-splattered window, Todd and Ted. A couple of freshmen who lived across the street. I mean, it’s not a subject they teach you in Sex-Ed--how to explain selling your girlfriend's panties to her, after she regains consciousness. I mean, it’s not a subject they teach you in Sex-Ed--how to explain selling your girlfriend's panties to her, after she regains consciousness.


first-time adel5000 2018-02-08

Your body responds in kind, your vagina lips swell and part, in anticipation; you feel fingers sliding up towards your throbbing cunt and part your legs to allow them access as your juices stream from deep inside you. Eagerly you suck on this column of hard flesh, wrapping your tongue around the head & tasting the pre-cum that has formed; the cock inside you is powering rhythmically in and out of your body as you grasp the cock in your hand harder, rubbing the hot hardness. Lost in pure pleasure, you welcome the finger intrusion as it pushes deep into you, encouraging you to suck hard on the cock in your mouth, feeling it throb & twitch on your tongue.

Ms Ginny (Not true story)

first-time 2018-02-08

The bra was made of nylon with no padding and her little tits did not come close to filling the cup but those nipples were big and long and hard and I could not get enough. The top portion of my underwear was soaked with pre-cum right around the head of my cock and she kept rubbing that area and stroking my shaft down to my balls. Miss Ginny then scooted up against me and turned her back to me and then rubbed the side of her hip and ass against my the front of my shorts and said in a quiet voice, “ what were you thinking about while your were laying on the raft?”.

Taking his virginity. (Her perspective)

first-time Booomz 2018-02-08

After getting my hair done, a manicure, a pedicure, doing my makeup the way I knew he liked and taking 2 hours figuring out what to wear, I finally went over to his apartment. I could tell he wasn't going to make the first move so I finally took his hand and put it on my breast. It was also the most handsome penis I had ever seen and I remember the big bulging head turning me on to no end. After a couple more tries with no more success he finally said he thought some lube might help. Like a gentleman he said it was okay and put his underwear back on and handed me my clothes.

Half Way

first-time Watcher55 2018-02-08

When I reach that point my husband knew that I was not going to be able to last much longer so he knelt in front of me and with no help from his hands just that lovely erect penis of his I mean my god well he placed the head of it just at the opening of my pussy and as I did he made it go up and down the length of my labia. Yes my legs we wide open and I was bottomless for another man but right now I didn’t really care the cool air on my labia felt exquisite and to have Bob looking that close just added to it and then it hit me another orgasm I closed my eyes rested my head on the back of the couch and just let the feel wash over me.

Daughter begging for domination

first-time chunkygoat 2018-02-08

I didn't know how to react, as much as I tried to fight it I kept remembering her with two of her fingers deep inside her moist vagina, and her other hand inside her mouth as she sucked on her fingers and repeated the words "fuck me like the little slut I am". I couldn't fuck her as fast as my sex crazed mind wanted to, although her pussy was soaking wet I had to f***e my cock past her tight cunt. "Your going to cum all over your daddy you fucking slut" I screamed at her while I trying not to blow my loss inside her ass. My daughter looked at me while she was still mid orgasm I blew the largest load of my life deep inside her pussy.

First Time in the Park

first-time SaraOz 2018-02-08

I wanted to undo the top few buttons of my uniform when I got to the park, as I kind of liked the idea of maybe a boy or older guy looking down my top at my little boobs. I was about to walk into the bush track and not know who I would see, would it be an older man, or maybe a boy from my school, or would I not see anyone at all. As I played with his cock in his pants, his hand came over to my top and undid the last button on my uniform, so know my top was open all the way.

Redemption Pt. 01

first-time Declan Cravens 2018-02-08

It had strained their relationship when Jackson had first started dating Nicola but she thought she had done a pretty good job of hiding her feelings. Oblivious, Brenna let her body sway to the music, unaware that she was getting some pretty serious attention from boys that had never seen her looking like that. Jackson knew and had agreed to keep it secret from their far too sensitive friend Brenna. "Look, Brenna, every time that Nic and I have had a fight or broken up or had issues, you've had to hear about it, try to smooth things over and make it right. Nicola looked at her friend for a long moment, making Brenna wonder what was going on in her head.

First Resort

first-time byronbert 2018-02-08

I would have thought an attractive young man like you would have no problem finding female company." She had somehow gone from no present girl friend to never having had a girlfriend. Did you know that for women, it's their thirties when they reach their sexual peak?" I had heard something like that about sexual peaks but, pragmatically, I think I was a little young for my sexual peak and she was a little old but I was in no mind to quibble. In quick thinking fashion she thrust her head from out behind the curtain and looked out to see her husband standing in the door way.

My Mature BBW Tease Encounter

first-time 2018-02-08

Me and my girl had already gone to our room and begun to get ready for some sex when i had heard her mother in the living room talking on the phone, I took this chance to give my girl a reason for me to go to the kitchen so i could get one last look, I had asked if she wanted some water with ice, and i felt so excited after she had said yes. I asked if she wanted some water and she said yes, so after getting her a glass i walked over to her right as she was folding a pair of her sexy satin lace panties almost as she new i had a panty fetish.

first time cumming in her mouth true story

first-time cooterliker 2018-02-08

I stretched out and relaxed while she kept a rythm with her mouth on my cock and in a very short time, I felt like I might actually be able to cum from her giving me head! Usually, she would tell me to cum all over her pussy but not today, I was so fucking horny that I slammed my cock as deep in her as I could get and started pumping my load deep inside her. After letting my cock drain and go limp inside her we layed together there on the floor and she told me she could feel my cum running out of her pussy so I positioned myself where I could watch which I love to do.

You've Got Shemale.

first-time MysticDude 2018-02-08

I actually had decided just before I moved to stop just having sex with women and find someone serious about dating. We went to the bed, our lips never parting, and quickly entangled ourselves together as we passionately kissed for what seemed like moments, but actually turned out to be a few hours. She rested a hand on my crotch and I shuddered a bit as what felt like electricity came from her fingers. I actually grabbed the sheets, something I'd never done before like this, in passion, pleasure, and excitement. "You sure we can't do something else?" I asked, flexing my PC muscle to make my penis twitch and Amy actually looked a bit surprised at how much I could move it.

Ludmilla's Muse

first-time SophiaPhoenix 2018-02-08

"Yes." Sung-heon blushed and Ludmilla regretted not wearing underwear briefly, squeezing her thighs on a warm, sticky splotch. "Yes, that will be very good." Ludmilla tousled his hair playfully with a hand, also the first she had done that, surprising Sung-heon with her exit. Sung-heon was pleasantly confused when Ludmilla returned and sitting close enough to overlap her bare shoulder on his, he flinched. Sung-heon's mouth contorted, he lunged into her depth, finding a place only she knew, thrilling Ludmilla. His face between states of pleasure, Sung-heon cried out softly, squeezing her hips, Ludmilla's sex devoured his ebbing surges and pulses, savoring his surrender between them, she kissed him wildly.

Black Daddy

first-time 2018-02-08

(Black owned) and at this time Matt was the lone white impression on Matt's black boss. Rog said, "Champaign can only be enjoyed to its fullest knew that the black boss wanted to evaluate more than I knew that none of the black division chief's wife's black men like to sample the nectar from a white mans Rog was now pounding me hard and fast as his black lay there and my body gave one final shudder as Rog sharing his wife with his boss, the "Black Daddy." hairy mound as I thought of Rog and knew that he wanted "Rog, Black Daddy, this white muff is yours any time thoughts was of my Black Daddy as Matt's white balls

Ditched at the Beach House

first-time robinson123 2018-02-08

I went into the bathroom and immediately started stroking my aching cock, desperately wishing that it was Julia's mouth wrapped around my dick, rather than my own hand. I lifted her camisole up as I moved down further, and I took one of her little pink nipples into my mouth and let my tongue roll over it again and again. I desperately wanted to feel Julia's mouth around my dick. I let out a moan as I felt her hot mouth enclose over the head, and I could feel the precum oozing out. I took it as a sign and started thrusting harder, letting my cock come all the way out and slamming it back into her.