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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Aunt Chapter 3

first-time Annamagique 2018-11-08

Lady Helen did not look at all pleased and spoke quietly with Melissa and then smiled. “ No, I am sorry, Victoria, I should not embarrass you so.” Lady Helen smiled benignly before addressing her guests, “I am afraid young Victoria has had a bit of a rough time lately. At the far end of the table I saw Aunt Helen whispering with the housekeeper, Melissa, who was nodding as if accepting an instruction or agreeing about something. “Yes, quite busy, Victoria.” She smiled and I was sure she was about to say more but she caught sight of her husband, frowning beside her and stopped, returning her gaze to the plate in front of her. “A pleasant evening, Miss Harcourt, Lady Helen,” he turned to my aunt as he spoke.

Charlene - part 2

first-time LoverBoy20 2018-11-08

Charlene and I got out of the car with a few things such as a blanket and we went underneath a jungle gym that had a slide. Although we were both technically still virgins, the night was warm and things kept coming off until we were both naked, lying on the blanket. Without a condom, I knew that cumming inside was not a good option, so I pulled out and unloaded all over her stomach. As I was pumping away and we were enjoying ourselves, my friend got out of the car and was calling out for us to return. We cleaned up as best we could, got dressed and went back to the car with a smile on our faces.

Fast Food Checkout Girl

first-time Crossfire307 2018-11-08

"Why don't you tell your friends to wait outside," I continued as my hand started to slip beneath the material at the top of her ass. "Guys, this will probably take a while, why don't you go next door and pick up everything on the grocery list so we can get back," she said a little too loudly to the two young men. I let my hands drift upward again, and she gasped when I finally, slowly ran them across her small breasts. I leaned over her again and whispered, "stop teasing me baby, cum for me." Then I finally let my hunger loose and drove her toward her second orgasm.

Winter Wonderland

first-time Untamed 2018-11-08

She could not bare being held down anymore and twisted her hands out of his grasp and grabbed his head to kiss him even deeper and sucking on his tongue the way she wanted to suck his long hard cock that was saluting at her. Kneading his shoulders she kissed his chest and took a bite on his nipple, suckling on it all the while she grinds her hips against his dick lubing it with her own juices. His hands were already on her hips pushing her down hard but she held herself up and deliciously lowered her wet lips to his head and squeezing it.


Afterschool Special

first-time skux475 2018-11-08

Her nipples began to harden as the thought of sex rushed through her head. Ty noticed and instantly grew a hard on.  "It's okay", Isabelle said as she sat right on top of his hard throbbing shaft covered by his trousers. Slowly, Isabelle clasped her hands on Ty's shaft and began to come closer with her mouth as she slowly took in that amazingly hard, long shaft. Slowly she began to feel his shaft tearing her apart, "Oohh" A loud moan came out of her. Soon they moved from the couch to the floor, where Ty lay Isabelle on her back and fucked her deep in the pussy. His throbbing cock began feeling that rush he felt before, so he quickly pulled out.

Bait and Switch

first-time siktici 2018-11-08

"You don't look like a bottom," Steve said and leaned back to get a better look at my ass. "Very funny," I said and laughed along; then I thought of my own volley, "So, I should dress like you?" You need a good fuckin’," Steve said with a confidence that pulsed along the length of my cock. Following Steve in the fading light, I noticed the large bulge of his greasy jock; the sight of it concerned and excited me. The entire home looked like a homage to the African savannah: heads on ever wall, a taxidermist's dream. "Go on upstairs," Steve said on his way to the kitchen, "and touch-up, if you need to."

Abbi and Jacob's First Time

first-time Cathy_Davis 2018-11-08

“Tell me when you are about to blow, baby” I said and he just nodded, and started to thrust his hips in time with my hand. “I'm going to cum,” he said, and I pulled my mouth around his dick and started to give him mind blowing oral. He then laid on top of me, and pulled my long, black hair out of my face and said “I love you,” before rubbing his hard, throbbing shaft up against my tender lips. I started thrusting amazingly fast and hard and he started to do the same, and I soon felt hot streams of cum fill me.

Slow and Steady

first-time reddog44 2018-11-08

We always had a healthy sexual relationship after she started to looses up, my soft fingers on her warm cunt would just make her purr. I played with her soft cunt under her pants and teased her with my tongue running it softly between her folds. I kissed her hard and long and worked my hand faster with my index and middle finger at her opening and my thumb on her clit. She screamed "Ohhhhh my goddddddd" and I grunted as she backed up on me "she told me to fuck her hard", she wanted it rammed in her. she kissed me hard and moaned, telling me how much she loved me and wanted me so bad.

Hot Day Fishing...

first-time bigdaddy5980 2018-11-08

Now you could tell she was about to let loose and cum, seeing her eyes start to shut and biting her lower lip... Taking another hit she blows the smoke out on my cock and then slides it into her mouth all the way deep down her throat. After about ten minutes of this and the bowl gone, she could tell I was holding back trying not to let loose and explode deep down her throat. Moaning again as she slides down my pole she says "Damn that feels good...hmm." Because four hours later I get a text that says "Hey this is Meg want to hang out and smoke another bowl?"

Goodnight Beautiful

first-time SensualDesires83 2018-11-08

I climb into Michelle's bed every night and wrap my arms around her soft warm body. "I know Shane, but tonight, I mean, I really want you to lllooovvveee me," Michelle said as she turned over on her back and smiled as she looked me in the eyes. So ready," Michelle said and leaned up and took my face into her hands and kissed me with a desire that I felt flow from her and into me. She let the breath out slowly and as her body relaxed, I slipped my hand down her inner thigh and felt the soft smooth skin there. Her pussy enveloped my erection with a tight softness as a moan from her lips sounded when I sunk all the way into her warm wet depth.

Summer Of Firsts - Chapter 10

first-time HeatherHeathen 2018-11-08

He fucked my ass with his tongue for a bit, and then slid it up the length of my wet pussy lips. My pelvis shot upward, his grip on my leg on the one side tighten trying to hold me in place as he continued to work my clit with his tongue. “Here,” I said, while reaching back and pulling one of my ass cheeks to the side. He pushed his cock in past the head, the pain giving way a bit. With that being said, I pushed back against him forcing his cock a bit deeper. I jumped a bit, as I did I felt his hand re-grip my hip and push himself all the way back in.

Wife's modeling job xxx

first-time woreout 2018-11-08

That evening I was excited to find out how the meeting went and as soon as walked in the door I called out my wife's name. I found her in the shower so I said on the toilet and asked how it went. Oh no reason I said, then I asked what kind of clothing are you going to be modeling. She said Friday, he wants me to come by to see the proofs we took today and I'm going to make him have sex with me. I ran over to her and without saying a word I dropped to my knees and grabbing her ass cheeks I pressed my face into her pussy.

The First Time I Had Sex

first-time sabrenamm77 2018-11-07

He pushed me back onto my bed, and as he was about to go down on me, I pulled him back up and said, "Josh, I would love to have you eat me out, but I need your cock inside me now!" He smiled at my words and got me ready with his fingers, flicking my clit and getting me wet. I looked up at him and kissed him, slipping my tongue in his mouth and at the same time, grabbing his cock and positioning it at my entrance. He kissed me again, ramming his cock into my pussy all the way, and I screamed into his mouth.

Mary's Big Day

first-time amixxx 2018-11-07

After several long seconds she opened her mouth and said, “I didn’t want to think I was weird but everyday in the shower I play with myself.” She laughed as she said, “My mom’s my best friend, and there are lots of things I don’t want to tell her.” “It looks like you’re kind of turned on by the thought of me sticking my tongue in your tight pink pussy,” I said as she started rubbing faster. I peeked into the room and watched Randy eating out her sixteen-year-old daughter, I then said, “It’s cool, I think we’re going to hang here for a little while longer, and then maybe get something to eat.”

Afternoon Study

first-time Sirene_Jaune 2018-11-07

“Well let’s look at what you need to do Lara.” Mitchell took my assignment worksheets to gaze over. “What do you know of the Russian Revolution, what person could I write about?” I ask hoping that perhaps he could do this assignment for me. This was a hard choice, I knew I wanted to save myself for marriage but right at the present time was an offer to experience the first steps of woman hood at sixteen years of age. His warm wet mouth on my nipple suckling hard as he kept pushing further and further inside of me. I sucked hard and felt his hands motioning my head back and forth.

Changing Room Confessions

first-time scarletlady 2018-11-07

  As we looked around the lingerie department my friend pointed to a very sexy black satin corset with a tiny pair of matching thongs and suspender belt.   I started to get wet as I turned round and looked at the suspenders holding up the sexy stockings, which were pulled tight over my pert arse.   As she flicked her tongue slowly then faster over my aching clit I put my hands on the back of her head and pushed her face into my pussy.   We didn’t mention what had happened for the rest of the day but now every time we go shopping I make sure I ask her to come and help me in the changing rooms and look forward to her face in my pussy again.

The New Guy - Part One

first-time CreativeMind210 2018-11-07

Watching him make his way to the desk behind her, still with the biggest smile on his face, she took a deep breath and turned around to introduce herself before Mr.Wood started teaching. Before she could say her name he said, "It's October right?" She couldn't find the word fast enough so she started to shake her head yes as her face turned even more red, if that was even possible. And of course before he went to walk away he placed one hand on her car and the other on the side of her face and kissed her softly on the cheek. He kissed her again and looked deep into her eyes as he took his cock, pushing the head in slowly.

Olivia-First Time

first-time Kaboose 2018-11-07

She asked me if I wanted to watch the movie here with her and I said "sure". Half way through the movie there was a sex scene and Olivia started moving around a little. She pulled down my gym shorts and started to suck my dick. She started sucking my dick again and within minutes I shot out about five strings of hot cum right into her mouth. I stood up, with my dick still in her pussy and started thrusting again. She laid down right on top of me and started sucking my dick. By that time we were both pretty tired so we got up and started watching the movie.


The boytoy of my best friends older sister

first-time dominated 2018-11-07

I told Beth that I didn’t compare myself with other guys but I thought my tools were big enough. Beth then smiled and said, ”Well come on mister mule.” As I started to climb on she told me to take it slow and take deep breaths. She muttered, “My god, my god it is so big, please just hold it still right there.” After a couple of minutes she said, “Okay now pull back real slow and then push back to the bottom again”. She laughed and said she never had anything to make a milkshake with to begin with but she would make sure that had the stuff for the next time I came over.

Breaking In The Virgin

first-time Dryad 2018-11-07

I moaned weakly as he gripped his cock in his hand and rubbed the head against my lower lips. "I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt you," he said, his voice muffled against my skin, "You feel so damn good, so tight and warm and wet." Yes sir, I love your cock," I screamed to the ceiling, smoothing my hands down to his ass and pulling him towards me, desperate to be fucked. The way he continuously licked and kissed my neck and face, the way his hands never stopped stroking me, his eyes never leaving my body, all made me feel worshipped. "Tight little pussy!" Will growled suddenly, tossing his head back and moaning loudly at the ceiling before looking at me again.

Love On The Hill

first-time romeoindian 2018-11-07

As I got out of the cockpit of the IAF transport plane that I had qualified to fly, I handed over my headset and gear to one of the airmen alongside and climbed into the station jeep that was sent to bring me and my crew back to the hangar to freshen up and write out my report. I pressed his head so he could take my breast into his mouth, I wanted to feel it there. Not content with the pressure on my pussy, I moved my hand from the back of his head and groped for the junction of his legs, wanting to feel his hard penis over his jeans and stroke it. His pelvis rocked forward to increase my pressure on his organ, as I pushed my pussy into his hand.

Sophie gets her man

first-time lou50 2018-11-07

"Don't forget, I need the permission slips for next month's camping trip at next Friday's meeting." I told them." And Sophie, could you stay to go over the list of food supplies we'll need to bring for the group?" I heard Sophie squeal as I met resistance, then felt her hymen tear as I pressed my cock deeper. she began to meet my thrusts with thrusts of her own and soon I was pounding my cock deep into her hungry pussy. "Yes, Mr Dover, er Ben. Fuck me, fuck your little slut good." She begged as I rammed my cock into her tight pussy. Sophie no longer complained, she just kept pressing against my cock as I thrust it deep.

Candy Stroker, part 1

first-time Paddler 2018-11-07

He said he’d gotten drunk a couple of times and didn’t like the way it made him feel. When he put his hand on my breast, I didn’t even make him stop the way I usually did the first time a guy tried for my tits. Since I went to work right after school some days, I couldn’t go home and play with my pussy in the afternoon the way I had been for a couple of years—and the kisses with Adam made me want to. I’d never seen anything like it—I felt incredibly sexy and proud to be making him feel so good!

The Hot Tub

first-time Lady_H 2018-11-07

It was on one of these nights as we were sitting naked in this hot tub that we started giving each other dares. It started off as the foolish girly dares like ‘whose do you like?’ and then after while she turned to me and said “I dare you, Ally to run naked to the end of the yard.” So blushing like crazy I got out of the tub and with my nipples instantly hardening in the cold air I ran to the end of the lawn and back hopping in the warm water of the hot tub. “ I dare you to put your pussy against the jet in the hot tub.”