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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Goodbye Jennifer Brown Ch. 02

first-time JaneX 2018-02-08

He shrugged and picked up his drink, but in the absence of anything else interesting to look at he found his gaze drifting back to the woman at the bar. "Has it been a bad day?" He barely took his eyes from her as he placed an order with the bartender. revealing day." She met his gaze, again with that slightly secretive, inquiring look. Surely you'd rather hear why I'm hopeful that my day is going to end so well?" He looks like he'd have a lot of energy, don't you think?" They both looked at the bartender, who was probably in his early twenties, tall and lean, with dark floppy hair and fashionable stubble.

The Plan backfired to my pleasure

first-time 2018-02-08

During the train journey up to the city I kept looking at Halley and found myself in a high state of sexual excitement, trying to visualise her naked and being fucked, something she had no idea about, and this visualisation gave me urges to want to touch myself during the journey. She was kissing my body and as she descended down my thigh I suddenly realised where she was heading, she got in between my legs and started to lick my pussy, each kiss and lick more determined than the previous, now she was getting into the sex, it was me she was interested in and I was in no way going to stop her as it felt so normal and good.

Double Exposure... Part II

first-time DizzyD427 2018-02-08

Steve let out a groan of disappointment as Leah left his throbbing prick unattended, but Sarah quickly took it in her hand, and as she slowly jerked it she said, “Well that’s up to you, no guy can f***e you to let him cum in your mouth or swallow, but I like it… it makes me feel like ‘Yeah I did that’.” As Sarah’s fingertips located her swollen clit, a squeal came from deep in Leah’s throat, and when Steve looked to see why she had cried out, Sarah smiled and said, “I’m playing with her pussy while she sucks you.”

Fuck Buddies

first-time mscotton12 2018-02-08

I told her that I loved sl**ping in the Sun when I got off work and she invited me to join them anytime I wanted. I noticed that she was wearing head phones so I knew she didn't hear me but was shocked when I looked at her big screen and saw that it had a picture of me sl**ping in the nude on it. Yes !" she cried as I took her clit in my mouth and started sucking. She grabbed my hips pulling me harder to her as I grabbed the top of her and began to fuck her mouth with everything I had, exploding like never before, My knees were weak and ready to give out as I slid back until I was on top of her face to face.

My Husbands first time (1). This is a true story

first-time Blairs-Desire 2018-02-08

The bottom line is that from that glorious day when I accidentally glanced at my cousin's crotch onwards, I started liking to look at girls and women in general. but the more I thought about it the more that sensation rushed though my body and Squishy started popping out again thinking at how lightly, my mom's friend had taken the situation. That i went to bed later on and the thing that I wanted most was to touch her and how Squishy got harder and harder and as I thought of her nakedness, I had a convulsion and some white sticky liquid came out of the tip of Squishy Then she gently said, "you can feel my boobs if you want" and she came closer to me while her hand rested on Squishy....

Solomon and I

first-time tjewing 2018-02-08

The young woman looked at King Solomon in his palace. "You're more beautiful than the silk robe you're wearing," Solomon said. "You're like Myrrh, lying between my breasts," she said. That night, Solomon said to her, "Your lips are made of honey and cream is under your tongue. Your body is like beautiful jewels. Solomon stared at her huge breasts, then sucked her three inch nipples. Solomon removed his robe, his hard manhood rubbed against her right thigh. Solomon began kissing her breasts, stomach, sticking his tongue in her naval. As they laid there, stroking each others bodies, she said, "My sister is eighteen, and has very small breasts. Solomon's muscular, hairy chest rubbed against her small breasts and nipples.

Sharing a bed with mum

first-time 2018-02-08

My mum started to moan and gently grind her hips. I spent most of the night awake gently grinding my cock against my mums ass and discretely playing with her pussy. We were lying in our usual spooning position (me cuddling into her back and ass) but her nightie was too low. To start with my hand was just resting on mums pussy but soon enough I was rubbing my finger between her lips and she was getting nice n wet. Mum literally took my hand and started rubbing my fingers on her clit. I knew when she was cumming because her legs started to vibrate just like my s****rs did when I licked her clit to orgasm.

My wife has a thing for teen virgins

first-time 2018-02-08

My wife likes 2 take the virginity of teenage boys and I like 2 watch her do it. 2 weeks in2 watching these milfs with their young lovers, in the afterglow of a session, my wife sed Honey, we’ve got 2 make this real. Playing hostess, she asked if the boy wanted a Coke, if I wanted a bourbon, got the drinks. As my wife pretended 2 do the interview, her robe slipped off her legs 4 a sec, enuf that he got 2 see her bush. Fully clothed, I sat next 2 my wife, put a finger in2 her pussy, sed k**, give me Ur hand. He cud f*ck my wife wenever he wanted but he’d have 2 book a time thru me.


first-time 2018-02-08

I figured why not, poor soul and I said ok but the lady started arguing with the conductor that it was the bus company’s fault and that another passenger who has also paid the money should not have to suffer because of the company’s mistake. There was a bit of arguing and the conductor finally gave up and said angrily, “I don’t know what to do. Now I might have had a bit of starting trouble but I have seen enough porn to know how to go forward from there so I went to town, first cupping her breasts over her saree and blouse, pressing them softly and then firmly and pinching and playing with her nipples every now and then.

Learning Something New Ch. 01

first-time xPoisonx 2018-02-08

My trembling hands instead went to his belt buckle but he intercepted them and brought them to his mouth one at a time, pressing a gentle kiss to each. His lips moved to my neck at the same time his hands went to the button on the tight jeans I wore. The hand that was gently stroking my hair gripped suddenly and pulled my head back to look up to his face. I brought my hands up slowly the inside of his thigh and cupped him in one, using the other to stroke the part of his shaft that my lips didn't reach. I looked at him quizzically as he brought his hand between my legs from behind and slipped the hard tip of him back inside me.

Jill Goes to College

first-time damonX 2018-02-08

Staring dumfounded with mouth agape for a few agonizing seconds, Jill soon regained her senses with enough form to pull her widened gaze away from Haley's sweaty, lurching body and stumble backwards out of the room, letting her books topple to the floor. As she watched the sexy couple work though an assortment of different positions, Jill felt herself growing wet and she placed her hand between her legs and pressed her thighs tightly together. Jill turned the little black knob and the toy sprang to life, vibrating in her hand and emitting a quiet buzzing noise. As she slipped it inside, Jill began to think about what it would feel like to have a man attached to the dick.

The Good Neighbor

first-time KaitsMate 2018-02-08

She basically insisted that it was going to be done her way "Take the fucking drawers out Bob because I don't want them sliding out and falling down the fucking stairs or banging into the fucking walls that were painted two fucking weeks ago and if you would like to shut the fuck up you'll get the fuck out of the house and off to the golf course where you can play with your fucking dumb ass buddies a lot more quickly." She didn't pause for breath and her husband seemed to get a clear message.

Lesbian Sex With My Mature Boss

first-time 2018-02-08

She put the vibrator on her clit and started rubbing it there.i saw her expressions changing and soon she lay on the bed with her hand moving vibrator in between her thighs.she was like …mmm…ummm.then she pressed dildo in her heartbeat was increasing and I started enjoying the view.the clit part of vibrator was on her clit and vibrator penis part was completely inside her pussy.both parts were giving her sensation.she started rubbing her hands at inner thighs near pussy side.then after sometime she rotated the knob to increase vibration.her clit muscles were shaking and she was rubbing and moving her legs on she left the vibrator and started rubbing her love-handles.after sometimes her hands were on her breasts and started pressing and squeezing her she feel more she put her nipples between her fingers and started pressing them.she was really horny and so do my pussy was also wet.after few seconds kusum started going tight and sooner she released her juice and moaned high.uummmm….aahhhh….i knew that she got her orgasm

Judy and Joe

first-time VillowVonVald 2018-02-08

We just talk, not even about sex usually though that too comes up now and then, like in this story Judy told from her time in college. Judy and Joe had been going out for several months, to the point where they agreed that it was time for them to stay home together. Both of them nervous like cats in a fireworks factory, but determined that this was gonna be The Day. Judy had bought some special underwear, Joe brought condoms, a bottle of wine and a lot of enthusiasm. Judy told him her mother had put her on the pill a year ago so unless he had some STD it was OK for him to come right in.

The Gypsy Wench

first-time maggie2002 2018-02-08

I was still a virgin, although I had given myself to him several times and taken pleasure at his magnificent cock, both with my mouth and with him buried deep inside my ass. The sharp contrast of the pain he caused me mixed with the pleasure as his hands, and his cock, took possession of me, and made me his own. Often times I know, that leaving here a woman learned new pleasure at the hands of her man. Finally Demetri brought an old tough man to me, and whispered "he wants to take your ass my queen here in front of his friends, and will give me two horses and a large pig for the privilege.

Lived with a cuckold couple.

first-time wyldnsexy 2018-02-08

What came next shocked me even more, she told me that Ron loves to watch her with other men, and they have been waiting for an opportunity like this to happen. We finally got home, Anne led me straight to the bedroom, we tore each others clothes off, I stood naked infront of her while she kneeled down and took my cock in her mouth. Anne then asked me if I would like Ron to suck my cock while I ate her pussy. Ron was now watching me fuck his wife, I fucked her doggy while she was looking straight at him, telling him I had a bigger cock than his and how much deeper I'm inside her. If you like this story let me know, I lived with Anne and Ron for another year.

Slightly, Once Ch. 04

first-time Balrog 2018-02-08

I kissed her lips, and her hands went to my face, holding me gently. Remembering my role, I took her arm from my neck, and slowly moved it down my chest, putting her hand on my aching erection. Light licks, gentle kisses, I pulled on her backside, lowered her onto my face and gave as good as I was getting. Raising up, I surveyed the incredible body, the base of my cock intersecting her lips, and the long, wonderful legs. Smiling, I took her hand and moved it down to wrap around my already-hard dick. Kim had already experienced several small climaxes, shuddering a little each time, holding me tight and kissing my neck.

The best party

first-time moneysex23 2018-02-08

Instead, Mark lazily recognized that there was another person in the room before resting his hand on the back of Heather's head and guiding her soft mouth back to his hard cock. Heather looked up but continued to work her mouth over the sexy stranger, who was rubbing his hand through her hair as she spread her saliva over his dick. Heather released Kevin's dick from her mouth and began to suck on John, rolling her tongue around his stiffness, giving it the same pleasurable treatment she had given the three previous guys that evening. Heather turned her face toward the door as the spurts of hot boy semen hit her naked flesh in time to watch Kelsey enter the bedroom.

Could it happen like this

first-time HHenry57 2018-02-08

I reach up with both hands and put my fingers just inside your underwear so that I call pull the elastic of your briefs away from your body so that I can take them off easily. Hearing you moan was like music to my ears so kept licking and then sucking one ball then the other while stroking your cock with my hand. I feel you getting dry in my hand so I leave your balls and moisten your cock with some more licks and then I put you back into my mouth and again I try to take as much of you into my mouth as I can.


first-time Ashson 2018-02-08

It's unusual for men to come right out and say that sort of thing although I can always tell they're thinking it by the way they look at me. "How do you think they'll look if I undid a couple of buttons, showing a bit of cleavage?" Knowing I was going baby-sitting I'd just thrown on any old thing when getting ready. Peter was a gentleman and wouldn't take advantage, I was sure, but he was looking at my breasts and admiring them. "My privates are nowhere near as interesting or lovely to look at as yours," he said, cupping my pussy and giving a gentle squeeze as he did so, "but it does tend to come to attention when a lovely young woman is around."

Kathleen's Lovers Ch. 07

first-time redkathleen 2018-02-08

Jenny, like me, was tight-lipped when it came to sharing stories about the night before but that was for different reasons - if anything she had too much to talk about (later in the week, she phoned me and told me that he'd put his cock up inside her bottom!). The guy came out with me - he was quite good looking, in his mid-twenties I reckoned with short blonde hair - and, while Lynn and what remained of the rest of the girls stood smoking fags, I found myself in a corner of the car park with his hand down the front of my jeans, fingering my moist slit.

Our First Time

first-time 2018-02-08

I looked up at the almost full moon thinking about how awesome an opportunity to kiss him this would be when he calls me a coward. 'Why does he have to be right while being so cute?' I look back at him and tell him that I'm not a coward. I say," See?" He looks at me with a smile on his face and I know that I've been played into kissing him. As I'm writhing in pain and trying to squirm my way out from beneath his body, he tells me that he likes that. He quickly pulls out of me, let's go of my body, pulls the condom off and cums onto my back.

After college

first-time Slipitupme 2018-02-08

An older, heavily built black guy wearing only his trousers sat on the couch next to Eric, and with a shock I saw that his pants were around his ankles and his fat, floppy cock was lying across his thigh, wet and glistening in the dim light. I was so ashamed I wanted to cry but then I felt movement next to me, and to my horror saw Pete pushing his trousers down over his fat thighs and, for the first time, I saw a man's naked erection as his thick black cock sprang free. I knew I should leave, but I felt so dizzy and horny I couldn't help myself as Pete pulled me sideways and down until his hot, silky cock was pushed against my lips.

Losing Virginity with Best Friend's Girlfrien

first-time Fmdave 2018-02-08

This routine went on for about 3 weeks until Emma and I were talking about our best subjects and she asked for help in maths. This new routine went on for a few weeks and Emma and I got closer every day. As the weeks went on Emma saw how hard I was all the time and every so often she would give in a give me a blow job, I wasn't allowed to return the favour or anything because she said "I got you into that situation". Emma had me down to 1 blow job every couple of weeks and with revision season coming to an end Daisy and I had started to get closer and our trips to the woods started again.