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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

On a Dare

first-time simon13 2018-02-08

She doesn't pull away though, instead she looks directly into my eyes, as she presses her calf harder against my thick length, kind of massaging me. My lips meet hers, and as our mouths open, I feel the contrast of her soft breasts against my chest and then the hard rub of her nipples. As I look her in the eye, she begins to close her mouth, sucking on my thumb. Lisa continues to give head to my thumb, her cheating lips wrapped appreciatively, her tongue licking me like candy. Her there on her back, with her legs open, practically begging me to fuck her, sucking on my thumb like she wishes it was my cock.

Just my writing!

first-time 2018-02-08

I started to tremble uncontrollably, tears falling from my eyes, falling to my knees again in weakness and realization, I could hardly say the word from the memories that were flooding my mind and soul, after what seemed like a eternity I said to her” I was running” and the stranger then responded “and why were you running?” Still overcome with emotion I replied “to save you” the stranger then seemed a little sadder when she spoke again “and did you save me, the one you love?” I looked at her for a moment in anger, and then it subsided, she knew, she had always known, had always been there for me, waiting for me to stop running, to stop my own nightmare that in some way I had made, waited for me to stop and talk, but I was not ready for her words, all I could say to her was “I do not know if I saved you, and the stranger said “now you can stop running”

Florida Vacation

first-time Fantasy Kiss 2018-02-08

He told everyone I shouldn't be here by myself (I guess he thinks I'm still a baby, too), but he leaned in my ear and said it was because he didn't really like Disneyland too and we should let the children go have their fun. I really was a woman if I could turn a man's head like Uncle Matt. But I couldn't relax; it hurt-- the burn, but the stroking of my clit helped and with each pass he slid in a little more. When my pussy started to squeeze, started to contract, it did so against him and with the fit being so tight and his dick being so hard, the pleasure was more than I imagined, and I came.

The Long Road To First BBC part one

first-time proudman2 2018-02-08

If I was approached in any way I would run out of the booth and out of the ABS. The more I watched these white women act like whores and sluts the more addicted to IR I became. The sluttier a white woman acted with BBC the more I loved it. Fantasies of me directing a woman how to act like a BBC slut whore began to fill my head. The way the skin slid over the hard love muscle. That cum loving whore that was buried deep inside my mind. I was taking As much as I could into my mouth but each time it got to my throat I gagged. But like a true slut I would continue to make love to this cock with my mouth.


first-time TheHiddenPen 2018-02-08

She would always greet me with her beautiful smile and be happy to talk to me for a while, chatting away about anything really - her course, what she had watched on TV the previous evening, stories from her gap year. The lecturer broke off from his reading and looked at Jess, looking most surprised that anyone was interested in the subject enough to want to ask a question. did you know that I knew Jess?" I asked, trying to sound casual. Then, as soon as I felt the obligatory small talk had been made, I asked the question I really wanted to know the answer to - "do you know if Jess is coming?"

Baby Oil Bad Boy

first-time Miss_Elizabeth 2018-02-08

Sarah now knew everything about Sally and Mike's love life: their passion for anal sex, what Mike's cum tasted like, and how much he loved it when she squeezed his balls whilst giving him head. Sarah took the opportunity to have a bit of a nosey look around Dom's room, she'd never actually been in there before. It took a moment to register, but Sarah realised that as he'd lifted her leg from the bed to look at her foot, the bottom of her bath robe had ridden up and she'd given him an eye-full of her flimflam. Little whimpers of delight made Dominic smile as Sarah's young body yielded to his touch. As Dominic shifted his body on top of her, Sarah's legs parted to allow his hips room on the bed between them.

Friends and / or lovers

first-time extremelimit 2018-02-08

After nearly an our of making out, I couldn't get hard. She grabbed an empty whisky bottle and started gently rubbing it on her pink pussy lips up and down. We kissed, my hand was all over her dripping wet pussy, she grabbed my hard cock, bit my ear and said: "This is what the best friends are for. For that time, I could hear my best friend cumming multiple times with the whisky bottle. Her nice and tight breast with her puffy nipples were all I needed to get hard again. I've started kissing her neck, then went down to suck her nipples. That way she felt free to go and follow her dream in Australia, after she expirienced love.

From Dating To Threesomes

first-time mrnmrsj 2018-02-08

I suggested we move a bit, thinking the bed, and before I knew it my wife had turned and moved Alex about 2 feet and knelt down and worked his cock free and started sucking it. Michelle obliged and thrusted the dildo deep into her new lover and fucked her pussy fast and hard until Erika made a screeching noise and squirted cum all over my wife's toy, hand, and wrist. Erika taught Michelle how to sit in a scissor position with her and grind pussies and clits, moaning and rubbing each other, while Alex and I stroked our cocks and both shot our loads onto the gorgeous bi lovers.

Gary,Bobby and I

first-time jjesjr1 2018-02-08

Before I knew it my hips got in the action and met his powerful thrusts by pushing back against him.His penis felt so good sliding into me. Gary told Bobby to get some of me and I smiled bigger.I was still on my knees and I moved to the edge of the bed.Gary moved in front of me and I began to stroke his spent penis.Slowly he became erect and I took the head into my mouth,my tongue circling his helmet.MMMmmm It was beginning to get fully hard ass I licked his helmet.Gary was moaning as I took his penis deep in my mouth.

Lovers and Friends

first-time princessx18 2018-02-08

Their tongues rubbed sensually together as he slowly slid his free hand up her shirt, giving her breast a squeeze, eliciting a sweet little moan from her. "H-Harry, oh." She gasped, moaning softly in pleasure as she became even wetter around his tongue, slowly rocking into his mouth. Her legs were shaking as she felt stimulated by his tantalizing lips on her clit and the intrusion of his finger inside of her soaked pussy. She kissed the tip of his cock after he was done, licking it and giving it a gentle suck to make sure it was all out, and he used his cell phone to snap a picture of her cum covered tits and flat stomach.

A Lady in Red

first-time marleywasone 2018-02-08

You turned quickly to walk back in the house before I had a real good chance to look at you, but I couldn’t help notice you had great legs and an incredible ass. As I moved my hands my eyes drifted to the V between your legs and I noticed the faint outline of your pussy as your hot pants pulled tight against it. I stood up letting the back of my hand brush lightly over your pussy and then leaned down and kissed you this time exploring the inside of your mouth with my tongue. I did not answer just continued to rub your wet pussy, letting my finger ease up into you as I sucked your nipple and touched it with my tongue.

lucky guy (part 6)

first-time wankersoffagain 2018-02-08

Oh god why did she drink in the week,shes tired she gets ratty and quite frankly its no fucking fun.Idown my can in one and tell may..."look hun im shagged out i gotta go to bed i cant keep my eyes open" Suddendley i realised the sneezing and sniffing was getting louder,thank god shes going to bed it thought to myself,all of a sudden the door came open and Ray stood there with just the quilt wrapped round her somehow managing to somehow look half attractive despite a nose like rudolphs and make up like alice cooper. "Adam im so sorry about last night" she says as i look at her."Its ok Ray hun go to bed youll feel better then"

My First and Last Love

first-time Talonsheartwish 2018-02-08

"This was all just for fun and kidding around wasn't it," she asked and heard Val's silence and saw Kara's look of "I'll get you for this later." Kara walking gracefully and seductively as she could now nearing the table, she felt someone's hand touch her and she jumped slightly forward too fast, losing her footing falling forward only to land with her head in the man's lap, quite literally. She broke the kiss and pulled away from him slowly and upon looking at his boxer shorts said, "we don't need these anymore." Kara quickly took the waistband and pulled it out a little toward her as she pushed them down off him, expertly.

Asian cuckold with hint of the past, future and hi

first-time kutwijf 2018-02-07

She would ostentatiously flex from the waist, bending her body in half, when picking things up, or squat down with legs spread like only Asians can, gaping her pussy and often making me move in hope of getting a view up her skirt, and when I did get a view she did not care, which made me do it more and more, with her giving more and more opportunities. She looked up at me and said; “I was so horny I had to make myself cum, but it was not enough, I really want to suck your cock.” She then stood on tip toes and kissed me, at the same time using her hands to undo my zipper.

Sweet Emily

first-time Venus_Lover 2018-02-07

I knew the signs well and swept her into my arms, kissing her deeply as my left arm pulled her small body tightly to mine, cupping her ass cheeks firmly and erotically, rubbing my throbbing hard cock up and down her crotch. She asked me if we could do it again, as "I really, really liked it, John, when we, you know, when we fucked." As she said this she blushed and looked shyly at the floor. It was even better because I could last a lot longer and understanding her desire for rougher sex, I pounded my throbbing cock into her tight pussy harder and harder, and we both rode the waves of intense sexual feelings, lost in our bliss.

House-Sitting with a Homosexual Pt. 02

first-time GayTripper 2018-02-07

Looking at the floor, I noticed that there were a couple suspicious stains near where I had climaxed on Daniel and so I grabbed a wet paper towel and began clean them up. Daniel looked at me and said, "Eric, I am feeling a little bit dirty now. I took Daniel's hand and led him to the room where Elena and I had probably had sex over fifty times already. Daniel replied, "I don't really know much about how to go about this either, but I think this might be most comfortable for my first time." I watched as Daniel walked to the middle of the room, got on his knees, and bent over with his ass in the air.

my mom

first-time gill1985 2018-02-07

i was 16 year old when i was saw my mom change the clothes in front on me. i was saw her nice boobs and her nipples. i also like her nice white long legs without any hair on it. her nice back. because she is my mom. after that it happens some time i watched once a weak even then she was comes in my dreams. what happened once she forgot in bathroom and forgot her towel and then she said plz give me the towel and then i went there she open the door i saw she was naked in front of me i saw every thing even then no panty no bra nothing i enjoyed that moment. thats the my first dream girl from 16 to 26 i like her and every time i want to fuck her.

Sam's Plan Ch. 01

first-time AoDes216 2018-02-07

Sure enough, two minutes later, Sam walked out, nipples pointing the way and her hands smelling very sweet. And like you want company," I replied, trying to use what Sam had told me as a guide to her psyche a little. Nina was looking very scared, and excited at the same time, and her eyes widened as I put my hand on her thigh. I smiled and said firmly, "Good to hear." I then put my face back in front of her vagina and ran my tongue from her arse crack to her clitoris and she shuddered, I then proceeded to start flicking her clitoris once again. Sam sat up at this and asked, "You fucked her today?"

My first 3some

first-time 2018-02-07

My friends cock was clean (i love to suck dirty cocks...the taste is amazing ;) but i like to feel his flesh in my mouth. I licked his fingers clean nd while i stroke his limp i said, love the taste of cum. His cock isnt huge so he could fuck me without problems (at that time i, as a lustful power bottom was fucking him actually so he came very quickly in my ass...afterwards i wanked on his limp cock nd lick him clean)... Think i am a real cum slut...I wasnt fucked that time...but my great fuck buddy called me that day so we arranged meeting in his apartment next day nd...well, that was the most erotic nd wonderful experience in my life...we fucked wild nd licked, sucked, touched...but that is another story ;)


first-time scorpionicus45 2018-02-07

As soon as the door to her friend's room locked Rosa took immediate advantage of her new found freedom and started removing her clothes. Charlotte left soon after the car was unloaded, she needed to go to work, and this left Rosa alone in her new room. Rosa began to imagine the feeling of getting up and walking around the house nude, her body completely exposed to Dave's eyes. She slid down on the couch until she was lying on it and her excited pussy was now in control of Rosa and she slid one leg down to the floor, exposing her sex completely to whoever might enter the living room.

Driving Lessons

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-07

Amanda's toes curled against his cock, her body stiffened before her hips began slamming up and down between the car seat and Mike's hand. With his other hand, Mike took her foot off his throbbing cock and placed her leg on the seat so that he could stand between her thighs on his knees to watch his finger slide in and out of her cunt. She groaned deep in her throat as the tip of his tongue flitted across her hard clit and her hands cupped the back of his head, holding him in place as her hips began to rock against her b*****r's face.

Noelle's first time

first-time 2018-02-07

I could feel my little cock growing in my panties. I could feel the head of my cock sliding through the foreskin, continuing to swell and grow and twitch like never before. Jenny admired it for a moment before laying her tongue across the head, then engulfing all six inches. Even in porn, I had rarely seen a cock quite like Jenny's. I pounded her as hard as I could, watching her eyes roll back, my cock head massaging her prostate. A couple minutes, and I noticed her huge cock begin to grow, its bulbous head extending far past her belly button. Jenny, soiled dress and all, slid up next to me and began stroking my rigid cock.

Sisterly Love Ch. 04

first-time Grouchojim 2018-02-07

Reggie had just returned to my side and pressed her D-sized breasts against my back pinning me in place so I kept looking at Sydnie-Ann. Both Reggie and I gasped and forgot to breathe for a time as Sydnie-Ann slid down the front of him to her knees, worked his pants open and extracted his half-erect cock out. I glanced up and out the window, and saw Sydnie-Ann completely naked except for her high heels, leaning against the wall; her perfect ass facing the window with Mr. Sideburns on his back beneath her, greedily lapping at her curly red-haired covered pussy. But I preferred my first scenario and began to plan a means of returning the favor by fucking Reggie with Sydnie-Ann watching us.



first-time Lucy1970Harker 2018-02-07

With her eyes locked on his, he gently pushed past her hand and its weak protest, moving his thumb under and over until he held her in his hand, finding her nipple hard and aching under his fingers. She moved her hand from in the way to dig her fingers into his back as he slowly pulled the neckline of her soft t-shirt down and found her nipple with his mouth. "I want your cock," she whispered, her fingers insistent now, moving over it, working past his hand to the button and the zipper. "Oh God, yes...yes," he said, in, and out, and in, and out, feeling her tight, feeling her hot, her fingers into his back, urging him on, pulling her hands back and working her nipples for him, offering them to him.