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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Through Changed Eyes

first-time ableoneable 2018-02-07

Over the next week and a half Constance and Ken took a walk together after Sherry's tutoring session. "You know Constance, someone might see you walking with Ken." Sherry said petulantly. Never mind." Sherry stopped talking and Constance did not press the point though she continued to stare at her sister. Ken continued to tutor Sherry and about twice a week Constance would engage him in a conversation by his car. Constance had been flattered but had gently turned Ken down, begging off by saying he should really be going with someone who was his own age and more importantly someone who was more than a friend, if he got her drift. Constance had started to smile as Ken spoke and about the time he got to "pity" she was already pulling herself toward him with her lips slightly parted.

Threes company

first-time sexycouple4u2watch 2018-02-07

She gagged and choked and had spit running down his shift and out the corners of her mouth while he held her hair and fucked her throat.mean while I was in position and had my hard dick in my hand ready to stick it inside her.I could see his sticky white spunk running out of her snatch and down to her ass hole, I slid my cock inside and immediately felt his hot sticky cum all inside of her as I slid dick in and out I could see his cum on my shaft and feel it running down my balls.

My Other Daughter

first-time 2018-02-07

Her body was every bit of 18; soft curves, tiny 32b tits, full lips made for cock sucking; the works. "Can I suck it daddy?" Holy fuck was this real? Soon she was hard at work sucking my cock with wild abandon and youthful excitement. "Suck my pussy daddy please" she cried. Putting her on all fours I began to lick and suck her tasty asshole. I needed to fuck her so I drove my cock into her wet pussy and pounded her like a wild dog . I loved watching my thick cock spread her pussy as I plunged in again and again. Holding her hands I began a slow soft throat fucking.

Meant To Be Together, I'm the One

first-time SusanJillParker 2018-02-07

Then, a few years ago, Dan's daughter, Amanda, on her 21st drunken birthday bash, started in on the flashing fun, too, when she accidentally, no doubt, on purpose, lost her bikini top in the pool and walked around topless in front of everyone, while pretending she didn't know her bikini bra was floating in the water. "Nice cock, Jerry and I'm flattered by your obvious excitement but, really, I'm not interested," she said briefly making eye contact with him, before staring down at his exposed prick again and before looking away to pay more attention to her cigarette than to him.

Victorious - S*sterly Love

first-time bobcox69 2018-02-07

Tori was now eagerly sniffing her s*ster's asshole, and before she could react Trina had grabbed her by her ponytail and shoved her nose directly into her ass. Looking around the store they were in to make sure nobody was about to walk nearby and catch onto to what she was doing to Tori, or already had and caught them, Tori took Trina's foot into her hands and softly rubbed the arch, feeling her whole body stiffen as she gently rubbed the pretty foot. Afterwards, she slumped over in the chair waiting for her cum to subside and her breathing to return to normal before announcing softly, "That was fun," said Trina as she looks over at her s*ster who was extremely exhausted.

The Book of David Ch. 01

first-time bluedragonauthor 2018-02-07

I mean, it's hard to complain when I've got Monica's firm, young, titflesh wrapped around my deflating pecker while streaks of hot jism slowly cool on her pretty face. She was dressed like a dirty old man's wet dream: full cheer outfit with her hair in pigtails with blue and yellow colored ribbons, her makeup sparkling with sexy-innocent allure, and her top a little too tight and short enough to reveal a wide expanse of her flat belly with every movement. "Don't forget to watch me, big boy!" The dark-haired girl turned away from me and gave a little wiggle of her short-skirted ass in my direction. Hell, Monica even had some idea that I lusted after my sister's girlfriend, but she didn't really fear Cherys.

The Photo Session

first-time Frank Stone 2018-02-07

"Look," Jane said, her voice strangely muffled, "I don't want your semen all over my stuff, so this is just to take care of that, OK?" And with those words she bowed her head down to my cock, and closed her lips around the head. I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw her taking more and more of my dick into her mouth, and then starting to bob hear head up and down, her breasts gently pressing against my leg for every thrust she made. "You'd better practice her" she said, slowly stroking my hair as I let my mouth close round one of her nipples, eagerly starting to lick it with my tongue.

"Girl, you're a natural".

first-time 2018-02-07

I got on the floor and worked my way between her legs. I timidly ran my tongue along her pussy lips. I wasn't sure I would like the taste, but the more I licked the more I liked it. As I worked my tongue and lips around her pussy, I could tell what she liked by the sound of her moans. I started to work my tongue in and out of her hole (like she had done to me). I worked it around with my tongue and as it got harder I started to take the whole thing in my mouth and suck it. As I did it, I took my finger and started to work it into her hole.

Liz and Dan's Honeymoon

first-time 45longcolt 2018-02-07

With Dan's hands kneading her tits and his mouth sucking on her nipples, Liz was soon overtaken with a rush of heat cascading through her body. When Dan withdrew his cock from Liz's quivering pussy one last time, he took aim and drove the tip of his cock into her virgin ass. As the pressure in his balls built, Dan pulled his cock out of her ass and grabbed a handful of Liz's silky blond hair while turning her to face him. Finally, after 5 long ropes of man seed had made their way to her stomach, Dan released Liz's hair and pulled his saliva covered cock from her mouth.

The First Quim I Ever Touched

first-time Luvspink 2018-02-07

The only thing that made the experience bearable was the chance that I could look at one of the Playboy or Penthouse magazines that were usually available at barbershops in those days. Despite my best efforts to avoid being hauled off for a buzz cut, I found myself walking into the barbershop with my dad one Saturday morning. After finishing with my dad, he went and sat down to read the Playboys and Penthouse magazines. Soon after starting with my haircut she leaned her body against my arm which happened to be at the exact level of her pussy. I just sat there and thought to myself, it’s cool to have her pussy against my arm.

Jus Prima Noctis

first-time Svenskaflicka 2018-02-07

Emma dreaded what was coming, because the current lord Cobbleworth was a fat old man with rude manners and a way of looking at women as if he was trying to guess what she looked like naked. Lord Cobbleworth looked at Emma, and smiled appreciatively at her slim waist, rounded hips, and small, perky breasts. Samuel pulled the velvet cover off the bed, and made room for her to lay down next to lord Cobbleworth. Emma relaxed and held on to Samuel, breathed in the scent of his male body, and kissed his cheek, his neck, his shoulder. They got dressed, and Samuel draped a blanket around Emma's upper body, helped her fasten it so that no-one could see anything they shouldn't see.

An Innocent Beginning

first-time Larry101 2018-02-07

Emma locks eyes with David and holds his gaze as she lowers herself further to the base of his cock, feeling his whole eight inches filling her up, stimulating her nerve endings, causing a flush to spread up her body through her stomach and up to her breasts, now bouncing as she begins to ride him. Just as Emma seems to calm down she flips over, taking David's cock from her now quivering pussy and starts to give him a hand job, stroking him furiously until the tightening in his balls leads to an explosion of cum over Emma's heaving breasts.

Play with Fire

first-time stickivicki 2018-02-07

I hurried out closing the door behind me, leant back against it and took a breath, just as Craig grabbed my arm and pulled me along the corridor to Olivia's office. Lawrence laughed and looked at Olivia both nodding to one another and Craig, well his jaw almost hit the floor. He broke for breath and stared deeply into my emerald eyes, i kissed down his neck to his chest, down his six pack to his trousers where I stopped, looking up at him. I pushed his trousers off realising he had no underwear on, Craig stopped and looked at me asking if I was ok. Craig kissed my head and looked at me, waiting on me to let him know whether to continue or not.

Love on the Rug

first-time andylovespussy 2018-02-07

It takes no time at all before there’s a good blaze building in the grate and once a couple of small logs are added, the fire begins to rage sending it’s warmth and glow into the tiny room. I detect the subtle scent of baby oil and love the silky softness of your skin as I gently squeeze your breast and stroke your long firm nipple. You’re reclining now with your legs wide open and your forearm rests across your eyes as my tongue begins to explore the soft fleshy folds of your labia. As I connect with your clitoris you twitch slightly and give a soft feminine gasp which becomes a moan of pleasure as my tongue starts to caress the moist entrance to your delicious vagina.

First Time with My Junior Roomie

first-time pghpa 2018-02-07

Once we started playing in front of each other in the morning she started being more open about her feelings when she had phone sex with Alex, something that seemed to get more frequent and naughty as time went by and she got hornier for him. I knew that if I didn't do something soon I would lose my courage so with my heart beating so fast I was sure she could hear it, I took my left hand and gently placed it on her upper leg, letting my fingers lightly touch her inner thigh and then slowly dragging my fingertips over her skin which was as soft and warm as I had imagined it would be.

Teasing 2

first-time 2018-02-07

So one day, we decided to hit up a thrift store, actually, to buy bras and underwear just for the purpose of sex and exhibitionism! I saw many other guys in the store eyeing me as I shopped, and now some of them were casually walking a direct course past my changing room! We made some good friends rather quickly there, and for the first time, our male friends felt comfortable enough with me to casually grope me in front of my husband. So I swatted Brian away, and walked around for a minute with my top up off my tits, making sure that the rest of our male friends got a good view!

My First Affair

first-time 2018-02-07

As you’re sucking my clit and thrusting your fingers in and out you as you push upward you feel inside me my pussy getting tighter as if a little balloon is starting to fill. You come up to kiss me as your lips touch mine my tongue touches yours allowing my juices to flow into my mouth, I pull you against me tight so my cum that’s on your body gets all over me. So slippery wet my body easily allows you to enter, my heart pounding you start thrusting again with my hair in your hands you begin to pull. I start moaning uncontrollably once again, you’re fucking me so hard the pain is making my body tense, you can feel my pussy get tight around your throbbing dick as you slam into me.

The Dream

first-time Bradford817 2018-02-07

Shannon is standing there at my computer trying to "ping" my computer, whatever the hell that is, she turns a lock of golden blonde hair in her fingers as she always does. Back down again, after some more stroking and thinking about Shannon's tits bouncing up and down with each hard fuck, my cock begins to twitch. I moan out, "Fuck me, Shannon!" This sent me over the top, my cock twitches harder and this time, each throb lets out streams of warm cum. Shannon pulls my hand under the blanket and I feel warm flesh where her dress slacks were. The people in front of us are trying not to know what's going on, but her booming orgasm tells all that I just finger fucked Shannon on the plane.

first time out door sex

first-time vixen1601 2018-02-07

I take his cock into my mouth, slowly sucking and running my tongue round the top of his head and my teeth round his ridge, I hear him moan, I stop for a second and look up at him and tell him to come as I want to taste him. I move backwards taking him with me, till I am sitting on the edge of the bed and I reach for his buttons of his trousers, he stops me and starts to undress himself in front of me, I know there is only a shirt and trousers to remove but I can’t help but watch that lovely body being revealed. We lay back onto the bed and I cuddle into his right side, and reach for his cock and slowly stroke it, while Ryan kisses me and plays with my left nipple making it hard.

I had No Idea

first-time APRILBLOSSUMS 2018-02-07

I pushed my tongue inside her wet pussy licking and sucking the juice from her vagina. Even bolder, I pulled the cheeks of her ass apart and started licking her tight little asshole and shoved my tongue inside. Feeling unbelievably hot and still wanting more I laid back as she picked up a dildo and started licking my ass again. She was so gentle, pushing it in a little at a time, while she watched me caress my clit and slide my fingers into my vagina. As she reached down to caress herself, I licked her vagina, pushing, and pulling the dildo in and out of her ass. She shuddered as I felt her cum hot and wet on my lips, licking up every drop with my tongue.

Sexy Secretary Slave Search -4

first-time petdyke 2018-02-07

Here in old town Amsterdam, as cute beauty Kitty Kate from London with her best friend Sarah. Gread God, what a wonderful first day with Lea love and jolly juicy Jennifer helping me. Erotic indeed this sexy shop with that steep stairs to the secret sexy heaven alcove of love. Oh good heavens, what a wonderful boudoir, the lusty London lovely tasty teens together exclaim. Sexy Sarah smiles, as she knows well that Jennifer can hear all her whispers of longing for love. Finally above, four hands fast disrobe juicy Jennifer, wanton for lesbian love by cute beauties. Especially my precious Princess looks like enjoying her exclusive tasty teasing treatment of love.

Gym Boy

first-time XHChrisblack 2018-02-07

Steve was still working my cock over, I wanted to come, but he would always stop short, making it hard to concentrate on Butch's monster. Butch began slowly fucking my mouth while Steve spread my ass cheeks and slowly rimmed his tongue around my asshole. Butch lifted his weight off of me and got up to watch Steve work my ass over with his mouth. Butch slowed down and pressed his cock deep into my ass and started grinding, he alternated between the hard grinding and steady fucking with ease and building up to his climax. I was groaning and grinding my ass into Butch as my cock slowly twitched to it's final blast.

The Hardest Kind To Be Ch. 01

first-time Joe Wordsworth 2018-02-07

Anyhow--I'll pull my pants up and we'll step outside the stalls and you'll be six feet tall and drop-dead gorgeous and be one of those 'I'm a hot virgin, librarian-type that doesn't even need make-up, but doesn't know I'm all hot and every cock in a three mile radius would stab their best friend to deflower me, which is fine because I've never had sex and I waited until college and the first guy that gets some will be a fetishist for going down on me and I'm going to have the best sex of anyone's life without having to deal with all the bad sex you have to go through first' types...

First class orgasm

first-time jason1000 2018-02-07

I thought about going to the restroom, but then, if that flight attendant had seen that I had a hard on, she would surely know what I was doing in there, and being shy about such things, I decided against that idea. I began to stroke myself under the blaket, almost in rythym with him, I began to wish that I could see his hard cock being pounded but I knew there was little chance of that happening, but the thought was all I needed to keep going. Seconds later, knowing that I was going to erupt, I turned to my side and I could feel the cum begin to fill my shaft and explode out of me, each spurt more intense than the one before creating a sensation like I have never felt before and the longest orgasm of my life.