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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My wife's first time - part 2

first-time Chris51a 2018-02-07

After a few drinks, a lot of chit-chat and the repeated random touching his leg she said that the bulge in his pants seemed bigger that ever. The next time he said something she looked directly into his eyes as she dropped her hand onto the bulge. It was, she said, like some kind of an electric shock went through the denim from his cock to her fingers. She said that it seemed like only moments later that she felt his cock jerk under the pressure of their hands. My friend said that he thought his wife would be OK even if things got a little out of hand.

My first time with my best friends

first-time 2018-02-06

when I got in I felt my penis begin to grow hard and thoughts of Dale on my friends was going through my head. so I got sortof excited and we walked into the house and into jakes room so me and dale could put our stuff down. as I waited dale put his small 5.5 inch cock into me and I was not pleasured so he started to pump hard and fast until jake made him move and shoved his 7.5 inch cock into my ass it gelt so nice as I moaned really loud and made dale come over so I could suck his cock.

Angel in the Night 07

first-time ReefBeach 2018-02-06

I always loved the feel of my good walking boots, the weight of the pack on my hips (where a proper pack sits), my old sturdy camping clothes. Now feeling lively, Thien moved and sat in another seat ahead of me. As her bush came into view I got the faintest scent of Aroused Thien. Held down by Thien, I managed to get my cock out of my shorts, but it just wasn't going to work that way. Naughty Thien just lay there, thighs spread, smiling at me and biting her lower lip. Thien had already treated me to the sight of her glorious naked body in this natural setting, but I still wasn't ready when she lightly stepped out to the water.

Our Wedding

first-time _contortionist_ 2018-02-06

You trailed hot kisses from my pussy to the garter before hooking the filmy garment on one of your teeth and nipping and biting your way down my leg, just the way you know I like, before coming out from my dress with the garter between your lips. I slid in silently behind you with soap in my hands and started running it along your chest, my breasts were pressed against your back as my teeth lightly nipped you and my nails made score marks down your chest, but when you turned around to claim me, i held up my hands, making you just stand there, again, surprised as i knelt down, my hands still cleaning your torso, and took your cock into my mouth, very slowly.

Date Coach from sissifyourself

first-time slim_krak 2018-02-06

Dr. Chantry smiled, “well you’re in luck, we’ve got a lot for today.” Okay, I think from here, we wont need the water anymore, let’s see how this goes.“So, girls like edgy guys too, and you’re a party person right? I need your help, like, I think I’m in trouble!” Danni quickly came through the doorway, with elbows at his waist and forearms bent upward, arms swinging left and right, and the doctor took a quick look at him. Danni finished putting on a fresh coat of lipgloss, closed his compact, and turned to Dr. Chantry “I think I do, I’m like, totally going to need to do that a lot more before I get it though, I think.”

How To: Lesson One

first-time 2018-02-06

And I am pretty much a normal nice guy who is too much a giver,(why so many labels...I'm an American first)and loves women. And if you're married or in a relationship, have you thought you might have the perfect slut, sub, cuck, nice guy, bad boy, etc. If not him/her then maybe a pal will want to meet you. Lots of military guys are out there who are laid back, in shape, got benefits, going to school, working in your business, and probably so self-confident women are ignoring you and your pals who stayed home for past ten years. Even if you keep each other as years pass you want to wake up next to that guy or girl who hasn't changed but physically.


first-time Ijhel 2018-02-06

Living in Oslo was easier than living in Belgrade, but getting out of the city was difficult for a twenty two year old student and Bela really wanted to see what the two Serbians had described as the 'real Norway'. At first, I’d wondered if Irena was interested in me but if this idea wasn’t quickly disproven by the photographs she’d showed me of her young fiancé, then it had when she told me that Dejan was coming up to Oslao for a week end and could I take Bela with me up to Vidalen? ”It looks like a barn” she said as we drew up in the small clearing beside the hut.

Sharing my Hot Girlfriend

first-time 2018-02-06

The bellhop offered to get me a bucket of ice and as he rounded the corner to retrieve the ice bucket, he got an eyefull of my girlfriend topless thru a window opening from the bar area into the shower/bathroom. I said of course and again he got an eyefull of Heather, this time she was naked. We hit the beach and had a few drinks delivered to our chairs and returned to the room later, both of us horny from the sun, surf and oddly, this earlier encounter with Mike, the bellhop. The ice was mostly melted so I asked ie I should call Mike for a refill. At that, Heather rolled over on her back still pretending to be asl**p but now her pussy was in full view.

Losing My Virginity Again

first-time Shelf911 2018-02-06

Not just a vaginal virgin; Mike, the man I married, was the first penis I had ever seen or touched. When Alex looked at the water heater he discovered that my house had a lot of plumbing problems. The next Saturday Alex was at my house at seven in the morning and worked until dinner time. I don't know how long I stood at the base of the ladder when I found Alex's standing in front of me and his hand on my cheek. I felt my body begin to shudder into an explosive orgasm. Alex lifted himself just enough to gently kiss my lips, then slid off to the side of me, his penis sliding out.

Baker's Dozen part 02

first-time walinzor 2018-02-06

The next few moments consisted of me finding I was nearly fully erect, my face burning hot with bl**d, and an attempt to hide the now deflating cock in my pants. I smoked a cigarette, and watched through the sliding glass window, waiting for the shower's occupant to finish up and come out. The kind that said, "I know something you don't." A t-shirt was plucked from the floor and tossed on, barely long enough to cover the bottom of her ass and the curve of her pussy lips. I sucked and bit her slender neck, one of her hands reaching back, tangled in my hair, the other helping me work her pussy.

Byrd and the Bees

first-time ReefBeach 2018-02-06

But she noticed me out of the corner of her eye, looked up and gave me a beautiful smile. You are all thinking, listen to recorder music, I'd rather drop a brick on my fingers, but real wooden ones, not the school-plastic torture instruments, have a very sweet sound, if you've acquired the taste. Agnes sat back, eyes closed, and smiled as she listened. We tried to listen to the music still serenely playing, but when the wind brought waves of rain against the bodywork and the roof, Agnes gave one if her big smiles and turned the CD player off. I was still recalling her look of concentration, the rise of her collarbone as she breathed, the movement of her eyebrows in time with the music; I wasn't ready for this.

Ch. 01 Lianne's Coming-out Party

first-time Bushman 2018-02-06

Later in our room, spreading for my finger-fucking--still lusting for Art's big cock--Herbie noticed that I was extra hot and responsive, especially when I begged him for three fingers. Our date for dinner included a surprise guest for dessert--Reggie, a football teammate of Art's, whom I had known as the kind and responsible senior who had put Herbie and me to bed the year before when he found Herbie out cold and me not completely soused but happily naked with a short line of younger brothers waiting to take their turns. When Art exclaimed, "What magnificent breasts!" Reggie rejoined, "What did I tell you?" Playing with two hard cocks at once, knowing that both would soon be slipping into my aching cunt, was heaven.

Meeting Taylor pt 2

first-time Cumlovingolderguy 2018-02-06

I felt a twinge in my own jeans and felt my cock starting to swell and I said loud enough for Greg to hear, “its true, I got Taylors cock in my hand and I wish I had one of those self driving cars so I could lean over and suck the cum out of it”. There was a long pause and all I could hear was Taylor moaning, and then Greg said, “Oh my God man, I need my dick sucked too. I got up to answer it telling Taylor to cover up thinking it was the pizza guy here early, to my surprise it was Greg. I heard Greg say, “oh fuck man, that’s so fuckin hot” as he stared at me sucking his friends cock.

Tranny gang bang

first-time allisontranny 2018-02-06

Suddenly he grabbed my shoulder and pushed me to my knees, I was kneeling on the cold piss streaked floor, my stockings getting wet, my heels digging into my ass cheeks. Picture the scene, me on my hands and knees, stockings laddered and wet, scuffed pvc high heeled boots on, pvc jacket riding up my back, wig slightly wonky matted with cum. “I love a slut in boots” he whispered, then , taking hold of my boot heels like handles, he pushed his cock into me and started to ride me. I was sat on the hard, cold, piss and cum stained floor, my stockings soaking, my boots and face streaked with more jizz.

Rekha in lust

first-time roloffsen 2018-02-06

All this started because my cousin b*****r is a IT professional and soon after 15 days of marriage had to rush to USA for 1 year and bhabhi could not go because of her studies. As the movie started I slowly slid my hand from the arm rest and slowly tried to touch her breast with my elbow, Once... Soon I put my hand in my pants and started playing with my shaft without her noticing. I slowly moved down to her breast and one by one started to press and suck her lovely melons, licking her full breast and sucking them made me feel Hard.. Sucking and licking every inch of her body I slowly pressed my shaft deep inside her.

Cyn's Seduction - Part One

first-time parkerprose 2018-02-06

The best sex of my life before meeting Cyndi were the times my cousin Zach and I shared a woman (cousin by marriage, no bl**d relation). Cyn hated to be late, but the gleam in her eye at my words told me she wouldn’t mind this time if I pushed it. Her head came up and she wailed out her orgasm and before she could come down from her high I flipped my wife over to her back, pulled out the dildo and shoved my cock inside her. Before I could change my mind (or come like a school boy) I took the dildo, wet with her juices and rubbed it on her lips.

Roly-Poly Jessi

first-time tankengine123 2018-02-06

Her sitter had deserted her (like her husband) and she needed somewhere to park her daughter for about 15 minutes a day, from the time the school bus ran until she got home. I let her pick some part of her body for me to please each time: her mouth, her puss-puss, her butt cheeks, her asshole, her toes, her roly-poly belly; wherever she needed her secret boyfriend to pleasure her. One day Jessi told me that after her mom went to bed, she spent nearly every night playing with her pussy and wishing that I could see her. That night Dave performed while young Jessi watched and fingered herself. I slid one finger inside her pussy and one from my other hand into her ass.

Nancy's teasing panties

first-time LeCoach 2018-02-06

Bobby wanted me to touch his cock but I was reluctant to do so with my bare hands so I reached into my purse and retrieved my recently removed panties. Bobby just took his overstimulated penis in his hand and brought it to the slippery little pink line of flesh I'd described earlier and placed the head at the trembling entrance of my pussy. It's too small for your big thick penis!" I felt my bare pussy beginning to reluctantly admit my aggressive boyfriend's demanding cock even though I continued to beg for mercy. That's it...just like that, here, let me have your panties and i'll finish myself off while I look at your sexy pussy and asshole."

Taralee's First Time Ch. 03

first-time cubalover 2018-02-06

He was going crazy too, and if I was at home when his folks went out he'd go into their bedroom, lie on their bed and phone me (no extensions in their little apartment), jerking himself off while I put the phone between my legs so he could hear the squishy sounds as I got myself hot with a couple of fingers and a vivid imagination. The second time, I got Pierre to lean between my spread legs as I sat on the edge of George's desk, straddling him, kissing him, feeling my breasts mashed against his chest and our breaths coming in unison as that lovely penis slid so far into me it touched my cervix, sending sent electric shocks through my whole body.

Tammy my slut

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-02-06

Before he got the entire length of his cock into my wife's pussy, she came, begging him to fuck her hard. Tammy was cumming from the time he sunk his meat into her, until he finally started to groan and the shot his sperm deeply into her cunt. I started to fuck her sperm filled cunt, and her pussy devoured my seven inch cock. He left as I continued to eat Cindy's slutty cunt, and when she got real horny again, I moved behind her and placed the head of my dick up to her asshole. I came home one night from work to find her tied to our bed, spread eagled out, and cum dripping from her cunt.

My Fantasy Fulfilled

first-time IrishDude3881 2018-02-06

When I accepted my position as an assistant to the enticing Doctor Green, I knew my work would involve research. I went home every night and dreamed about how much I longed to feel him deep inside me. My desire was amplified by the fact that at age 24, I had yet to feel a hard cock stretch my tight pussy. I came to work early with a flash drive and made sure the doctor "accidentally" caught me copying a paper he was going to present at a conference. He expertly kneaded my sensitive breasts and feasted on my bullet hard nipples like a starving man. The Doctor informed me he was getting close, and I screamed "don't pull out!" I craved feeling his cum inside me.

Andi's Summer - Day 02

first-time Gilead39 2018-02-06

"I am a virgin and intend to stay that way, but if you'll keep your hands above my waist, I'll keep mine below yours." I looked up at him, licked my lips and winked just as Roxie always did. Tony reached down and placed his hands on my head and pushed his hips forward. I leaned into him and gripped his staff with my right hand, ran my tongue down the left side of it, across his testicles (balls) and back up the other side of his throbbing cock. Tony moaned as I gently suckled him while my hand continued to pump him which sent electric shocks to the tip of my nipples and up and down the walls of my pulsating kitty.

An Education

first-time love_neverfails 2018-02-06

His hands ran up my body, holding on to the edges of my shirt and pulling it up as he continued his exploration. Taking another deep breath, I felt the tip of him edging into me and I lowered myself in a failed attempt to get through the pain. But I felt him about to burst so I picked the pace back up and ran my hands from where our bodies connected, up to my breasts to play with my nipples, and into my hair, making him moan and hold my sweaty body to his. He lifted my face back to his and looked into my green eyes for what felt like an eternity.

My First Time

first-time StaceG 2018-02-06

"I've been looking forward to this for years, as long as I can remember," you said, as you moved your head forward and I felt your lips take my right breast into your mouth. "This will hurt a little Stace, I'm sorry," you said, "but it will be worth it." You pushed your cock against my cunt, but my lips were so tight you got nowhere. "Good girl," you said, "now hold tight." Before I could think what you meant, I felt a sharp tearing pain in my pussy, and I screamed as your seven inch cock forced its way into my tight cunt.