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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My little b*****r

first-time mellisa69 2018-02-06

Doug stayed home and I just didnt feel like going away when i just got home from college. Doug like alot of High school boys went out that night and didnt get home till midnight. Doug you need to get off the floor he looked around and set up leaning agaist the tub and passed back out I give up trying to wake him and lay him down on sofa grab his feet and swing them onto it and remove his underwear. Im numb down there i raise up slowly and pull up and his dick flops out i use all my strength to stand up and make it to my room.i wake up its noon i lay there in bed thinking about what happened.

Niece Katy's Surprise Visit

first-time billy69boy 2018-02-06

Ignoring her bold advances, I admonished her, as any responsible uncle would: “You know, Katy, I don’t mind you drinking, but I can’t let you drive to the beach d***k.” “I know, Uncle Billy, I’ll just hang out with you until later, when I sober up, if that’s okay with you,” she said, sipping on her scotch. “Oh, Uncle Billy, keep fucking me like that, I love having both of my holes filled at once…oooooooh, I’m getting ready to cum again…OOOOOOOH, YES! I continued to pound her ass for so long, her sphincter muscle started to relax its grip on my ramrod, so I pulled it out, and slammed it into her surprised pussy in one quick motion, without missing a beat.

Beth Makes Me a Man

first-time Bakeboss 2018-02-06

She sat then looked at me and asked if I liked what I saw, this embarrassed me but I told her it did. I pulled my pants and underwear down like she asked me, then she said she would show me how to put a rubber on. She drove me home in silence but when we got here, she kissed me and said she had a good time. What could I do about that and when I tried to get her to promise to tell me when it happened she would only say, 'We'll see.' Still in a way it was cool because I'd lost mine before my older sis.

Amnesty Program Ch. 02

first-time Ambidentrous 2018-02-06

"All right," Rebecca said, "but first you'll have to tell us something you don't want anyone else to know." "That was one of the hottest things I've ever heard," Rebecca said under her breath when Emily was gone. "It was Professor Suarez and Professor Danton that told us about the program," Jason started, "It's called the 'Amnesty Program' and it's an experiment to see if they can help high-performing students to develop more balanced lives..." His voice trailed off as Rebecca slid off her seat and under the table. Jason closed his eyes "Because she wants to," he paused, took a slow, open-mouthed breath and smiled, "and because you told her she never takes risks.

A New Virgin

first-time Sexy Bear 2018-02-06

It seemed like hours dragged by before we hit that damn 'Rest Area' turn off but there, finally, it was…all the while we were driving towards that special place, you continued to lovingly stroke my hard cock – from time to time adding some of your saliva to lubricate the hard shaft beneath your hand – while I, too, continued to fondle your ever-so-erotic buttocks and finding ways to slide a rigid digit inside your simply dripping pussy and find every sensitive nerve ending that I could!!


first-time justluvtrans 2018-02-06

I want your cock in my ass.” I rolled over and spread my arms and legs in an X pattern. I felt a finger slide between my buttocks, pressing my panties into my ass crack. Kissing me through my panties, it felt so good to have her face pressed into my ass. It felt like I was getting tongue fucked in the ass by a lizard. I felt more lube going into my ass, being massaged into me, I was slippery, I was cock hungry and I was ready to be ass fucked like a sissy bitch. I watched her cock going into me, going into my ass, disappearing into my body, filling my bowel with her rock hard phallus.

Thunder Fucked... or... Virgin Storm!

first-time edintx99 2018-02-06

She looked directly at me again and lightly pinched her nipples and then, like a swan’s wings, slowly fluttered her hands upward and above her head. She stopped, her big eyes looking up, hair plastered wet to her face. As my balls slapped against her pussy lips for the first time, lightning struck a hundred feet away and the entire beach lit up like the noon day sun. She turned, tossed her head to get the wet bangs of hair out of her eyes, and yelled over the storm, “Fuck me harder!” She looked up at me, tugging like a mad woman on my cock, and said, “All mine!” She gobbled down my rigid meat stick, jerking with one hand and massaging my ball sack with the other.

That Unforgettable First

first-time 2018-02-06

She was about my height with a narrow waist, round ass, and a set of boobs at least three times the size of either my mother's or my aunt's – the only breasts that I had ever caught glimpses of outside of my wet dreams and seek-peeks of my Dad's porn when we visited him every other weekend. I simply went mad, driving into her pussy as hard and fast as I possibly could, until m balls tightened and I felt for the first time what it felt like to spray my cum into a woman's hungry pussy. Some two years later my sexual life began in earnest, but no matter what else I've learned towards being a gentle or fierce lover, it was that angel, Teresa, who put me on track and first taught me of sexual love.

My First Time

first-time FrozenCarmen 2018-02-06

so I got up and headed out the door and to the bathroom. "What the fuck?!" i said as I tried to cover myself up with my hands.she just laughed and said "calm down" and walked towards me and started to kiss me. "im going to break your pretty little hymen now..." she whispered into my ear I was shocked and yelled "no!" just as she thrust her fingers deep into my pussy breaking my hymen. "Ow fuck bitch!" she yelled when i bit her and slapped my head away. oh god!" I yelled as she thrust her tongue deep into my slit. "im Niki." she said "cya later." and walked out of the bathroom.

First Time for Cousin (Conclusion)

first-time nyclover 2018-02-06

aunt and mother said as Sandra piped up "See you Rob, looking forward to tomorrow", causing another twitch in my boxers. After somes kisses and a tongue in cheek warning from my aunt to Sandra to "be nice to Rob",they left and As she came down from her orgasm, I kissed my way up her body until I was lying between her legs, kissing her and grinding my cock against her pussy. Sandra's hand moved down and held my hardening cock and as she started stroking me, she raised her head, kissed me and said "Rob, fuck me! she was ok and she looked at me with tears in her eyes and said "Yeah Rob, just go slow ok?" I kissed her again and started to slowly push.

Teacher Becomes The Student

first-time TheOxRocks 2018-02-06

In my still-virgin mind, I started imagining how I might make a move on her, what it might be like to suck on those huge tits, to hold onto her ass while I pushed myself deep into her pussy, to do all the things I'd only read about in magazines or seen in porno movies. Would you like me to wash it for you?" I felt Linda take my semi-erect cock between her hands and gently lather it. I heard her moan several times, and she said softly "Oooh, this feels GOOD. Oh, God, it feels so GOOD!!!" I felt as if I'd blown a basketball through my cock, that's how hard and how much I came.

4.75 Seconds

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-02-06

Lisa asked if we could talk later, but I told her I was not in mood, "maybe tomorrow," I said as I shut and locked the door. "The first thing we need to do is level the playing field." "Lisa is still in your house and is going back to work everyday." "Rick on the other hand goes home to his loving wife and k**s even though he's fucked up your marriage," Sheryl spat out. "And, how many managers do you think are going to protect Rick when their asses are on the line?" "Good day gentlemen," I said as I walked out with Randy.

Me and Jules

first-time 2018-02-06

The positioning of her legs allows me to get as deep as possible, at the end of my next thrust I whisper in her ear ''tell me'' then again after my next thrust ''tell me'' I didn't need to ask again she knew what I wanted, then as I thrust in and out of her between her gasps she told me of how nervous she was lying on his bed kissing, when his hands moved down and the tips of his fingers crept under the waste band of her shorts and panties, when he pulled the shoulder straps if her bra and vest top down and popped her little titties out and sucked on her nipples before he finally f***ed his cock into her tight virgin pussy, and then not in the loving way I was currently fucking her he pounded the life out of my sweet precious little girlfriend pulling his cock out and cumming all over her tits and vest top.


first-time SensuouSnz 2018-02-06

Franks hand had slowly inched its way from my shoulder to my lower back. "I don't know..." He lowered his mouth over mine and he took one of his hands and started to unbutton my blouse. Let me show you why old cocks are better than young cocks." He stopped sliding his finger inside my pussy, waited, then continued. He removed his fingers and I felt his long, hard cock push against my pussy lips. God his cock felt so great as it slid back and forth inside me. But it means you might have to come by later this week for another lesson." He pushed me back into a standing position and lay me on his desk.

Mrs. Anderson and the Boy Next Door Ch. 03

first-time DeliciousD45 2018-02-06

It took time but Harold got hard and soon he was groaning under his breath as she stroked him fast, willing him to an orgasm so she could turn over and look at Nicks cock on her phone. Harold continued snoring and she took Nick deep, loving how his breathing became heavier and faster and how he was pushing his cock in her mouth. She turned around and opened her legs, her face pushed against Harold's shoulder and Nick buried it deep in her. "Make mama cum baby," she crooned and he moaned, pumping deep until she felt the orgasm cresting as he clapped his hand over her mouth to stifle the scream.


Affair with Aunt D, second installment

first-time sluupjohnb 2018-02-06

Uncle told Aunt D to change clothes but she said the weather is too warm. Then Uncle's friend, a 40 yrs old rough faced truck driver started talking to aunt D. The trucker was a bit d***k and started running her hands on aunt D's shoulder feeling for her soft skin. The trucker then started massaging Aunt D's neck and shoulder and running his hand on her upper arms and as if unintentionally brushing aunt D's nipple. The kitchen is visible from the living room and aunt D immediately wiggle out from my hold saying 'are you crazy' My uncle is a light sl**per and any moment he can open his eyes.

Hooray to ”Make Love Not Porn” By Cind

first-time REDnMIST 2018-02-06

It was quite apparent he was a mid-twenties virgin whose sexuality was shaped by years of porn watching. She said, “porn presents the idea that every man loves to come on a woman’s face and every woman loves it!” Reality? However many women might allow it because porn states it is a natural sexual interaction. So the very first lesson to him was to learn how to allow sexual introduction and exploration to happen after a normal introduction to a new person. Role playing and kinky games come after you learn how to have sex with someone and how to use your own body. Many of us enjoy watching porn online and meeting people and through the anonymity of our user name, cyber-explore our sexuality.

Student Spanked -10: After-Party #1

first-time petdyke 2018-02-05

Take turns for your enemas you yummy young three tasty lovely looking ladies, be also clean inside. The Two Tasty Guest Girls Dare To Speak To Their Master - A Rare Request I Receive I love your brains and sweet sexy spirit, as your BOOBs are big and beautiful, brilliant Beatrice. I think indeed that you are the brighest brain buy far of you three tasty ladies and best mother. It offers the best way for her to keep all my sperm inside, not a drop leaking from her sexy snatch! I love that I can spank her like that and grab her hips for a severe sexy rough ride before I come!

Just heard Brian's first was with Cousin Beth

first-time andrea0817 2018-02-05

Brian is my baby b*o and Beth is a little older than me. I moved my right arm to Beth's hip, my left hand to the side of her face and rolled towards her so we were side by side. Beth has the base of my cock in her hand, she is telling me she had no idea a cock could be so big. She did then came out and told me I'd have to go to the counter and ask the clerk for a box of Trojans. Maybe three days later I walked into that d**gstore, looked that old townie broad in the eye and asked for 2 boxes of Trojans!

Grandma's Milk Maid

first-time Libertine 2018-02-05

"Oh no, I would love to as long as they are above legal age of course," Lena said, grinning broadly. "Good night boys," Lena said when she climbed into her bed pulling the bedclothes over her naked body. When I couldn't sleep I had looked over at Lena and got the impression that her bedclothes wasn't pulled up. "Like this?" Lena said and pulled her shift further up her thighs, nearly all the way up. They need a good soaping," Lena said huskily looking over her shoulder smilingly. Lena moaned loudly when I moved my thumb in her hole and my fingers caressed the knob until suddenly she cried out again and her body stiffened before it started to shudder violently.

Susie Ch. 01

first-time Susie_O 2018-02-05

There was a bunch of kissing and sucking and then the guys stuck their dicks into the girls twats and started pumping away. The next day at school, Judy told us she had a "surprise." When we got to her house, the "surprise" turned out to be a vibrstor like the girls in the DVD's had used on their twats. We spend a little time discussing how to work things with one boy for each of us and spent the rest of the afternoon quizzing Brittany about how it felt to have a dick inside her and discussing the afternoon with Derek.

Hunting Trip

first-time zimabean 2018-02-05

Every couple of years my dad and Uncle Joe would go a long hunting trip. The four men said that they were going to go up high for four or five days and asked that we keep an eye on the ladies for them which my Uncle Joe and dad said they would. Josh asked what that meant and Uncle Joe said that men and women both have needs, biological needs, that have to be filled. Josh and I sat in our chairs and watched as my dad and uncle made a nice lunch for the women and proceeded to get the women d***k. Dad and Uncle Joe went down and soon fucked those two women too.

The Neighbor Upstairs

first-time 2018-02-05

I started with his shoulders and back, and when I reached his butt, he said don’t be shy, and bent over, and I ran the towel through his butt crack, and I felt a warm funny feeling in my stomach, and a wetness in my little pussy. I must have been out for just a few seconds, because he was still massaging my breasts and when I came to he put his hands under my little butt cheeks, and started lifting my up and down, sliding his cock through my legs, and rubbing it against my clitty, and it felt incredible, I said don’t stop, he laughed, and said that I was a hot little pussy, and that he wouldn’t stop for the end of the world.

Aunty Cathy

first-time TiredOfWankin 2018-02-05

As I walked to the back part of the house I heard someone watching a movie, a low and behold it was this one "Private Teacher". I could be watching porn at the time, but when she came out, fuck I just wanted to see her. That night when I delivered the food, my cock was so hard watching her that I wanted to start stroking, but it was too good. Aunty came so hard, and squirted all over that I just couldn't hold it, but she made sure that I saved it for her. I was 17 then, but damn, I came like so fast, with the movie running and her sucking, shit I couldn't hold it.