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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time RoseDiamond 2018-02-05

His hair is a mess of spikes that glow neon under the club lights, and his lips that are occasionally moving along to the music look so plump and sweet. His mouth touches upon your skin in slow and careful motions, switching between kisses and licks and the occasional suckle like sampling a sweet meal. You hold your hands behind your head, fluffing your hair a little and playfully pouting like the centerfolds that have no doubt starred in his wet dreams. "So strong," you whisper and gently stroke up and down the smooth length, watching his face as little beads of sweat form and those beautiful lips whimper in desperation.

Dales Tales: A Moorland Walk Ch. 01

first-time djinnrummy 2018-02-05

The final benefit is that we can also get someone else to lick and suck our respective sex organs and believe me a woman has a great deal more pleasure when she has that done for her than a man does when it's done to him, but I wouldn't refuse it if a woman would do it to me. The point I was making is that women will get much more satisfaction from having another woman lick and suck her sex because the woman would not be trying to work you up so that you would let her put her cock into you. Again I sucked her ring but this time I also pressed my tongue into the hole which was forming then reinserting my finger, I pushed it into her body as far as the first knuckle.

Susie Q

first-time emma579 2018-02-05

Todd cocked his head at Susan, running his hand over his shaft, stroking himself. "Good," he murmured, rubbing back and forth against her clit, making her arch against him, her hips rocking against his hand, "I've got more that I think you'll like." He tugged her jeans down, pressing kisses along her collar bones, the tops of her breasts, as he pulled off the rest of her clothes. Todd closed his eyes as he savored the sweet saltiness, the knowledge that this was new to her, that he was going to be the first to bury his cock in this hot little cunt. Todd slid his hands over her hips, around and over her belly, up to her breasts, as he stepped up behind her, his cock nestled against the crack of her ass.

The Beginning

first-time 2018-02-05

He is totally submissive to me. However, when i'm with real men I love to be totally dominated. Hopefully i'm gonna share with everyone lots of stories from both sides of me, but i'm gonna tell you today how my descent into sexual deviance began. I had been caught by a middle aged neighbour of mine, wanking off a boy in the corner of a park near my house. He pulled me away and started to walk me home. I ran home crying.But later on as i started thinking about it i got so wet. I began to wish he would of ****d me, imagining what his dirty old cock would feel like.

The Proposition: Obligations Met

first-time Lucky Mann 2018-02-05

As she stood under the warm spray from the shower head, a mixture of cum and blood slowly oozed from Jenny's tender devirginated pussy. As she bobbed her head up and down, Jenny slowly took more and more of my cock into her mouth. "Jim, you said you wanted a little piece of my ass? This particular cream would provide lubrication needed to ease my cock's entry into Jenny's ass. Baby, why did you want me to fuck your pussy and now your ass so hard? A little over two weeks after she had made her proposition to me, Jenny nervously headed off to the nearby Community College.

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 06

first-time BlewWater69 2018-02-05

After a little more prom discussion, Kyle left and Stef and Cole drove out of the parking lot. Stef could swear she was looking more towards Cole in the hot tub for reaction than Mark in the pool. Next Stef turned around towards the approaching Michelle but with her cute butt nearly in Cole's face. "You ready to go in the pool?" Stef asked Cole, even as Michelle settled into the hot tub. Everyone said goodbye and Stef and Cole drove off in his car after saying thanks to Michelle and her mom. Stef returned to sucking his cock as she felt Cole's fingers opening her pussy wider. Stef threw her head back and groaned as Cole once again sucked half her right breast into his mouth.

Sweets and Treats and Him

first-time badgirlfoundout 2018-02-05

Her hands and mouth and tongue were all over me and she laughed each time she pulled back from kissing me, seemingly delighted to be sharing such touches with another woman. My hands moved around her front and I started playing with her tits as she met his mouth with a deep kiss. She used her hands and played him, stroked his length while her mouth slowly sucked my clit and took me over the edge. He could feel me cumming, felt my muscles contracting, my mouth kissing him hard sucking his tongue deep. I loved the feel of his mouth on me and grabbed his hair between my fingers, willing him to fuck me, and came hard then felt her explode on my tongue, squirming against me.

Vinatge - Our First Polaroid Experience

first-time cleo4 2018-02-05

We drove over to the nearby Kmart and went looking for a Polaroid camera so we wouldn’t have to get film processed somewhere. She looked so awesome showing off her great body and me getting them all on film with our new toy. The next picture I took was of her pulling my cock toward her cunt. Her amazing ass with my cock in her cunt made a great picture. It didn’t take too long for both of us to cum hard with our new Polaroid fried joining us in our lovemaking. We got some great pictures including my cum running out of her beautiful pussy at the end. The combination of my cum and her pussy juice made for a couple of great pictures.

The Fourth Bridesmaid Ch. 01

first-time potsherd22 2018-02-05

Araminta was a beautiful young woman, tall, slim and regal, and the contrast between her long honey-blond hair and her treacle-dark flashing eyes never failed to startle those who met her for the first time. I had obtained five barstools with thin, tubular chrome legs and a very short back support, and grouped them for the group photograph, and prepared a variety of pastel coloured slides for back projection to tone in with the dresses and makeup. This time the same male model was in a Police Inspector's uniform and the girl was dressed as a bus conductress, Her jacket hung open, her slacks were pooled around her ankles, her knickers at half mast and she was bent over a table in a very revealing pose.

$ Shortage

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-02-05

A little later the blonde got up, stretched, enjoyed the fact that a hundred eyes swivelled to watch her stretch, and then headed up the beach. "I, um, I never agreed to have sex with you," she said defensively, hands now trying to cover breasts and pussy. To give Cheryl something extra to occupy her mind I let my lips leave her mouth and drift down until they were caressing her breasts. A little bit of gentle nibbling and sucking on her nipples and Cheryl was facing a war on two fronts as excitement started to ripple through her. Her hand came around and pushed my cock aside, but instead of then withdrawing Cheryl closed her hand over me, holding me.

First time swinging

first-time Msbehaving2 2018-02-05

Just as I got up from the table Kate said we’re heading back to our room, would you four like to come by for a drink? When we got in the room I tried to get Kate to go out in the hallway so I could tell her they were all swingers, but she said she needed to pee first. Kate just moaned yes, Suzie then said if you want me to make you cum, you better start sucking some cock! Mike rocked his head back on the bed and yelled I’m coming; Kate grabbed his dick even tighter as she continued sucking and jerking him off into her mouth.

The Neighbor

first-time 2018-02-05

I was in the Army, and had been deployed in the desert for 3 months, and came home unexpectedly, while my wife was still out of town visiting her ailing Mother. His wife Karen came home from work as I was finishing, and was happily surprised, and invited me for a cool drink. I don’t know much about body language, but when she sat down facing me, and threw her right leg up on the armrest, I gulped, and couldn’t help but stare. I then fell to my knees, and unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles, and buried my face in her sweet smelling, juicy crotch.

Working for Miss Sophie

first-time clarissaj1982 2018-02-05

I rubbed it up and down a couple of times before I put my left hand on her right breast. I watched her face change as I pushed my dick slowly inside. I stopped when the end of my cock was just inside her and I rubbed her clit some more with my thumb. I spurted my cum deep inside her and watched as a smile spread slowly across her face. She dressed as I lay naked on the bed watching her, my dick still large, but no longer hard and lying against my thigh. "I've got a tiny little dick Soph, you can do better even on a bad night, but sure - anytime you want as long as it's not now.

How Mr Barnes Seduced Me

first-time deepemerald 2018-02-05

During the first week I asked my Math, English, Spanish and Biology teachers for work that would earn me extra credits and that would look good on my college application and they were happy to comply seeing as how I was a straight A student that they never had any trouble with. If someone had asked me what my ideal man looked like, Mr Barnes was pretty close to perfect. I was sure that he'd never be interested in an inexperienced little girl like me, but as I was drifting off to sleep that night I fantasised about his hands on my body again, only this time with me not wearing any clothes.

It's wrong to fuck your b*****r.

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-05

"God look at me." Megan twisted so she could catch the reflection of her ass in the mirror then bounced it just a bit. Megan placed her lips at head of his cock lightly kissing the underside. Tell me to stop." She opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock twisting her tongue around it. I want you to cum in my ass and do you know why I want this Brandon?" Megan captured his earlobe between her teeth. Doesn't it feel great to do something so wrong?" Megan grit her teeth as his dick went deeper into her ass. Gripping her hips Brandon pumped his cock in and out of Megan for a few more thrusts before he threw his head back.

Things That Go Hump in the Night

first-time Stefan_J 2018-02-05

The issue in question was No. 13 in the Web of Spider-Man series, released in April of '86 and titled 'Point of View.' Dad already owned a mint copy that was, as with every other comic book in his possession, stored in an airtight zip-lock baggie. I would watch A Nightmare on Elm Street, read a comic book (most likely Spider-Man or X-Men), eat a bowl of nachos and wash them down with a bottle of coke, watch another horror movie (maybe April Fools Day, seeing as how I borrowed it from the shop the day before) and then fall asleep while scanning the late night television.

Coffee and creampie

first-time josh5800 2018-02-05

Jane sat down in the chair as I pulled off my boxers and I saw one hand stroke her breast while the other headed to her cute pussy, glistening and crying out for attention. At this point Tim was moving his head up and down my cock, his saliva reaching over half the length. While holding his legs up, Jane had lowered her pussy onto Tim's face and he was tonguing her hole. I went to stroke his rock hard cock but Jane grabbed my wrist and shook her head. She told me to get on the bed and Tim took me in his mouth, gently cleaning my cock with his tongue. Jane got between his legs and started to lick and finger his well fucked hole, my creampie leaking out into her mouth.

Virgins on the Run

first-time rjordan 2018-02-05

Marisa seemed to have her own interests well in hand, but her eyes never left my cock as Gracie's talented mouth continued to work. Gracie continued working on Marisa's beautiful young pussy, but reached over to stroke my dick. She soon moved her luscious mouth from Marisa's wet cunt to my cock, but instead of repeating her earlier trick, she ran her partially opened lips along the shaft like it was a warm living harmonica. When the head contacted her warm soft mound, Gracie gently pulled it through Marisa's slippery lips to moisten it thoroughly with her juices. Gracie's small slender hand lay on one of Marisa's soft warm breasts.

House sitting at Megan's

first-time canev8 2018-02-05

We went back outside Kim sat down and I walked into the pool, sitting down on the step cooling off again. She finished her drink as I was nearing the end of mine when she asked if I could pour her another, I replied embarrassingly that I can't stand up now, Kim asked why and I told her I was hard from the sight of her nipples. I got up and she said wow you really are hard, I poured us a new drink and got back in the pool, sitting next to Kim. Horny boy she said as she looked me in the eyes. After she'd finished I moved up kissing her belly and boobs, soon placing my cock head between her pussy lips when she stopped me.

The Fantasy

first-time 2018-02-05

This is one fantasy that I someday hope can become reality! Our waiter arrives with our drinks and as I take my gaze away from the alluring dusky sky, to thank him, I catch a glimpse of you seated at a nearby table. We choose the most secluded one and immediately wrap our arms around each other, kissing passionately, our hands groping, exploring, and lusting for this time, our time, our sexual fantasy fulfilled. You take no time in unzipping my sheath and slipping it down, revealing my anxiously awaiting tits and pussy. I don’t want you to stop, but, we need to feel you inside me now! We needed to dress and return to the restaurant but even that seems to be playing out in slow, provocative motion.

The Summer ABCs

first-time 49greg 2018-02-05

A few years ago he had been talked into dating her by his mom, how both he and Imogene knew it was a set-up, her being John and Jenny's daughter -- how before the divorce John and Jenny spent so much time with mom and dad. Half the time when they went out on their own, riding bikes, Sarah came out of Imogene's parents' house just as he tried for a clumsy kiss at the end of the date. Bill pulled his khakis on and had just gotten his shoes tied when he heard Ken's car honk from the driveway, he stuck his head into the bathroom and told his mom that he was leaving.

The Cherry Poppers Ch. 20

first-time BlewWater69 2018-02-05

He arrived a little early for his science class to see Kira and Tessa beforehand, but still wasn't sure what he was going to tell them. He thought about getting two more tickets and seeing if Beth wanted to go with the two girls, but decided that was probably not a good idea. "Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good, if I can just get a few more good days of studying for finals in like I did last night," Jason intoned, suddenly a bit more serious. On Thursday, as Jason walked to class, he came back to thoughts of trying to work out Friday's game. "Hey, Stef," Jason said, and it came out a little less excited than he intended due to his other thoughts of Beth.

Making It Happen

first-time nerdy_nympho 2018-02-05

I continued my licking, sucking, and kissing back down your neck until I found your collarbone, which this time elicited a long sigh. I flick my tongue over the tip and swirl it around a few times before I let my lips slide down your shaft. I continue alternating between taking you all the way into my mouth, sliding up and down, and pulling back to swirl my tongue around the tip. Occasionally I pull back very slowly, sucking so that, when my lips finally leave your cock, they do so with a loud pop. You pull me up and kiss me deeply and I wonder if you find the taste of your cum on my tongue as hot as I do.

In the Light of Fire

first-time arezo 2018-02-05

His eyes opened in shock and he noted that he was sleeping on the couch – beside Viola, who was wearing nothing but a threadbare nightgown and had her arm around him. Sometimes, Leo would close his light blue eyes and imagine Viola's face when they were on the phone together. Viola's eyes opened then, and Leo stared into the dark blue depths. With all the moving around, Viola's nightgown bunched around her waist, and Leo's hands made contact with her bare skin. Viola moved slightly, causing Leo's hand to slip forward. Parting her lips, he rubbed her bud of pleasure, noticing the way her hips started moving as soon as he did.