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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mental Patience Ch. 04

first-time PayDay 2018-02-05

"I know." Elijah spoke, softly touching Heather with the fingers of the arm his head rested upon, playing with her curly hair. She was no longer awkward at the situation, instead all tingles, because his right hand slid along the length of her left leg while he was rolling to face her, then the length of her left arm as he sat up, then the length of her left shoulder as he settled his weight on his knees, and finally, stopping on the left side of her neck with his thumb on her cheek, softly laying his fingers across the curve of her neck, heading towards her spine.

Liz is willing

first-time scottish-couple 2018-02-05

As she milked my cock with her cunt muscles, Liz asked me if our friends would be shocked if they knew she was "a whore for nigger cocks" as she fucked me. When I nodded yes, Liz, kissing my neck and ears, said "Jen is such an uptight cunt". As she was sucking my ears in her mouth, Liz asked me if I wanted to "stick my dick in Jen's cunt". I just listened as Liz kissed my neck and ears and said really filthy things about Jen and her other friends having their cunts fucked. Liz started stroking my dick under my robe as she asked me if I "would like to see Jen get her pussy fucked at one of our sex parties".

My First Girl - Part 2

first-time GothicLover 2018-02-05

Sharon took my hand and we went upstairs to her room. I felt a little dirty (in a nice way) so i went for a shower. I got butterflies in my tummy as one of her hands went down past my belly and settled on my pussy. I leaned forward as far as I could, i had to hold onto the adjustable bar for the shower head to keep me from falling. I didnt fall as Sharons' face was now holding me up, buried in my pussy, it felt amazing. Sharon had a shelf on the back of her bathtub which was full of shampoos and expensive body scrubs, but i didnt care, i managed to throw them off the shelf and put my hands there to support myself.

Andrews visit III

first-time Ilikestroking 2018-02-05

Sucking his dick and rubbing his young hole Andrew started moaning. After a couple of minutes Andrew started breathing quicker, if it wasn't for me holding his legs he would have fallen over. After a couple of minutes a bead of pre-cum pushed up and pooled on the head of my dick. He moaned loudly as I licked my way back, spreading his butt cheeks, I looked at his tight little hole. I asked him to lay next to me.He slid off and lay looking at my dick.I turned on my side and stroked my dick till I was about to cum. Andrew asked if he to taste it.I said to open his mouth, and wiped more up.


first-time John_Henry99 2018-02-05

But all of it was falling on deaf ears as I strained from across the room to peer along Amy's pale legs and up the loose shorts to where I was sure the light blonde hair and soft pink lips of paradise must be. In a moment or two she gave a little cough and a laugh, looked into my eyes she said, "Your turn." Still gasping myself with a cock like a rock and balls that I am sure were two shades of blue, Lana slid down the length of my body to my feet. Her eyes met mine, her brow arched and her head nodded just as I felt Lana's warm hand grasp the base of my cock.

A Satyr Finds A Nymph

first-time BrynhildrClarke 2018-02-05

He has heard that Nymphs inhabit this forest, but he doesn’t believe it and needs to see it with his own eyes. He follows the sound of the laughter to a clearing in the forest, noting that it seems to only be one creature laughing, not many like it would be if it were the Fae. He enters the clearing, almost hesitant that he has just walked straight into a trap, this has happened before when he has chased the Fae. He does not know if she will simply flee once he moves in closer, so he decides to do so slowly, trying his best not to startle her. He slowly moves his hand towards her, he doesn’t know where to touch first.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXIII

first-time Victor2K 2018-02-05

I never thought myself as a lesbian and never had something like that for another girl, but who cares if you are alone and you need somebody right there, right at the moment. We returned to kiss each other, embracing ourselves, laid on that bed, the same we cried and talked about the boys we wanted or tried to have. I never had that kind of thing with a girl, as I said, but I guess my whole frustration and the need of experimenting talked louder and I found myself having her cunny on my tongue (or the opposite). I guess I never would feel like that with a boy, just to speak. “I guess I am leaving boys forever and being with you know, Beth!”

Jim and the Virgin Maid of Honor A

first-time barnabus 2018-02-05

Before departing, Drew had observed that Christine obviously was in love with Jim, and a wedding celebration is always a time with lots of hugging and kissing and general warmth . We kissed, and he let his hand run down my neck to my shoulder, then down the front of my night gown, coming to rest over my breast, which he gently cupped. He wasted no time, lowering his full lips to my breast, nuzzling the gown downward past my already engorged, burning pink nipple and he was kissing the top of my bare areola. The hem of the night gown had worked its way up and not only did his hand graze my intimate parts, but I felt the hair of his bare legs between my thighs.

The first time a guy sucked my dick.

first-time napoleon21 2018-02-05

One night while I was at my girlfriends house me and one of the f****y friends were up late looking at tv. I had just got out of the shower and had some short football shorts on that I would wear to bed because I was always hot. He told me that he could see my dick and wanted to suck it and if that was ok. He said it would be are secret, so I looked around and told him ok. He told me he would finish the gob out in the garage were he slept. We got up and went out back to the garage and closed the door. After all was done He said whenever I wanted more he would be more then willing.

Love and Superstition

first-time louise7033 2018-02-05

And once we are married and pregnant, which in the rural areas is usually within the first year of marriage, they will sometimes advise us to breastfeed our husbands, the belief being that the milk from our breasts will cause the man in our life to keep running after us. Instead, "Ate" advised me that I should give my boyfriend oral sex, as that would keep him at my side...and would also stop me from getting pregnant until we were married! I tried to sound casual on the phone, but I guess he perhaps knew why I'd rung him - or was it "Ate's" magic working - because to my surprise he suggested that we might like to have a meal on a certain street in the downtown area.

Teasing Til It Hurts

first-time Jizaz_Jester 2018-02-05

She tangled a hand into my hair as I started to drive her tongue back into her mouth with my own, and pulled my head back to get her lips and teeth on the base of my neck. I leaned down and kissed her one more time, sucking on her bottom lip as I pulled away, and opened the door to leave. I laughed and leaned down to kiss her, sucking on her tongue gently before pulling away, this time with my lip caught between her teeth. Then I inched my way down, planting light kisses on her jaw, stopping shortly to suck on her neck and collarbone causing Natalia to groan and turn her head away from mine.


first-time fotisampini 2018-02-05

After Alan's parents and the Morgan's had finished their greetings, he and Clare were dragged forward to be patted on the head and admired. "Take Alan up to your room, Clare," said Mrs Morgan. "Yes, Mother," said Clare quietly, leaving the room, Alan trailing along behind. Clare giggled, enjoying the way that Alan was slowly rubbing her mound, his fingers darting inside and teasing her every so often. "Well, this might help you a little," said Alan, and at the same time as he thrust hard against Clare's hymen he pinched both her nipples. At the same time he made a series of harder strokes, releasing himself into her, feeling Clare tighten around his cock, her helpless scream muffled by his hand.

Hide and Go Fuck

first-time therealbk 2018-02-05

I then looked back out the small opening toward Tracy Mom. She began to take off a few of her gold bracelets on her arm. I watched as Tracy Mom grabbed a big towel to put around her curvy body. She moved her pussy open and used her free hand to play with her big labia in the mirror. I then looked back at Tracy Mom. She was running her long finger nails on her pussy. I felt her tight pussy clamp down on my cock as her big breast flopped on my face. I hope Tracy Mom did not mind my hard cock playing hide and go seek in all her holes today.

I've been waiting for this.

first-time 2018-02-05

She could see my cock was hard so she leaned to my ear and began to whisper in my, "My pussy is aching to be played with. It's been wet since you sat down." As she whispered this into my ear she grabbed my hard cock and began to whisper again, "I think your cock is ready to be sucked, I want to suck you." I couldnt believe how forrward she was, but I was more than willing to oblige. I reached around and started rubbing her pussy as my cock grew harder and harder against her ass at the same time kissing her neck and nibbling here ear.

A good evening

first-time pennant 2018-02-05

My God, you were a wonderful sight, long lushious hair, a cheeky smile on your face and a flowery summer dress that reached just below your knees. Suddenly I felt a little hand slowly making it's way from my knees and up the lenght of my jeans. My hands worked their way up from your ankels to your knees and then onto your tighs, lifting your dress up at the same time. I took my arms under your legs and curled my hands up and down to your pussy.While spreading your lips with my hands, I used my tounge to flick across your clit. As you came your pussy tighten it's grip on my cock even more, making me edge ever so close to climax.

My Secret Diary

first-time leBonhomme 2018-02-04

And then finally, at the dance at the end of junior high, I kissed a boy, not anything like a real kiss, as I later discovered, but as I told my diary, I thought it was another step towards becoming a woman. Oh, but it was great - told my diary - his saying that he had overheard us through the door and thought that it had been a good idea to try to play the piece faster than the composer's tempi, explaining that we made mistakes, of course, but that then at the slower tempi it would be easier for us to master the passages.

My first sex experience

first-time 2018-02-04

After a few moments, he held my face in his hands, looked at me with all the love in his eyes! He held my face in his hands, told me that he love me a lot and that if I do not want to do it, then we can stop. I kept my eyes closed and started undoing his shirt's button. He kept on kissing me over my body..fingers, toes, arms, tummy, cleavage, neck, thighs..everywhere. I was going OOOhhh...aaahhhh..yeah..yeah...oh mmmm....aahhhh....He moved his hands on the inner thighs and alternated kissed there too! His finger started moving downwards and entered inside my body slowly. For almost 10 minutes he kept on moving his penis inside-out of my body.

Telephone Bill

first-time Ashson 2018-02-04

He just started rubbing me, his hand pressing firmly against me, and I could feel that touch all the way inside me. I wasn't exactly looking at Will's erection, but I did have a hand on it, just trying to determine how big it was. He was stroking my breasts, running his hands over my body, stroking my mound, kissing my nipples, for god's sake, and his fingers were actually probing inside me. Well, that hadn't hurt, I thought, nor that, I added as he seemed to give a little push, slithering in a bit further. It felt strange as he slowly pushed his cock inside me, but strange in a good way.

Me and Mommy = The Best Day of My Life

first-time bigdick9 2018-02-04

As she rose her leg onto the coffee table to cut her nails i saw her sweet shaven pussy lips. then she slipped her mouth over my dick and bobbed her head up and down for what seemed to be a lifetime. then she asked if i wanted to fuck her pussy. i instantly jumped up and turned my mum into a missionary position and then slipped my dick in and slowly went up and down. as her pussy became wetter and wetter my dick begun to throb and i could feel i was about to cum. i pulled out straight away and asked to do her in the ass. she was fine with it and i put her in the doggy position and put my dick in her ass.


Glory Days Ch. 02

first-time Lyndon 2018-02-04

She reached her tiny hand inside and squeezed my hard dick with her soft fingers. I moved my hand along her wet slit and through her soft hair a few times before sliding one finger inside of her warm pussy and gently moving it back and forth. Sara's tight pussy slid up and down my hard cock and it felt like nothing ever before, I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. Each time her pussy hit my cock harder and faster I knew it was coming and i hugged her close and thrust my dick deep inside of her wet hole. I pulled my softening cock out from inside of her pussy and pushed it back into my jeans and zipped them up, Sara readjusted her skirt so she was covered.

My Goth Girlfriend

first-time valkdragon 2018-02-04

Shaking my head lightly, I laughed and ran into the house, stepping over a few couples as I made my way in, letting my eyes roam the packed rooms looking for Krissie’s unmistakable blue bangs and black hair. Krissie stopped in front of my bedroom and leaned against the door jam, her hands resting on her sexy hips as she turned into my room, swaying them lightly as she walked towards my bed. Standing at the foot of my bed, Krissie looked over her shoulder at me, the dark black of her eyeliner contrasted with her natural eye color more, making her eyes sparkle as she laughed at me.

The Neighborly Thing To Do Pt. 02

first-time oceanwave97 2018-02-04

Despite not having an encounter during those two weeks there was one time when I saw Janie coming home from a run. "Janie I think we both know that means you need to get your pretty little behind back over here as soon as you can when she leaves. She had in tiny ear rings and clearly took the time to look sexy for our night. I took turns on each leg licking and kissing them moving closer to her beautiful pussy covered only by a thin layer of material. Kissing her vagina one more time I moved next to her on the bed and pulled a thin sheet over our bodies. The tiny tight body of Janie lay in the center of my bed as she began breathing normally again.

Introduction to Sex Ch. 01

first-time Paris Waterman 2018-02-04

Ellie was an eighteen -year-old senior in high school when she met Donny Alfonso. "All right, then," she paused again, and then said, "Donny, you have Ellie back here no more than twenty minutes after the movie lets out. They curled up on Margie's parent's bed and were poring through several editions of Hustler and Penthouse, when Ellie came upon a pair of young women in a Hustler Magazine, who were masturbating with their hands down the front of their cut-off shorts. "I wanted Donny to do it to me last night," Ellie said and sighed. "Oh, look at this picture," she said, and held the page so Ellie had a good view of the same two girls, now sans their short-shorts, and fingering one another.

You're Nobody ... Ch. 07

first-time Grouchojim 2018-02-04

This next part is hearsay: that is, I took Noreen's story of what happened between her brother, Johnny and her friend, Haley to be true. "I'm so sorry!" Haley chirped perhaps a half dozen times, but she remained in the room and giving Johnny her sexiest smile, closed the door behind her. By this time, Noreen was listening at the door to Johnny's room, her hand busy at her crotch as she envisioned her best friend seducing her virginal brother. "You must have been a girl scout," Johnny said, managing to find his real voice for the first time since Haley had barged into his room. Several minutes went by before Haley felt herself readying to cum and she turned her face to him and kissed him then hissed "Fuck me hard, Johnny.