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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Seduction of Kim

first-time 2018-02-04

“How was your day Beautiful?” Kim blushed as she knew she would feel him inside her tonight but answered “It was very boring the only good point was I was ,, I am embarrassed to say I was thinking of you.” This time Glenn blushed and took a sip of his drink “To be honest with you Kim I had been thinking of you as well, you are the most beautiful lady I have ever met I could not get you out of my mind at all.” He reached out and placed his hand on hers. “I think it is time we went to get dressed for drinks and dinner.” Kim felt a bit rejected and let down she was hoping he wanted to go have sex since his hands were on her ass.

"Fr. Joe" (part 2)

first-time john1195 2018-02-04

hands squeezed Fr. Joe's small ass through the seat of his black clerical The front of Fr. Joe's briefs was slimy with all my hot, sticky lube. shirtfront, his small hands roughly squeezing my round ass in my suit pants. his ass with the metal cross, Fr. Joe's pale little buns quivering in the and he squirms on top of the old altar, humping his hard-again cock against blistered buns, and Fr. Joe groans loudly as my thick corporate cock plunges fat cock spews gob after gob of hot, thick sperm between Fr. Joe's hard priestly pud throb and pulsate in my hand, spewing hot jizz all over my him, my hard cock growing soft in Fr. Joe's cum-filled butt.

83% cock

Caught by a jogger. True story

first-time cheakyboy 2018-02-04

Her frustration at my jeans became apparent when she had had enough and pulled my fully engorged member out roughly and started to wank it...whilst still in a very public area. As much a I was enjoying this, being mid afternoon there were too many people about for me to really let go, so I tried making my way into the wooded area, but she suddenly dropped to her knees and started vigorously wanking it close to her face. Not needing to be told twice, I slid in and started to fuck her wet pussy hard. She asked if he jogged this way often etc etc, and all the time he was looking into her pussy and she let him.

Love and Superstition 2.

first-time louise7033 2018-02-04

I think you might call them lodging houses in your country: anyway they cater to couples looking to get a room for sex in the afternoon or evening. They never told us that it was about hurrying down a meal - thinking of cock all the time - and then going to lodging house to get sorted out on a bed that thousands of other couples had probably used. And to follow Ate's advice on how to keep a man happy and hopefully make my boyfriend forget about any other girls.

My Top 5: 5.

first-time BiggDawg65 2018-02-04

I say this because all that night as hard as I tried I didn’t know what to say I stumbled, stuttered, and slurred my words and they knew it, I was asked by Lisa what was wrong and I told the truth, that for weeks I sat around and watch guys come onto them only to see them get knocked down; with that said why did they accept my offer? Once I opened my eyes I saw them kissing, my goodness it was beautiful, they then took turns playing my dick, all I could think is why haven’t I came yet.

How to train Your 19 Year Old Neighbor

first-time bigmacirish 2018-02-04

She called out from the bathroom “Who is it?” and I said “******* from next door, I came to let the dog out, I know your Mum often leaves the radio on for her so I thought the house was empty” Of course at the same time I’m thinking how she is so short it will be easy to fill her right up deep inside, feeling how tight she’s gonna be around me. She started screaming now on every push and I said “Come on *******, take my cock, fuck me, look in my eyes as you cum!” And that was all I needed to hear as I let go and shot a load deep in her little pussy, feeling it spread inside her, mixing with her juices, feeling it wash hot over my cock.

If I had A Time Machine

first-time 2018-02-04

Once we talked, and talked for days until one of her friends who lived in Elk-grove, but always shopped at the Galt flee-market asked me, and her to come hang out back at her place. As I was talking to her she just got very close, and then before I knew it we started making out right there on the side of her friends car, as we were making out we heard the front door of the house open, we went back to talking as if nothing had happen, that was until we got inside I sat down on the couch, and she claimed right on top of me, and gave me a look that I never before had seen in a persons eyes before it was as if her eyes where peering through my every desires.

Another one

first-time 2018-02-04

I come back to this place many times before and it still feels like only yesterday was today or the day before. At times when I think of your name a sound that hunts my heart and mind, and stays close to remind me of my pain when the sound come from my lips again. But words after all are words, and in the end become harder to stay over time and have meaning deep down inside our hearts and our lives. When I see you many things come to mind, many things that help me pass the empty time spent in my lie that in the end I’ll find have trapped me without me saying a word or a verb.

Good Girl stay limp for Daddy!

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-02-04

Fucking is reserved for Men and Daddies and Tops with Real Cocks, not for pussybois with their little faggyclitties. By telling your pussyboi how beautiful and delicious his asspussy is, and letting him know how much you love it, as often as you can, lovingly calling him a faggot, too, each time, he will gain confidence in his fagcunt, and will become much more comfortable in showing it off and using it for your pleasure and his. Lick, tongue it, rub it, play with it, make your pussyboi’s buttcunt feel really, really good, really loved, then fuck him, bare, of course, always bare, and bring him to double orgasm, both internal, his prostate, and his asscunt itself, deep, as you pound him balls deep, filling him with cum, breeding him, seeding him, your bitch, your pussyboi.

My classmate/Brother-in-law

first-time laor490 2018-02-04

But he was not done now it was he turn to blow a load but he wanted to try my ass first I told him to go for it and he did he got my ass wet with his own saliva and the put his fat juicy dick in my ass and slowly began to push it in. Once he was all the way in he went crazy fucking my ass like if he was a fucking machine and I was going crazy with how good it felt so I flipped made him lay on the bed and I sat on him and I began to move up and down so fast and then I noticed his face changed and his body became stiff.

Psych Credit

first-time tarkatony 2018-02-04

Now panties as a prop may seem a bit limp and, in fact, she had first thought of a dildo, but she couldn't image driving one of those things into her, and, besides, the focus isn't supposed to be on pleasure, but understanding, so the silken, yellow white panties she selected, so different from her cottons, were meant, not to wear, but as iconography to remind herself to think about her own sexuality, and the purchase was her first tiny step on that journey.

my new friend

first-time fengunn 2018-02-04

He slowly stroked it while he circled the tip with his thumb, running it over my pre." Spread your legs and lay back" he said. After a few minutes, he wrapped his arms around me and lifted me up on his lap, reached down spread my butt open and went back to stroking. His left hand rubbed my dick head, wetting his fingers. He brought the fingers of his left hand to his mouth and sucked them and pushed back onto my hole. He brought his right hand to my open mouth and said to suck his fingers. He returned to my dick and stroked faster, as he pushed a finger in my tight butt. As my dick pumped, I felt my butt hole pulling on his finger, sucking it in me.

My first time CD for my Older Neighbour.

first-time fursnz 2018-02-04

On the way back Rex said I should pop upstairs and get a dress or two of my mothers to wear for him, I got even more excited as I told him Id dresed up several times in her cloths, and fur, to which he said yes the fur would look so nice on me, he asked did I enjoy dressing up in her things to which I replied yes and it made my cock hard also to which he said tha He would make it even harder tonigh as he made me his special boy and lover.

Me and daddy in the shower

first-time 2018-02-04

She ran her mouth back and forth on my growing shaft, and my cock blew up into a full-on XXX her hands to tickle my balls, Roos-anne's lips were sliding back and forth on my hard cock, her eyes looking up into my own. I began to fuck my daughter's mouth, my hips moving back and forth, and my hands pushing and pulling her head. I pulled her against me with my hands, my tongue sliding deeper into her hot, little ass, and I could feel her body begin to shudder against my ministrations. " it daddy, yes....make me your angel," she cried out, her hands pressed into the wall and pushing her body back at me.

My First Real Experience

first-time Just4Fun83 2018-02-04

With Tom still facing the shower stall, but now standing straight up, I stood behind him, squeezing his ass with my right hand, gently grinding my dick into his smooth ass and rubbing my left hand over his chest and stomach. Tom reached down to squeeze my ass with both hands and I remember closing my eyes as I felt my cock rubbing against his. I told Tom I wanted to lay down on the bed and hang my head off so that he could stand on the floor and put his cock in my mouth. I went to the sink and splashed a little water around, and turned to find Tom standing outside the bathroom stroking his hard cock.

Across the Tracks Ch. 10

first-time BigCoreySKR 2018-02-04

Deke knew what he was in need of, and walked off from the waiting room looking for the Hospital Chapel. Deacon shook his head and stopped, Nikki walking a couple of steps before realizing he had stopped and turning to look at him. Thor pointed a stiff and angry finger, fairly crackling with lightning at Otis, who was trying to hide equal parts terror and a smile, especially because of the look on the first Hallucinations face when the second one arrived. Thor nodded, and reaching forward, placed his hand on Otis's chest, and then his world shattered like he had been struck by lightning.

Losing My Virginity

first-time joeking2u 2018-02-04

She gasped away from my kissing mouth, held my face in her hands and we looked each other in the eye for the first time since she had asked me to unzip her dress. She bent her waist forward and at the same time she slid her wetness down till our lips met, her nipples were digging in my chest and her pussy crack nestled my hard dick. The reason I had felt a resistance when I tried to enter her pussy for the first time was not because she was a virgin but because her vagina had just then had an orgasmic spasm as she had started to cum just as I was about to enter her.

A Discovered Trick

first-time JO_KING 2018-02-04

Four hours until she would be able to soak her aching joints from the strenuous stretching made to get her body into the most bizarre and unbelievable poses. She watched in the mirror as she slowly descended her left muscular leg straight down in front of her face, never showing any waver in her balance. Rachelle stretched her body for two hours and then hit the shower. Rachelle looked up in the mirror and watched as she began to touch her body. She realized she liked having her tongue lick around her clit instead of being sucked on. With her hands, she pulled her pussy apart and used her tongue to lick the exposed button that was beginning to throb and get hard.

The Pickup

first-time P40eBu5 2018-02-04

I shuffled down the stairs and saw a row of stools outside of the main floor, looked like kind of a staging area. I ordered a beer and began to look around and see if there was anyone I knew, or might want to get to know. A slow song was next, she took my hand and led me to the dance floor. She giggled at me and when the song was over took my hand and led me out of the bar, up the stairs and into the parking lot. She sat up and took my face in her hands and kissed me deeply, and then slowly kissed her way around my face, tasting herself on my lips and beard.

Quick and Messy

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-04

same office I got an eye full every time I passed her desk. Catherine knew what was going on since I kept finding an excuse to walk After about the tenth time I snuck a peak, Catherine said, "What on Catherine, still pushing her tits together, said, "Do you wanna see more?" put a hand on her arm and she pulled her top and bra down even farther, I held on to her breast and nipple and with my other hand, pulled her was under her tits and I leaned down to kiss and bite her hard nipples. was face down holding onto the desk as I fucked her as hard and fast as

s****r's Friend Discovers my Big Dick

first-time mooremike 2018-02-04

"I want suck and fuck that big cock!" She said I pushed her to her knees and pulled out my cock which was getting hard. I moaned as she opened her lips and sucked the head. Fuck I want to feel this deep in me!" She said "Keep sucking I want to see how much you can take in your throat before we fuck!" I said "Time to see if you can ride a real cock!" I said as I pulled out I sat in the couch and she crawled up and position the head of my cock at her opening. "Ok but I want you to tell all your hot friends what big cock I have and how good it was to fuck me!

Hitching a Ride

first-time eroticwriter00 2018-02-04

His hand moved to the top of my leg and although my sexual experience was nil, I did know what he was wanting to touch. I lifted his penis and pointed it towards me, trying to see the head of his cock inside the foreskin. An involuntary whimper escaped my lips and I pulled back more until his cock head was totally exposed. "Greg, you have absolutely no idea how sexy that is." His foreskin had slipped back over his cock head and he pulled it back. "Ohhh, Greg...yes," he said as my tongue licked inside his skin and lapped more of his delicious nectar. My life was going to change forever and I leaned down and stopped when the whole head of his cock was in my mouth.

Conrad's First Girl

first-time Varian P 2018-02-04

After they circled the space, looking at the art, Conrad honed in on the artist, took Elsie with him as he approached her, introduced himself and his date, made a few insightful observations, asked a few incisive questions, and finally, made the young artist laugh for three consecutive minutes, simultaneously impressing and intimidating Elsie. She was still staring when he moved his hand away, giving her a good long look at the shape of his stiff prick perfectly outlined under the snug fabric of his briefs. “While you watch me stroke it, Elsie, I want you to think about taking me in your mouth, all hot and soft and wet.”

Love Pain & Ecstasy

first-time aprilrencher 2018-02-04

"You should want to spend time with us," my stepsister, Tonya, said. I made his dick look like the equivalent of a hot dog rotating inside of glass just dripping in oil. "Isn't that a good thing though?" I asked kissing him and slowly bouncing again. "Just think, winter break is right around the corner and like hell you would have gotten me pregnant" I said. "That ain't soon enough, and you're right I want to be the only baby you have for a while," he said. "As if you got any cum left for me to fuck out of you," I said. I didn't need to see him in person all the time to know he loved me and wanted me in his life.