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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Message leads to Massage! And More? [2]

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-02-04

Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name in the original version of this tasty tale of tease and tough treatments Jolly juicy Jenny went without her nice name because I wanted to surprise her with my second sexy series of stories Jolly juicy Jenny will be hotly humiliated by my tasty tease and tough treatment firstly in real as it has happened to her Jolly juicy Jenny will be hotly humiliated by my tasty tease and tough treatment as she will get the cane later in this set Jolly juicy Jenny will be hotly humiliated by my tasty tease and tough treatment as I'm a bull: make a heifer my hot cow

Slippery When Wet Ch. 1

first-time Dan36 2018-02-04

I told him that although I knew when a guy was handsome, I had never desired to have sex with him and doubted that I could even get aroused. I became a little bold and began to ask him about what it was like having sex with a guy. After several minutes I felt myself getting slightly erect, but this didn’t bother me as I get erections sometimes without any thought of sex. I wanted to tell him that I didn’t think I was going to get aroused, but at the same time I liked the way it made me relax. He asked me if I wanted to stop and I told him that although I didn’t feel any sexual feelings, that I kind of enjoyed the massage.

Becca's Coming of Age

first-time Moonraker_Bond007 2018-02-04

My dad, Uncle Austin, Uncle Marty, and Jacob Martinson all got quickly blitzed on beer, while the women got a little more slowly smashed on wine. "When I told them that I wasn't going to have sex with them just because they wanted to say that they had gotten the President's son in bed, a lot of them broke up with me. Pulling his cock all the way back, he positioned its head right at the entrance to my pussy. It wasn't till he grabbed my body and held me in place, freezing his cock as deep as it would go inside my pussy, that I realized that he had reached orgasm.

I seduced my WIFE into a threesome.

first-time xx1448 2018-02-04

As I fuck her pussy and face and cum in her again and again, I start to think about another guy or girl joining us. The big one was when I said do you want to suck dick while getting fucked. Her sucking my dick while I finger her telling her, you want him to fuck you. I would fuck her from the side and she would suck my finger like a dick. I would say you like sucking his dick while I fuck you. I ate her pussy and asked her if she wanted to suck a dick while she came. My wife pulled me to the side and said we smell like sex. I said you always wanted to fuck her ?

My surprise weekend away

first-time Alsaccount 2018-02-04

“I bet it’s nice and warm in there” I blurted out to Tom. Tom nodded his head in agreement, “don’t suppose you want to go for a sauna?” said Tom. “Mmm, yes I would,” I replied. “Is it ok for my wife and I to come in and have a sauna?” asked Tom. The girl gave Tom a strange look, then broke into a large smile and said, “course it is love,” “its eight pounds entrance fee.” “Everything okay in there?” said Tom. I poked my head out of the side of the shower curtain while holding it as closed shut as was possible. “You sound out of breath, are you sure you’re okay?” asked Tom. Mark was still finger fucking me as if it was the most natural thing to do.

The List Ch. 02

first-time handsomeyetnice 2018-02-04

The following afternoon after school was like a lot of my afternoons through the rest of our senior year: Mindy and I went straight to her parent's house where nobody was home and she'd suck my cock. Mindy started sucking on one of my balls, and struggled to get it in her mouth. A lot of the girls at school wear pigtails to show they suck dick. With the strong grip that I already had on her little head, I forced my big dick all the way in her mouth for the first time and started coming hard. "By this time tomorrow, every girl in school is going to know that you're hung like a horse."

Frirends become lovers for first time

first-time griff9012 2018-02-04

As Debbie moved her body up and down feeling his lips against her firm breasts and sucking her hard little nipples she felt how excited he was between her legs, feeling his hard thick cock rubbing against her thighs and she had to see it and feel it in her hands, so she climbed off of him and with a menacing smile pushed him towards the little island behind them so he was sat down she then unzipped his shorts and was almost immediately greeted by his cock bursting out of its restraints, she gasped seeing the length and thickness of it, it was about 9 inches long and about3 inches thick, and almostautomaticallyher hand wrapped around it and began slowly working its way up and down the long hard shaft in front of her as Tom lay back leaning on his arms enjoying the feeling of her small soft firm grip on his cock, feeling her move up and down faster and faster.

Hot Tea & Handcuffs

first-time angelfeathers 2018-02-04

"It's going to last all night you know," the voice made me jump, my hand shot away from my crotch and I tried not to look too hot and flustered; "Some Valentine's evening, huh?" "I talk from other people's experience," I said coldly pulling back, trying not to shiver, his touch aroused me despite the harshness of my words, "You better go Tris, I've got a book I want to read." "Stop it Tris!" I gurgled pulling back but it was too late, he was pushing my lacy bra over my breasts and before I could wail out another protest, his head had descended and my whole body went into spasms of pure pleasure as his mouth found a rosebud nipple and his lips covered it, sucking, licking, stroking the straining hot buds of tender flesh.


first-time shiact 2018-02-04

How about we watch a movie on the telly or something until you fall asleep?" It didn't sound like a bad idea and I was feeling pretty exhausted from sitting so long in an uncomfortable position for so long that I yearned to lay down on a soft bed. "Let's just watch the sexy parts and skip the rest." He pauses and says softly, "I know it'll make you sleepy." I look at him with uncertainty, but change into my pajamas and get ready for bed. He looks at me with those doe-like eyes for a couple seconds before bringing his lips down and kissing me softly. Ned, still staring at me with his eyes looking like they want to swallow me whole, whispers "Can I kiss you again?

Mothers Turning Point

first-time qualitywheat 2018-02-04

Sasha too was tall, but not as tall as Stephie, she was around 2" shorter, but her creamy olive skin, her deep dark almond eyes, her soft hair of black silk, her gorgeous full lipped mouth stood her out as a thing of rare beauty. "Good girrrrrl Stephanie," Sasha purred, and once again patted her left breast over her nipple, but this time left her hand flat on it. "Before I go on Stephanie, I have to say you are even more beautiful close up, you are such a sexy woman aren't you?" she purred again, and again patting Stephie's nipple. As soon as Stephie rested Sasha went on the rampage, smiling sweetly at Stephanie, she rubbed away, and soon the nipple was popped upright and very erect under the satin top she was wearing.

Without a word

first-time chasin_tuna 2018-02-04

I ran my hand down to your ass and pushed firmly as I pressed my thigh into you and I was rewarded with the most incredible small sigh I had ever heard as I felt you grind. With one hand full of your hair, lightly tugging as the other held tightly to your hips, slowly, using the full length of my throbbing cock, I withdrew and fucked into you, savoring your sounds of passion, never wanting this to end. In less than a minute he started to tense and tried to pull away from your hungry lips, but you released the other cock from your hand, grabbed him by the hips and pulled him deep into your throat, not letting him go.

Krista's 18th birthday

first-time lion9655 2018-02-04

When I peeked in I saw just 18 yo Krista (blonde, brown eyes, about 5" 6" and 115 lbs...nice perky titties like her s****r Kendra) sucking this dudes big dick. I immediately pulled out my cock while I watched and listened to Krista stuff his big dick in and out of her little mouth. "Kendra and I talk about how you, her, and Isaac fuck all the time...I LOVE two cocks, but why don't you come in and then I'll REALLY have a nice birthday present!" Like I was going to argue. Then she had the other two guys stand up and sucked their cocks too....she LOVES cum, so whatever Krista missed, she ate up...moaning that she wanted to be fucked like her little s****r just was!

My s****rs friend payed a visit

first-time Jerry04 2018-02-04

one saturday her friend Anita came over to visit and to swim and hang out at the pool. As I thought about her I moved from my window to my bed and dropped my swim shorts and started to jerk my pole thinking about her. She walked slowly into my room closing the door behind her, and said I'm sorry again. She then climbed back on the bed and straddled me, lifting my hard cock with her soft hand, she slowly eased down on my dick and started to ride me like a girl riding a horse. When she got back outside, my s****r asked her what took so long, Anita told her "I had to pee and I stopped to talk to your b*****r a little".

Virgin Seeking Ch. 01

first-time fms9612 2018-02-04

Today I knew my brother Luca was having a few friends over so I dressed in sexy revealing clothes. "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that shirt is mine," Caleb whispered in my ear his lips kissing my earlobe. An unfamiliar feeling began building in my stomach as Caleb thrust deeper inside me. Caleb peppered my neck with kisses slowly moving down until his lips encircled my left nipple. "Fuck I'm going to cum," Caleb muttered as he began to pull out of me. "You can totally see your nipples...I'm going to be walking around rock hard if you wear that," he said as his eyes stayed glued to my chest.

Web Encounter

first-time 2018-02-03

You don't' know any difference" "What makes you think that?" "How do you know you'd fancy me? Beep Beep Beep webcam in, typing "sure" as I did. I heard the beep for get from web chat meaning I heard my own voice straight How was I going to get out of this one? How was I going to get out of this one? going to let me off. I broke the kiss and she looked at my face, then bent I took a deep breath, and heard my daughter help but harden to her touch, "I need to fuck, and Without really thinking I held her hips and helped her little girl worked towards her orgasm.

Twin Brother and Sister let Little Brother In

first-time bobcox69 2018-02-03

My mind whirled again with the new information but clarity was soon brought to the forefront when Thad said, “Well then little b*o, I think it’s time you got some more experience with a cock in your mouth. When my head was finally released I kept his cock deep in my throat for another moment, swallowing away and making sure I had every bit of his cum in my mouth. When I was back up on my feet she stepped in and brushed her lips against mine as she spoke, “God damned, high time we got you in to the club.” With a wink she stepped passed me and sat right on Dad’s chair, her ass scooted toward the edge and her legs opened part way.

My First Blowjob

first-time CuteSlaveGirl 2018-02-03

I came home from school and when I saw the two men working it was as normal as you can get. I'm not sure what was really going on in my mind back then, but once I finished making the coffee for the two men I suddenly said something like "Want me to give you a blowjob?". Maybe I wanted to prove that I wasn't a prude girl, or maybe it was me being over excited after all the flirting they did or maybe I was just really curious about how it would be like. I wanted them both to cum in my mouth so it wouldn't get a mess (girlfriend told me about it), but I can still clearly remember that this wasn't really going as planned.

New Teacher Bad Boy

first-time braindump 2018-02-03

The teachers had grown tired of trying to make him see that if he knuckled down and got pass grades in Maths and English then he could go to art school and make a future for himself. "That's enough," said Sally deciding it was time to try to take some control of the class. For the rest of the day the class was very quiet, the Headmaster walked by twice expecting chaos and found each time Miss Williamson working away at the blackboard and the class appearing attentive. For the first time Sally saw David as a man instead of a student and a little ache started in the bottom of her stomach.

Do You Want Some Company Tonight?

first-time wantsomefun1951 2018-02-03

When they got to my booth, Nate did something with his hands where the girl could see them and said to me, "Sam, this is my sister Beth. She cut her hair shortly after those beach pictures were taken and dyed it back to its natural color." Turning to the girl, he said, "Beth, this is Sam, the man I told you about." Maybe you don't get out much, and I'm sure you've never been in a bar, but trust me when I tell you that having a stranger approach me to come home with him to meet his barely-legal-age, deaf, genius, orphan sister was NOT what I expected when I went in there."

Sex in the Darkroom

first-time nikkilamkins1738 2018-02-03

Her hand began to explore my body, starting with my hips, and moving to my ass. I began to caress her body as well, moving my hand underneath her shirt and pulling it up a little. I continued to work on her nipple with my mouth, while using one hand to caress the other breast, and one to grab a piece of her scrumptious ass. I grabbed her hips with both hands and thrust my cock straight into her soaking pussy. I could feel myself getting close to coming but I didn't want to do cum before her. Ohh." I felt my cock engulfed in her juices as I slowly pulled out of her pussy.

d***k revenge

first-time 2018-02-03

The story starts on our 11th anniversary and I went out and left her at home (Ladies i know this is bad) but it got interesting at about 12:00 at night when she told me she was pissed and going down town to fuck someone. I have never seen her so pissed god knows how she made it to town on her own, but as I arrived she just murmerd "Hes found me" to them, I smiled at her and went to the bar without talking or saying hi. after getting served I turned back round and she was on hr own - she later told me they got up and left as soon as I got to the bar, dont know what they thought was going to happen next.


first-time madnessx 2018-02-03

Her skirt shifted when she crossed her legs and I could see the garters clinging to her tan skin. She turned her head and smiled at me while I waited for the light. She turned to me with her eyes sparkling and said "Sure, let's go." She made an extra show of getting into the car and crossing her long legs. I couldn't take my eyes off her legs. She uncrossed them and said to me, "Do you like them?" with a pointed look to the tent of my pants. We were driving a few more minutes when I felt her hand on my cock. She just smiled at me and told me to keep driving.

Living the dream

first-time incognito77 2018-02-03

She went to get up off the sofa and Lenny held her arm for her to sit back down, Daisy im in love with you, Im here now because I need to know if you feel the same and by the way I was watching you earlier through the window, I saw the porn you had on and I saw you on the floor, Daisy stared into his eyes and without a second thought she undressed in front of Lenny and knelt by the sofa, she touched her breasts, Lenny watched in ore as she bent on all fours and with her left hand she started rubbing herself, that was it now she had to cum and so she did on her hand, taking a deep breath she looked at Lenny..he bent down and kissed her on the lips, Daisy you are mine now.

great white witch p1

first-time 2018-02-03

I walked for seemed like hours, in the distance I saw a small house and a lady working in the garden. As I got closer to the house I noticed that the lady who was working in the garden had a nice Once again I began to daydream about how lovely her voluptuous figure looked in that old As soon as I had enough to eat Eliza stated “that I could rest at her place for the night. Sexy lady into my arms and began to rub my hands all over her thick hour glass Eliza stated “that no man has ever made her inside Eliza placed her hand with the birth mark between her legs and stated