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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Indian Girl's Adventure

first-time maanmathan_playboy 2018-02-03

She felt his mush prick her when they were busy, engaged in a deep French kiss moments earlier. Without wasting the paused moment, Nik cupped her cheeks in his palm and planted another kiss on her glistening lips. "Nik, what are you doing?" Monica exclaimed when he broke the kiss and carried her to bed. "Nik, honey, I just can't breath," she moaned in eternal bliss when he took her erect nipples into his mouth and started chewing it. Her panties soon joined her bra and tops on the floor before Nik spread her legs to lie on top the petite girl. Without wasting a moment, Nik plunges his thick, erect hard-on into Monica's wet hole. Monica smiles and kisses the sweaty Nik as a sign of love.

A Will That Didn't Need Breaking

first-time ClaireBlossom 2018-02-03

I love the feeling that came over me, then, the feeling of my will breaking and fading away. I felt his thighs slap to meet mine and his hands holding my waist. I came without him in me, just the emptiness of where he'd been being slapped hard and harder with an unforgiving hand. He told me to let him see, I laid with my head on his legs and he smiled down from above me, enjoying the afterglow. He might've intended to hold me awhile in the grass, but when a light came on upstairs at a neighbor's house he gave me a rough kiss and bolted, still buckling his belt.

A Tale of Two Moms - Book One

first-time DizzyD427 2018-02-03

Alice wanted to assure her young son that he had done nothing wrong, so as she continued to hold his hard cock in her hand, she softly said, “Honey, masturbation is perfectly normal, and when you squirt, that’s called an orgasm, or cumming.” Hearing his mom say it was ok to masturbate did reassured Richie, and he relaxed. Barb knelt straight up, looked at him and said, “As soon as I would finish powdering your bum, I’d make you giggle by kissing your little pee-pee right on the tip.“ And with that, the young boy’s beautiful mom pursed her lips, leaned forward and planted a lingering kiss on the swollen head of his hard dick.

Rainy day

first-time ChoMoans 2018-02-03

But notice a bunch of guys kept their eyes on me, looking at my red bra and soaked shots with water running down my legs. I said "no and that's it's okay the rain would stop." But he asked where I was going and I just told him "it's about 10min away". I said "whats going on." He just straightening and smile, I kinda got scared and said "please let me out." He said "for being nice he would like something in return" as he touch my leg. I told him "I'll just give you a hand-job and let you touch my breast." He said "okay that will do". So I took off my shirt and bra, and let him touch me as I unzip and started to jerk him off.

I Just Had to Have Heidi

first-time amann52 2018-02-03

There are three things you need to know about Heidi; she is hot, she is a sweet innocent girl (i.e. a virgin) and she wanted it so bad even though she acted otherwise. I had seen that look before on women but it never got me as hot as when I saw it on Heidi. Heidi reached down and felt my cock and looked me right in the eyes, "Is that for me." After a while, Heidi finally pushed me off her chest, kissed me and then took my hand and led me out of the pool, into the house and straight into shower in her parent's bathroom. "I really want to pleasure you," Heidi said as she got down on her knees and put my cock in her mouth.

Adam & Evelyn

first-time JuliaHarringsford 2018-02-03

One last inspection.” The buttons now open, she slipped her hand inside and closed her fingers around my cock, which was already half-erect. She came back toward me and, placing a hand behind my neck, pulled my mouth down to hers, stopping when my lips were but a breath away from hers. Thinking of Adam’s huge cock, I allowed her fingers to open the bodice of my dress, each hand cupping over a breast. Her arms circled my waist and held me close, her lips pressing against my neck, her hands clasping my buttocks. Adam reached down to the foot of the bed to tuck the blankets over our bodies, then pulled me against him, his hands still exploring.

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts

first-time BlewWater69 2018-02-03

"Mark could partner with Michelle and we could all study together like you said," Stef proposed. "I think I could even get Michelle to blow Mark if that would help you agree," Stef said. Not a bad deal for two horny virgin geeks like us, don't you think?" Cole said, trying to be persuasive. We get Mark and Cole to be our lab partners," Stef explained. "If you ask me, Cole and Mark are cuter than Bobby and John," Stef said, going out on a limb with her friend. "It's all set with Michele," Stef said, when Cole answered his cell. "I don't know?" Cole said, also feeling nervous about forcing Stef to do this for him in order to get him to agree to be her lab partner.

Jeremy's Graduation Gift

first-time stoneypoint 2018-02-03

Jenna really liked Jeremy. It was time, as she would write in her own journal to finally and somehow step out of character and ask Jeremy if he cared to go to a graduation party. "Ohh I don't know, I was thinking about you after we talked at the corner and if it was okay, I thought I would just come down and say hi?" Blushing, she asked, "What do you think it sounded like Jeremy?" "Try licking me with your tongue Jeremy, go deep inside with your tongue, okay?" He stopped and looked up, "What?" OHH NOO KEEP LICKING ME,OHH YESS JEREMY! She grabbed his cock, she got down and kissed that too, and he left, smiling at her.

Chance Encounter Ch. 02a

first-time Lost Boy 2018-02-03

“We need to talk, later, that was...” she closed her eyes took a deep breath of fresh air snapped back to attention, “later.” Sis walked into the kitchen, “Damn fine job!” She slapped Tanya on the ass who yipped in a pleasant sort of way. I licked and sucked her nipples while she moaned and gasped and whispered in my ear, “I like that!” and, “Oh yes!” Her hands continued to tease me but at some point her desires reached a new point and I felt her nimble little fingers find my zipper and down it went then she fished around and gently freed me.

The Faith of Lucy Holt

first-time erotiquill 2018-02-03

As Phelps closed his robe he said, "Very good, Lucy, the Lord is pleased with your work, you brought forth his fruit. Lucy was alternating jerking Phelps' cock with her hands and tits when the Reverend said, "Lucy, my dear, you have tasted the Lord's fruit, he wants you to fill your mouth with it and swallow his blessing. "Lucy, I'm sure Mr. Oaks wants to feel what the Lord has seen fit to bless upon you and I trust you're grateful for his grace," the Reverend said a little out of breathe. Cyrus Oaks took Lucy to his grand house after church the following Sunday and introduced her to Mrs. Stone, his housekeeper.

The Cafeteria Mgr

first-time 2018-02-03

Where I worked was fortunate enough to have a small cafeteria. Then one day, sitting alone at a table she came over and whispered “I want you to fuck the shit out of me, let’s talk in the morning”. Then she got up and quickly went back to work. And the immediate erection I got must have made the table rise. Needed to wait a few minutes for the sensation to subside. Then noticed that my grey dress slacks had a wet spot from the pre cum fluid. Could not concentrate on work the rest of the day. Got another wet woody again! I just about came in my pants! someone came in the cafeteria.

Friends Grandfather

first-time littlevixen 2018-02-03

He told me as we were going to have sex I should strip for him, so nervously I stood in front of him and with his hands moving up and done my thighs I lifted my dress, as soon as my pussy was exposed he pushed a finger between my legs, I dropped the dress and he pulled me close closing his mouth around my breast, kissing my nipples, then sucking into his mouth, to my shock he took out his denchers placing them on the table then again closed his mouth on my breast, the feeling of his bare gums soft biting my small breast sent tingles through my body, such an unusual feeling and very unexpected, all the time his fingers pushed deeper into my pussy, his other hand moving around my bum cheeks and with a finger he penetrated my tight anus.

bi night

first-time mrspankytoyou 2018-02-03

He grabs my hips and pulls us together his cock pushing at my tight ring for a second it doesn't give then stretch and pop, in goes his head I gasp it's bigger than my feeldoe my wife fucks me with at home. I'm lying there in heaven when I feel a body close to me , hubby has straddled my head and is lowering his ring towards my mouth I want to rim it badly so wet my tongue and pull him into my face and lick. my last few strokes felt like a pipe was going to burst and finally i dump my load in his arse, my cock pulsing with cum deep in his arse, i pull out and lay back fucked Lisa crawls over and cleans me up just to finish the evening off well.

It's Only a Game

first-time kromen 2018-02-03

The Red Sox were one win away from breaking their curse and they had our asses pinned the wall like a first-time inmate on the first day at Rikers Island with Roger "The Rocket" Clemens starting on the mound. Sox 2nd baseman Marty Barrett hit a short line drive to right, scoring Spike Owen and I started thinking about the Yankee fans that would give me shit next week at work. The Mets are still the red-headed stepchild of the Big Apple and losing to the nemesis of the Bronx Bombers, at home, was liken to having your big brother watch you take an ass whipping in the backyard, laughing at you the whole time.

A Little Light Bondage

first-time slave_ariana 2018-02-03

"I see you have goosebumps slut, it's time to warm you up." He said and began to flog her bottom and back, not enough to cause any pain, but he knew she would begin to sting, tingle and warmth it caused on her skin. As I said, you can feel the evidence for yourself." She blushed again, but did not try to hide her face this time. He positioned himself in between her open legs and rubbed his cock on her pussy lips, whilst warning her "Do not cum until I tell you, if you think you are going to cum, or you need to cum then you must beg for it.

Triplets and Me

first-time spanky636569 2018-02-03

We went down there and were sitting there for a minute Lynn started kissing me while she was forcing her tongue into my mouth Lena was on her knees unzipping my pants and I felt another set of hands undoing my belt I looked down to find Lisa opening the button to my pants. I asked if all three were virgins and Lynn and Lisa said they weren't but Lena had never been fucked until then. I started to tell him we were all there talking about the great time we had eating pizza and he said "yea and what the hell else have you done, it smells funny down here" Lynn looked at her b*****r walked over and started rubbing his cock through his jeans.

The office Meeting

first-time fmg10 2018-02-03

I rub your nipple softly and take my hard shaft and place it between your legs and lift it up so that it lies in between your pussy lips, but not inside you. My hand holds your head as I guide your mouth as it works it magic on my hard shaft. I slide two fingers deep mouth closes over your clit and as my tongue flick lightly around it and over it I suck gently on it and thrust my fingers deep gasp with pleasure........ My mouth and tongue are working on you as you withdraw your mouth from my hard moan.."do it to me!!!!"...I look up at you as you continue to rub my hard shaft with your hands...I bend back and give your clit a long lick and suck and then roll onto my back and pull you over onto me.

Hayley's Party Ch. 00

first-time ChloeTzang 2018-02-03

Well, not really; I had two just like every other girl, but they were small, far more noticeably so when I was with my best friend Claire, who was my antithesis in so many ways. I was that Chinese girl that always sat at the front of the class that everyone else in the class just looked at and shook their heads and went "what the fuck?" I think they just gave me first prize in everything without even checking for the last couple of years. Claire also slept over at my parents' house (yes, Claire was that good a friend; she sacrificed nights out on dates to come over to my place and do girly stuff so that I could date Steve.

Good Friends and Lovers

first-time trumptight85 2018-02-03

Jean was dressed in a little blue cincher with nylons and stiletto heels over which she put on a short, tight blue dress, she looked spectacular and I became hard thinking that in a few minutes I would be watching her with Don. Our friends arrived; Carol removed her coat and was wearing only stockings and heels. Carol also gave encouragement as she hand-fucked herself ever more vigourously as she breathed, ‘Oh yes, fuck her Don, fuck the slut with your big hard cock, stretch that pussy, she wants more, give it to her, give it to her.’ She came out of the chair on all fours and put her face a few inches above my cock and said, ‘Give me your cum Evan, splash it all over my face, look at your wife being fucked, she’s a slut who can’t get enough of a big, thick dick.’

Pool Day

first-time naughtynurse18 2018-02-03

Tim's low, anguished groan made it clear he understood the intent behind my words and his hands shook as he squeezed the bottle and squirted more of the oily cream onto my quivering ass-cheeks. I looked down at his cock, only the head visible between the soft, warm confines of my tit-meat, pre-cum dripping down the sides and disappearing between my oily breasts. My head jerked back in surprise at the force of Tim's ejaculation and a second stream of ball-batter squirted from the boy's cock and cascaded down onto my quivering tits. Tim groaned and wheezed, hot sperm spouting and spewing out of his cock, drenching my firm tits as I fucked them up and down on his spurting boner.


Me vs Nympho - In the bed

first-time HarryT93 2018-02-03

After she cummed, I slowly pulled out my cock, wiping it on the towel laid on the bed. Even after cumming my dick stayed hard, so she continued riding and grinding with all the f***e she could muster as I laid there groaning and spent unable to push her off. When she finally cummed again, I thought she would stop but instead she continued fucking as I watched her cum and mine trickle down my balls through a full mirror she put there earlier. I was about to panic when she smirked and told me she was on pills and it was a safe time of the month but she stilled wanted me to clean her as she walked over, cum dripping on me and sat on my face.

Slippery Susie - Part Four

first-time 2018-02-03

It did not take long until the two women started talking about the toy parties that Amanda held and which Susie attended a little too frequently for Liz. “I swear Liz,” said a slightly intoxicated Amanda, “I’m going to get you to one of my parties.” She felt the fingers in her pussy slip out and she cried out and tried to bring them back inside but it was too late, Amanda was slowly crawling across the floor towards Susie. Moving to the end of the couch, Amanda tucked herself in the corner and spread her legs wide, making sure that Liz had a perfect view of her pussy.


first-time sreacher 2018-02-03

You rise up, look down at your lover, take his cock in your hand, place it to the lips of your pussy and look once again to your husband. My husband looks at me, takes a small sip, smiles and nodes his head as once again he tells me he loves me! For a moment you realize that as you lay there, your legs spread, another man’s cum leaking from you and your breasts showing red marks from his hands that you have done it, you have fucked another man at your husband’s command. I place my hand on his hard cock and tell him how much I love him as I look into his eyes.

The Shave

first-time Suburb 2018-02-03

Dana said, "Phil, if you don't mind, before you start could you run your fingers down my butt and up my outer lips and back a couple of times. "Sure, I can do that." He started with his little finger followed by his others and moved slowly down her butt rippling over her butt button and over her perineum and up one side of her outer lips and down the other side and back, working his fingers through the hairs. Absently he said, "It softens the hairs and makes them easier to shave." He was quiet and had a hand on the top of her thigh, looking at her stuffed bottom.