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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.


first-time babesTV 2018-02-03

In my college I felt like the only virgin around while all my friends were enjoying sex, and while I went out with guys all the time, I never met anyone who I really wanted to fuck. I used to dream in the middle of the night having a big cock in my mouth sucking the whole length of it. I got hotter than I ever have with a guy and began to feel my pussy get wet and tense. I got up, spread my pussy lips a bit and try to lower myself onto his cock, but it was so big that I could only get it half way in, but it hurt, and I wanted him to fuck me instead...I wanted to feel his weight on me.

All This On The First Try!

first-time jerrad 2018-02-03

I was about five miles from his house when he texted and said that if I wasn't going to try oral myself then he might not want to meet! This being the first time I had ever touched another man's cock, and not quite being able to get past the idea of some guy cumming in my mouth, not knowing what it would feel like, or taste like, or even smell like, I couldn't make myself do it. I wanted to get with him one more time before I had to drive back to New Mexico, but there were too many things planned that I couldn't get away from so it just wasn't going to happen.

Opening Up Jaime

first-time dinstigator 2018-02-02

Jaime began to make a guttural sound deep in her throat and her body tensed, her hands digging into the mattress and her heels pounding, as she came in a gush all over my mouth and into my goatee. She was wiggling her hips as I licked and sucked on her lips and flicked my tongue across her clit, getting her pussy nice and juicy wet. She rocked back and forth two more times, and her body tensed and she let out a scream as she came all over my cock, then collapsed upon my chest, breathing heavily as her body continued to shake in the aftermath of her orgasm. My hands were on her hips allowing me to drive deeper and deeper into her pussy as Jaime began to moan with each thrust I made into her formerly virgin snatch.

The Office (Interview)

first-time 2018-02-02

He asks her questions, which she gives her best possible answers to because it's so hard to find a decent job these days, much less one which pays as much as this one. Minutes pass, slowly stroking himself, thinking of all the travel, the hotel rooms he would take her in, playing out every fantasy he pleased with her, rather than paying for unreliable whores in different lands. She licked and sucked, teasing and working his cock hard alternately as he held her blonde hair out of her face. He stood up, fastening his slacks, adjusting his cock in his boxer briefs, and walked passed her gently grabbing her chin "I think this is going to work out fine" as he smiled.

oh my son -2

first-time stif266 2018-02-02

Finally, Justin slowly slid his long, thick middle finger down into the hot, clinging wetness of his mother's slavering love wound. Then, his mind went numb with shock as he felt his cock being enveloped in his mother's hot, wet, sucking mouth. Then, at last when it felt like she was going to suck his balls inside out, he finally stopped cumming in her mouth. After a few moments, Justin felt his giant cock had regained most of it hardness and he slowly withdrew it from his mother's hot, slavering scabbard. Gently stroking the hardened monster, he thought back to the night before and wondered what it would be like making love to his mother with the lights on.

A high school senior's first time with his ma

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-02

Since the person I'd most like to meet was the beautiful woman who'd given me the assignment, all I needed was a strategy to put together a paper that would say just the right thing in just the way. Of course, I wouldn't care what she wore but realized I really, really wanted her to look like the teacher I'd described in my essay—a woman who wore her long hair down, cascading around her shoulders. "I don't need love making right now, Cal. I need your cock and I need it hard." As she tore at my shirt and jeans she asked me, "Do you know what rough sex is, Cal?" I felt her breath increase as her eyes met mine.

Two New Firsts: FFM (Bi)

first-time trumptight85 2018-02-02

Kat still looking somewhat confused so I grabbed her pulled her close and gave her a long passionate kiss and said will see, she ground her crotch against my still rock hard cock smiled said okay and walked back to the bedroom swaying her ass the whole way when she got to the door she gave me a little pop of her ass as she turned and gave me a saucy smile. Kat pulled her head away and kissed her way down Jenny’s stomach stopping to gently bite she worked her way to Jenny dripping hole she pulled the little thong to the side and buried her face in the sweet sticky juices that had been flowing from her lips.

A Rolling Chair Gathers No Moss

first-time risgrynsfisk 2018-02-02

"Sounds like a pretty good idea," Lisa said; snuggling in, shaking less. They talked about music, and discovered that they by and large liked the same music, except that Nils was a bit nerdy, the way guys are, about finding little-known groups to promote. But Nils was so genuinely enthusiastic about his finds that she did not feel like he wanted to score points but to share something marvelous. Nils asked if Lisa wanted to sleep on the couch, apologizing for not offering to sleep there himself, since that just did not work. Sure, Nils also thought that his ways of handling things generally were better, with a hint of middle-class smugness, but rightly feeling there was a whole lot more love in his family's interactions.

woke up beside a hottie

first-time 2018-02-02

You feel my hands now starting to roam and explore your body twisting and gently pulling on your nipples as I try with my mouth to get you to cum and you wake with a start as you feel your first orgaism race thru your body and you grab my head in your hands and f***e it hard between your thighs and you wrap my head between them and I lick you hard and slide my tongue up into you trying to lick you and savore all that your body has released in a flood of excitement then as you lay back purring contented like a kitten I kiss my way back up your hot sweaty body look you in your eye and say good morning honey and then I say ok babe time for you to get on top and with that you climb on top of me take my rock hard cock and slowly rub it against you until it is wet with your juice and without warning slam yourself down impaling your body on me and ride me hard and fast

CvsN 08: Virgin No More

first-time Tx Tall Tales 2018-02-02

"Sorry Jim. This little tart has been teasing me, and I couldn't help myself." The exhibitionist in me reared his head, and I stroked myself in and out of Karen's dripping pussy, using full long strokes, while I spoke to him. "What I would have done in your shoes, I would have walked right up to just in front of her, placed my hands on her back, my cock inches from her face, and said, "God, that looks great." Then see what kind of response I got. He inched forward, and allowed his hands to reach a little under Karen around the sides, stroking the edges of her breast, his crotch now brushing against her shoulder.

Emily Osment's Best Christmas Ever

first-time 2018-02-02

While I was thrusting hard into Taylor's shaved cunt, Emily and Miley moved their heads down and started to suck on her tits, I kept fingering their tight barely legal cunts, having three fingers inside the both of them. As my vision started to clear I saw Mr. Cyrus standing in the doorway looking right at me when I saw what he did with Emily on my left in a pink nightgown, Taylor on my right in a gold nightgown, and Miley above and behind me on her bed in a green lacey looking teddy and a large comforter on the floor for me.

The Five Conditions - First Time

first-time Davieg40 2018-02-02

If I did not fuck this fat English man then I would not be able to marry Tang. Then he pushed me onto the bed and I felt his mouth at my cunt lips as he started to lick me. Then he pushed his fat body on top of me and I felt the tip of his cock move against my virgin cunt lips. I lay crying as he grunted and pushed farther in until his great fat cock was in me to the hilt. The big fat bastard rammed his cock in and out and I started to feel my body responding. Several times he came then as soon as he was finished he pulled his huge cock out of my now very sore cunt.

My First Happy Ending....

first-time 2018-02-02

She just lets me know the hourly rate for massage and then asks if she should leave while I get undressed. She starts her massage, chatting with me, normal topics at first, then I get the drift that she is probing to see if I want more. She starts on my chest, standing above me, letting her tits drag my face as she strokes downward. She moves to the side of the table and starts rubbing my thighs. She says "Are you ready to shoot that load on my tits?" I moan louder and suddenly I am cumming harder than I have in a long long time.

Manila gigolo.

first-time dth_sunny 2018-02-02

Kyle continued to kiss and lick then no-erotic areas as I was dying to experience the feeling of his wonderful tongue against my sensitive nipples and pussy. As he sucked my clitoris and his finger rubbed more and more of my G-spot, I began to moan and my hands held his head as I said: "Oh Kyle!! I slowly lowered my body down until my wet pussy was touching and covering part of the big cock head. Open your sexy wet pussy for me and let me put my big cock in it." It is the beauty of youth that Kyle was able to get his cock hard again with such a short time.

Hmong s****r-in-law

first-time Destroysix 2018-02-02

When coming to the check out line I saw that Nancy was already there in line so I went up to her and said her let me pay for what you have after all you guys are always helping me and Paige(wife) out. Paige told Nancy that we barely have sex because everytime we fuck I would want to keep going for hours and hours at a time. My wife ten asks Nancy the same thing but the answer was different and Vince said that he tries to but he just can't seem to keep it up long enough. I got up and started walking to our room when my wife said Nancy is knocked out I can't get up myself.

Party Time - Humiliation - Group

first-time tr3b0r 2018-02-02

Bi Curious (I told Nina about this recently during sex and she said it turned her on thinking about it!) "As it is your first time with us, we are going to try to help you live out your fantasies." With that Ed's wife led Nina away to a bedroom. The person leading Nina away was a well built handsome guy and I have to say he had a huge cock. Everyone started moving in for a closer look at this time and Nina was clearly still in his power as she was willing to let this continue. He had hold of my head and fucked my mouth, making me wretch, in front of Nina and all these other strangers.

Are You Sure You Want This?

first-time StackedAction 2018-02-02

I could tell he enjoyed it though, his moans, his orgasms, telling the truth he was not comfortable enough to verbalize yet, his hard cock pulsing in my mouth while I pump a nice toy into his ass. As the porn scene progressed and the tattooed slut in the video was fucking the bi porn guy as he's on the floor on his knees, his head resting on a cushion on the floor, my man's cock gets harder and harder and I can tell he's into it. My pussy is drenched and my nipples ache as I shove my tongue in my husband's mouth and the man on screen cums all over his own stomach with the porn slut stroking his cock and her fake cock deep in his ass.

The Haunted House

first-time Dahlia15 2018-02-02

Once we got in the room and turned off the lights, it took a minute to get over the vertigo. "Open for business," he said, moving through the room and out the other door. He'd stand outside the exit and open the door to let people leave after a minute of disorienting fear in the room with us. He pressed back, but then the door to the room opened and the next group came in. The door opened behind him before he could answer and he turned towards the group with a groan. I cried out, a mixture of relief, desire, pleasure, and a little pain, and was surprised to hear answering cries behind Jackson.

Caught Parking

first-time Lucky Mann 2018-02-02

Alex started bobbing up and down on my cock, but she didn't suck and used very little tongue. Rubbing my cock through my pants told her it was time for a blow-job. Placing my hands on both sides of her head, I gently pulled her off my cock, and said to her, "Alex, let's do this right. When I finished cuming, she kissed the head of my cock and sat up.I hugged her, and told her, "That was much better. She was smiling, her eyes were closed, her head laid back, and she was slowly and softly massaging her still exposed tits. Occasionally dipping my tongue into her love hole and gently sucking her clit quickly had Alex writhing on the table.

Educating Stephany

first-time CaliforniaDreamer 2018-02-02

We watched the woman stroke and lick his growing cock and my own quickly got hard. Stephany looked back to the computer where the woman was now bobbing her head up and down on his cock. I was very confused - embarrassed by being asked how big my dick was but also excited by Stephany's curiosity. That sent me over the edge and there was no way I was going to stop so I stroked my cock faster and began to breath heavier. After just a few moments I felt my orgasm form way down at the base of my cock and I gasped - "Yah, I'm going to cum." Then I let out a groan and we both watched in amazement as my first shot of cum flew out of my cock.

Meeting a Stranger

first-time SluttyRachel 2018-02-02

She pulled away and put her face right next to the base and licked her way up one side and down the other, then pressed her tongue to the underside and slowly moved back to the tip. She felt the dick slide in and out, over and over, wetter each time, letting it push the tip of her tongue back so the underside slid along the bottom of his cock as it came in and unfurling her tongue as he pulled back out. "I believe," Tony said at last, "I told you I wanted to fuck your tits." She nodded, getting excited. It's time for you to show me you know how to actually fuck." Rachel felt herself getting even more turned on as the tip of his cock ground against her virgin opening.

cyber fun

first-time TWILIGHTLOVER 2018-02-02

around 7 send the vid b4 she get here lol i dont want her to see till tonight baby yeah send ur first telling us what to do baby as u play with ur thick hard dick tell me how hard ur gonna fuck my lil pussy baby in ur video lol ok baby send me a pic of ur bady i wanna se how ur built :):) cant wait to get ur video baby so we can send u ours be sure to tell us what u want in it yeah but send the pic real quick and i wont blackmail u baby i want us to hook up yeah but send the pic real quick and i wont blackmail u baby i want us to hook up

Lisa Finds a Lover Ch. 3

first-time Red Hugh 2018-02-02

Lisa liked the idea of an older experienced man and in time became infatuated with Sam. She had eventually learned to masturbate and would lie in bed at night with her legs open rubbing herself imagining Sam's cock in her mouth and in the other little openings she liked to touch. Lisa felt Sam's cock ease from her and she slowly raised herself to crawl between his legs and swallow him. The blueprint of Lisa's sexual behavior was set that afternoon as Sam's cock pulsed its seed into her mouth not twice but three times. Lisa took her lips from Sam's cock and kissed Terri. The three eventually got used to each other and soon Terri was having her pussy sucked by Sam and her bottom nibbled, stroked and kissed by Lisa.

Powerful urges for young girl in taxi home

first-time 2018-02-02

We were going home in a taxi from the summerhouse, a journey that took 30 minutes, and while my mother slept with her head on his shoulder, I fingered myself, because I was horny, and excited by doing it next to a man, and I guess he knew I was fidgeting, my short dress was high on my thighs and I was close to cumming, he put his arm around me, cradling my upper arm, feeling my movements as I closed in to my orgasm, then he stroked my upper arm, in unison with my fingering. As I got in I stole a look into the back seat, noting my mothers prostate body, and as I sat down the driver reached across and went behind my head, pulling it down onto his lap, his cock going into my mouth, and at that I sucked him all the way home.