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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Tribute to a teen as a triplet

first-time petdyke 2018-02-02

Firstly by her lovely looks: curly blond hairs, blue eyes. She wears always a big smile, even during her dirtiest duties. Secondly by her soul, serving people with a genuine smile. You know, not this glamour cover girl. But like that lovely country girl, almost next door to you. She is fun to flirt with a bit, while she is on duty. The real joy is to watch her have fun with us, off duty. She stays on, during my birthday party, dancing ... A triplet of fresh twens at my 60th birthday We three will share our love for her fairly! We love her, so one day a week we will give her a break. But as they loved her ...

It Started on New Year's Eve Ch. 02

first-time scorpio415 2018-02-02

Soon Cole had his shirt off and my hands were flying over his skin, feeling every sinewy muscle. After Cole dropped me off and kissed me, just like he said, my dad noticed the band-aid on my cheek and I made an excuse about tripping over a stair and hurried up to my room. I loved the way he finally turned away the manipulative Robyn Knight to be with me, the way he had little pet names for me and knew my favorite coffee; the way he stroked my hair and knew when I needed a bowl of ice cream to cheer me up even before I did; the way his eyes glinted when he laughed and how he texted me every night before bed, wishing me sweet dreams.


first-time doncru 2018-02-02

Over the course of time we had slept at each others houses and had seen each other naked. I used to love sl**ping at his house since his s****r was hot and I wanted to stroke my cock everytime I saw her. Upon accepting, for the first time i stroked cock. Holy shit, his cock pulsed and filled my mouth so i swallowed, not once but three times. He proceeded to tell me that when my cock was all the way down his throat to shoot my load it would be just like a pussy. We discovered a new hobby for awhile, just say that was not the last time i swallowed his cum or he mine.

my boy's girl.... we fucked eventually

first-time rooneystar 2018-02-02

i followed her in too the kitchen and then said i am sorry abt that...she said if u show me ur cock anytime i want, i will strip naked and let u see me...anytime we are alone...i said ok let me beat of in front of u and maybe fuck her breast ..she said yes but that is the furthest we can go for now...I whipped out my boner and striped naked in her apartment kitchen...and i started pump my cock and she dropped her panty and said u can rub it on my ass and pussy so we were rubin my cock on he genitals and it felt so good for her....i poured on some lube and i and gripped her breast as she asisted in pushing them to wrap my cock and it felt so good..after about ten minutes i came on her chest and then i licked it all up.

Public Peep (Trainstation Bathroom)

first-time fourseasonfuck 2018-02-02

I was admiring myself through a mirror in a bathroom at the Barstow County Train Station when I went into an old stall and reminisced on past memories. As I stroked and played with my cock, I had realized that I completely forgot to lock the stall door and the mystery man was standing there staring at me! He lock the door behind him and there I was standing in the far corner of a bathroom with a shrinking hard-on and a good looking man closing in on me. Mystery Man: "You're cock isn't small at all, Its at least a good seven inches.. My penis had actually began to feel like the roughness of the mystery man from the previous year.

Delicious pussy

first-time lepue 2018-02-02

she let me slide my hand into her jeans and in to her panties. Oh man she was so wet, my finger just slid right into her pussy and was covered with her juice. I brought my finger up to my mouth and tasted the her juice....WOW she tasted so good right than I wanted to just take of her pants and plant my mouth on her pussy bet she did not let me.... I waited and not until the fist time I was able to take her to my flat and my room that she aloud me to see her fully naked I had my change to let my tongue enter her honey pot.

Mature Touch

first-time sexystacy 2018-02-02

"Mrs. Jones..." stammered Joe. It was his boss, who had come into the storeroom to pick up some things. I want you to ram your dick into my hairy mature pussy." That little bit of dirty talk had his prick getting harder. After all, this was Joe's first blowjob and Mrs. Jones had sucked thousands of cocks in her time. "AHHHHHHHHHH SHIT I'M CUMMING!" Screamed Joe. When Mrs. Jones heard this, she deepthroated the teen's dick and took about 7 spurts of teen cum in her mouth. "We're just getting started" said Mrs. Jones, taking off her shirt and Bra, letting her huge tits go free. "Ohhh, JOE!" Mrs. Jones moaned as she started rubbing her clit.

First Vreampie

first-time cuckhappy 2018-02-02

We both looked at my wife, and after a few second, which seemed an eternity, I asked, 'Would you eat Juile's creampie for me?' Being well gone she surprisingly laughed and said, 'just this time then!' Then, to my shock and delight she went down on her s****r's cunt, the cunt I'd just been fucking and came in in front of her and she lapped some cum from her cunt lips. She indicated at her gapping hairy cunt hole, 'Yes' she said, 'eat your creampie and share it with me.' I went down on her, turned on by the kinkiness of the situation, I must admit to having eaten my own cum on a couple of occasions when licking my wife to orgasm after I'd cum first, but this was new.

First time i sucked the neighbors cock

first-time htomly24 2018-02-02

and holds my head down on his cock and its so deep i cant breathe and im fighting and squirming to come for air he lets me up grabs me by the back of my hair and spits in my face and f***es me back down on his cock making me gag hard and tears of mascara are running down my face and onto his legs then he ask where do you want that cum at bitch and i moan on my face with a mouthful of cock and he says yeah you nasty piece of shit he then quickly stands up and starts stroking his cock over my face and says here it comes bitch i quickly open my mouth and stick my tongue out and he shoots his cum all over my face making me feel like a lil slut he slaps his dick across my face asking me if i had enjoyed sucking his dick i moan and say i loved sucking your cock as im wiping the cum from my face with my fingers licking as most as i could get in to my mouth

Michael's Prom Night (A Chrissie Conway Story

first-time chrissieCD 2018-02-02

“Why wouldn’t you want to?” Kelly asked “I doubt you ever dated a girl better looking than Chrissie?” “You know Chrissie, he probably told Terry.” Michael said. When Michael returned to the car he turned to me and said the girls are ready to go home. Once we dropped the two girls off at their respective homes Michael moved into the rear seat with me while Terry and Jeff stayed up front. As we headed toward Micheal’s house where they intended to drop me off they began bitching about how disappointing this prom night had been. “Your turn Baby.” I said and Terry began to quickly open his pants and produced a [beautiful young cock.

one day at school

first-time 6963 2018-02-02

dammit in trouble again little bitch sitting next to me in class got me stirred up again with her rotten mouth i told her to shut her funking pie hole before i stuck my foot up her big fat asshole sideways.shit to loud the teacher heard me,"PETER" she then turns and pushes me to the floor and sits on my face i return my tounge to her clit but the big surprise is when she take's my cock and puts it into her mouth and starts to suck on it. the bell rings to go home we tidy ourselfs quickly up before the teacher arrive's,i noticed sharon was pulling her knickers up looked like somone enjoyed the show.we get out of school as we are walking out

The stand for taking virgin's...

first-time NinjaScKae 2018-02-02

Wearing a thin tank top that fit to her body like a glove, the soft, supple curves of her breasts outlined nicely, and it left her stomach partially bare to reveal a hard set of abs. Slowly she turned about-face placing her ass against the glass of the window bending ever slowly forward revealing the pear form of that luscious ass tightening the skin highlighting the core and its little bean. As she turned to face my now exposed throbbing member she slid her hands from ankles to the sight before her lips opening wide she took me in swirling her tongue around the head.

Anatomy Lesson

first-time littledirtygirl24 2018-02-02

Maybe it was the beer, or his looks, or just that I was needing a better method to teach him, but I leaned near him and whispered in my best attempt at "sexy teacher voice" "Wanna try it?" He nodded and scooted closer across the twin bed and lounged next to me. As his eyes took in my bare skin, his hand reached to my cheek and he pulled me into a kiss. Soon he grew more passionate, burrowing his hand into my tangled hair and assertively biting my lower lip and letting his tongue dance across my lips. After a few seconds of resting, Sam stood up and placed his hands on my shoulders while kissing and biting my neck, leaving a row of hickeys.

I am now 100 % gay

first-time 425olds 2018-02-02

But there I was, being filmed dressed as a big titted sissy on the ground, my legs spread wide, my locked up peenie in full view and about to get fucked for the first time by a black man I met only minutes ago. And as the black man on top of me started to fuck my ass even harder by almost completely pulling in and out with each stroke a strange and warm feeling came over me. The big guy fucking my ass from on top held my face and said by looking me deep in the eyes "You like that, you little sissy faggot, don't you?


Bach & Elgar's Happy Ending

first-time ReefBeach 2018-02-02

I remember my eyes widening, a warm flush on my face, my fingers and the bow still producing the beautiful music. Relief and a softness from the best orgasm I'd ever had (out of not many I should say); the joy of the music was still there with my inspired playing; guilt at fingering myself in a school practice room (but it was part of the playing!); tiny shudders and twinges in my thighs and between them. I was lucky enough to get a place in the cello section in a semi-professional orchestra, where I got glimpses of the wonder I felt with Bach. I'm sorry, this piece always breaks me up - I must look pretty lame, but I thought of her beautiful playing, and I thought of you-" I was quite moved.

Thanksgiving with my Step-Brother, David – Chapter 5

first-time KJessica 2018-02-02

David said, “Since everything is going to take a little while before y’all need me to do anything, why don’t we all join dad in the living room and watch some of the parades with him.” David and I stayed downstairs with the folk’s all day until mom and dad got up to go to bed so finally David and I were able to do our thing by going upstairs together. Now, without ceremony, we got undressed and I went back into his room naked but this time things were going to be different because I had finally built up the nerve to let him have me and afterward stay in his bed for the night if that’s what he wanted me to do.

A New Kind of Education

first-time PregnantVirgin 2018-02-02

And to his surprise, Jake noticed that Melody's usually formless sweater now fit snuggly on her body, pulled tight across her skin revealing a small, rounded belly and breasts that actually filled out her shirt. He suddenly couldn't help himself and leaned forward, kissing her temple softly at the hairline, placing his hand once again on her tight, swollen belly. With her hand still on his chest, Jake's lips left the sanctuary of Melody's kiss and traveled down the smooth slope of her neck, reaching her collar bone, and finally the crest of her swollen breasts. Melody lifted herself onto her knees and reached down between her legs, taking Jake's cock into her hands and stroking it, rubbing the head up and down her slit, making her body jerk every time she ran it against her clit.

s****r and I are Close Then Mom (4)

first-time HankWilliams1956 2018-02-02

"Hearing you telling me what all was said and it being about making love to mom and you and I being lovers all ready, has me horny and ready to make some of that love together right now." as she stood up taking her T shirt off and dropping it on the floor and then unhooked and pulled the zipper down on her skirt, pushed it down over her hips and let it fall around her feet on the floor, stepped out of it and climbed back up on the bed, after she pulled the blanket and sheet toward the foot of the bed. When Clare finally came down out of the clouds she rose up to and she collapsed on her back for a little bit while I kept licking her clit, she finally said, "Stop, I can't take any more Jim. I need you to put your hard dick in my pussy now Jim. Please fuck me now." with the last four words being more demanding.

Special Blacken Delivery Cuckold

first-time 425olds 2018-02-02

Holly began analyzing every detail: cock size, body hair, ass roundness, even their wardrobe and lack there of. Holly did her little 'hair toss" in front of Derrick and gently touch his powerful hands as she reached for the packages. His lean thighs flexed as he bent backwards slightly, creating a perfectly smooth torso with rippled abdominal muscles, and cock the size of a tree sapling hanging ready for work. As Derrick's cock sprang proudly towards the ceiling, Holly slid off her skirt, exposing her perfectly toned ass and shaved pussy. I could see the small drops of pre-cum begin dripping from the head of his cock, creating spiderwebs on Holly's hands.

Luanne Ch. 06

first-time maadmaax 2018-02-02

He pulled aside my bikini and started kissing my lips, flicking his tongue across my clit, and then he was pushing a second finger inside me. I had pushed my shorts down and was standing there stroking my cock and said, "I don't care as long as I'm inside you in the next ten seconds." "Oh, yeah, well, a couple of minutes of him eating me out and finger-fucking me and I had a really wild climax." She paused to giggle, "I was so into it I started to grit my teeth and then remembered that his dick was in the way.

Mrs. Thompson Gives Me My First BJ

first-time squarejohn 2018-02-02

Mrs. Thompson was actually a widow, and, in my opinion, even if she was old, she was the hottest, best looking, sexiest, longest-legged, nice-est-titted, perfect-assed, best dressed woman in the condominium complex. Mrs. Thompson--I felt funny calling her Maggie--was one of those who periodically wanted to change the "look" of a room, even if all it meant was rehanging pictures in different parts of the room. One afternoon, I just finished putting away some things in the storeroom and was locking the door before I went home to my rented housetrailer, when I heard the familiar, "tock tock" of her high heels and turned to look at her.

The Lodge with Coby Ch. 03

first-time innocentemily87 2018-02-01

When he first got his motorcycle, he put the bracelet on the keychain and named the bike Flame, after an old childhood nickname he had had for Emma. Coby was quickly able to find Flame's keys and was riding down the road after Emma before he could even think, "wait." Trying his hardest to hide his relief, Coby slouched against the truck and simply said, "Fancy meeting you here." When they finally arrived back at the lodge, Coby helped Emma out of the truck. After he was done calling the pizza place, Emma asked Coby if he had any extra clothes for her to wear. Coby grabbed Emma's hips and lifted her up to sit her on the counter.


The Girl Next Door

first-time Martins 2018-02-01

But I guess I've always been more selective in my choices of girlfriends and some girls actually think because I'm an athlete with good looks and nice muscles that I'm getting sex all the time. At 18 years old she had full perky breasts that I had watched for a long time, long blonde hair, athletic body, toned muscles and was cliché-ish drop dead gorgeous. Now the truth was, I'd have gone to bed with Tracy a long time ago but either couldn't get up the nerve or thought she'd dump our friendship. Rather than just being pleasurable like you hear guys bragging about; I felt this incredible sense of belonging and closeness to Tracy.

Heather's Honeymoon Ch. 01

first-time HamSwift 2018-02-01

We were laying on lounge chairs engrossed in novels when out of the corner of my eye I saw a woman several yards ahead of us removing her bathing suit top, exposing a pair of breasts far bigger than Heather's. Fortunately, I married her." I put my hand on Heather's, the one that now displayed my shiny new wedding band, and said, "Let's get out of here, honeybaby." With an adorably coquettish pout on her lips--a pout I'd never seen from her before--she said, "do you really like mine more than hers?" With that, she cupped her bikini-clad breasts in her hands, seemingly for inspection.