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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What I'd do to you.

first-time Agondray 2018-02-01

i start off by kissing you and run my hands down to your waist where ill grab your ass and press you against me so you can feel my hard cock against your pussy through you clothes. As i pull at your shirt and take it off of you ill kiss down the side of your neck down to your breast, where ill start rubbing your perfect tits as i suck on them. when i finish eating you out, ill slide my hard cock into your pussy with your legs wrapped around me ill suck on your breast as i thrust deep into you. then ill pick you up and grab you by your ass and let you thrust yourself sliding up and down my dick with your tight wet pussy.

Harry Potter and Queen Dianna of the fairies

first-time dgoodall1701 2018-02-01

Harry, ravenous with desire for the fairy queen, began to kiss the exposed flesh of her neck while he gripped her soft rear and started working her up and down on his pole. Harry focused on everything he loved about Dianna; her musical laugh, her fragrant sweet flower like scent, the feel of her soft curves beneath his fingers as they danced over her form, the playfulness in her eyes as she teased him during their physical sparring, and most of all her sheer otherworldly beauty. Dianna’s cooing for him to claim her and the repeated squeezing of his tool with her inner muscles every time he pulled his hips back and d**g his rod almost completely out of her from her deepest depths saw Harry bellowing his release.

Not What Was Planned

first-time glendale22 2018-02-01

Jimmy's step-sister, Bonnie, was coming out of her big and clunky looking phase, and many boys could not help but notice that, as she grew taller, her large breasts were all the more noticeable, even under her big shirts. Like lots of boys, when Jimmy saw Josh at work to help the girls, he got up so as not to look like he couldn't be of service too. So Bonnie and Josh headed off in one direction to explore one trail, and Jimmy and Maggie went another way. She saw that the look in Jimmy's eyes was hopeful, while Bonnie seemed to want not to be the only girl without a shirt.

A Painful Experience

first-time MathGirl 2018-02-01

While we were kissing, his hand slid down my behind, and he was feeling big, warm Herman fucking me just the way I had, but from the back. With big, warm Herman inside my pussy and John's finger on my clitoris, I soon felt my orgasm approaching. When that got so exciting I was almost to come, I could raise myself a little and the rubbing on my button would stop so it still felt wonderful but I could cool off and not have an orgasm. He held one cheek of my bottom in each hand, lifted his hips, and big, warm Herman went way up inside me. As I carefully and experimentally started to move around, John put his hand on my tummy and said he could feel Herman inside.

1st time shared

first-time drhexuk 2018-02-01

Her hand had moved to Chris's chest, as Chris noticed his head turned to look into Rachel's eyes and they started to kiss passionately As soon as she saw me smile she closed her eyes and took the head of Chris's cock in her mouth. Rachel lowered herself down until the tip of Chris's cock was touching her wet pussy lips. "mmmm Chris I want u to fuck me" Rachel said as she lifted off of his cock. Hearing this Chris fucked Rachel harder ready to explode deep inside her. I kissed Rachel passionately as Chris slumped back on the sofa exhausted from fucking my girl. I wandered over to her and kissed her on the lips feeling her clit as Chris's cock probed her pussy.

The Frustrated Mother and her Daughter

first-time fotisampini 2018-02-01

Moving deep into her sex saddle, Martin rammed his full length into her, his hips fucking the steel-hard, 8-inch cock into the sucking hole of Sarah’s vagina. “Young Lady, I suggest you stay away from him unless you want to have a pic like that one of yourself”, Sarah said as she pointed to a photo showing her with her legs open and semen coating her pussy and seeping from her stretched vagina. She stayed in position longer than necessary to let him look, and when his eyes rose to meet hers, he smiled and said, “Now I understand where Linda gets her large, beautiful breasts.” Sarah felt her breath catch in her throat.

Friends with Benefits

first-time infinity321 2018-02-01

I slowly pulled her away from my body by holding her hair and looked at her face and told her I am going to kiss her. I started kissing her again and this time, I was biting her lips and started removing her top, she held the bra with her hand and was feeling a bit shy. I went down to her right nipple and slowly sucked it in, she started going wild and was rubbing my hair with both her hands. We kissed again and this time, she put her hand on my penis and pushed my undie down, I slowly pulled it down to my feet and kicked it away.

My sweethearts first blowjob

first-time brockandclaire 2018-02-01

For the next five minutes she just sat there bum in the air and her open palms on my thighs either side of my balls sliding her mouth up and down over my head, it was never enough to stimulate me to orgasm but that beautiful girl with her little little breast exposed and the smell of her pussy all over my hands gentley sucking on me kept me so hard, I eventually called her up and held her against the rock face and we went back to making out with each others sex in our hands, that was one of the best sexual days of my life...

My Sex Life Ch. 01

first-time Slutty_Julie 2018-02-01

As I said before, Patrick had played with them before, either through the material of my clothes or by putting his hand up my top but this was the first time that I had let him see them. I asked him to touch them and Patrick cupped my tits in his hands. I inserted one hand inside his jeans and my fingers came in contact with his cock for the first time. As Patrick's finger played with my pussy and his mouth teased my nipples my body began to shudder. I wanted to cry out as I came but with Patrick's mum downstairs I had to hold it in.


first-time juanwildone 2018-02-01

With a loud sigh Dave closed his eyes and recalled the last time he had stood on those stairs, almost fifteen years ago. Her bra followed the shirt and for the first time in the clear light of day Dave looked hungrily at her perfect breasts. Lauren paused and let Dave burn the image into his memory. Dave smiled as recalled the cause of that wetness, a long night of loving had combined their juices. A couple of times he had attempted to get her to let him look at her but Stephanie had always resisted. Under normal circumstances considering the chance of being discovered and the image of his cock pushing and pulling the inner labia of Lauren's cunt, he would have cum in less than one minute.

Teasing Too Far!

first-time 2018-02-01

It was another-what would normally be, boring friday at school, halfway through the term. But it was actually a good day - besides more crappy weather, as I was part of the school production crew and was incharge of setting up and mixing sound for the entire show, and it wasn't small. It's is some of the best fun I have at school. It was coming up 7:30am, school started at 9, but I found it more productive working solo except for the fact that the hall was freezing and the heating was more like air con. More people showed up as time ticked away. I was busy switching the amp power systems on when I felt my phone vibrate.

Secret Affair

first-time 2018-02-01

One day I came home from work, to find Jenna's s****r Kelly at our apartment. I began to slide my hand up Kelly's leg. Kelly spread her legs and lifted her tight little ass up off the couch. Then I unbuttoned Kelly's jeans and worked her tight pants down over her long slender legs. Kelly spread her legs and with her hands on the back of my head she began slowly thrusting her hips. After several minutes her thrusts became more intense and moans louder as I fucked her tight little cunt hole with my tongue. I have fucked Kelly several times since then and so far we have been able to keep our forbidden lust from Jenna.

Love and Anthropology

first-time SenseOfTouch 2018-02-01

A now familiar jar of oil that smelled like hibiscus was brought forth and one woman dipped her fingers in and spread it on the engorged fleshy genitalia of Malo, causing her to moan very loudly and jerk her hips towards the source of such intense pleasure. He spoke the words which all Saru men use to request permission to have intercourse with a woman, "Do you wish to feel how you make me a man?" Malo opened her eyes wide and said in a clear voice, "I want to feel the power of the fire in the mountain." The holy man inserted the tip of the his penis into her vagina, but did not move in any further.

Virgin No More! Ch. 01

first-time Clara2018 2018-02-01

The moment she opened the door to the shop a cool breeze brought her nipples to attention, she was grateful for the air conditioning, but she was sure she would be sweatier still by the time she was done. He was naked now, and for the first time in her life she saw a real, throbbing, hot mans cock standing at attention so close to her. "Fuck she's tight." He hissed in her ear, clearly talking to the other stranger in the room, she tried to keep her eyes open long enough to take in his image, he was rapidly going to town on his own cock, watching them, entranced.

b*****r is set up on a blind - with his s****r

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-02-01

Now more turned on then ever I sit back and feel you slide my hard cock into you wet warm mouth! I walk over to you and start to kiss you passionately, sticking my tongue in and out of your mouth while I reach my hand up your skirt and feel your naked freshly shaved pussy! I then take off your shirt and undo you bra and release your beautiful breasts and then tae an erect nipple into my warm wet mouth and start to suck as I finger your wet pussy! I start to rub the head of my hard cock on your sensitive clit and watch you squirm with delight!

Harmione has a secret... (part 2)

first-time tinyshadow 2018-02-01

Knowing she will probably be quite shocked when he did, Draco moved his hand from her neck slowly down to her full breast. Draco lightly pinched her nipple and a little, familiar moan escaped Harmiones mouth. He knew she wanted more so he ran his lips down to her nipple and kissed, sucked, and licked. Both her nipples red, and plump with pleasure, he slowly kissed down her flat, smooth stomach, belly button until he reached her dripping wet pussy. He looked over Harmiones frame once again, her hands clutching the sheets, waiting for the stealing of her virginity, her breast and nipples red and perky from Dracos strong hands, her lips turning purple from his strong kisses.

My Best Friends Mom is a BBW Whore

first-time lovethembigger 2018-02-01

I had watched enough porn since I was little to figure that Ms. Keisha was getting hot and if I played my cards right I just might get to see her big tits. She quickly drops to her knees and pulls down my shorts and fish's out my cock and looks up at my lips and says "sorry I did not get to suck your big cock, thanks for coming in and fucking my ass when Jeremy fell asl**p around 2am this morning." I just smiled and said "it's ok Ms Keisha, after Jeremy goes to school I will be back to fuck that big tight pussy of yours.

Expanding Horizons Ch. 02

first-time sleeplessgurl 2018-02-01

"I'll see you tomorrow," he whispered as he smiled sadly, and pulled away from her, looking like it was the last thing he wanted to do. Keira knew Nico was leaving in a few days, moving to Vancouver to go to UBC. Keira gasped finally feeling his hand there, and slid her own hand into the waistband of his shorts to stroke his hard cock. Nico groaned in response, released her nipple and looked into her eyes as he slid his finger under the strip of fabric, between her wet swollen lips. Nico smiled wickedly, pulled out and pressed back in again, a little faster this time.

Amie Tempts her Teacher

first-time AaronLSubZero 2018-02-01

Steve held her hand just a bit longer than he should have, staring into her eyes. The top of her uniform pulled open a bit, and Steve saw with a shock that she was not wearing her normal, pink sports bra. Amie looked up at him shyly, and Steve felt like he was going to explode. "I want to be yours, Sensei," Amie said. "I want to be yours, Sensei," Amie said. He knew he should go slowly, he knew he needed to be gentle, but he couldn't stop thinking about how young and innocent Amie was, how wrong it was that she was his student and yet here they were, breaking every rule as he took her innocence away...and his willpower suddenly snapped.

The first time my husband shared me.

first-time unpredictable1914 2018-02-01

"Dam Billyour wife is the best" "That pussy of hers besides looking great is the tightest I ever fucked" " I lovehertits, awesome hard nipples" "Did you see me cum on her tits"" Did you see me cum on her tits, my loadwas bigger""That was thebest hand job I have ever had" "Your one lucky guy Bill" At the same time I felt someone between my legs I heard "Jeff say now it is my turn" I had forgotten about Jeff.

Sex Clinic #4 - Naughty Nurses

first-time petdyke 2018-02-01

Three tasty lovely ladies at the Sex Clinic who wait for their pregnancy by my impregnation At the Sex Clinic I soon serve three tasty lovely looking ladies between ages thirty and fourty Soon after her the head nurse nurtures her beautiful blonde tasty tight twat also with my sperm Soon I visit the Sex Clinic of my dear docter almost every week, instead of only once a month My dear doctor tells me the slender sensual redhot real redhead has actually similar wishes! My redhot real redhead is afraid of pain when I will enter her virgin tight tasty sphinxter My three tasty lovely looking lasses all offer me finally access to their tight awesome asses

on the train

first-time pcarter 2018-02-01

People reading newspapers or magazines or looking out the as she looked down at a newspaper she was reading. I tried to look away and not think of the awkwardness of felt my body begin to respond. disgusted and react with horror and scream or pull away, I shifted myself around a little to turn my crotch away Daring not to breathe, I began to sway with the train a the movements of the car, but moved with it to push I let my hand drift between us to cup one cheek When I felt her hand again, it wasn't as surprising as Then her hand slipped into my jeans and pulled The train gave off a whine as it pulled into the next

I'm Not A Pervert!

first-time SURFERGURU 2018-02-01

Girls married when they were about 15. In upper class families girls married as young as 12 and boys as young as 14 At about the age of 10 the most beautiful girls were selected to be chosen women or Aqllakuna. They were taught the Inca religion and skills like cooking and weaving. When they were about 14 some of the girls became priestesses or they married important Incas or even the Sapa Inca himself (the Sapa Inca often had hundreds of wives). Girls left behind learned skills like cooking and weaving from their mothers. When they reached the age of 14 boys were given a loincloth which symbolized the fact that they were now young men.


first-time cerection 2018-02-01

Part of it was that Pat was slightly zaftig, but it was the times, and girls who were a little round and wanted to be women wore girdles and stockings. I was a lucky boy with a girl who liked me, loved me, and wanted to fuck me every way we could figure it out. Eventually she changed from the hard white bullet bras to the new style "braless bra" with shear material and no seams or lace that the manufacturers came up with for women like Pat. So there'd be a hint of nipple every once in a while.