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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Uncontrollable lust for (much) older women (part 2

first-time marcusp1979 2018-01-31

Slowly she began to rock on my penis, gradually growing in confidence as she began to relax, until finally she was slowly grinding away on my hard length, as she leant forward to kiss me, my hands held her breasts as we probed each other mouth's with our tongues, leaning up she tipped her head back and let me suck on her breasts, squeezing them into my hands as they formed tight little mounds, greedily I sucked on her nipples as she continued to ride me, as she sat back upright I tenderly caressed her tummy and breasts as she began to enjoy the feeling of my hard cock as deep into her pussy as it would go, she even reached around and under the back of my thighs to pull herself harder onto it.

Virgin Blood

first-time Acal 2018-01-31

"Evan please stop worrying I want this as much as you do, it's the first time for both of us it's going to be special whenever we do it," said Julianne. "You're so romantic, I love that about you," said Julianne leaning forward to capture his lips in a soft kiss, she placed her hands on his chest his brown shirt flattening to his chest. "I'm sure," purred Julianne seductively pushing him down on to the bed her hands going to his waist pulling his shirt from his pants. "I love you Evan, this is going to be so special," whispered Julianne as her fingers curled into his fine chest hair. He groaned as he began pushing in, "Oh god baby that feels so good," moaned Julianne.

My Sex Goddess

first-time snoochie 2018-01-31

I kiss above your clit, fingers gently rubbing up and barely touching it, teasing it as much as I can, your body starts to tighten in anticipation, your thigh muscles flexing, breathing a lot deeper, head tilting back more, knowing it is going to happen, but you just can't let me know how bad you want it, but you are almost to the point that you don't care. I keep my cock inside you, you continue pushing your pussy up against my hips afterwards, with sweat dripping all over when another, you turn your upper body around, I lean over your side, our lips meet each other, tongues communicating in each others mouths as if also they were dancing, our way of showing one another how much we enjoyed it we stop kissing and just start smiling with big grins on our faces.

Danny Ch. 02

first-time Just Plain Bob 2018-01-31

Pauline laughed at him and told him she didn't play with "Little boys" and he took it to mean that she as talking about his dick and he slunk off which made no sense to be since we had seen each other in the showers at school and we were pretty much the same size. She avoided me all day at school and she wasn't waiting at the car for a ride home when school let out so I accepted that we were done and I wouldn't get the last five months I thought we would have before she went off to Walton.


first-time cumsquirter 2018-01-31

My stepdad was always trying to touch my tits when 1 was about 16, yet he did not know that i had a shemale cock, but i do think that would not matter and it did not! One night i heard him moaning in the bathroom, and the door was open on purpose, so i looked in caught him jacking off his cock to porn mags. We sucked off later many times, and when he wanted my cock up his ass, i did not wait, i fucked his asshole and jizzed in it, felt so hot and tight. So, when you jackoff your cock and you think no one sees you, just leave the door open, it is so fucking hot!

Fun Time at a Pool Party

first-time raidernation25 2018-01-31

It was a typical summer evening thunderstorm and Mike was cursing that it would fuck up any chance of seeing Anna in her little red bikini. Mike was waiting for Anna when Barb walked by followed by Karl. She was running around the pool being chased by a half dozen horny guys and Mike and Anna just sat there and laughed. Your cock looks like it wants to burst thru your trunks," Anna stated. Kiss my tits!" Anna moaned as Mike moved to her chest alternating from left to right breast. All Mike could hear was slurping as Anna kept his cock in her mouth milking him of as much cum as she could.

A Long Way Home Ch. 04

first-time dan57 2018-01-31

Her legs quite naturally went down behind his back and Naina soon was making a bridge, supported only by her hands, her feet and Tim's cock still deeply embedded into her. Tim had to meet Dan for a joint study and Naina felt overjoyed when he proposed her to go with him. Naina felt the same but in the balance, there would be three full days of total intimacy with Tim. She felt so deeply in love with him that the inconveniences were completely outweighted! Tim and Dan chatted business with just a few comments for Naina to make her know they hadn't forgotten her. Naina expected Tim would soon start to fuck her, moving his cock inside her submitted ass hole.

I finally did it, Gloryholed!!

first-time tim_likes 2018-01-31

Oh it felt amazing stretching my virgin ass I stroked my little cock and within just a few seconds I shot my cum onto my wife's toys and without any hesitation I grabbed up the dildo with my cum on it and licked it clean. I finished cleaning the dildo I didn't take out the ass plug and was watching some more porn when I came across a video called young liv at the gloryhole and was really turned on and couldn't stop thinking about go to the book store about 30 minutes away. It was the same guy He still had his cock out and sat on the stool in the booth I started sucking him again like a fucking cum addicted whore.



first-time JOHNFINASMITH 2018-01-31

I'll be the slut, and you'll have to watch me suck and fuck a big cock. I'll bet you would like to suck one of those big cocks, wouldn't you?" This really caught me by surprise. Then I went to her and explained, "I still want to have a threesome, but I don't know if I'll like sucking dick. She said, "You go out and find one to suck and see if you like it." I told her, "OK, I could do that, but I wouldn't know to find a willing man anyway." She came up with another idea. When I got home a couple of days later, I told my wife what a nasty man I was.

Camping With Mom - Part 4

first-time 2018-01-31

Without a moment of hesitation I grabbed my Mom's ass and lifted her off the ground before pressing her back against an old tree. "Are you sure about this Mom?" I asked sheepishly knowing full well that even if she wanted me to trow her into thick mud I'd still fuck her brains out. "Hey what are you doing?" she said as I started to walk away tugging on the rope firmly, leaving her on only one foot as I tied the remainder of the rope to a fairly close by tree trunk. "Damn it Sweetie I want you to..." Mom was cut off in a loud gasp as I shoved my cock into her ass quickly.

No Condom No Fuck Male Multiple Orgasms

first-time 425olds 2018-01-31

"Like....Shit, they're awesome." James licked his lips, "You realize I'm going to tit fuck you until I coat those babies with my sperm. He was getting close to ejaculating...."No fucking way I'm cuming like this you cunt." He let go of his prick and pushed Asia backward. "Time to suck it you fucking cunt!" James demanded " it fucking comes again" With that he f***ed Asia's lips up against his massive swollen head pushing it between her teeth and into her mouth. James took both his hands and impaled Asia's head on his pole and he began to jerk as his hot seed shot with f***e into her mouth, down her throat and into her stomach.

Little Lexi

first-time savingscarlette 2018-01-31

You got kicked out?" Terra asked, sounding slightly angered and mainly surprised all at the same time. I grew tense, knowing Terra and Lexi would arrive behind me any second now to ask for my permission. Turning, I looked from my innocent Terra, only thirteen years old to Lexi, legal and ready to mingle. On Saturday morning I was drinking my coffee when Lexi and Terra came into the living room. I wasn't aware how close until I felt her hand find its way inside my back pocket. Lexi stood up and when heard me walk in, a smile appearing on her face. Lexi pulled away, but only to look into my eyes and say two simple words.

Exhibitionist True Stories: Taxi Driver

first-time endowedgoddess 2018-01-31

This time, when I called for a ride, I knew I would give the driver a treat, especially if he turned out to be an older black man, which, to me, was the demographic most physically attracted to me. After the smallest bit of mutual small talk I began to open my blouse and I said, "Do you like my bra?" The taxi driver turned around to now see what I was referring to and showing him... I don't recall how it happened or how we got there, but sometime after I showed the taxi driver my pussy, he ended up driving us to a wooded area near my requested destination. When he placed his warm, wet mouth on my pussy, it felt exquisite.

Consummating My Love

first-time SandraMustard 2018-01-31

Since this took place after a four-year courtship, I refer to Jack's parents as Mom and Dad as I called them by that time; Momma refers to my mother. Jack's letter arrived describing how his parents planned a sightseeing vacation in August, allotting a week to visit him in El Paso. I didn't know if either Jack's mom or mine knew what we were planning. Come on, Mom and Dad are waiting." Already in the car as we stood outside it, I think they understood our needs as they silently looked straight ahead. In a solitary moment with Jack before he returned to the base, I asked what day we were going to make love.

Late Blooming Ch. 01

first-time shreycyber 2018-01-31

She was one of those slender girls that have a pair of tits disproportionate to her slender frame not as big as Aby's but still big, a rocking body and looooong legs that seem to go on forever, which she always seemed to flaunt.With a 5'10" height, big brown eyes and a beautiful face she looked more like a fashion model than a normal high schooler. As soon as he moved out of the curb, I went in the house to find, both the girls on the couch and having a discussion, more like Aby was explaining something to Ria.


Hold Me Down

first-time astion 2018-01-31

Stephen had to wrestle with him, scooting closer until the crotch of his slacks did bump the top of Pablo's head, then Molly's hands were crawling all over him, and Pablo was jerking and trying so hard not to laugh or throw them both off that his face was turning red. Forcing a distant smile on his face, Stephen watched Molly wiggle her fingers against Pablo's stomach, zeroing in on a spot just below his navel that made him jerk and laugh openly, short, sharp sounds coming out of his mouth. Stephen was shocked and a little impressed by the casual boldness of it, and he watched with wide eyes as she unzipped the pants and tugged on the open fly, and Pablo's erection sprang up, tenting out his pale blue boxer shorts.

Pick up Truck Part 3

first-time sej5994 2018-01-31

I wanted to come but Liz left Tony's cock pop out of her pussy and turned around and sat on my face and I lost that thought. With Liz sitting on my face and Tony licking my ass Kevin sat down with his spent cock on the couch and started to coach us on what to do next. Kevin told Tony to loosen up her ass by sucking it and finger fucking her which he took as good advice and started to do. But Kevin could not watch any more on the side and slide down the couch with his cock in Liz and my face in which we both took turns sucking.

Filipina Fun While You Gone

first-time Tritondives3 2018-01-31

I become more horny when I hear "oh babe, you make me feel wonderful." I feel so sexy now, his cock is really hard inside my mouth, and he slides his finger into my ass more. He said, "oh, honey, you have a wonderful pussy and ass, and I love to watch your breasts moving freely while you fuck me deeply." That turns me on even more. I'm so horny almost cumming while watching his cock and my pussy connected with each other, he pump me very good ,he moves his hips forward and backward, I tease his balls so it will cum sooner and i can have juices to drink.

Sissy out of control in the toilet

first-time skins4skin 2018-01-31

I felt his finger working my lips and within a short while I felt his fat cock slide in my panties just as he emptied a hot load all over my lips. The young guy moved me around and one of the older guys lifted my leg up as I supported myself - which gave the assembled guys a perfect view of that big cock poking me as he pulled my sticky with cum panties to the side. But the final guy got his wish and had me bouncing up and down on him facing out with the door to the cubicle open. Just then an old fucker came in started interfering with my hard wet clit tenting up my red panties and before I knew it I was squirting everywhere.

Powerless to Temptation

first-time SlideshowBob 2018-01-30

As I knew Nathan longer and longer unusual thoughts began to pop into my head. The image of Nathan slowly gliding towards me until he pressed his body gently against mine crept into my mind. “Do you want to share the bed?” Nathan politely asked. As we began to relax I felt like it was the opportune time to bring up his sexuality. At this point my cock was pressed firmly against the bed, a small movement of my hips gave a rush of excitement. I began biting my lip to disguise satisfied moans escaping my grasp and slowly moved my body to the rhythm of Nathan’s soft strokes. Slowly Nathan reached down between the bed and my body and wedged a hand between the two.

Oral Intent

first-time Cummsweetly 2018-01-30

Kim had warned Tabitha that, if things got hot for them, she might sneak out to his tent one night. Rex retrieved his sleeping bag and gear and brought put them to Tabitha's tent. She felt the bulge of his cock against her hip and could feel her pussy juices begin to flow down her inner thighs. She ducked her head inside the sleeping bag and slid down until she was kneeling over him, her mouth level with his pulsating cock. Her tongue eagerly began to lick his shaft, her hand cradling his balls against the root of his cock. She hugged him and told him that he had better like it, because he was going to have a hard time getting her lips away from his beautiful cock.

First Day Of Being A Small Time Actress

first-time 2018-01-30

Ravi, Chetan and Sandy decided to make a trip into the city immediately – to buy a lot of food, snacks and most importantly drinks for themselves, while Vijay decided to take care of the luggage and showing me the house. “Thanks”, I said smiling, but I could feel shivers down my body.”You like it, don’t you?”, “What?”, I asked. “Being looked at like this” he said walking up to me “Holding you like this” he said as he pulled me to his body and hugged tightly, “touching you, like this” he said as he pulled his hand up and opened fingers and put it straight on my left boob.

My first time cd for dominant guy

first-time marcusp1979 2018-01-30

As he rimmed me pulled my cock and balls out through the torn panties and began to wank me quite roughly, pulling at my balls as his tongue explored my hole, After a few minutes he sat on the sofa and pulled me towards him and astride his lap facing him, slowly i rubbed some lube up and down the length of his cock and as i did so i began to lower myself onto his thick shaft, inch by painful inch my tight hole gradually took his cock deep inside, after a few minutes of gentle persuasion i was fully impaled on his 9ins of cock, i then proceeded to ride his cock, savouring the feel of this giant penis stretching my arse to breaking point, as i was riding him he slipped down the straps of my bra off my shoulders and began to suck and lick at my nipples, gradually beginning to bite and chew them harder the more aroused he became, i was now running my hands through the thick mat of his chest hair, periodically pulling at his big nipples and leaning forward to lick and suck them.

Boy Scout Leaders

first-time john1195 2018-01-30

licking and mouthing Bill's cock through his boy scout shorts. shorts, and then shoves his huge cock straight into my scoutmaster's mouth. I sucked on that man's cock for what seemed like an would need the distraction when Neil shoved his huge cock up my ass. Neil fucked my ass and kissed my back while I sucked when I started sucking his cock while Bill fucked his ass and Hank shoved While he and Neil were busy kissing, Hank fucked Neil and Hank off to grab my head with both hands and shove his cock down there, sucking my face, Bill's cock, and basically licking up all the cum huge cock as he pushed his thighs and stomach and hair into my face and