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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

WOW, Where the Hell Did That Come From!!?

first-time mnmh82 2018-01-30

You moaned with approval as your hand was gently but with increasing speed moving up and down my cock. I moved my tongue down the center of you body slowly but with purpose. As I have done so many times, I f***ed my tongue deep inside of you. The look on your face partly showed you wanted more and partly showed exhaustion, as if you couldn’t take much more. As I laid there on my back still immersed in deep thoughts of you, I was stunned as she said, “WOW, where the HELL did that come from!!?” I looked over and “the other woman.” had a look of amazed satisfaction and exhaustion on her face.

Fucking my first tranny - Fun times with Jennifer

first-time Sylf 2018-01-30

She tells me she’s a hair stylist and we chat a little more, as you can imagine, holding that hot naked body in my arms while I caressed her ass and felt her perfume wasn’t going to kept me down for long, she gets more tender with me and starts kissing me, moving her tongue inside my mouth, sucking my lips. It felt so good… I make her lay back and I start sucking her cock, getting it deep inside my mouth until I gag a little, I was thinking about making her put that fat cock inside my asshole, but I’m a virgin there and this time I wanted to be the only one doing the fucking, I make her get on fours and push my cock inside her and she lets out another “oh!” I pump harder and harder, watching it go inside and out of her ass made me feel so good.

The Show – Brent and Denna

first-time hottyryder 2018-01-30

Brent’s dick was bouncing with excitement and he started to pull the pillow over his lap again, but Denna saw this and said She grinned, and said “You’ll see, but I don’t want you to touch your dick.” And with that she pulled him up off her bed and pushed him out of her room She examined his dick and with one hand was slowly stroking him with just two fingers, and then stopping for a few minutes to rub some around my head. One, two, three, four hard missiles of cum bounced off her belly, hands and underwear and ran down her young flat stomach into her white lace panties and around her hot quivering pussy mound.

Wife on her knees

first-time 2018-01-30

Then Denise said to me "you coming honey?" David looked at me, then my pj's and said "he already has." Then he said to me "you enjoyed watching me fuck your wife....didn't you?" I stammered "I guess I did." David continued "you liked watching her get fucked by a real man’s cock… stretching her pussy like it should be know she likes it, because she want's more. I asked her "can I at least watch, to make sure your safe at least?" Denise thought about it a few moments then said "as long as you don't get in the way....sure." Then Denise came and sat on my lap, David's cum dripping on my lap.

Who's The Boss? Ch. 02

first-time Mortuis 2018-01-30

Ben's eyes were half-closed as Nikki took him into her throat and swallowed; the sight aroused me still further and I slid a finger, wet with her juices, up her tight little ass. Nikki's mouth took Ben's cock as I turned to face him, kissed him deeply while one hand played along his chest, caressing and pinching his nipples. Nikki's sweet mouth was making me so fucking hot, all the more so when she moved it away to work at Ben's throbbing member. Four hands teasing every inch of her hot body, two mouths, kissing and licking and sucking and biting, anywhere they could reach; two hard cocks drilling deep into her softness.

The Mouths of Babes

first-time Jemma_Jane 2018-01-30

Mrs. McKinney was really quite pretty, if you liked the doe-eyed Madonna look. "Mrs. McKinney probably loves it that he looks exactly like he did the day they met. Though she knew it was probably Lucy's little brother, she still felt paralyzed by fear that someone might find her alone in the den, dirty movie clutched in her hands. She found herself inspecting the crotch area of men in the parish and wondering if each of them had a jutting penis like the man in the movie, and if every married woman became accustomed to taking it into her mouth. I just want to see what it feels like, to touch a man. "Don't look like that, Mr. McKinney!" Katie pleaded.

Chennai aunty seduced me

first-time nana414 2018-01-30

I didn’t know my aunt sucking my cock is a bad thing because my mother used to suck it and give it kisses while I was younger. She once made me kiss and suck her pussy but she stopped it because she knew I didn’t like it. I asked her to come to the living room so she can suck my cock while I sit on the sofa. But it was dry so I decided to use my spit to wet my cock and her ass hole and I started humping her again. For about two years I kept having sex with my aunt and her daughter.

Final Vows Ch. 02

first-time 0131aj 2018-01-30

Mother now stood behind her and she felt the older woman's hands reach round, move up the side of her face and slowly slide the veil from her head. She looked over at Father to see him nod to Mother Superior and suddenly the older nun's hands left her breasts (her "tits"?) much to the surprised disappointment of her much younger Sister. The young nun didn't know if she was more shocked by the use of the word "cock", the idea that she was to be taught how to suck such a thing or the fact that Mother had taken it in her hand and was licking around the tip of it.


first-time splooge 2018-01-30

Her blonde hair was shoulder length, her green eyes set in a perfect face framed by cheeky bangs. She smiled again, this time with only the right side of her lips, her eyes narrowing. I don't remember the approach, whether I went left or right, whether I closed my eyes on the way in, we were just kissing, my tongue swirling with hers. Moments after I had returned to the land of the conscious, she squealed, and came once more, clamping painfully onto my still hard penis, I waited till she was done, watching her until her lovely eyes opened again, then lowered myself onto her gently, and rested my head above her breasts, spent.

For You...with You

first-time kypris 2018-01-30

I feel your hot tongue parting my lips and circling around my clit slow...your hands are caressing my breasts, my belly and cupping my butt. I pull your head closer with my hands...moving faster and faster...feeling your tongue going in and out of me and sucking on my clit. You look up at me giggling and lay over me taking my tongue in your mouth sucking it and making me taste myself...I lick and nibble your lips, still trying to catch my breath... At some point you stop me and come sit behind me on your knees...taking me in your arms, kissing my neck and my me shivers...I feel the cold air blowing on my back, cooling off my hot skin...and your warm hands caressing my breasts.


first-time dewdrop 2018-01-30

Brad smiled and and talked to her like she was his pet petting her as body as she came and saying "yes yes that's a good little cunt whore that's right let that pussy cum" He was so high and horny that he was shocked himself at his control and he knew once he busted that nut he was it was gonna be huge and he made up his mind he would leave his cock inside her when he did, lucky for him she was already on the pill in fact Misty asked his advice about it.

A Guy Gets Educated! Ch. 01

first-time madala 2018-01-30

Of course, our home was beautiful and, in keeping with the standards of my dad’s business associates, we had a tutor for my young twin brothers and a live in au-pair girl. Of course, having a beautiful girl undress me was really wild and my cock grew to its throbbing fullness, quicker than a wink. Ingrid seemed to smile for a second before she studiously pulled down my shorts and left my pulsating member open to her gaze. But, she can take everything I can give her, in my dreams and fantasies.” I took my cock in my hand and started to rub it gently, dreaming about Ingrid.

My cousins

first-time money8023 2018-01-30

I haven't had a guy as attractive as Matt just pull me close to him and start sliding his tongue in my mouth. Lacey then French kissed me and Matt started stroking himself and egged us on. I slid two fingers inside me, imagining it was Matt's cock as I continued watching Lacey and Matt get it on. Lacey then lay on the bed next to me and watched her husband eat my pussy and finger fuck me. Lacey then hopped on Matt's face and started riding his face, grinding her pussy into his mouth. I got on Matt's face and he drove his tongue into me and Lacey fucked her husband.

Her Private Eye

first-time PastPresentFuture 2018-01-30

I was on my laptop in my room, and I could hear Andy through the door watching television on the living room couch. I tried to search out for all the cute, nerdy men of my dreams, the quiet ones who wanted to spend an evening watching scary movies on the couch, or reading a good book before getting distracted by making out. On the laptop, one of the men, a red-head, lay back on white sheets while the other man licked his cock from balls to tips, over and over. I'd gotten things under control by the time I reached Coffee & Pie, a coffee shop and bakery I'd been visiting since I'd first moved in with Rob and Andy.


Her 1st Dick- Seduced by an Older Man-True Story

first-time bmckzi 2018-01-30

A few weeks later she told me she was on the subway train (we lived in NYC) and it was about 10PM and she was the only passenger with another White Man about 60-65-she said he looked like a Banker- she said that he kept looking at her and touching his Dick and that even though he was old she was getting "horny". He asked her if she liked the way his dick felt in her young hand and she said she did- he told her if you like it then Kiss it. Finally he told her to open her mouth and put her lips around his dick and suck it slowly like a lolly pop- or like a baby sucks a nipple.

The Rendevous

first-time nicenhard50 2018-01-30

I lean you against the wall and rub my nose up over your wet pussy shoving it deep to feel your wetness on my face. I lick each lip slowly up n down and I feel your hand at the back of my head. You feel it throbbing in your hand .still mesmerized you lean over and suck me deep into your mouth swirling your tongue all around the head making me shudder. I look down and see you having such a good time keeping me hard I ask if you brought a toy. You throw your head back and shove down on the toy and cum so hard your toes curl….I slow to let you catch your breath.

No Sermon While On This Moumt by Bingville

first-time majfred 2018-01-30

The unmistakable sounds of Peter, licking and sucking Joan's sweet pussy gave me a painful hard on. I was amazed how quickly things developed and soon felt the beginning rhythm of the camper bouncing and squeaking as Peter mounted and fucked my no longer exclusive wife. I also alerted Peter that I was aware of his rascal behavior and about lick and suck Joan's pussy before I fucked her. To Joan's surprise Peter quickly claimed the fresh cream pie and was already licking her pussy when my cock slipped out. After we fucked Joan placed her cum spewing pussy on Peter' willing tongue, while I licked cum dripping from her still gaping ass.

The Long Road

first-time emmie18 2018-01-30

It was obvious that he thought that Nerys and Miguel should share a room; after all since they were traveling together, didn’t that mean they were lovers, senhorina? Heads began to pop out of windows and doors as Miguel and Nerys' argument became louder and louder. Just lying there.......hopefully in a white nightdress.......looking all sweet and a little virgin..........just waiting for the perfect man to awaken the passion within her. Miguel placed his hand on her left breast and began to knead it gently; he watched her face seeing it crease slightly as the new sensation traveled to her unconscious brain. Realizing that once her orgasm had finished, Nerys would be angry and want him to leave, Miguel rose up and lay across her violently trembling body.


first-time litpervgrrl 2018-01-30

I liked looking at the pictures of naked women exposing themselves so shamelessly; I loved their big tits and round asses, even though I thought they should have hairier pussies. By the time I went home, I was super turned on, all sensitive and juicy, and I couldn't wait to run up to my bedroom and play with my clitty. Valerie was 21 and she had a steady boyfriend, but she was a "good girl" and had told me before that sex was painful and gross, and that she was going to stay a virgin until she got married. At the time though, his tool seemed the size of my forearm.) I didn't know how I was going to get that thing in my mouth, never mind my pussy.

Ari Looses her Inhibition

first-time farmboy27 2018-01-30

Many of the girls said they felt horny and Ari couldn’t help feeling horny herself. Ari and the other girl, Jennifer, who didn’t have a boyfriend, went together. The girl was nervous too but she put her hands down her shorts, spread her pussy lips and rubbed the clear lotion all around her clit. She suddenly noticed that Jennifer was rubbing her clit also and watching Ari intently. Ari couldn’t help thinking how sexy Jennifer had looked with her fingers working her clit and found herself secretly wishing she could see more of the beautiful redhead. She was stroking her clit, dreaming about the nice hard cock that was being stroked on her computer screen and how great Jennifer had looked in that changing room.

mistaken for my son

first-time john1195 2018-01-30

one out to a friend of his, Brian and that also helped with our mortgage on I pointed out that I would actually be in his neck of the woods at night," I clarified. whispering and giggling during the night. This was something I loved as it's one of the things a bumping into things and cursing. though he was trying to waken himself. I couldn't do anything now except try my best to go with the He flipped around and his cock was placed against my own mouth. Let's hope your arse and seemed to get it on his cock, I heard more fumbling, a couple of curses breathing heavily on my neck. I quietly slipped the condom off, lay back in the bed and

Teenager trapped into sex racket

first-time anita8003 2018-01-30

Reema lifts Vicky's both balls up and makes place of Pooja to lick there. Pooja knew what she meant, Reema wants her to lick his ass hole. Reema removed her top and lifted one side of her bra.She climbed on the bed and gives one of her nipples in his mouth. Vicky, throws down the cigerate and started sucking her breast, while Pooja was licking his asshole. Pooja felt his hot cock touching and rubbing on her clit for some time and then it moved slowly down, and then it reached the mouth of her pussy, it started entering into her. After licking the wet cock dry, she smacks her lips and said, "Vicky, your cum always tastes good.

Aunt Christine

first-time dollarbill365 2018-01-30

I stopped, looked through the window, and saw people wrestling on the couch. My Aunt Christine was laying on the couch in a bra and half slip, while a man was on top of her with his head between her legs. His limp cock was in his hand and my Aunt had a look of frustration on her face. A closer look gave me a good shot of her hairy pussy. I decided i would go inside, play dumb, and maybe get a better look at my Aunt's cunt. Both my aunt and Stanley jumped up off the couch and looked at me very suprisingly. Then she stod up and removed the slip and said she wanted my hard cock in her wet cunt.

MILF Submissive the Beginning

first-time MILFSweetMissy 2018-01-30

During my training with sir, he was asking of me things for a young man and woman. After each report I would be seduced by Sir, played on the phone with him, as he instructed me to fondle my breasts repeatedly, Hard play on my nips as I was to stroke and pull pleasure. My self esteem and youth restored by the endless training I had been gifted by sir had taken the ten years of humdrum housewife to a confident and sexy slut. I sucked on this young mans tongue, felt him paw at my breasts, pull on my shirt as my hard nips trained felt as if they would pop off my body. I so want to suck Sir's cock so in my mind I transformed this man into him.