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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Whiskey Road 3

first-time samfreak 2018-01-30

I came because Allie was rubbing my cock and it was exciting that Aden could have woken up at any moment to catch us. He was likely imagining each log was Miranda's fucking head. I began to caress my own hairy chest with soapy hands, giving in to the image of my best friend's body in my head. "You got it." I said, turning to walk away. He grabbed me, pulled me close and pushed my head down to his chest rubbing my face across the damp cloth, then he lifted his arm so that the side of my face passed through his right armpit. I nodded, and flexed my arm for him to see like a little boy wanting approval from his father.

The End of Summer

first-time AutumnWriter 2018-01-30

As Paul stole out of the neighborhood to his pine haven he had no idea that there was a set of eyes taking note of his every step. It was that primal urge that bade her eyes to follow Paul on his escape to the pine haven. Glenda was quite sure that Paul, like her, was a virgin. Glenda's approach confused him, for he knew that there was no reason for her to be in the field except that she had followed him. "I saw you walking and followed, because it's almost the end of summer and you will be leaving soon and we haven't said two words to each other since graduation."

The Prize

first-time MarzyDotes 2018-01-30

It'd be great to say that all this hard work earned her the respect of the men around her but truth be told, all it did was make them want to get into her worn Levies even more, to be the first man on the ranch to slide between those deliciously long legs of hers and to feel the warm slickness of her pussy hugging their cocks while they went riding some prime filly. But a girl like that couldn't work alongside a group of men and stay a virgin for long and he knew that the poker game was simply the more civilized version of what had been planned.

Good Boy Ch. 01

first-time Maddiegirl 2018-01-30

We laid on my bed together like we always did when we were talking or playing video games but this time it was different.You spoke not with the boyish charm that you used to make me smile but, in the serious voice of a man. "I love you, too" I said softly, but my chest hurt because now I knew what I wanted and you were unwilling to give it to me. I watched you go and felt only sadness because I knew now I would soon betray you.You had become my best friend but I wanted more than anything to taint you. A tear rolled down my cheek because even though by saying yes I had given you what you wanted, I knew that what I wanted would soon would destroy you and possibly our friendship.

Wet dream PART 2

first-time ilialenyc 2018-01-29

Olga had taken her jacket off, she had this blouse that was ready to burst open inviting her lovely boobs to come out held just by this demi white lacy demi bra, that I bet it was Chantelle, I had seen that pattern before and I could not place it in my head, light head, I still was recovering from before. Once next to her with two glasses of red wine, she took one and went to make a wishing 'will' "I, Olga have decided that today has been a great day and I dont want it to end" clink.... She looked at the room, she smiled, sipped her wine, I took her hand and went to my walking closet. Olga put her now empty again glass of wine on the TV stand, took her shoes off, lowered her pants and panties at the same time.


first-time kmorrin 2018-01-29

As Chloe lay in Nathan's arms, she bit her lip and closed her eyes as the desire to be closer to him began to take over. Instantly, Nathan felt the heat of Chloe's vagina, and within seconds, he could actually feel her becoming damp with pleasure. Both lovers were now so lost in their combined world of ecstasy that neither could tell just how long or short a time it was before Chloe pulled heavily back from Nathan's tongue, driving her hips into his fingers, as she clenched her legs tightly around his hand. While Nathan was lost in how delectable she tasted, Chloe felt herself losing control all over again as his tongue slowly, dangerously slowly, parted her vaginal lips and penetrated inside her.

A Night We'll Never Forget

first-time storytyme 2018-01-29

I slide my left hand under her arm and put it on her stomach, holding her body against me. I know for sure she is going to close her legs against my hands, restricting me from playing. I start slowly sliding my four fingers up and down the length of her crotch, feeling the softness and curves of her lips through her panties. Lydia moves her hand down my stomach and continues going until hand grazes over my hard dick. She wraps her warm hands around my dick and starts to slowly stroke me. Lydia starts biting the side of my neck as her hand continues to stroke my hard penis with medium speed. She moans a few times while her hips press hard against my finger.

First Time

first-time hodaddie 2018-01-29

I went up the steps, I wasn’t making any sound, I’m a ninja like that, I got to the top of the steps and looked over I saw C naked, I saw her butt and when she turned towards me, I saw her beautiful big tits. I kept going, she said she came and wanted me to stop. She lost track of time, she was moaning, I gave her a kiss on the lips and pulled out, I stood up and shot my load above her pussy. She kept going, when I told her she said good and fucking me. I fucked her ass, her pussy gotten wet and she also came.

Summer Ch. 15 Gwen's Story 3

first-time TheTyke 2018-01-29

Sometimes he would set the timer so that he could appear in the photo with her; sometimes in the act of making love with his penis buried deep inside her, sometimes with her masturbating him, her small hand wrapped around his shaft, sometimes with his fingers deep inside her and sometimes just sitting together naked, his arm protectively around her shoulder or her waist, or possessively holding her breast, but always naked, and always with her sex, already moist and glistening, open and on view.

Twenty Something

first-time bassbelly 2018-01-29

She giggled and said, "Looks like another night of pain. I raced to the bathroom, but just as I was wrapping my hand around it, I thought, "Maybe I should save a bunch for Shirley. Her mother walked over to me and said, "Shirley has told us about her plans for her birthday. As Shirley latched on to my arm I said, "I don't know how to hurt her. "Let's go," cried Shirley as she led me to the limo. As soon as the door shut, she grabbed my cock through my pants. "You know, if I had known what it would be like, I would have given it up two years ago when I first started thinking about it."

Bloody Job

first-time Ashson 2018-01-29

There just wasn't any work available right now and I liked getting a pay check. I did try harder, but most of the work was still boring and I guess I was dragging my feet a little. "If you were genuinely ill we wouldn't expect you to come to work," pointed out the Manager. "Ah, are you going to spank me?" I asked, suddenly feeling a little nervous. Ah, as your pussy is very close to your bottom, and will also be exposed to my view, I'll probably drop a few spanks on that, just to get you aroused a little. "Your bending over my knee means that you accept everything that I said is going to happen."

Aunt Chloe

first-time 2018-01-29

I was imagining what the smell would be like if she peeled off her skirt, sweater, pumps, pantyhose, bra and panties right there in the back of the car, the aroma of her sweet perfume and pussy juices coming from her plump crotch and her large, smooth, slightly sagging buttermilk butt. She moved the blanket and swung her legs up and rested them on my lap, her smooth milky white, thick thighs right over my hard cock, which I tried to stop from getting even harder or twitching in my pants. I looked over and Aunt Chloe was watching the movie, so I kept massaging one of her feet with one hand and rubbed my cock with the other, occasionally rubbing her leg so she wouldn't look over.

First Time for Everything

first-time latinCharm 2018-01-29

Dressing as Santa Claus for a 3rd Grade Christmas party at school gave me the opportunity to wear Mom's black boots in public, that was so exciting.That was the main reason why I went for the stretchy clothes and luckily, Mom's wigs still fit. "You are going to like this a lot, come over here and bend over the bed, I promise i won't hurt you." I was petrified, I never thought I would be turning into some kind of gay guy playing with cocks, but I obeyed. "Ok when I penetrate you, you are going to scream, moan and call my name like a girl, you understand?" That really got me hard again, I nodded eagerly.

My first gay experience

first-time 2018-01-29

that was strange and good feeling...he pushed his dick harder and harder...i felt less pain and more pleasure...i took my hand away and he started slamming my virgin ass more god he was big...i starded to stroke my cock...i was very horny..and it felt very good being fucked.then i sat straight on his dick and started riding it, so this way i could control how deep he was inside me :).

I Made My Auntie Pregnant

first-time nckboy 2018-01-29

Flashlight still in one hand I slipped my fingers against her bare skin as I took hold of the hem of her skirt and started to pull it down, slipping it over her thighs then feeling the soft lacy tops of her nylon stockings. Her hands came on to my head and I was pulled in to her fanny as she gyrated herself against me, then my tongue found her warm moist slit and Kim let out a long moan as it pushed her lips apart. Kim straightened up and started to rise up on her knees, I then watched her slid her hand between her legs and grab a hold of my cock.

With Jane at the Semi-Formal

first-time storge 2018-01-29

Cyndi shot me a wicked grin as she and Ron disappeared and I turned to Jane who looked on expressionless. I gazed into her dark eyes for a moment as two puffs of mist left her mouth into the cold air before gently pressing my lips to hers. She was no longer watching herself get fucked, instead her lips parted as her breathing became faster while her eyes closed and her head turned to the side, her attention finally focused on interior sensation. Emboldened I began to improvise a bit, taking advantage of the blazer's generous headroom, rising up on my haunches looking down as I watched myself disappear into her, raising her leg to my shoulder, caressing her smooth, firm thigh.

The Buzz Pt. 02

first-time snail13 2018-01-29

No. Megan hadn't said "bring half a dozen friends too." Plus, what if they got in the way? Though it had sounded from outside like there had been many girls in here, I only saw Megan and the blonde girl who had opened the door. It wasn't just the dark room or the candles, but there were magic symbols and creepy looking books sitting about as well. Having had enough of talking about magic with the blonde girl, I got up and went to sit beside Megan. On the bed below was a cute looking blonde girl, slimmer and less intimidating than the one I'd met earlier. The cute blonde girl leaned in, trying to get a good look.

At Last Pt. 02

first-time Blackarrow2 2018-01-29

Her grip was tight and as she stroked up and down it caused Gavin to let out a groan. Janice pulled her mouth of his dick and began to rub it slowly, her saliva functioned as excellent lube. Janice felt the rock hard member touch the back of her throat and keep moving, triggering her gag reflex. She struggled hard but eventually succeeded and Gavin continued to force his cock all the way in. Soon, her deepthroating caused him to reach his climax and he couldn't resist shoving his dick all the way down her throat, mashing her face into his pubes. She found herself facing the lockers, and she felt Gavin press her upper back down until she was leaning forward.

The teacher is also a woman under her panties

first-time 2018-01-29

I enthusiastically, because the last time the boy sucking dick, and at the time when the first jet splashed into his mouth, and a trickle of sperm began to flow down his chin, opened the compartment door and stopped at the threshold of my daughter. A boy at the time went down hard old babe in her mouth and moaned with pleasure. When he finished and pulled his penis out of his mouth, then I was taken aback at the sight of his daughter, swallow cum and licked her lips. Boys, cute, and I'll lick, and she'll get shrimp, and pussy spread your hands, just shove your dick hot old woman.

Our Long Journey Into The Lifestyle, Part Two

first-time bobbym13 2018-01-29

It was probably about a week or two later when I woke up one morning after having a vague dream about Sam and her best friend Noreen, who now lived across the country. Had a little dream about you and Noreen..." And she sort of arched her eyes and said, "Really? "She wanted to lick you." And when Sam moaned a little bit, I knew I'd hit the right button. You were lying on the bed, and she was on all fours, her ass up in the air, her lips and tongue all over your pussy..." And Sam's breath started coming harder as her fingers rubbed her clit faster.

My First Blow Job

first-time Dont_Stop 2018-01-29

I got to work and quickly texted a thank you for the drink and snack we had and wished him well, being polite and giving him an easy out to just walk away as I took the lack of a kiss as lack of interest. My mouth was getting a bit tired and sore so I rolled to the side, continuing to play with his cock as I took a drink of water from a bottle beside the bed. He swung his leg over me, straddling my chest in the blink of an eye, pushing his hard cock into my mouth, making me suck him fully.

Cherry Picking

first-time jonny33 2018-01-29

With one hand pulling the material tight she used the other on the back of my head to push my face against her bald pussy. Her fingers found there way into the waistband of my shorts and I thought she was going to just pull them down, but instead she moved her hands round to the front and then pulled the waistband out. I thought I was going to explode, and, almost as if she sensed this she quickly pulled my shorts down sank her mouth all the way down my shaft and squeezed my balls at the same time. I started a steady rhythm going, fucking her arse with my finger and licking and sucking her pussy and clit with my mouth.

Sharon our Mom gets trained

first-time 2018-01-29

Sometimes she would jerk him off, making him cum all over her tits, at other times she would suck his cock, taking it all in her mouth when he came. Phil couldn't believe his own eyes, when he saw Sharon coming from Rob's room, tits hanging out and glistering with cum. Sharon felt the first blast hit the back of her mouth and soon her mouth was full of cum, it started to run from the sides of her moth as well, while Peter was pushing his cock into her mouth. Peter looked with staring eyes down at his mom, his cock now half erect and still dripping cum.

Holly Ch. 03

first-time Maddog14 2018-01-29

After a time Holly felt Billy's hands start sliding and caressing up and down her back eventually coming in contact with the soft curve of her left breast. Billy broke the kiss to pull the top from the skirt, unbuttoned the final two buttons and opened the blouse to remove it from Holly's shoulders and body. Holly wrapped her hand around his cock and started slowly pumping up and down the shaft, eliciting moans of pleasure from Billy. They lay like that for a long time enjoying each other's company until Holly said, "Maybe we should start for home."