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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Through Changed Eyes Ch. 02

first-time ableoneable 2018-01-29

I still don't think I could go out 'trolling' for men dressed that way but to me it's a little different if there is someone special you are trying to look good for, I mean I would not wear your stiletto thigh high boots out dancing but I would wear them to bed with the right guy." Constance knew that what she was wearing was going to make an impression, on Ken, on the other boys at the dance, on the men who saw he on the way to the dance and in fact on just about everybody who happened to catch as much as a glance in their peripheral vision, and for the first time she felt right about what she had termed in her friend Felecia an exhibitionist streak.

The First Time

first-time fleeting 2018-01-29

All her friends basked in seductive attention the dudes with raging hormones gave them, as she quietly walked down the corridor yearning for a second look. Without her knowing, her hand slid inside her slacks, ignored the feeble resistance of her panties, and started fondling the vegetation around her flower. Her hand still in contact with his cock, can feel his heartbeat in the veins that carried hot blood to his pulsating cock. "Stop toying with me." She tried to sound as if she is resisting, which would have seemed more credible if she wasn't groping and unzipping him at the same time. He kissed her again, holding her trembling hand, trying to reassure and soothe her; a futile attempt.

Confessions #5: Alessandra fools Father Peter

first-time petdyke 2018-01-29

Alessandra what happens to a tribute photo, how does it make you horny, Father has no idea! Alessandra confesses another sin to her Father Peter - a real sin with a bad boy Alessandra: in the train there is only one toilet, Father - Lying in Holy Confession is sinful! Alessandra tell your Father first what exactly happened to that 'tribute' nude photo of you Alessandra, I don't understand the sin of it very well yet - Let us forget it please dear Father Alessandra continues to confess very sexy sins to her holy horny hot Father Peter Alessandra confesses how horny and wet she gets from so sexy sinning with bad 'boys'

Rainy Day Girl Ch. 04

first-time Mr. Chuckles 2018-01-29

“Yeah, I know,” I said, “but its not like we were going out or anything. I think my eyes betrayed me, because Rachel looked at me and said, “So you don’t want to?” I smashed my mouth against Rachel's, and started to pinch one of her nipples. I pulled my finger away from Rachel's clit, and got it slick with our mixing juices. Rachel pulled the pillow away from her face, and gasped, “N-n-nooo… Iain…” but she quickly replaced the pillow as she moaned in pleasure. I pulled my finger out of Rachel's ass, and slipped my cock from her hole. Where else would I be?” I said, looking at Rachel, who was making funny faces at me.

Stella's sudden surrender [2]

first-time Poet-PETER 2018-01-29

Stella loves to explore more of her longing and lust for lesbian sex, as well her first try to dominate, being my sub. Stella is indeed a sexy sight, as she does her spreads and bends with her long legs wide, her bums so close. Stella is in fact as inexperienced as her sub, but she longs to learn how it feels to take such a sexy student sub. Sucked into the sexy scenario, she suddenly is second Stella, blonde ballet beauty being banged. Stella suddenly feels a tip of a tongue teasing her love lips, tasting the warm dew drops in her maiden meadow. Stella spreads her legs to invite inside that tasty tongue, teasing her teenie tight twat, for lots of lingual love lust.

Strap-on Threesome with our New Sub

first-time EmmaLoveXXX 2018-01-29

 My lover looks at our sub in appreciation and I see his cock start to rise in his pants.  My lover reaches around and pulls my ass cheeks apart because he knows how much I love getting my rosebud sucked and licked directly.  Our sub moves his face between my legs and sticks his tongue out to try to lick my lover's tight balls as he pounds inside me.  I press the tip of my strap-on into his tight, pink rosebud and begin pushing forward into his ass.  I lean back and french kiss my lover in appreciation and then lean forward and smack our sub on the ass over and over as I push inside him.


first-time virginblood 2018-01-29

I told this guy at my job, if he would come with me to the park we could drink and talk. I grinded in my seat awaiting his bouncy fat curved cock as I peek at the guys jerking their way to a orgasm. I was inviting him to my pussy by begging verbally and moving my hips up to surround his cock head with my pussy lips. I could see the guys looking at us...One staring at my titties watching them bounce as Tommy went deep. His cock was pounding and pounding next theng I knew He was cumming hard inside me.....OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhh I came allllllllll over his cock at the same time.

Night Out

first-time 2018-01-29

Your brake the kiss and moved your lips to my ear.......‘God I want to fuck you' you breath into my ear......I let out another moan. One of your hands hold my pussy lips apart you move your head down I can feel your warm breath. I’m desperate to cum with your face in my pussy, I’m pushing down on you, moving rhythmically, and you move your fingers from inside me and started stroking your cock, covering it in my pussy juice. I feel your warm cum starting to drip out of my pussy down my thigh, being f***ed out of me with each thrust. You slowly pull out of me, letting my pussy adjust to your cock withdrawing and you lower my leg from your waist.

Give me an A

first-time fotisampini 2018-01-29

His hands moved away as he pleasured her breasts with his lips and tongue, caressing the soft skin of her back in slow, erotic circles, moving lower to cup the twin globes of her ass, lightly massaging, pulling her closer to his body until the bulge she had felt on her thigh pressed against her panties. "Better!" His finger slid in again, moving in swirling circles as his open mouth engulfed her pussy, his tongue flicking and stabbing in all the right places as she writhed on his desk, his other hand splayed across her stomach to try and hold her still.

Losing my mouths virginity (true story)

first-time jenny08 2018-01-29

He told me that we were going to a house party at a friend’s place and so I knew I had to look extra sexy for the occasion plus I had to impress my “blind date” for the night so I dressed in a black mini skirt and a white top. He guided his cock to the entrance of my virgin hole and attempted to put it in but I was so scared I asked him to stop to which he didn’t f***e the issue and respected my decision and got off from on top of me and we both straightened up… I told him that I had no problem with sucking him again, in fact it would make me happy if I gave him satisfaction.

The Mountain Bike Ride

first-time superdebs 2018-01-29

"No, the thought of oral sex kind of grosses me out." I was about to say that I wanted it inside of me. My sister was a year older than me, and had her first baby just before she graduated, and I am going to wind up looking like her. Mark let loose an animalistic grunt, and then I felt him pulsate inside of me as his cock exploded, filling me with his baby batter. I knew that I could have gotten pregnant from that one time, but that wasn't a certainty, especially since it was early in my fertility window. I had friends in high school who had gotten pregnant, and I had wondered what it would be like if it happened to me.

More Virgin than You

first-time Ashson 2018-01-29

"Once we're at your place all we need to do is persuade Rob that Sharon wants to know what it's liked to be raped, without being in any real danger. It was quiet which rather surprised me as Suzy had said she was having a sleepover and I'd half expected to find tipsy young woman giggling and talking all over the place. What Suzy didn't know was that several times in the past year Sharon had given me a very discrete and subtle come-on, which I had ignored as I considered her a little young for me. Knowing there were other young ladies in the house (including my daughter) I leaned forward and kissed Sharon hard, my mouth covering hers while my cock plunged deep, spraying her and setting the match to her climax.

Our First Threesome

first-time Marcgrec 2018-01-29

I got on the sofa in front of Tracey , she sucked me while Charlie fingered her pussy. Next they were in a 69 with Charlie buried in Tracey’s pussy while she lay sucking his hard cock with her bare breasts against his groin. Charlie and Tracey turned round again with Jule sitting on Charlie’s face then he fingered her really hard until she came again mmmmm. She went back to sucking his cock and Charlie said he needed to come so Tracey wanked his cock until he spurted. Charlie went to clean himself up and when he came back Tracey was sucking my cock again , we were all so hyper.


first-time newwolfsuit 2018-01-29

She wanted more details and I told her that little girls like to feel special and I would let her know just how special she was and how lovely all of her curves and special places were. I now had three fingers fully immersed in her wetness and was slowly moving them back and forth reaching places deep inside her that had never been touched or so she told me later. After a shower baby girl asked if she could suck daddy's cock and after some fun with that I spread her legs and dipped my tongue deep inside of her and she squealed “Oh daddy your aren't going to lick me down there are you”?

education of jami

first-time aki4u23 2018-01-29

I said “when they shrink up and tighten you know I am going to cum...don't let boys come in your pussy without a condom...and be careful other places.” years ago I had been snipped so I had no qualms about filling her with my seed, but that would have to wait for another place and time since I was coming in her ass. She pulled forward, almost all the way off and immediately pushed hard back against me, after 3 or 4 times she pulled my hand to her hips and said “move me like you did and fuck my ass!” She said “You are going to come soon ….I can feel your balls tighten up!” at that point she went back to rubbing hard on her clit...she was pushing herself over the edge.


first-time wet20102 2018-01-29

It mad him reall happy so I would keep on sucking his dick and eating his cum . So I did exacly what he told me to do , he said " My sweet Brittney why don't you let daddy suck your tits and fuck that beautiful wet pink virgin pussy of yours?" He said he was going to do all the work starting by eating my pussy . So I got of top of his warm white lap and I slowly slid his happy dick inside of me until bl**d was running down his legs . But that wasn't the only thing he came inside of me soo hard that I had got up to suck his dick with all of that sweet cum on it ..........

My Climbing Buddies s****r

first-time CanoePirate 2018-01-29

Someone murmurs “quite now, they’re coming.” Joanne tugs my hair back again and whispers in my ear “I know I am.” My finger goes into over drive and I’m reward with Joanne squirting all over my hand, shirt cuff and the floor. I know!” she says taking my hand and unfolds a finger before placing it on her left nipple, holding my hair she kisses me. She grunts her appreciation and has to explain that she’s ‘run to the phone and just stubbed her toe!’ Now I get the impression that Joe, my climbing buddy, has passed the phone to her Dad and then her Mom. I’m losing my need to cum but there is no way I could go soft in this heavenly pussy.

Cherry Lost

first-time sweetblondoz 2018-01-28

Brett didn't pause just spoke to me, "Oh Ana this feels so good, I want to feel you cum baby. Brett removed the hand from my breasts and held me up with this arm as he continued to work his magic at my cunt. Brett moved away while kissing my shoulders and neck, he rubbed his hard cock head on my clit. Moving slowly, gently Brett put his hard muscle against my thigh then again onto my clit. "Yes." Brett moved slowly stretching my cunt mouth with his huge member. He thrusts his cock as hard as he could get it and lets out a moan, "ugggggh, I'm cumming." He looses all tension in his body as his dick softened inside of me.


Bent Double

first-time cybersky 2018-01-28

But Tim anticipated her movement, and gently laid his free hand on top of her ass, pushing it carefully back down to the bed. He took his now pussy-juice-covered hand and used what was left to lubricate his cock a little, giving it a tug or two to make sure it was ready. He slowly pulled out, a dribble of cum following his cock, and laid down on the bed beside Nurah. "Let me taste it Tim, I want to taste your cum!" Nurah begged, grabbing his cock with her hand. Tim got on his knees, sitting just beside her head, his partially erect cock only inches from her face, as he continued to fuck her with his finger.


first-time Many Feathers 2018-01-28

Now, standing there in the darkness of the bathroom, the two inch opening of light, flickers of movement in the adjacent room, I knew that the very real possibility of seeing a lot more than I ever had was just a few short steps away. Parting my robe without untying the sash in the event she woke, I slipped my hand beneath the opening, were I could more easily sit there stroking myself, eyes fixed on that luscious breast with its caramel colored hard swollen nipple. I finally managed to crawl into bed, making a mental note to take a load of clothing down to wash as soon as possible, including my robe for obvious reasons of course when I heard the toilet flushing and the door once again opening.

Laura and I meet - Part 1

first-time takeminetonight 2018-01-28

One night on webcam she bent over and showed her little pink asshole and pussy together, both covered in a slight fuzz of pubic hair, and once again i came but not too fast :P it was when she stood and showed her body i knew i truly wanted her. for 10 minutes i lick kiss and suck your pussy and asshole admiring both and watching their delicate twiches. Flipping over your legs flop open and your cum is dripping down your asshole, i climb on top and push my cock inside. removing your legs i pump 2 more times to finish emptying myself and roll and my cock, that was corking your pussy, removes with a plop followed by a stream of white cum.

Picnic at the Beach

first-time SweetPrettyAss 2018-01-28

Sure." Tom didn't know what Patty meant but, so far that day, he had really liked everything he'd seen about her. She was surprised but not dismayed and Patty slid her hand further into the trunks until her fingers were encircling Tom's big, hard cock. Tom got to his knees beside her, looked adoringly at Patty's lovely breasts as they swayed from side to side and placed the tips of his fingers inside her snug bikini shorts. "Let me know if it hurts too much and I'll stop." Tom was watching Patty's face and, when he gave another gentle push forward, he saw the discomfort that had been there a few seconds earlier be replaced by a look of calm joy.

Wife Let's Me Watch her take BBC Lucky Me

first-time 425olds 2018-01-28

Real black men have real cocks, and pathetic bitch husbands like you, have to watch how they use them." She said as Derek began fucking her harder and stretching her previously tight hole with his huge dick. "Tell me what you see bitch." Then I said stutteringly,"I see a pathetic limp dick sissy husband that loves watching bigger and better men fuck his wife's pussy right in front of him." "That is right bitch, now fucking stroke your little cock and make it cum for me, I wanna watch you jack off to another man fucking your wife, I want to see your face as you orgasm, and I want you to catch your pathetic load in your hand then show Derek how pathetic sissies eat their own cum.

Queer Day

first-time GayBigHole 2018-01-28

At that time I lingered at the front door a moment until it opened and I caught a peek of the posters inside depicting men in sexual acts with each other. This small sign of encouragement gave me the nerve I needed to open the door and walk in. I was shocked at what he said, he gave me time to reply and refuse but I just shook my head in compliance. I began to moan in ecstasy when he engulfed my dick, balls and all into the warm reaches of his mouth. "Take it slow" he said "don't swallow what you don't want to, and try not to damage anything." He smiled at me and gave me some more encouragement as I lowered my head to his penis.