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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

lucky guy (part 3)

first-time wankersoffagain 2018-01-28

before i knew it iheard may leave for work.i just lay there with all kinds of thoughts in my mind,the exposed pussy,the wet dildo and rays tits oh my god i cant beleive what im doing. it ws raynor moaning shes obviousley fucking herself with that monster of a dildo.i found myself masterbating very surreal(and perverted)i cant beleive what is happening.her moaning was getting louder almost a cry,this sent me over the edge and i found myself once more cuming.i buckled at the knees and started panting,damn i knocked the wall,there was a terrible silence as i realised i had disturbed ray.shit,i made a few obvious noises to cover my tracks and left the bathroom whistling.

First Time Tales

first-time Sparky10 2018-01-28

I was struggling to hide my erection after this story because, if the truth be known, I have always had the hots for my sister-in-law, what with her big tits, her cock-sucking lips and now the knowledge that she swallows, I was looking at Lisa in a different light! It now came round to my turn to tell a story and I took a deep breath and relayed an incident that occurred over 30 years ago and, until now, was known about by only two people, not even my wife knew about it before tonight! When we got home and were in bed, my wife asked me to re-tell the story as she got so turned on whilst listening at the party.

Professor Sanderson

first-time StarScreamUSA 2018-01-28

But unfortunately for Maxwell Malone, Professor Sanderson had seen it all before and he completely understood the game the boy was playing. The boy obviously knew the professor was gay and had probably heard rumors that he liked college-boy ass and so he figured that he’d flirt with the man, come on to him, and guarantee himself a good grade without ever having to actually do anything, to offer anything up, to put anything on the line. But, with someone like Maxwell Malone, a boy who actually did sexually interest him, Professor Sanderson played his own game - one that he invariably won. If you want, you can come by then and we can discuss your grade.” An obviously distraught Maxwell Malone told Professor Sanderson that he would be there.

Brotherly Love Ch. 02

first-time Myalyn 2018-01-28

"You want to go hit the hot tub or am I warming you up okay?" Mark asked, his mouth a little further from my neck this time. "Hot shower sounds like a great idea, I'll grab us some towels, you can go first." Mark agreed enthusiastically and led me upstairs to his room. Gimme a break Jaimie, you're a hot catch, the guys around here just aren't good enough for ya, that's all." Mark handed me a fluffy blue towel. "Wait, Jaimie, it wasn't Logan, I swear." Mark put his hands on my shoulders and moved me over to sit on the edge of his bed.

First Time Fever

first-time Goldie Munro 2018-01-28

'Ok just do as I ask – take your time nice and slow – you need to make sure that a woman is very aroused – that she is wet and ready – especially for that monster you have in your shorts!' Jon looked down at his shorts – his cock was already beginning to grow again. Jon took Sadie's breasts in his hands and felt them heavy,warm and soft but, also, the hardness of their nipples. As Jon sucked Sadie's clit he pushed a finger deep inside her and felt her cunt grip it. Slowly.' Sadie pushed down on Jon's cock and felt the head ease inside her, she gasped and Jon withdrew.

A Friend For Life

first-time luvthedesserts 2018-01-28

I've got that bitch sucking my dick like a pro." Jason smiled and nudged his best friend Ryan as they sat in the balcony of the school pool watching swim practice. I can't stand to look at her face, but I swear, I'm gonna be balls deep in that ass right after The Valentines Day Dance. At seven ten, he watched Jason's car disappear down the street as he looked out his bedroom window at Miranda's house. Mrs. Emily Tan answered the door and smiled as soon as she saw Ryan. Ryan's eyes looked down at her and found her cleavage staring up at him. His head slowly turned towards the voice to find Mrs. Tan smiling up at him. Looking up, he saw Mrs. Tan's smiling face staring down at him.

The First Affair

first-time PornMom 2018-01-28

I pulled his face to mine and his tongue went deeply into my mouth while his strong black hands roamed my body. As if reading my mind, John pulled me off his cock and turned me over on my stomach. I turned to watch the muscles in his neck, chest and shoulders tighten and then he moaned loudly and I felt him unloading deep inside me. I stood up and took his hand and led him into my bedroom where I turned on the shower where we soaped each other's bodies before he led me to the bathroom vanity in front of the mirror....I asked him to wait while I went into my dresser for some lingerie and to get my camera.

Didn't Make the Grade

first-time threelayers 2018-01-28

"Don't let it get to you" Bernie said to me right at the start, "The guys will push and push to try and get a raise out of you, so just suck-it up and don't be a prick." "I told you a while ago that you tell a good story" She said turning to look at me, "The way you described that girl you saw was a bit of a turn on I'll admit." Bernie reached between her legs again and rubbed furiously, and again brought wet, slick fingers to my mouth, and again licked her own juices from her hand as she kissed me.

His fantasy will cum true...

first-time BrwNEyedDream 2018-01-28

I can imagine him saying " by special request lets everyone welcome caramel to the stage !........ You do I hear ppl start yelling an applauding you You split the pole with your ass cheeks bending down touching your toes and the floor showing everyone how flexible Ur sitting near the stage couple other ppl around u watch me as I come closer n go head down n ur lap n my ass in ur face as I spread my legs open wider . Walk rite over to him and slip the rest of my blouse turn around drop it to the floor and and make sure it's close enough that I can feel him breathing on it

The first try (IV)

first-time Everman 2018-01-28

I went to the cafeteria and had some lunch, I didn't notice I was eating, just focusing on the feeling of that pole in and out my mouth, oh I was day dreaming I was still there and we were doing all over again. The bell rang and I was thrown out of my dream and into reality, I rushed down to the locker rooms and got on my speedo. -I wanted to say that out meeting earlier today was very nice and I was wondering if you could come by later, after all you have my speedo. -Ok, no problem, sir- I went to the locker room and just started dreaming again: "What does he have planned for next?..."

She Held On So Long

first-time Mandoria 2018-01-28

Sex, which is merely for the payoff, fucking, which is hard and fast (and you usually need cleats for the good angles), screwing which is all of that playful fun-loving stuff, and making love. Watching him walk across the room to sign in, she instantly felt self-conscious about her faded blue jeans, tight white t-shirt, and casual bandana holding back her long, dark hair. They'd had sex a countless number of times in the cabs of the trucks, and even once in the bed of one of them. Once inside the room, she laid down on the bed with him and smiled, kissing his own smiling lips. Their eyes locked and within moments, she found herself giving away the one thing she'd held on to for so long.

The Perfect Job

first-time AlyssaBabe 2018-01-28

Eric was the best looking man I had ever seen. I finished cleaning in a daze, and left, thinking about Eric's lips on mine. Uncle came home around five, only a few hours after Samantha had left. "Eric?" I called, walking into the Salvatore house. I moaned softly and wiggled my hips a little, trying to communicate what I wanted. He slipped the head of his gorgeous cock into my pussy and I moaned. "Good, I want you to cum the same time that I do. I moaned loudly at the feeling of his cum deep inside my body. "I did actually come here to work as well as play." I said, stroking his toned, tight chest.

First time with wife

first-time 1boredhubby 2018-01-28

I wasted now time kicking me shoes off and pulling my trousers and pants off ,turned to her and started kissing again my hands frantically pulling her jeans and knickers down,she kicked them off i then buried my head down between her legs eating her really wet cunt and nibbling on her clit can't remember how long for but she came at least 5/6 times my car seat was well and truely soaking.i then climbed over to her side got between her legs pulled her down the seat towards me and rammed my cock up to the hilt in one quick thrust .

Dad spanks

first-time 2018-01-28

I loved his fingers making me cum and he loved how good I got at sucking his cock. I was getting my ass and pussy fucked at the same time as I sucked the one jocks big cock. One day in the barn my dads farm hand who was a young guy kept looking at my tits so I took him in the loft and pulled down his pants and stroked his cock before i began to give him the best blow job he ever had. I loved to tease my dad by sitting and spreading my pussy lips apart for him to see my cunt and he would get hard and I would either suck his cock of he would fuck me for hours.


first-time Elady 2018-01-28

"No, it is for lubrication," I said as I started rubbing my pussy lips with my fingers getting the lotion warming. Sheri's eyes were glued to my pussy as she watched my fingers play about my lips. I looked her in the eyes and sucked my fingers dry and moaned, "Damn that felt good." I turned the trimmers on and told her I was going to touch her with the backside of them to let her get used to the feel before I started cutting so she would not be moving around. I finished up shaving her and when I got done I let my finger run up her slit as I moved my hand.

My WHORING YOUNG cousin and my COCK

first-time bifun4u 2018-01-28

Linda started jerking off my cock and Mark got on his knee's and I could feel him start licking around my asshole and even along the space between my nuts and my now wet hole. I felt my knee's getting weak so I laid back down on the sandy ground and pulled my legs up so that "hopefully" Mark would continue licking my balls and ass. She rode my mouth for a few minutes while Mark kissed my balls and sucked and licked my hard little cock. Her pussy had Marks sperm leaking out so I got on my knee's, placed my mouth over her fuck hole and sucked everything I could from her.

Me and my s****r Lisa

first-time mschoclate 2018-01-28

" Oh shut up nobody want to see you, I don't feel like going downstairs to the other bathroom and you a'int got nothing I want to see anyway" she laughs and says, as she sits on the toilet and plays on her phone. If anyone heard us they would think I was a straight up pussy, cause that's what I sounded like trying to fight Lisa off of me. " OH SHIT I'M GONNA CUM" I say as I try to pull out and she pushes back into me and starts gyrating her pussy on my dick. That's my dick now" she says, and grabs her towel and kisses me and walks in the bathroom.

Busted with my X-Hamster Account

first-time cambriakid 2018-01-28

The comments ranged from crude things like, “I want to fuck that ass of yours,” to, “You have a sexy body!” She told me she was really upset at first but when she started reading the comments she was shocked at how many were positive and how they wanted her sexually! Then Robert turned to me and told me not to worry they wanted me to know they weren’t crazy people who meant to my wife harm and that was part of the visit. My wife was yelling again now, “Oh fuck, oh fuck yeah, oh shit I’m cumming!” Robert sipped some water and said Sally loves pussy! Robert and Sally have some friends coming to visit them and they want us to come over when they get here.” I started to get excited, she noticed and said, “Remember my rules!”

Austin's Senior Prom

first-time Moonraker_Bond007 2018-01-28

We were in the food court, and Kacey had excused herself to go use the restroom, when Erin asked me if I liked my Christmas present. Now, I know you've been trying to change your life, but I thought that maybe if I went to prom with you I could actually have sex. "Austin," said Kacey, "I've wanted to have sex with you pretty much ever since I met you freshman year. "What I have worked for for the last year and a half was to stop having sex with guys who I didn't really even know and then just throwing them away like so much trash.

My First & Best head EVER confession

first-time shemalecum1 2018-01-28

So to start things off I said I wanted to see his first , but he then look down like he was embarrassed about something & whispered with his head down "It's really not big ". He than said "I wanted see yours!" , I could hold it much long anyway , so I took down my shorts & instantly my big fat caged cock bounced out & slap me in stomach , VERY big and hard pointing right at him. He then took me out of his wet throat of heaven And he stroked me 4 times & INSTANTLY , UNCONTROLLABLY , 7 big fat ropes of cum flew out of my cock like WTF !!!

Unbuttoned and Unzipped

first-time CrimsonAndClover 2018-01-28

Jonathon had taken this opportunity to invite, Alicia, his girlfriend of six months, over for the night in hopes of having some quality alone time. Jonathon now stuttered and struggled to get out "I think I would like to...but I never have" He then broke eye contact with her and looked around the room a bit having lost his cool and not knowing what to think or say. Jonathon unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans right away and used a little force to get the skin tight covering off her perfectly shaped body. Jonathon had never seen a woman completely naked in person but Alicia was rather impatient at the moment with every intention of having that beautiful cock inside her as soon as possible.

Scott and his Stepmom

first-time legendofme 2018-01-28

Scott wipes away the tears that run down her face, "that's right belong to me." Scott places his fingers on his stepmother's mouth, "as does this" he then places his hand on her pussy squeezing it hard "and so does this" Scott lets go of her pussy and grabs her hair again, "and whenever I need to use them, any of them you better have them ready for me, I will no longer use my hands to masturbate, from now on I will use my mom's willing mouth, her wet pussy or her tight ass." He pushes her face against the wall as he fucks her harder and harder getting ready to unload his cum.

My True Gay Experiences - Part One

first-time 2018-01-28

I used a stall to a public restroom once and saw a cartoonish like drawing of a guy about to suck some cock and underneath someone wrote how he wanted some young dick to suck off and left a PO Box (before internet). I must've jerked off a thousand times thinking about showing up at some dudes place and all I have to do is just sit there while he sucks me to completion. He got on his knees taking my six inch hard cock into his mouth, sucking at a slow pace. I got up on the bed hoping he would continue his sucking but he just watched me jerk off. Was actually disappointed since this was my first time, I only got sucked for about two minutes.

Camping with Stepdaughter 4

first-time 2018-01-28

She said that she thought that she took it to far with the stranger and that she wanted to finger herself for me first. I told her that it was for me and that I was watching her at the same time as the man was. She pulled me close a told me that she was mine and that she meant what she said anything to please me. Waiting to come up the hill was a man and his wife. The man turned his head and watched her tits go bouncing by. She told me that she wanted to watch me jack myself off. She pulled off her top and told me to cum in her mouth and on her tits.