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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Introduction to all male activities

first-time jwseekolder 2018-01-28

Uncle Charlie then sat down on one of the easy chairs and Uncle George knelt down in front of him and proceeded to start sucking on his cock. Uncle George then took the spunk he had had in his mouth and parted Uncle Charlie's legs and started to rub the spunk around his exposed arsehole. Uncle George pushed me though there and Uncle Charlie was sitting on the chair and was playing with his semi-hard cock. He bent over the chair again and with Uncle George's help, I positioned my cock head against Uncle Charlie's rim and gently pushed forward. I then noticed that Uncle George was wanking himself furiously and before I could stop him, he moved over to us, took out Uncle Charlie's cock from my mouth and inserted his own.

Detention for Kim Ch. 03

first-time DraceDomino 2018-01-28

I took my time walking to Mr. Poln's office, one of my hands holding my bookbag over a shoulder, and the other idly stretched out, letting my fingers dance across the cold metal of the line of lockers. My cry went into a muffled whimper, and I bit down on my fingers as I felt Mr. Poln's hand slowly massage my breast, squeezing it, rolling his grip, and all the while pushing into my back. Mr. Poln's hands left my body only long enough to strip away my shirt entirely, and once it had fallen to the tile floor below, he let his fingers go to the back of my simple, department store bra.

Spending the Night

first-time PrimeTime138 2018-01-28

It took me a long time to pee because of the large erection I was sporting at the thought of sleeping right next to this pretty girl! I slid it out from the bookshelf as noiselessly as possible, looking up to see if Katrina was awake or noticing what I was doing, and noticed that as I pulled it, a couple of Playboy magazines were coming out with it. I opened my mouth to tell her, but then couldn't imagine looking at her in the eyes and saying the words. Or were you thinking of my big boobs?" she asked, bringing her hands up and cupping her lovely breasts through her t-shirt.

The Girl on the Mountain.

first-time Mikebasil 2018-01-28

He had ordered another bottle of beer in satisfaction, careless of the knowledge that he had another three hours hike ahead of him to his overnight stay in the mountain hostel in the little green alp of Roggenwis beyond the high ridge in the distance. The girl knew her way through the tortured landscape of the ridge it was plain for she picked out a path unhesitatingly between the rocks, skipping lightly along, the skirt of her red dress dancing around her shapely legs, as Alex laboured heavily in her wake, bewitched by her surety and charm.

Reitstunde: Mutter reitet Freund der Tochter ein

first-time 2018-01-28

Danach wurde sie immer lauter, ich wusste langsam, wie ich sie zu berühren hatte, wann meine Fingerkuppen kurz über ihren Anus streifen mussten, wann sie sie tief in mir wollte oder nur an ihrer Klit, die deutlich besser zu spüren war, als Lenas. "Das ist nicht richtig.." und ich entließ eine Wortsalve der Reue, doch mit ihr wurde ich immer schneller und fordernder und ohne zu fragen, kam ich sehr schnell in ihr...Die restliche Zeit streichelte ich sie, Ingrid blieb passiv, ließ mich machen, doch ich hörte and ihrem zurückhaltenden Stöhnen, dass sie nicht zufrieden war. Wie eine Vorkosterin für ihre Tochter probierte sie mein Sperma und nachdem ich ihr in einem gierigen Akt, ehe die letzte Stunde vorbei war, meinen Schwanz nur mit Spucke benässt in den Hintern schob, spürte ich das erste mal, das Ingrid nicht wusste, was geschah.

83% ihre

great f*ck

first-time 2018-01-27

he pushed me back in my seat, he came over to my side and took place between my legs, i felt his weight pressing against my body, i made me so hot We started kissing and i felt his hand gently stroking my lips..i was wet.. His lips kissed my ear, neck, and my breasts, he pulled my bra down and licked my nipple, he sucked my nipple rough and passionate, i started breathing heavy, and felt my body shiver. I felt his hard cock pressing against my pussy, his lips where working on my neck, i whisperd: fuck me.. my hart started pounding, and i wanted to hold my breath so i could concentrate more on every push of his hard cock inside of me.

Pick ups

first-time Labouroflove 2018-01-27

She nudged me playfully and exclaimed that I never complimented her about anything before, 'is this your way to get girls to bed you?' I winked back, 'Works like a charm every time' She lol-ed as I gave her a blowjob. I felt quite useless as she started moaning, pulling my hands to her boobs. She pulled my arms away, and went on top of me, sticking her boob at my mouth to be suckled on. i got up to the table, yawning, I reached for my cheque book, writing down the sum of $1000, we had agreed on $400 for the dinner, but since the night escalated as such, I decided to top it up.

Macy's first mfm threesome experience

first-time hotwifemacy 2018-01-27

It felt great as usual, but he then suggested something totally off the wall-he asked me if I thought I would enjoy 2 guys doing me at the same time. I noticed over a period of time he talked to me about it more and more, and I began to use my imagination during sex. What I didn't know is that my husband all along had been talking to his friend about us wanting to try a threesome. and immediately began sucking on my pussy.I almost came right then and had to stop him. After about 10 minutes, Brad jumped on and began to fuck me.while I sucked his friends cock.

Pam: My Fantasy Girl

first-time adamaxilla 2018-01-27

I looked at Pam's tiny hands, and the slender fingers that held her wine glass, and as Pam raised her glass I watched as the sleeve of her sweater slipped up ever so slightly, exposing a bit of the auburn hair that grew abundantly on her arms. The barbie doll look had never appealed to me; perhaps it was an generational thing, because I know that young people today have grown up in a different culture that finds women with body hair appalling instead of appealing. Pam had never seen it like this, riding in the open air carriage like a queen, and the glow that surrounded her face let me know that was exactly the way she was feeling.

How it all started - very true story only names &a

first-time Itsacucklife 2018-01-27

Between excited beyond belief & worried that Abbey will be getting fucked for the 1st time by another guy in almosf 5 years ( at the time ) Wild sex with a guy she fancies the pants off, & this cocky arrogant big cocked,man With his huge cock, he likes to show a girl / woman he's the man She's so excited, buzzing, omg his cock mike she said, my heart sank & getting to work on it, abbey sucks cock like she thinks it's the best one / last one shell ever be allowed to suck She makes a man feel important like his cock Abbey said without thinking & in the heat of excitement of reliving

Got Spunk!!!

first-time Johnnytames69 2018-01-27

Tammy jerked back for a moment, to the immediate sound of Jay's dismayed groan. The cream on Jay's cock reminded Tammy of the hair gel she'd tasted all those years. Onward, Tammy's mouth pulled, the feelings flowing stronger. Jay's mouth moved wordlessly; a fish pulled from its familiar waters. Tammy backed up on the length, so that only the head of Jay's engorged cock was still engulfed. It came through time, from something much older than even the act Jay and Tammy were engaged in. To Tammy, it wasn't about disappointing Jay. To her, this well wasn't filled with mere water. Tammy's insistent pulling didn't cease in its intensity, even after Jay's reserves lessened.

Dream Gang Bang Fantasy Come True

first-time illdoitforyouinhull 2018-01-27

As I slowly got into rhythm, you reached underneath and began to play with my balls and flick your clit while still sucking John's aching cock. I pushed my cock in deep into your soaked quim and as I pulled out, then I gyrated my thumb all the way into your arse. I then told you to squat on him again as I stood over John's head, with my legs open so he could watch you suck my cock all the way into your mouth, almost gagging you. As Andy, the guy fucking your spunky quim from behind, gave you all he had, John continued to flick your clit with his tongue, you thought you had died and gone to heaven.

New Year's Rockin' Eve

first-time XXXNoBounds 2018-01-27

Well, long-story-short, here, k**dies, there were these hot-looking, young (college-age, couldn't have been more than twenty,) d***ken sluts standing in front of me, grinding their blue-jeans-covered asses on my crotch, the whole 15 minutes before the final countdown to the New Year. And it's a very good thing that her friends were there to catch us both as we nearly passed-out from our exertions: First the girl, their friend, and then me, the man who had just had his way with their friend's young rectum; I had nearly fallen face-first, into the crowd of people in our vicinity, after pouring all I had into that lovely ass!

Ethan and Carrie Ch. 10

first-time jallen944 2018-01-27

Carrie was so shocked by the idea of Mr. Colbert using Helen for sex, and her so willing to comply, that she never noticed her move behind her until she put her hands on her waist. You like to feel it in your mouth?" Helen said in a soft whisper. Carrie leaned down, closed her eyes and touched her lips to Helen's. Carrie rang up the items, and couldn't help but notice how his face was flushed and he wouldn't look her in the eye. She was so horny for this guy, and she felt guilty for feeling that way when she was so in love with Ethan, but maybe she just wouldn't tell him.

Dorm Floor Bitch

first-time germanboi4bbc 2018-01-27

Here I was, on my knees in my dorm shower, being f***ed to suck a mans cock and I thought it tasted good! The feeling of a huge, rock-hard cock in my mouth, here in the shower, with the suds slowly dripping down my naked body, I was getting intensely aroused. Suddenly he grabbed the back of my head and started to hump my face, his cock going slightly deeper in with each thrust. As I lay there, in the corner of the shower, cum dripping out of the corners of the mouth, I came, shooting my own seed all over my face and chest. It had felt so good...his huge black cock in my mouth...the warm, salty cum dripping down my throat.

my frist time and story

first-time cumlover99 2018-01-27

this is a story i want to tell and want you to write me back so i'm young and have a bf how loves to fuck so i said i'll suck your big rock hard dick. so as were sitting there i go on to xhamster to help him get his hard as he gets his junk out i get the lub and get ready as all of his glory comse out i can't belive how increble big it is (frist time see one it real life) and i'm like oh my fucking good.

Tucker's Studio Ch. 04

first-time riverboy 2018-01-27

"You got the look the ladies like," Tucker said. "Yeah," Billy said quietly, still flustered by the sight of the sexy woman from the pool in her tit teddy. She had a pretty good idea he was a big boy by the way he looked soft in his speedo, but feeling him harden against her left no doubt in her mind. "Molly," Tucker said after the photographer got what he wanted, "let's get you in a bikini. "Yeah we are," Molly purred, pulling Billy in tight against her ass with her hand again. Molly tilted her head seductively and Billy put his lips on hers, close-mouthed, like he'd kiss his mother. "That's good, keep looking down like that Billy," Tucker said.

My first sex

first-time Dav10 2018-01-27

The weeks went by until, one afternoon, when Tom called me in for refreshments he said there was a painting job he wanted me to do in the matser bedroom. His cock began to pulse and, as he thrust and spurted inside me, the bedroom door opened and Terri stood there smiling. She stock an erect nipple into my mouth and began working on my cock. She told me to get onto the bed and take Tom's cock into my mouth. His cock was pushing to the back of my throat when I felt Terri getting onto the bed behind me. Terri stood, looked at Tom, and said: "He's mine from now on.


Shy's First loving

first-time Soundman_Greg 2018-01-27

She never knew she could want something so badly, but she needed to feel him truly in her, truly making love, she quivered under his kisses as he so slowly worked his way up, and her hands, caressing him finally were able to reach his hard manhood, she drew him slowly to her with soft strokes, making him moan with pleasure. Slowly they separated, sliding back as they gazed into each others face, seeing the love and lust reflected, she was so happy sitting here felling him still deep in her, sitting on his lap, with the echoes of their orgasms slowly dying into the moon lit night, he lay back down, drawing her with him, kissing her again as they rested, the sensation of her keeping him hard enough to stay in her, and she not moving, to keep the contact as long as possible.

Fucked My Hot Neighbour Pt. 01

first-time ladiesman143 2018-01-27

Good height of around 5'7" slim and fit body, Long black hair, fair complexion, firm round 34D boobs and nice ass. But this time it was my English exam the next day for which i was taking Sonakshi's help. She gave me some chapter to read and was busy with her phone texting, maybe with her friend or boyfriend. I took out my phone and made a small video of her fingering herself. She sat on the couch again, lifted her skirt and started fingering again looking at the porn video. I took out my cock from my pants as it started hurting inside and started stroking it. She stopped looking at the video and stared at my thick 7" cock, covered with pre-cum.

My First Night Experience

first-time saumya1985 2018-01-27

Rickey mujhe jorse jhatke deke chodane lage unka lund meri chut me ghum raha tha Rickey mujhe jor jorse jhatke de ke chod rahe the, Dheere dheere Mera dard chala gaya aur mujhe bhi maza ane lagi Ricky mere raja chodo josre chodo ,ye sun ke Ricky bahot excite hue aur tezi se chodane lage aahhh…aahhh….mere muh se sexy siskariya nikal rahi thi…..aaahhh sab kuch naya naya par bahot maja aa raha tha……..karib adhe ghante tak muje chodne ke bad wo jhad gaye aur meri sari chut inke virya se bhar gayi Rickey niche aye aur mujhe bahome leke bole kaisa maza aya me kaha bahot Ab to roz hum aise hi maza karenge.

At Last My Pretty, Petite Wife is Taken by 4 Men

first-time mentohaveher 2018-01-27

We went to a large market in near where we live - did some shopping and as we walked around, I loved to see the men looking at her, we then went to a local pub and after 2 drinks, she took off her short jacket and was showing herself for me to 4 men who must have been builders at a table close to ours and couldn't stop looking at her sat down and her short skirt had ridden up showing glimpses of her stocking tops.This is all that happens and I take her home and strip her, make her stand by the window and rub and play with her as she tells me what a group of men are doing to her with their cocks and hands...tease!

At 15 I Fuck My Babysitter

first-time sperminator1990 2018-01-27

I pulled out my huge dick out of her mouth and for the fisrt time of my life I started like crazy, her mouth was soaked of hot cum and after 20 seconds, I was still filling her in to her so I said ok by starting to pump faster in and out of her tight pussy. 12 inch cock of her and she was gushing pussy juice but that time I didn't wait, right after she she had suck a small pussy, they where no room for my big fat cock and all of that cum inside he 12 inche was f***ed out like a bullet, when I finally finished, I slowly pulled that huge dick of

Instructions for the Innocent

first-time DuluthMN 2018-01-27

She looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m not sure what to do.” “Now,” I said, “put one arm back on the bed over your head and use your other hand to reach into your underwear.” She rested one hand above her head and let her body stretch out and relax. Her other hand rested on her stomach and began to move down to her panties. She slipped her hand into her panties and opened her legs a little. Finally, she let her body relax again as her head feel back to the bed. As I began to press inside of her, she let out a weak whimper then took in a deep breath and held it.