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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 06

first-time AveryTomDeaconHarry 2018-01-27

Alessa said she didn’t want to cum now as that might detract from the full enjoyment of their “picnic” but Jennifer told her how she knew from her first such sunbathing experience, the one where she had first met David, that if she brought Alessa to the brink of orgasm but stopped just short, then her eventual release when Michael was fucking her would blow her mind. They sat in silence for a few minutes while they left the campus grounds and got out onto the open road then Jennifer and Alessa each brought their hands up to caress their own nipples through their thin tops and, staring deep into their boyfriends eyes, slowly parted their legs, exposing their newly shaven naked pussies.

Kathryn's Question

first-time val wrangler 2018-01-27

She developed asthma and this eventually enabled her to drop Phys Ed. Smart Kathryn had set up the whole thing, though, and while she did actually have some trouble with her breathing, after a little research at the public library, she figured out how to fool her parents, doctor and the school into thinking she was much worse off than was the case. Kathryn would come to a lot of the games and sit in the stands with a quizzical expression on her face, book in hand to read until the next time I was at bat. Truth was, when Kathryn asked her question, I'd been daydreaming about Laurie and remembering how I'd jerked off that morning in the shower, thinking of her lustily kissing me.

iCarly - iWant Her: Chapter 3

first-time FelicityWaters73 2018-01-27

“Sam. You’re so good at this…” Spencer said as he placed his arm around my shoulder and pulled me into his naked body. “No,” Spencer said with a worried look on his face, and still a stiff cock in my hands. I imagined Spencer was her and his cock, which felt fantastic, was a strap-on Carly was wearing and getting a nice rhythm as she fucked my ass. “Just wanted to know what I’ll be missing,” Spencer said once he stopped what he was doing on my chest and took the condom off his spent cock. “I’m the lucky one, to know that she likes me,” I said as I watch him walk towards his bedroom, but not before giving me a kiss on the lips.

Skinny dipping with mates GF

first-time appycam 2018-01-27

Then I heard a huge splash followed by “bl**dy Hell it’s Cold!” I spun around to see that Jo had slipped out of her dress hung it on a gorse bush and jumped naked into the water. I placed my hands under her back and slowly moved her into the river bank where the water was shallow. I pushed my painfully hard dick into the river bed, this anchored me so to speak, and being that it was fresh water, I was happy in the knowledge that there was little chance of any problems with crabs! It would have taken some explaining had Jo gone home with a wet dress so we stood naked on the river bank while I dried Jo with my T-shirt.

Crucifix: Temptation Ch. 03

first-time Browniepoints 2018-01-27

Please stop crying." Nicholas had been bawling ever since Mr. Snoop fell into the mud pie he'd made and he was so distraught, Claudia thought he'd make himself throw up. The little boy kicked his legs and nailed Claudia in the ribs so hard she fell back into Brody and together they both fell to the floor. Brody was sitting on the dock watching the boys swim when two guys rode their jet skis up on the shore close to the woods. ...But as he stood there in that warm laundry room, with Claudia on her knees just a couple of feet from him, just the right height to give him a much desired and often dreamed of blow job, he knew how wrong it was to be thinking such things.


first-time 2018-01-27

Now i was not suer about this as she was a virgin and i have a big dick so i said i would but its going to hurt you at first she was ok with this so i asked if she had any comdoms because i dint have any with me she said no but she dint mind if i dint so i said i would pull out befor i cum so i layed her on the floor and licked her out again to get her nice and wet befor u put my rock hard cock in her as i pushed my head in her pussy she sceamed i started off slow working her in til i could fuck her hard and fast she was loveing it as i filled her teen pussy with my cum we still fuck to this day shes no 20 im 31.

a Tribute to Amie

first-time stredsbox 2018-01-27

To my disbelieve, in walks this young girl looking like a angel that fell from heaven. I obliged like a good gentleman would and asked what is your poison to which she replied with a naughty smile "Older men". I notice they were getting harder and she placed her hand under my chin and asked "Do you like what you see", struggling to catch my breath I managed to stutter a "Yes, a lot". We sat there for what felt like forever when she finally said, “Let’s get out of here, you are ready.” I stood up and by now I can’t give a hell what the people in the bar is thinking about the huge bulge and wet spot on my jeans, I just want to see this girl naked.

Sharing Cocks with my Girlfriend-New chapter

first-time bmckzi 2018-01-27

as I asked him and squeezed his dick it got harder again and I told him how much I love seeing her suck him and tasting his cum and how much she loves getting fucked by him and he gently but firmly took my shoulders and guided me down on my knees as he pushed his dick in my mouth...As I sucked him he started talking about Barb and the way her lips feel on his dick, and how he has friends who would want to meet her and he was getting hotter and started thrusting in my mouth and as his dick throbbed and I tasted his cum shooting into my mouth I realized that my girlfriend sucked his dick and tasted his cum too and I sucked every drop out.

web cam

first-time mariafatima 2018-01-27

He was applying a light pressure and soon it felt like something was being pressed against my pussy lips and I reached over to turn on the night light and saw this penis looking device. He had about half of this new penis looking vibrator in me and asked if it was ok and I said yes it is about the size of yours and feels pretty much real. Then one nite he had the computer on and after I had showered he told me to get a sheer baby doll nightie to wear and when when he didn't come into the bedroom I called him to tell him I was ready.

First Time Smoke a Joint Gay

first-time 425olds 2018-01-27

I hear people out in the parking lot talking and going into their cars (can they even imagine what the fuck is going on in this room right now?) and I find myself sticking my tongue out and licking around his balls (fuck, you're licking a dudes balls and an older dude at that) while he keeps his dick and balls where they are (I'm licking a man's balls) and I open my mouth and suck in one of his balls (I've got a man's ball in my mouth; what the hell am I doing?) he breathes out heavily which heightens my excitement (oh man, he likes what I'm doing) and he let go of his dick and grabs the back of my head with both hands.

in the beginning ( part 1 )

first-time tanya9 2018-01-27

He offered me a seat which i took looking rather confused and then he asked me abt a lot of irrelevant things and then he asked me if i liked porn and sex to which i replied in the affirmative...... so when he came and sat next to me after a couple of drinks and started fondling my breasts i did not resist.....having a quick sex with a hot stranger was so exciting so i just let him put his hands in my shirt and fondle my breasts.... i opened my moutn so that he could kiss me more deeply while i undid his jeans and let them fall to the ground to reveal the biggest dick i had ever seen...

First Time Meeting the Neighbors - Next Day

first-time 2018-01-27

Sherry then continued to describe her dream saying that after the sucking, Rick insisted on returning the favor and knelt down between her legs and proceeded to lick her pussy and suck on her clit, causing her to have several orgasms. Alysse was still sitting next to Sherry and Tad had moved from sucking her nipples to licking her pussy and was now working on her clit. Tad was still sucking on Alysse’s clit and pussy when he heard Sherry, who was still gasping for breath, tell Rick that she wanted him inside her now. Alysse leaned forward and started sucking Tad’s cock as Tad watch her husband empty his load of seed deep into Tad’s wife.

maybe i was always a slut

first-time winky419 2018-01-27

While his b*****r was a reasonably good-looking guy that worked out lots and had a nice body, everything about his personality just screamed creep to me (something that was only reaffirmed in my mind the better I got to know him later on). His tongue flicked my lips and clit for a moment before he said, "Damn, man, you're right, she does taste good." One of them was rubbing my breasts, my bf I think, but who knows. I imagined I must have looked like a slut from a porno with my legs spread, with one man fucking my brains out and another cock between my breasts.

showing pussy at shoe store

first-time tutster 2018-01-27

Soon he returned again this time with another pair shoes as he sat down in front of her again it was like he couldn't wait to get her foot up on the measuring stool which she quickly obliged him only this time she spread that shaved pussy a little bit wider by now the skirt was clear up around her hips not hiding anything at all I looked at him the front of his pants was bulging quite a bit it was very obvious he had a very big hardon. We went through the curtain into the back room as soon as we were behind some shelves Kathy reached over and took his cock out of his pants and began to stroke it, she lifted her skirt with the other hand so it was clear up over her hips, she then took his hand and laid it on her pussy I thought he was going to explode right then.

It's Too Darn Hot - Day 07+

first-time Gary_Alexander_2 2018-01-27

Ellen had said that very first night that she didn't want a sexual relationship, and Greg seemed determined to respect that and not make sexual advances. Other nights, she could hear Greg's bed squeak as he stroked his own cock, followed by a soft sigh as he came. Sometimes I think I'd like to just crawl on top of you while you're not quite awake yet, and let your cock slide deep into my pussy." She began finger-fucking herself with one hand as she continued to stroke Greg's cock with the other. Paul would have felt a lot more comfortable with Gail gone and Greg back in his room, but he told Greg later on that he "got it," and he was okay putting up with Gail so Greg could stay with Ellen.

Beginning With Younger b*****r Part 3

first-time 2018-01-27

In around 5 mins the waiter knocked the door and came with a bag it had a strap on and a dildo (vibrator type) waiter told me – mam I’m ready and applied vaseline on strap on and mahesh helped me wear and I made the waiter sit in doggy style and slowed pushed in and started to put it in. It was our maid vani who stood sweatily and where I.can see big boobs caught tightly in blouse and cleavage popping out.I went silently watched her go inside and started mopping the floor with a cloth.what I saw was an awesome scene, my cock stirred by looking at her.

The Appetizer

first-time EAllora 2018-01-27

My hand in the back slowly begins to work its way up, bringing your shirt with it until we work together and slide it over your head. I reach over and embrace you, removing your bra as I nibble and kiss my way down your neck, over your color bone, down your sternum and between your breasts as my hands firmly but gently caress and kneed them. I breath on them first, exhaling hot breath before my tongue begins to swirl around the outside of your labia, as it swells I move to the inside as you through your head back and grasp the cushions on the couch as your body shudders with the pure delight of your first orgasm.

An Unintended Seduction (pt 3)

first-time 2018-01-27

Where to touch a man and how to touch him, I would probably be clumsy or too rough like Dan was with me." over the last 5 minutes, as the questions had become more intimate I had been aware of Donna's fingers moving on the inside of my thigh and it was of course having the inevitable reaction and I was starting to harden. I was not the only one using my hands and fingers to explore; Donna had realised what I was doing and had kept her hand against my arousal only now, laid out along the length of the sofa I was far more comfortable and my hard cock had been able to extend to its full length rising from the bulge of my crotch like a pole trapped in my trousers and pointing straight up towards my head.

In Praise Of Rayfella

first-time Momstheboss 2018-01-27

When stopped, killing time to stay on schedule or at a red light, I could turn to look at her when I spoke to her, giving me a chance to study the older lady. I had always set the small round mirror over the left-hand corner of the door to view the legs of any woman sitting directly behind me, I had discovered early on that Rayfella had pretty legs that any 20-year-old girl would die for. "I ask your forgiveness, my lady!" I said, as I pulled the bus out of gear, pulled the rear door handle, setting the back brakes and left by seat to sit across from her.

Teacher Experience

first-time Joatster 2018-01-27

Looking back now, I know that at some point that first day she decided she not only liked our attention, but that she wanted more than our lustful gazes. You'll get your turn, too." She hooked a finger into the top of Steve's shorts and pulled him down the hall to her bedroom. She winked at me and then, pulling my by my hair, dragged me up her body, and said, "Fuck me, wrestler boy. It was like silk being pulled under my skin all over my body and then moving out my cock. We would paint and do chores in the morning, then after lunch Mrs. C would take Steve to the bedroom for his turn.

Finally Meeting

first-time AussieKitten 2018-01-26

As Jake opened the screen door Michaela let her bags drop and ran to him jumping into his arms and wrapping her legs around him kissing him deeply. As the night went on Michaela got a bit daring and placed her hand on Jakes bulge and started to outline it while watching TV as if nothing was happening. Michaela nodded and Jake picked her up in his arms and carried her to his bedroom...he placed her at the head of the bed with her head propped high and crawled down to her legs...he tugged at her pants and she breathed deeply giggling slightly. Jake climbed back on the bed and lay slightly on Michaela kissing her deeply and letting his hands roam over her body.

First Loving

first-time beautiful_angel 2018-01-26

I was getting ready to leave thinking about how I would never know the feel of him when out of the blue he leaned down and kissed me. I knew my pussy had to be dripping wet by now and I needed it touched so badly so I slid my hand inside my pants and began playing with my clit as he sucked and bit my nipples harder. As I begin to thrust into his hand he fucks me faster with his fingers and continues to suck on my clit. My pussy juices dripping out of me, running down my ass onto the table as he pushes into my hot wetness. He opens my ass gently with his finger then slides his cock deep inside.

Summer Ch. 06 Pt. 03

first-time TheTyke 2018-01-26

Gwen was the first see him, slowly cruising around the corner on his bike and she nodded to Jackie, "Trouble." She said quietly and the girls looked in the direction of her eyes. "Getting a lift home," she said, "that's all." Before Gwen could say anything else Alan opened the throttle and the bike shot off down the street with Jackie squealing and holding on for dear life. "I think we need to see a little more don't you?" Jackie didn't answer; she just sat and watched as with both hands he slowly pulled her knickers down her hips until, because of the way she was sitting, he could get them no further.

Lori Ch. 02

first-time LoriisaDirtyGirl 2018-01-26

I laughed and said "If you keep it up I'm going to cum in you dirty little mouth." I felt weird to say that to Lori but by the gleam in her eyes it was the right thing to say. My cum began shooting into her mouth and Lori's eyes got HUGE as the first shot exploded across her tongue. The third shot landed on the top of her head before she looked up and began using her hands to jerk the rest out onto her face, neck and chest until I finished spurting. Lori's hand began moving in little circles as she rubbed herself, her breathing was becoming deeper.