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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Asian Women

first-time grayfox34 2018-01-26

Yuko's breathing quickens as she runs one hand down over her stomach then down between her wide spread legs, her eyes locked on me, watching me soak her in and she feels her wetness increasing in her swollen pussy, feeling her lips and clit swelling, nipples hard and standing tall, her sexual hunger growing. The sheer thought of having me between her obscenely wide spread legs focusing totally on the most intimate part of her body, devouring her swollen, heated pussy the way she always dreamed, makes her dripping wet with desire, feeling my lips lock around her clit brings out her heat as she moans loudly and shudders through another orgasm.


first-time joebobwahr 2018-01-26

I played it cool, let her do the talking, but constantly thinking of her shapely ass in that tight skirt. Sitting close to me with her hand on my thigh, she asked me personal questions - was I dating anyone, had I been married and the like. "Mmmm, I like this," she said, "I won't fuck you til I break up with my boyfriend, but at least let me play with it." Some men might've turned that invitation down, but not this ol' cowboy, so I stood facing her and watched her unbuckle, unzip, and pull out my cock. We'd never even been on a date, she was living with someone else, yet she'd just d***k my cum like a cheap hooker.

sex with my teacher

first-time devilking655 2018-01-26

I was mad and gave a hard push and pressed my hips hard on her pussy so that my cock was deep inside her pussy and my pelvic was pressing her pelvis and she moaned “ aaaahhhhhhhhhhh JAYYYYYYYYYYY llllooooovvvvvveeee youuuuuuuu” and I kissed her lips and said “ kaisa laga” she gave sex smile and said “ tumhara lund mast hai aise hi ander rakho garam garam lund accha lag raha hai, aur tumhara jeeb mere mooh mein do” so I thrust my tongue into her mouth and she started to suck it like mad.

a perfect afternoon

first-time funinralee 2018-01-26

She moved down and began to suck each ball gently while replacing her tongue on his cock which was swollen and enjoying the attention. As she worked the dildo in and out of his ass, she repositioned herself so that she could lick and suck his cock with the other hand gently fondling his balls. He began to pump with the triple stimulation – gently at first then faster, which urged her on to pump the dildo in his ass faster, sucking alittle harder and gently squeezing his balls. She felt the cum shoot out of his cock into her mouth and she swallowed it all, gradually slowing the pace of the dildo until he told her he was going to collapse, which he did after allowing her to slide out from under his body.

Meeting my lovely Cumslut, part five

first-time Malkith78 2018-01-26

Daddy first strokes both of his big hands over your smooth ass-cheeks, then squeeze a little, to get a feel for the canvas he will be working his punishment on... Daddy then pulls a finger through your wet slit, before letting go of the pussy, and then casually runs the wet finger over your noe very sensitive little ass, making a wet "X" mark across your naked butt... "Now, for the final bit of your punishment little Cumslut, I have to us this, as sending you back to your boyfriend with cane marks across your ass would be hard to explain..." Daddy then comes back to the foot of the bed, et into positin agan, with one knee on the bed.

A Party to Remember

first-time serephina265 2018-01-26

I knew I could look better than the bride-to-be, and I really wanted to be noticed that night, considering when Mr. Scion was teaching his eyes got my panties wet. "You're going to go home with me." He muttered in a matter of fact way, and then he abruptly broke away and walked back inside, and looked back at me over his shoulder and smirked. His hand travelled down, pulled up my dress again, and he stroked my clit for a moment, then he pushed two fingers into my vagina abruptly. He didn't speak as he pulled my dress over my head and immediately went at my tits with his mouth, biting and licking my nipples as his magic hands went to work on my pussy.

My First Facial

first-time djeroticon 2018-01-26

And then a quick shot of the guy's face (looking like he was having a heart attack) was inserted on the screen, followed shortly by a closeup of just the woman's open mouth and tongue as the swollen head of his dick emerged from the left side of the frame, clearly ready to burst. The way the camera was angled, you could see the slit in his glans open and spurt an impressive amount of thick cum onto her face and the left edge of her mouth as he continued to stroke himself, almost all in one ejaculation, before he pulled away (as did the camera) and shot the rest of his climax along her neck and down onto her naked breast.

A Sailor Lad's First Time

first-time Aging Rake 2018-01-26

He was lying on his bunk in his underwear, when the door to his cabin burst open, and three people he recognized as members of the crew came in, strangely dressed in painted canvas masks and 'grass' skirts made from black bin liners torn to look like seaweed. The 4th Engineer, looking away briefly from the girl to whom he was talking, said to Chris, "It's the way it works in here. She pulled his hand away and said, "Is OK, I do it." and Chris watched with interest as she rubbed her fingers in rapid circles between her thighs.

My Twin Sister is a Cheerleader Ch. 02

first-time Callicious 2018-01-26

It was happenstance that Tracy was the last to disrobe under my assistance, but as Sally had been the ringleader and had been first, and the first girl I ever saw nude, I thought it poetic justice that I had disrobed Tracy, and felt her up some in the process, because she was the one who actually pulled my shorts off, and exposed me to Marissa. On the other hand, as an eighteen year old guy with four nude girls before me, and another there wearing a short cheer skirt and a lacy bra, I had other drives going. "Would you like to try them?" Marissa had stepped between me and Jessica somehow, and it was her nipple brushing against my hand.

Pappy Miller

first-time zimabean 2018-01-26

Pappy then said that he could see my cooch when we were planting and it got him to thinking about his needs and that he has not been with a woman in so long. Pappy started to tell me about sex and also told me that that fluid is called jizz. Pappy told what I needed to do and soon enough he was moaning and then he held my head and his dick exploded squirting his jizz into my mouth. We did that for several minutes and then Pappy said that he was cumming, I felt his dick twich and jump inside me then I felt his jizz flowing into me. I loved feeling his jizz shoot up into me.Pappy stayed inside me till his dick went soft then he pulled out.

Two Sisters and a Plumber

first-time Xesevoli 2018-01-26

The older gal returned with the checkbook and a pen and sat at the table to write before the shorter gal asked if there wasn't a longer list of things that needed a good plumber to fix while I was there. As that older gal was feeling me and clinging to my back the younger sister was wrapped around my neck and her weight pulled my head down as her tongue plunged deep into my throat. When the younger one pulled away to catch a breath she glanced down and I heard her moan as she dropped to her knees and a moment later I felt her mouth and tongue on and around me as the older one continued with shorter strokes.

Story for Sandy

first-time olb51 2018-01-26

I didnt need to be asked again I took her finger in my mouth and licked every drop off .She pushed me away saying Not now Lunch time Ill meet you .We arranged to meet near the factory in a cul de sac I had a Landrover then When I met her she went to the back and opened the door and indicated for me to sit beside her She reached over and unzipped me deftly pulled my rapidly stiffening cock out and took it in her mouth She was an expert between her nimble fingers caressing lips ane agile tongue she made me cum in a few moments Im sorry it was quick she said but we havent much time and I want you to lick me out She raised her hips slightly pulled up her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side'I knelt on the ground my mouth at exactly the right height to reach her pussy

Wild Child Ch. 06

first-time TxRad 2018-01-26

"Nothing Uncle Rick." Rita replied sweetly as Mary nodded sharply and giggled. As I made the turn, Rita lifted her head and looked up at me, a big grin on her face. Rita and Mary looked at each other for a second and then Rita asked with a grin, "Does that mean that you'll be naked too?" As I passed by, Rita giggled and said, "I think Uncle Rick likes looking at our asses, Mary." "Oh Uncle Rick, that wasn't the first time we've kissed," Rita said shyly with a grin. She paused a moment to giggle and added, "Of course, there is that thing about my ass that has nothing to do with my virginity anywhere else." She glanced over at Rita and grinned.

Richard's Education Ch. 02

first-time l8bloom 2018-01-26

Furthermore, Louisa could not remember the last time a man cooked dinner for her, much less fixed things around the house. The job was complete a good thirty minutes before Louisa got home. Louisa quit laughing when Richard took her nipple in his mouth. Her son, his best friend, had no idea that Louisa and Richard had become lovers. Richard and Louisa talked several times about how to handle what could turn out to be a very awkward situation. "Yeah, it was really cool of her." Richard said this as he reached for Jerrod's duffle, not looking at his friend's face. Louisa wanted to hear about basic training, too, so a good part of the time was passed with Jerrod telling tall tales.

Mo's Visit to America

first-time sexy_mama_09 2018-01-26

Two men playing pool in the back, a older woman of around forty or so behind the counter, a elderly man perched on a stool head in his lap drunk and a beautiful young girl of about eighteen or nineteen wiping off tables and handing out fresh beers. As we neared the part of the beach we crossed to get to the cabins, April took my hand. I sat on the beach, in America, eating a woman's pussy while her mother sucked my dick. Before long, April was cumming on my face and her mother had wet my cock immensely. When Miss May released me and April moved away, I gripped my cock in my hand.

My Step Mother

first-time nobodyuknow2 2018-01-26

She would face the door and spread her pussy lips I got down and looked at her pussy real close. faced the door while washing her pussy. her and stared at her pussy for a few minutes while back and spread her pussy lips and told me to lick them Her pussy got very She asks me if I had ever had my cock in a pussy. She took my cock out and said it was very a She got some lubricant from the table a smeared my cock go real slow and push my cock into her ass hole. pulled my cock out, cum ran out of her ass hole. She taught me all about a woman’s pussy and ass hole

Mom's Best Friend

first-time zimabean 2018-01-26

After some time Lori told mom to let stick the tip in her cunt to help get this moving. Mom then said "you just let him put it directly in you, just let him cum inside you." Lori thought for a moment and then replied "you are right that would be much easier and better, when you are ready just put that thing in here and let it flow!" At this point both Lori and mom told me that all cum needed to go inside Lori's cunt and that I should not tell Bob that I was making direct deposits, let him think we were doing the turkey baster.


first-time loyalsock 2018-01-26

"I love to watch piss coming from a guy's cock," she said, obviously getting aroused. "Stay close by, Tony, I want you to be the first one to fuck me," she said staring up into his eyes. Both guys aimed their cocks and one started pissing, a direct hit on her exposed and hard clit. She called Tony back and grabbed the guy who first pissed on her clit and kept him there. As a guy climbed into the tub to fuck her from behind, the other one was pissing on her back. "Nobody wanted to play in the piss filled tub but the party went on long enough to suit me," she began.

d***k Girls Become Valentines

first-time 2018-01-26

Divya got around 17 proposals, from her seniors as well as batch mates , for which she had a hard time deciding from, she broke many hearts as she said she too was unsure. As we walked into our room I looked up at Divya and said “Hey slut, how many guys did shag(masturbate) for you today?”. Then suddenly I felt a tug on my shirt and while Divya was hugging me I felt her hand on my ass feeling me up. She got down and picked up her panty and rubbed it around her pussy to clean herself up of the flowing juices and came up to me and asked me to open my mouth to stuff her panty inside.

Isn't Technology Great?

first-time GenghisSwan 2018-01-26

One day in late June, the girls were tanning by Kim's pool when Kyle pushed open the sliding glass door holding the phone. Kyle gave her a confused look, then saw where Aislinn's eyes were and pulled a pillow onto his lap. Aislinn grabbed his hard cock through his boxers, and Kyle danced his fingers along the hem of her panties. Kyle pulled her off the carpet and bent her over the arm of the couch so that her ass was turned up towards him. His left hand still held her wrists, but he took his right and began to rub her ass cheek gently, feeling the smoothness as he slipped more and more of his cock into her.

A Young Man's Crush

first-time petercee 2018-01-26

Tony's parents were often guests at our straight parties and he and Lorna often tagged along, on one occasion he gave Anne a sketch that he had drawn of course it was a nude that he had drawn at the club, it still hangs in our bedroom. Usually a young boys crush disappears after a short time but Tony's didn't at club parties he would make a point of asking Anne for a dance, the club parties were always in the nude as well, so Tony could get up close and personal with Anne. When asked about it he frankly admitted that it was from his imagination after hearing from his parents that that was what they had seen Anne doing with our swinging friend, I had a good idea who's cock he was thinking of as he sketched.

Growing Together... Pt. 03

first-time englander1961 2018-01-26

She felt her teacher's hand on her knee, pulling her legs even wider, then suddenly her other hand was on Toni's upper thigh, just, but only just, below the stretched gym panties. There was no movement from Miss Adam, who just kept the panties pulled away from Toni's crotch, her eyes greedily taking in the sight of her pupil's hairy quim. Toni helped support her to the door of the changing room and it was only as Miss Adam opened the door that she realised that she herself was still quite naked. With her crotch as wide as it could be, Miss Adam said, "I want you to put your fingers where I tell you and massage the muscle, because I won't be able to drive with the pain I have.

Three Times a Lady - Her Chastity

first-time An Awful Cad 2018-01-26

Janine was fascinated by the sight of her cock sucking classmates and I took the opportunity to introduce her to the oral arts in the basement sewing room. Despite having the good fortune to be in that position a few times in the intervening years, I had never seen a look that intense on the face of a girl with a cock in her mouth. Janine took my hand as well, and together we sped through the maze of halls and stairways until we reached her room. My cock spasmed and my mouth literally flooded with saliva at the sight of her bullet hard nipples standing rigidly above her delectable mounds and I recalled my thwarted desire to taste those splendid nubs the last time we had been together.

read it plz x

first-time Tomlee9999 2018-01-26

got on with the job which was cutting morning" the man had said as he left brown hair and looked like the But I just got on with my job, at the looking boy like you and you are and thought the fact she said boy only "for 25 years" she said "I got married cock going hard in my pants. lay down on the bed it looked inviting. breasts, she moaned as my cock was my cock went deep into her and i lay on the bed as she got on top of feel myself about to cum and told her. pussy flaps looking so inviting. slipped my cock into her and started had got what she wanted.