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Erotic First Time stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Better than fucking?

first-time fmac 2018-01-26

He kissed her cunt as he would her mouth...gently and teasingly,slightly more f***efully,probing a corner gently with his tongue and then pushing as far in as his tongue would go.He held her lips apart to make her pretty clit stand proud for his attention and at every lick and kiss she moaned and swooned and felt closer to the orgasm that was surely coming her way. He was delighted at the feelings she was generating in him.She took him deep and he felt the warmth of her about all of him.She manipulated his glans with her tongue while he was in her mouth and he thought he had effortlessly died and gone to heaven.He was all the while kissing,licking and nibbling her - lips and clit alike - and when she moaned he felt the vibration in his cock and that was thrilling too.

The Salon Ch. 02

first-time stevetruestories 2018-01-26

'Shall we soap you down and get rid of all the mess?' Donna did not wait for a reply as she ran a soapy hand over Jeremy's cock, surprised at how hard it remained, 'does it ever go down?' Slowly Jeremy turned round, his hands brushing Donna's breasts and his cock touching her side just below the rib-cage, 'sorry.' 'Oh Jeremy,' Donna moaned liking the way he took control, before looking him in the eye and tilting her head upwards placing an arm round his neck and pulling him downwards. Jeremy almost in a trance nodded as he squirted some shower jell onto his hands and then slowly began to massage it into Donna's breasts.

A to Z and In Between Ch. 04

first-time mowbaby82 2018-01-26

Looking up at me, I smiled at her, then kissed her again, harder still, lightly licking her lips until she opened her mouth and let my tongue in, breaking the kiss, I led her into the bedroom; not even bothering to close the door, Zane would be joining us soon enough. Hesitantly, she took him in her mouth; "Watch the teeth." Zane warned, "That's it, now suck a little, like a dripping popsicle on a hot summer day." He said. He pulled out slowly and worked the few inches in and out of her, "feel good Thea?" I asked; she was rolling her head side to side so I took that as a good sign.

The Jersey Boy Ch. 02

first-time CoolChick2000 2018-01-26

All heads turned when they heard Josh's motorcycle pulled up and everyone saw Noel holding on to him in the back. "You know mom and dad are not letting you leave the house and if they did not like that" Nicole said "Nicole Jennifer Michaels, if you don't tell your mother and I where Noel is you can say goodbye to your phone, iPod, laptop and all your little friends" said Chase. "She went to a party at Jackie's, she wanted to go because josh was going to be there" Nicole said As they walked out of the room hand and hand, Noel realize her dad's car was in the front of Jackie's house.


The babysitter

first-time ookubit 2018-01-26

I had to grab my dick and squeeze it when I saw the little brown tuft of pubic hair lightly covering her pussy lips. As I tongued the little hole I straddled her so that my dick was in her face and my head moved between her legs. With my face I pushed her legs apart and separated her pussy lips with my tongue. Grabbing her legs just below her butt I pushed my face into her warm opening and let my tongue fuck her. "Get on your hands and knees and face the camera." I looked through the viewer to make sure I was taping her face and her cute little breasts.

Easy like Saturday Morning

first-time CyranoAndersson 2018-01-26

Less than ten minutes from my house I saw a church with a sign saying "Open for prayer, please come in!" I live in one of the most secular cities on planet Earth and had passed this place maybe ten times in ten years. I figure I cannot marry as that would be utter misery - the thought of eating one cunt for the rest of my life without any way of enjoying the favour being returned because in my experience women cannot suck cock!" I pulled away briefly, looked her in the eyes and, kissed my way to her left hip, then across her tummy, yanking her fingers out of her panties and licking them clean.

Oh so Hot

first-time bigcityguy 2018-01-26

With my eyes shut and my thoughts on my dick I didn’t even know that Tammy was now standing at my doorway and looking into my room . Tammy smiled and stepped past me , brushing her tits against my arm and pushing her ass out to hit the door frame . I was now stepping into my room and turned to close the door when Tammy placed her hand on the door to hold it open . Tammy was now dry humping my hard cock thur my shorts and her thin pink thong . Tammy was pulling my shorts over my hips and keeping my cock tight inside her mouth .

Aisha's First Night in the Palace

first-time blauhimmel 2018-01-26

Huddah moved her hand to the area of the wall right near Aisha's eyes, and grabbed a lever, which slid open a rectangular piece of wood away, leaving a hole. All four hands on her firmly keep her in place, and the girl begins to move her tongue up and down between Aisha's pussy lips. Two other girls are on a pile of silk pillows on the floor with their legs wrapped around each other rubbing their pussies together, kissing each other deeply, and only briefly stopping to watch the people on the bed. The activity on the bed, suddenly stops, and seven heads all turn to look up at the same time towards the little hole revealing only Aisha's eyes.

Ethan's First

first-time alupine 2018-01-26

"Man, let's just go swimming," Ryan said with a shrug, "We can look at her tits from the pool." He opened the door, walking smoothly towards the girls and Ethan followed. good," Ethan said, trying not to stare at Amber's naked breasts. "Hi Ethan, I'm Amber," she said putting her hand out. "Are you a sophomore like Ryan?" Amber asked of Ethan. Hmmm, I have an idea, how about we go inside and relax by ourselves in Rachael's room for a bit?" she whispered to Ethan, feeling across his hardening cock. "Here we go," she said, holding her big tits up as she rose up and down on his meaty cock, stroking his dick with her pussy.

Knocked UP!

first-time 425olds 2018-01-26

I told Jim that I wanted to have some excitement and this teasing felt so very good, and as long as we didn’t get carried away like Kathy and Mike it would be all right. The more I thought of Kathy's pussy spreading for Mike, his cock penetrating her, ramming it in, the more I wanted Jim fucking me the same way, spreading me wider and going deeper with his thrusts. I squeezed the remaining sperm from his shaft into my dark hairy mound, rubbing the seed back and forth and slipping the bl**d red cock back in my vagina, wanting, no needing him to breed me and cum deep in my pussy again.

Sex, Innocence, and Anger

first-time pvgreg 2018-01-26

The bear lets go and sits on the grass, looking happy as his red thing sticks out. The next morning, Eve wakes up on the grass and looks over at Adam to see him rhythmically pulling his thing. One morning, Eve goes to the middle of the garden to see what a forbidden apple looks like. Come on, let me go." She's got to admit, it feels pretty good, so she shuts up and rides along until the next orgasm. "Throw it away, Eve," Adam says. Adam comes back with a sharp rock and plunges it into the snake's body. There's no sin in orgasms, and one little apple can't mean that much." She helps Adam up and assists him as they walk home.


first-time Prima_Girl 2018-01-26

He seemed totally relaxed, "Hey mum, sorry didn't hear you." she looked at me and I went so red that Oscar could feel the heat on his shirt, he pulled me more behind him which I was thankful for because now I could put my head forward against his arm. Now we were more relaxed we talked about loads of stuff, I suddenly realised the time and went to get my stuff from upstairs while Oscar got in the shower after being woken by his mum. Our eyes stayed locked as his hands went behind my head and pulled out my ponytail, I didn't breathe until I heard the small piece of metal hit the wooded floor.

Your first visit to my house

first-time monty13monty 2018-01-26

At this point your beautiful brown eyes look up and lock on mine and I realize that your intention is to keep every inch of my cock engulfed in your soft warm mouth. The realization of this flushes my cock with bl**d and it grows rapidly in you mouth but still your nose remains pressed against my rock hard abs, your big brown eyes locked on mine. This hurdle cleared you redouble you effort and press your nose tight up against my abdomen, every inch of my throbbing manhood engulfed in your mouth and throat, your eyes locked with mine through every second.

Biggest Blackest

first-time albertaman24 2018-01-26

My wife quickly took off her shirt and bra and Randy lustfully sucked and licked them her nipples were fully erect the biggest I have ever seen them. She told Randy to start up so that she could see the cock she had been feeling on the dance floor. Randy said no woman ever did the to him he started to moan and his eyes rolled back. She told Randy to lie down on his back and she went back to suck his beautiful cock. She must have have came 4 time then Randy said he was gong to cum my wife moaned to fill her pussy up to the brim.

Jewels, The Next Day

first-time Callicious 2018-01-26

I said, 'Right!' and then kind of quiet so he wouldn't hear me, but he did, I said, 'Like any guy would want to look at my body.' He said, 'I would.' After we swam for a while and played water volleyball (I noticed he kept looking at my body when I jumped up in the water to hit the ball) we came back in and got dressed. He thought I was going to change back into my other clothes when he went down to fix dinner, but what I did was to take off my bra instead." Jennifer and Susan just looked at me with their mouths open and wide eyed.

Taking my daughter and her friend to work for the

first-time hood_creed 2018-01-26

I reached below the covers and began stroking my cock with my right hand as I thought of Shelly and all that had occurred tonight and the sight and feel of my own daughter's body, nearly nude against mine. Each time I thought I might shoot my hot cum into her lovely mouth, she stopped and put pressure on just the right spots, until my cock and balls settled down. She used her kegel muscles and milked my cock as I began to slowly fuck her hard and deep. You fuck me that way and when you're going to cum, pull out and shoot your hot jiz on my stomach and tits, okay?" She asked.

Marcy's Playground Pt. 03

first-time MJRoberts 2018-01-26

And Bevvie's a cool, original nickname for it," Jean-Luc said sincerely. Jean-Luc had an easy time talking with everybody, getting them to talk about themselves, somehow managing to make them feel like they were the only person in the world, without neglecting me at all. "And worry," Jean-Luc said in a low voice, while sliding one hand all the way down my front, over my bikini bottom. Jean-Luc grabbed my hips, his big hands pressing firmly into the soft flesh, but still feeling to me as if they were in many other places too. When it got dark I said to Jean-Luc, "I need to get going now." The way he said dinner sounded like 'hot monkey gorilla sex'.

The beginning of the start.

first-time favcelebxxx 2018-01-26

She nudges against it with her leg and kinda knows what is going on and decided to see if I was game and rolls on her back and acts like she is asl**p, but I could see through her opening of the shorts she was wearing that she didn't have underwear on and I could see her pussy! It came on very fast and I told her I felt like I was going to explode and I was holding back while I told her and she pulled me out and I blew a huge load all over her tummy and shirt and a bit got on her cheek.

i jerked my first cock off

first-time craig34str8 2018-01-26

to cut a long pissed up night short, we decided that i would jerk mike off for hayley but go no further. i let mike take his trousers off, his cock was semi hard and bulging in his pants. i began to jerk him looking at his cock in my hand and then at his wife who was fingering her pussy for us to see. my cock was almost on the point of bursting but we had agreed that i was just there to lend a hand and maybe next time we should take it in turns wanking eachother. it was a real good night and the feel of a hard cock in my hand was such a turn on.


first-time 2018-01-26

Our friends headed back inside and we followed, i jokingly said to the Mrs, lets go into the men's toilets and have some fun, i din't think she would be up for it but she turned and walked straight in without even checking. She had her legs open so as i was licking i managed to slide my fingers into her wet warm pussy, she then said to stop and told me to start wanking my cock while she watched and rubbed her sensitive clit. I stood up and slid my solid cock deep into her wet pussy and started pumping away, reaching round and rubbing her clit and teasing her hard nipples, just as we where going into full flow, some guy walked in and went in the cubicle next door........

Agatha Allbut & the Bimbo Squad Ch. 01

first-time Ldy_Sea 2018-01-26

The only two people who had even tried to befriend the shy girl, were sisters who were new to the school, and decided they wanted to avoid the heat Agatha was getting and avoided her like the plague. Lars laughed, "That does fit them," Then his voice dropped to a whisper and he said, "I want you to know you are welcome at any party I have, until you leave for college. The bimbo squad is off the guest list, PERMANENTLY!" Lars let her arm go, and before she could move he leaned close to her ear and whispered delicately "You're one hell of a kisser, and you do have a great allbutt." He quickly turned and walked away whistling.

Neighbourly love

first-time shirls 2018-01-26

Once inside I put the towel down and face him , 'I can't believe this' as he cupped by tits and gently squeezed my nipples, I looked at he and he kissed me on the lips, I stuck my tongue deep into his mouth and held he close, I could feel his hardness, he ran his hands down my back to my bum and over my bikini bottoms feeling the tie that was at each side, "I wonder what would happen if I undid these?' he said, I pulled away a little, looked at him and shrugged.

Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 03

first-time BlewWater69 2018-01-26

"I'd bet Mark came fast the first time too, just like Cole did," Stef offered. Stef was ready when Kendall got there but they had to wait ten minutes for Michelle. In the past her horny thoughts had always involved Jordan's big cock deep inside her or Chris licking her pussy until she had to push him away. The pained look on Chris' face told Stef what she needed to do for him to start. When Stef finally took Chris' cockhead into her warm wet mouth, he groaned like a tortured man. Stef wanted out of this kneeling position with her butt exposed to the world, so she decided to waste little time getting Chris off.

Never Been Far Before

first-time ChibiFangirl 2018-01-26

"Alright, one more round." Peter says, handing the box of cards to Mike. Peter comes in my room, without knocking, and I quickly remove my hand from the pleasure spot. "So what movies have you picked out?" Peter asks, sitting the spot near me, since the bed fit both of us. I close my laptop and look at Peter with my innocent eye and ask shyly, "what was your first time like?" "Good, because I have some more things in store for you the next time we find ourselves in this situation." He turns off the light and plants another kiss on my head and says, "Get some sleep."